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This index refers to the 527,595 individual tune titles (1,582,830 total entries) included in over 242,845 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of October, 2019.

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Page W19 - What could be sweeter to What is there

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Tune nameSessions
What could be sweeter2
What could be sweeter dear2
What could be sweeter than you1
What could ever stop this dance1
What could go wrong1
What could have been4
What could I do2
What could I do but believe in Jesus1
What could I do without you2
What could I have done1
What could it be1
What could they possibly want1
What Cys eyes see1
What da funk1
What defines you1
What dfreak1
What did Albert Einstein say1
What did Deacon Mose do1
What did he have that I dont have1
What did he say2
What did I do17
What did I do to be so black and blue4
What did I ever do1
What did I for love1
What did I forget2
What did I have1
What did I have that I dont have3
What did I have that I dont have now1
What did I just say1
What did I say4
What did I say to you1
What did I tell ya4
What did I think1
What did John do1
What did Ory say1
What did RomieOJuliet3
What did Sam say1
What did she do2
What did she say1
What did the Bird say1
What did they say1
What did they say today1
What did we do last night1
What did you bring for me1
What did you buy today1
What did you do1
What did you do last night1
What did you do to me2
What did you dream2
What did you expect1
What did you have for breakfast1
What did you say5
What did you think it was that needed to be love anyway1
What did you win1
What didja wanna make me love you for1
What difference a day made1
What difference does it make1
What do1
What do I care8
What do I care for the moon1
What do I care what somebody said15
What do I care what somebody says1
What do I do5
What do I do about you1
What do I do what do I do [What do I do what do I do what do I do1
What do I do without you1
What do I feel1
What do I have to do1
What do I know5
What do I miss1
What do I owe her1
What do I see in her1
What do ou say1
What do people mean when they say He played cricket1
What do the simple folk do1
What do the simple folks do1
What do they do on a rainy night in Rio1
What do they do to the music1
What do they really fear1
What do we care1
What do we care my heart1
What do we do2
What do we do for fun1
What do we do on a dewdewdewy day9
What do we do We fly1
What do we get from Boston2
What do we get from cricket that we dont get from other games1
What do we know2
What do we mean by coaching1
What do you bet1
What do you call it1
What do you care2
What do you care for intense moments1
What do you do9
What do you do after1
What do you do after you ruin your life1
What do you do in the infantry7
What do you do now1
What do you do Sunday Mary3
What do you do to me2
What do you do when its spring1
What do you Fink1
What do you gain1
What do you hear1
What do you hear from the mob in Scotland1
What do you hear from your heart2
What do you know3
What do you know about love13
What do you know about me1
What do you know about that2
What do you mean4
What do you mean by loving somebody else1
What do you mean this is a dry county1
What do you mean to do1
What do you mean youve lost your dog1
What do you really stand for1
What do you really want1
What do you say6
What do you say Dr J2
What do you say Leo1
What do you see6
What do you see in her9
What do you see in him1
What do you see when you close your eyes1
What do you see when you dont know what youre seeing1
What do you think3
What do you think about love1
What do you think happens when you get too far from your house1
What do you think I am2
What do you think of me1
What do you think of me now1
What do you think of my baby2
What do you think of this world1
What do you think That this mountain was once fire1
What do you wanna make those eyes at me for1
What do you want7
What do you want for Christmas1
What do you want from me1
What do you want life1
What do you want me to do5
What do you want now darlin1
What do you want poor me to do1
What do you want that Ive got pretty baby1
What do you want the girl to do2
What do you want to be when you grow up1
What do you want to make1
What do you want to make those eyes at me for6
What do you want wid Bess1
What do you want with Bess1
What do you want with me1
What do you want with my heart3
What does a soldier dream of1
What does he want of me1
What does it1
What does it matter4
What does it mean2
What does it take11
What does it take to make you take to me1
What does my honeydew do1
What does she do to me1
What does she know anyway1
What does size have to do with it1
What does the deep sea say1
What does the sea tell me1
What does your heart say1
What does your heart want1
What doesnt kill you1
What dya hear from your heart2
What dya mean you lost yer dog1
What dya mean you lost your dog1
What dya say3
What dye mean you lost yer dog1
What else6
What else can I do1
What else can we do1
What else can you do with a dream1
What else can you do with a drum13
What else could I do1
What else is in there1
What else is new2
What else might have been1
What else needs to happen1
What Elvin left1
What emptiness can do1
What endures1
What ever happen to love songs1
What ever happened1
What ever happened to love songs1
What ever happened to Patrice Lumumba1
What ever happened to spring1
What ever u want1
What ever will be will be1
What ever you want1
What every woman knows1
What every young girl should know1
What evil have I done1
What evry woman knows2
What exit2
What feeling1
What feels like home1
What fell through1
What fine muffins1
What first came to mind1
What five1
What floats beneath1
What follows1
What fools these mortals be1
What fools we mortals be1
What for9
What four1
What fourth1
What friend we have in Jesus2
What future will bring1
What game shall we play today7
What gets left behind1
What goes2
What goes around13
What goes around comes around9
What goes on1
What goes on behind your back1
What goes on here in my heart4
What goes round1
What goes unsaid1
What goes up2
What goes up must come down7
What golden wedding1
What good1
What good am I without you25
What good am I without you when youre alone1
What good can drinkin do1
What good does hate create1
