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This index refers to the 536,788 individual tune titles (1,605,284 total entries) included in over 245,473 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of May, 2020.

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Page W20 - What I did for love to What the bass say

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Tune nameSessions
What I did for love15
What I do2
What I dont know wont hurt me1
What I feel is1
What I fell past2
What I gave away1
What I have given today1
What I heard3
What I heard in Chicago1
What I knew then1
What I know now3
What I leave behind1
What I like2
What I like about you1
What I like to be1
What I lost1
What I love most1
What I mean1
What I mean to say1
What I meant to say2
What I miss2
What I need1
What I prefer1
What I remember1
What I saw in Arkansas1
What I say27
What I see1
What I see in you3
What I see in your eyes1
What I should1
What I think is rainy1
What I think of you1
What I wanna do1
What I want1
What I want for you1
What I want not1
What I want to do to you2
What I wanted to say2
What I was warned about2
What I will take1
What I wish I said1
What I would do1
What I wouldnt do for that man1
What I wouldnt do to be with you1
What I wouldnt give3
What Id say5
What if51
What if another caveman1
What if Ellington didnt take the A train1
What if I3
What if I did kill you1
What if I do2
What if I forget the champagne1
What if I found out1
What if I told you2
What if Im in love with you1
What if it happens1
What if not1
What if the moon were made out of jazz1
What if they come in peace1
What if we do1
What if we just took off1
What if you1
What if you lose1
What ifs1
What Ill do6
What Ill tell her tonight1
What Im doing now1
What Im gotcha2
What Im said2
What Im supposed to do1
What Im thinking before I start mlaying1
What in the world1
What in the world am I going to do1
What in the world am I gonna do1
What inflexibility1
What is11
What is a baby1
What is a freem1
What is a friend2
What is a home without a mother1
What is a lie What is the truth1
What is a man5
What is a memory1
What is a Santa Claus1
What is a straw horse anyways1
What is a wife2
What is a woman6
What is a youth1
What is and what should never be2
What is anguish1
What is Arizona really like1
What is dat thang1
What is fair1
What is free to a good home2
What is freedom1
What is freedom in music1
What is going on1
What is happening3
What is happening here4
What is help1
What is here to say1
What is here to stay1
What is hip5
What is in a soul1
What is in the heart1
What is insideHimeros1
What is is3
What is it22
What is it all about1
What is it bout men1
What is it else1
What is it for1
What is it that tastes like gravy1
What is it that we have to do to let our children grow1
What is it to be frank1
What is it who is who1
What is it you wanted1
What is jazz1
What is known1
What is left1
What is life6
What is life baby its true1
What is living1
What is love16
What is love after all1
What is madi1
What is man2
What is my crime1
What is my heart for1
What is New Orleans1
What is New Orleans part 21
What is next1
What is not1
What is now1
What is perfect1
What is peripheral1
What is poetry2
What is real2
What is so1
What is soul2
What is sweeter1
What is that1
What is that about1
What is that beautiful sound1
What is that she got1
What is that smells like gravy1
What is the answer1
What is the beautiful1
What is the blues2
What is the color of a soul of a man1
What is the colour of love1
What is the correct way to stop a ball1
What is the difference1
What is the difference between stripping and playing the violin1
What is the horse called1
What is the marerack1
What is the matter now1
What is the matter with me1
What is the meaning of this1
What is the moon for1
What is the name of a ring1
what is the name of that1
What is the name of the song1
What is the price for your silence about my past1
What is the proper age1
What is the question1
What is the sinus minus1
What is the thing called love2
What is the truth1
What is the United Fruit Co1
What is the word2
What is the world coming to1
What is there1
What is there in uselessness to cause you distress1
What is there so special1
What is there then1
What is there to say174
What is there to stay1
What is there to take its place1
What is there what is not2
What is thing called love1
What is thing thing called love1
What is this17
What is this child2
What is this clamour1
What is this dance anyway1
What is this going to get us1
What is this guy called Haggai1
What is this happiness1
What is this key in1
What is this Lee1
What is this magic happening1
What is this one called1
What is this place1
What is this strange new thrill1
What is this thing7
What is this thing called4
What is this thing called acid jazz1
What is this thing called Arvo1
What is this thing called Bossa Nova1
What is this thing called first strike capability2
What is this thing called jazz3
What is this thing called life2
What is this thing called love1136
What is this thing called loved1
What is this thing called pasta1
What is this thing called rebop1
What is this thing called speak low1
What is this thing called swing4
What is this thing called war1
What is this thing for love1
What is this thing theyre talking about1
What is this thing we still can be1
What is this thing you are1
What is this tihng called love1
What is this titillation a prelude to1
What is this tune1
What is this unanswered question1
What is this world coming to1
What is time2
What is to be done1
What is tomorrow2
What is true1
What is truth1
What is was and is1
What is what was what will be forever1
What is when1
What is with you Pippo1
What is wrong2
What is wrong with blue1
What is wrong with groovin1
What is wrong with you1
What is you1
What is your aim today1
What is your fantasy1
What is your heart1
What is your little game1
What is your morning like1
What is your name2
What is your secret1
