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This index refers to the 530,380 individual tune titles (1,589,338 total entries) included in over 243,576 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of December, 2019.

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Page W21 - What we do for fun to Whats the name of it

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Tune nameSessions
What we do for fun1
What we dont forget1
What we eat1
What we feel is Heavenly1
What we gave and get1
What we got against tyranny1
What we got there1
What we had1
What we had for breakfast1
What we have1
What we have forgotten1
What we just couldnt see1
What we know we think about1
What we learn from cities1
What we learned that night in Vera Cruz and how we applied it1
What we leave1
What we make of it1
What we miss1
What we need2
What we see1
What we speak1
What we talk about when we talk about love1
What we think we know1
What we think when we walk and what we walk while thinking1
What we thought was real1
What we were told I1
What we were told II1
What we were told III1
What went with the wind1
What went wrong2
What were made of1
What were the 50s alike1
What weve left behind1
What what happens2
What where2
What where and when1
What where hum hum1
What where why1
What which world1
What white horse1
What why1
What will be2
What will be left between us and the moon tonight1
What will be will be2
What will become of us1
What will come out of this darkness1
What will happen now1
What will happen to us now1
What will happen when the Messiah comes1
What will I do2
What will I do in the morning3
What will I do without you1
What will I tell my heart41
What will it be1
What will it take2
What will it take this time1
What will never be again1
What will other people think1
What will remain1
What will Santa Claus say2
What will Santa Claus say )1
What will Santa say when he finds everybody swingin1
What will the children do2
What will the neighbors say2
What will they think of next1
What will this hand1
What will tomorrow bring1
What will we do on Sunday1
What will you give me for my love1
What will you see when you turn the next corner1
What Willis meant1
What with to do1
What without the beauty within1
What wolf1
What women want1
What wonderous love1
What wondrous love1
What wondrous love is this4
What word1
What word is sweeter than sweetheart3
What words will never say1
What work is1
What worked what didnt what wouldnt what wouldve1
What world is this1
What worlds they bring1
What would a woman do1
What would be1
What would Eddie do1
What would happen to me1
What would happen to me if something happened to you1
What would I be doin1
What would I do5
What would I do if I could feel1
What would I do without her1
What would I do without the Lord1
What would I do without you15
What would it be without you4
What would it take2
What would James do1
What would of Ives1
What would people say2
What would the sun do1
What would the world be without music1
What would they say1
What would you be like tomorrow1
What would you do15
What would you give1
What would you like to do in the near future1
What would you like to hear1
What would you say1
What wouldnt I do1
What wouldnt I do for that man7
What ya doin1
What ya feelin1
What ya want me to do6
What you1
What you are1
What you believe1
What you can do without vowels1
What you can throw1
What you dealin with2
What you didnt say1
What you do3
What you do to me9
What you doing2
What you dont forget1
What you dont know3
What you dont know about women4
What you dont know wont hurt you2
What you get is what you get1
What you goin to do when the rent comes round3
What you goin’ to do when the rent comes ‘round1
What you gonna do8
What you gonna do now girl2
What you gonna do when the bed breaks down1
What you gonna do when the worlds on fire2
What you gonna say1
What you got1