What good does it do3
What good is a heart1
What good is a sandwich1
What good is a song1
What good is good morning5
What good is love1
What good is love that cannot start1
What good is spring1
What good is you1
What good will it do1
What good would it be1
What good would it do1
What good would the moon be5
What good would the moon do1
What goodll it do me1
What got lost along the way1
What grows beneath1
What guitars do in their cases1
What had to be1
what happend1
What happened6
What happened at Conway Hall 19381
What happened here1
What happened last night1
What happened next1
What happened to Mabel1
What happened to me1
What happened to my Bourbon Street1
What happened to Peggy Krueger1
What happened to that summer1
What happened to the dinosaurs1
What happened to the good times1
What happened to the hair1
What happened to the hair on the head of the man I love1
What happened to the old cop1
What happened to the party people1
What happened to the sunshine1
What happened to yesterday1
What happened to you1
What happened to you and me1
What happens1
What happens if nobody wins1
What happens in Begues1
What happens in Space City1
What happens is next1
What happens now5
What happens to a dream deferred1
what happens when the singer goes to the restroom1
What happens when the sun goes down1
What happens with thunder1
What happiness1
What Harlem is to me4
What has become of Albert1
What has become of you1
What has been will be again1
What has happened to Joe2
What has happened to us2
What has he had1
What has she got1
What have I done7
What have I done that made you go away1
What have I done wrong1
What have I lived for1
What have I to live for1
What have they done to my song2
What have they done to my song Ma2
What have they done to the moon1
What have they done to the rain1
What have they told you1
What have we given1
What have we got to do tonight but dance1
What have we got to lose2
What have we here1
What have you2
What have you been doing to me1
What have you been feeding this thing1
What have you done4
What have you done for me1
What have you done to its eyes1
What have you done to make me feel this way1
What have you done to me2
What have you done with the key to your heart1
What have you got in those eyes1
What have you got on me2
What have you got that gets me12
What have you seen yourself1
What headphones1
What health insurance1
What hempen homespuns have we swaggering here1
What Henny Youngman loves most about America1
What hes done for me1
What ho1
What I am2
What I call a friend1
What I call soul2
What I can do you can do too3
What I can never say1
What I cant take with me1
What I did for love15
What I do2
What I dont know wont hurt me1
What I feel is1
What I fell past2
What I gave away1
What I have given today1
What I heard3
What I heard in Chicago1
What I knew then1
What I know now3
What I like2
What I like about you1
What I like to be1
What I lost1
What I love most1
What I mean1
What I mean to say1
What I meant to say2
What I miss2
What I need1
What I prefer1
What I remember1
What I saw in Arkansas1
What I say27
What I see1
What I see in you3
What I see in your eyes1
What I should1
What I think of you1
What I wanna do1
What I want1
What I want for you1
What I want not1
What I want to do to you2
What I wanted to say2
What I was warned about2
What I will take1
What I wish I said1
What I would do1
What I wouldnt do for that man1
What I wouldnt do to be with you1
What I wouldnt give3
What Id say5
What if50
What if another caveman1
What if Ellington didnt take the A train1
What if I2
What if I do2
What if I forget the champagne1
What if I found out1
What if I told you2
What if Im in love with you1
What if it happens1
What if not1
What if the moon were made out of jazz1
What if they come in peace1
What if we do1
What if we just took off1
What if you1
What if you lose1
What ifs1
What Ill do6
What Ill tell her tonight1
What Im doing now1
What Im gotcha2
What Im said2
What Im supposed to do1
What Im thinking before I start mlaying1
What in the world1
What in the world am I going to do1
What in the world am I gonna do1
What inflexibility1
What is11
What is a baby1
What is a freem1
What is a friend2
What is a home without a mother1
What is a lie What is the truth1
What is a man5
What is a memory1
What is a Santa Claus1
What is a straw horse anyways1
What is a wife2
What is a woman6
What is a youth1
What is and what should never be2
What is anguish1
What is Arizona really like1
What is dat thang1
What is fair1
What is free to a good home2
What is freedom1
What is freedom in music1
What is going on1
What is happening3
What is happening here4
What is help1
What is here to say1
What is here to stay1
What is hip5
What is in a soul1
What is in the heart1
What is insideHimeros1
What is is3
What is it22
What is it all about1
What is it bout men1
What is it else1
What is it for1
What is it that tastes like gravy1
What is it that we have to do to let our children grow1
What is it to be frank1
What is it who is who1
What is it you wanted1
What is jazz1
What is known1
What is left1
What is life6
What is life baby its true1
What is living1
What is love16
What is love after all1
What is madi1
What is man2
What is my crime1
What is my heart for1
What is New Orleans1
What is New Orleans part 21
What is next1
What is not1
What is now1
What is perfect1
What is peripheral1
What is poetry2
What is real2
What is so1
What is soul2
What is sweeter1
What is that1
What is that about1
What is that beautiful sound1
What is that she got1
What is that smells like gravy1
What is the answer1
What is the beautiful1
What is the blues2
What is the color of a soul of a man1
What is the colour of love1
What is the correct way to stop a ball1
What is the difference1
What is the difference between stripping and playing the violin1
What is the horse called1
What is the marerack1
What is the matter now1
What is the matter with me1
What is the meaning of this1
What is the moon for1
What is the name of a ring1
what is the name of that1
What is the name of the song1
What is the price for your silence about my past1
What is the proper age1
What is the question1
What is the sinus minus1
What is the thing called love2
What is the truth1
What is the United Fruit Co1
What is the word2
What is the world coming to1
What is there1

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