What is your speech problem1
What is your substance1
What it do1
What it feels like1
What it if1
What it is42
What it is is what it is1
What it is was1
What it isnt2
What it means1
What it means to a woman1
What it means to me2
What it takes4
What it takes to bring you back1
What it takes to get a dime from me1
What it takes to keep my wife from running around1
What it was6
What it would1
What its about1
What its like1
What its worth1
What Ive seen2
What Ive seen while taking a detour1
What jazz is2
What joy1
What Karina saw1
What keeps mankind alive2
What kind1
What kind o man is that1
What kind o man is you3
What kind of a fool I am1
What kind of a man are you1
What kind of animal am I1
What kind of blues1
What kind of country1
What kind of fool1
What kind of fool am I113
What kind of fool is he1
What kind of fool would I be1
What kind of friend3
What kind of girl1
What kind of girl is you1
What kind of heart1
What kind of love1
What kind of love is that1
What kind of love is this1
What kind of man2
What kind of man are you2
What kind of man is you6
What kind of man would I be1
What kind of music do you like1
What kind of rhythm is that2
What kind oman is you1
What kind This kind1
What kinda man is you2
What know5
What Laurie likes4
What lays beyond1
What lies ahead3
What lies beyond1
What life offers1
What lonely is1
What love15
What love brings2
What love can do3
What love can lead to1
What love has done to me1
What love has joined2
What love has joined together1
What love is1
What love is not1
What love is this2
What love is this thing called1
What love keeps aworking on me1
What love knows1
What love means1
What love will do2
What made God1
What magicians do1
What makes a bowlegged woman crazy bout her knockkneed man1
What makes a girl1
What makes Harold sing2
What makes it happen1
What makes it special1
What makes me blue today1
What makes me love you so15
What makes me think1
What makes me want you1
What makes Moses run2
What makes music1
What makes my baby cry4
What makes papa hate mama so1
What makes Sammy run3
What makes shadows1
What makes the ending so bad1
What makes the Irish heart beat1
What makes the sun set1
What makes the sunset2
What makes the world go round1
What makes them1
What makes you1
What makes you act like that1
What makes you do me like you do1
What makes you feel so cold1
What makes you look so good2
What makes you so adorable1
What makes you so tough2
What makes you think you can change the world1
What makes your big head so hard1
What makes your heart so hard1
What Mama said2
What mama told me1
What Maria sees1
What masa isshe is out to lunch2
What matter now what went before1
What matters2
What matters most3
What Max said1
What Max told me1
What may come of this1
What me sorry1
What me worry1
What mean does it1
What means love1
What means solid traveller1
What means this1
What memories of the past were recalled1
What men want most1
What might have been15
What monk1
What more1
What more can a monkey woman do1
What more can a poor fellow do1
What more can a woman do12
What more can anyone say1
What more can be right1
What more can I ask5
What more can I ask for1
What more can I do3
What more can I give you1
What more can I say10
What more can Jesus do2
What more could one man want1
What more do I need1
What more do you want1
What more is there to say1
What more must I say1
What movement helps you when you are trying to run out a batsman1
What Mr Bunch1
What must come1
What must I do2
What my doing1
What my heart does1
What my thought is1
What need have I for that1
What need have I for this1
What needs to be said1
What new1
What news3
What next6
What no Mickey Mouse1
What no one can see1
What no pearls2
What no smile today1
What no spinach1
What no women1
What not6
What Not another greasy spoon1
What not to do1
What now25
What now is next1
What now my love106
What of it I refuse awakes the wideeyed stone1
What oh1
What on Earth could you mean1
What once was4
What or which direction1
What other one1
What part of heaven do you come from1
What part of maybe1
What passes passes like clouds1
What people do1
What phenomena1
What planet is this4
What popeye really meant1
What poppa dont want1
What potions have I drunk sonnet 1191
What power art thou1
What power Thou art1
What price bananas1
What price freedom1
What price love6
What price lyrics2
What private eyes1
What purpose is your pain2
What pushes me up what goes down1
What question did the man with seven ears and three eyes ask the plastic surgeon1
What ragtime is all about1
What really happened in the cornfield3
What really happened in the cornfield is that the birds made music all the day and so I let a song go out of my heart at Dukes place1
What really happens in a molehill1
What really matters1
What reason4
What reason could I give16
What reasons could I give1
What remains8
What remains is still to come1
What remains of the visions1
What reward1
What river is this1
What roots2
What RU going 2 due1
What rumours1
What Sally doesnt know1
What Sammy said1
What saves me1
What say1
What say you did1
What seas what shores1
What second line1
What seems to be1
What shakes1
What shall I do4
What shall I do now1
What shall I say14
What shall I say of you1
What shall I tell the children1
What shall we do1
What shall we do with the child1
What shall we do with the drunken sailor3
What shalls1
What she never heard1
What she really wants1
What she said3
What she sang in winter1
What she wanted1
What she whispered in my ear1
What sheep herd1
What shes got is mine1
What should I tell the children1
What should I wear today1
What side1
What sin1
What snowflakes are plotting1
What so1
What space can hide the liberty of a line1
What spirit say1
What started as fun1
What started with snow1
What stays2
What summer1
What survives2
What takes my fancy1
What tales we tell1
What tenor battle1
What that1
What that is1
What the6
What the bass say1

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