What you hear here1
What you hear is what you get1
What you know3
What you laid on me1
What you left behind1
What you like2
What you lose is what you find1
What you mean to me4
What you meant to me1
What you need is me1
What you need to do is1
What you say3
What you say Dr J2
What you say reverberates1
What you say to that1
What you see3
What you see is what you get3
What you smiling for1
What you sow1
What you talkin bout1
What you think1
What you thought was home1
What you told me last night1
What you used to say to me1
What you want3
What you want me1
What you want me to do28
What you want poor me to do1
What you want wid Bess7
What you want with Bess2
What you was you used to be1
What you will1
What you wish1
What you wont do1
What you wont do for love18
What your friends say1
What your heart tells you1
What your teacher1
What youre going to do when the rent comes around1
What youre gonna say1
What youre looking for1
What youre saying1
What youse1
What youve done for me1
What youve given me1
Whatch gonna do1
Whatcha comin down here for1
Whatcha doin1
Whatcha doin to me1
Whatcha doin to my heart1
Whatcha doing in there1
Whatcha gonna do11
Whatcha gonna do for me1
Whatcha gonna do in the woods1
Whatcha gonna do on Monday1
Whatcha gonna do when the meat gives out1
Whatcha gonna do when there aint no swing3
Whatcha gonna do when your baby leaves you1
Whatcha gonna do with that1
Whatcha gonna swing tonight11
Whatcha know Joe20
Whatcha say3
Whatcha see is whatcha get2
Whatcha talkin1
Whatcha thinkin1
Whatchacall em blues1
Whatchacallem blues26
Whatchu gonna do about it1
Whatd he say1
Whatd I do1
Whatd I say49
Whatd you say2
Whatdya say1
Whatever became of me1
Whatever blows up yr skirt1
Whatever blues1
Whatever bubbles up2
Whatever days1
Whatever feels right1
Whatever gets you through the night2
Whatever gets you thru1
Whatever happened1
Whatever happened to1
Whatever happened to Captain Cook1
Whatever happened to Gus1
Whatever happened to Harold1
Whatever happened to Johnny Parker blues1
Whatever happened to love songs2
Whatever happened to ol Jack1
Whatever happened to the blues3
Whatever happened to the dream1
Whatever happened to the dream deferred1
Whatever happened to the sand people1
Whatever happened to the station wagon1
Whatever happened to yesterday1
Whatever happened to you5
Whatever happens6
Whatever I am2
Whatever I want1
Whatever is fair1
Whatever is true1
Whatever it is5
Whatever it is I am against it1
Whatever it takes7
Whatever its worth1
Whatever Lola wants68
Whatever Lola wants Lola gets1
Whatever met my ear1
Whatever my Bianca wants2
Whatever next3
Whatever possessd me4
Whatever possessed me11
Whatever stupid1
Whatever that is1
Whatever the moon2
Whatever time there is1
Whatever turns you on baby2
Whatever we imagine1
Whatever will be will be2
Whatever worlds1
Whatever you do2
Whatever you need to do1
Whatever you reckon1
Whatever you say3
Whatever you say Henry1
Whatever you think is beautiful1
Whatever you want3
Whatever you want Babe1
Whatever you want from me1
Whatever youre doin1
Whatevers fair2
Whatevers next2
Whatevers Wright1
Whatfore art thou1
Whatll do1
Whatll I do206
Whatll I do without you1
Whatll I say dear1
Whatll I tell my heart1
Whatll it be3
Whatll lose at dawn1
Whatll they think of next2
Whatll we do1
Whatll we do for dough1
Whatll you do13
Whatness of allhorse1
Whats a girl to do2
Whats a guy supposed to do1
Whats a jazz1
Whats a man to think1
Whats a mother to do1
Whats a nice kid like you doing in a place like this1
Whats a party without Arthur1
Whats a poor fool to do1
Whats a poor girl gonna do1
Whats a smock1
Whats a special evening without a little magic1
Whats a square1
Whats about jazz1
Whats ahead1
Whats all the hububbub1
Whats appening1
Whats Art1
Whats at the end of a rainbow2
Whats baby singin1
Whats bacon1
Whats become of Christmas1
Whats become of love1
Whats become of me2
Whats behind1
Whats behind things1
Whats blue1
Whats buzzin1
Whats buzzin cousin1
Whats buzzin cuzzin1
Whats chokin1
Whats coming up1
Whats cookin7
Whats cookin in the kitchen1
Whats da matter1
Whats done in the dark1
Whats done is done2
Whats eleven for1
Whats equal to what1
Whats fair in love1
Whats for breakfast2
Whats for dinner1
Whats goin on50
Whats goin on in my house1
Whats going down1
Whats going on62
Whats going out1
Whats gone before1
Whats gone is gone1
Whats gong on1
Whats gonna be is gonna be1
Whats gonna happen to me3
Whats good about goodbye7
Whats good enough for my baby2
Whats good for the goose3
Whats happen1
Whats happened Miya1
Whats happened to our love1
Whats happenin2
Whats happening17
Whats happening baby1
Whats happening brother2
Whats happening cat1
Whats happening now1
Whats happening Roi1
Whats happening theme1
Whats happiness1
Whats happnin1
Whats hatching1
Whats he building1
Whats he doin here blues1
Whats he say1
Whats heart to say1
Whats her breath1
Whats her face2
Whats her name3
Whats her poison1
Whats her whimsey Dr Kinsey1
Whats his name1
Whats his story1
Whats hotter than the sun1
Whats Im gotcha3
Whats Im gotchere2
Whats important is to start1
Whats in a kiss1
Whats in a name6
Whats in between1
Whats in it for me1
Whats in store1
Whats in the brain sonnet 1081
Whats in the chili1
Whats in there1
Whats in this1
Whats in Yemikoy1
Whats in your hand1
Whats it2
Whats it all about4
Whats it all about Alfie1
Whats it gonna be4
Whats it like in Paris1
Whats it like in your dreams1
Whats it like to love1
Whats it to you1
Whats it to you Jack2
Whats it worth1
Whats keeping my Prince Charming1
Whats knew1
Whats left6
Whats left for the children1
Whats left is blue1
Whats left of the neoleft1
Whats left The future was a place1
Whats left to say2
Whats love1
Whats love got to do with it1
Whats mine is mine2
Whats mine is yours4
Whats missing2
Whats more1
Whats my age again1
Whats my baby doing1
Whats my line1
Whats my line theme1
Whats my name10
Whats my name Luanne1
Whats necessary1
Whats new869
Whats new all in love is fair1
Whats new at the zoo2
Whats new from the monster mill1
Whats new in Baltimore1
Whats new in fifty1
Whats new Jeff1
Whats new pussycat10
Whats new with you1
Whats news1
Whats next19
Whats next overture1
Whats not2
Whats not said1
Whats not serious1
Whats not to love1
Whats now4
Whats old1
Whats on2
Whats on tomorrow1
Whats on your mind7
Whats our story1
Whats possible1
Whats really going on1
Whats really real1
Whats right for you2
Whats said reinterpreted by future hearers1
Whats shakin1
Whats she got1
Whats so bad about it1
Whats so called bebop1
Whats so funny2
Whats sure is sure1
Whats taken your smile away1
Whats that12
Whats that horsehead doing on my pillow1
Whats that I smell1
Whats that noise1
Whats that noise PK1
Whats that smell like fish mama1
Whats that sound1
Whats that theme1
Whats that theyre saying1
Whats that thing1
Whats that youre playing1
Whats the answer1
Whats the bag dad1
Whats the buzz2
Whats the catch2
Whats the code1
Whats the color of a Yellow horse1
Whats the color of our actions1
Whats the deal3
Whats the difference3
Whats the difference between a large pizza and a jazz musician1
Whats the frequency Kenneth1
Whats the glue1
Whats the good of moonlight2
Whats the good word Mr Bluebird3
Whats the head for this one1
Whats the hurry1
Whats the magic word1
Whats the matter10
Whats the matter baby1
Whats the matter Claudy1
Whats the matter daddy1
Whats the matter Marie1
Whats the matter now15
Whats the matter with deep elem1
Whats the matter with love2
Whats the matter with me12
Whats the matter with the mill1
Whats the matter with the stove1
Whats the matter with the well1
Whats the matter with this tune Joe2
Whats the matter with you3
Whats the name1
Whats the name of it1

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