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This index refers to the 541,114 individual tune titles (1,615,171 total entries) included in over 246,676 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of August, 2020.

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Page W14 - We used to dance to Wee farewell

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Tune nameSessions
We used to dance1
We used to laugh1
We used to lime1
We vliegen der in1
We waited the storm out1
We walk2
We walk the way of the new world1
We wander from town to town1
We wanna boogie1
We wanna cook1
We wanna see Santa do the mambo1
We want1
We want five1
We want no more war1
We want some minutes OK1
We want that owl1
We want to live1
We want to thank you1
We want you2
We want you to say1
We wanted it all1
we Warszawie jesien1
We was there2
We watch1
We watch them fall1
We wave back1
We we we we1
We went that away1
We were1
We were boating1
We were born1
We were dancing3
We were done with judgment of God last week1
We were in love6
We were Indians1
We were made for each other1
We were meant to be together1
We were one1
We were only walking in the moonlight1
We were so young2
We were talking about true love1
We were the best of friends2
We were there1
We were to1
We were told1
We were young1
We who breathe air1
We who may talk1
We will4
We will all have our share in a world divided1
We will all remember Paul2
We will always be together1
We will always know1
We will answer1
We will be2
We will be back again1
We will be silk1
We will be together again4
We will contact you1
We will dance at the Mardi Gras1
We will do the worrying1
We will fight for the things that we love1
We will find a way2
We will go on1
We will love again2
We will meet again44
We will meet again someday1
We will meetor the sadness of losing a brother1
We will miss you Wanda1
We will never forget1
We will not be silenced1
We will not scream together1
We will rest a while1
We will rest awhile2
We will rock you4
We will rock youJoe Avery blues1
We will sing1
We will tell our story1
We will trust you as our leader3
We will understand it better1
We will walk across the water1
We will walk through the streets of the city2
We will win2
We will win the war1
We will work1
We win1
We wish upon a star1
We wish you a cookin Christmas1
We wish you a merry Christmas56
We wish you a merry Christmas 21
We wish you a merry ChristmasHappy holidays1
We wish you a merry Xmas2
We wish you love1
We wish you the merriest3
We wish you well Wilbur Ware1
We wont let it bring us down1
We wont stop1
We wore white1
We work the black seam together1
We worship you1
We would1
We would fall1
We would hesitate and fumble1
We you neednt1
Weak alarm1
Weak and broken hearted1
Weak and helpless1
Weak end2
Weak for the man4
Weak in the knees1
Weak incentive1
Weak minded blues1
Weak sauce1
weak shall conquer poem 39 To return the violent wave that had fallen1
Weakness is a thing called man1
Weakness is your friend1
Wealthy clients1
Wealthy Street1
Weanerisch dearn1
Weapon of choice1
weapon of truth1
Weapons for diamonds1
Weapons of ass destruction1
Weapons of mass distraction1
Wear a great big smile1
Wear a hat with a silver lining2
Wear and tear2
Wear my love1
Wear on Wein1
Wear the sunshine1
Wear the willow1
Wear your love like heaven1
Weariest river1
Wearin it out1
Wearin lace1
wearin of the green3
Wearing a wire1
Wearing of the green3
Wearing the blues away1
Wearing the ring1
Wearing the wig of atrophy1
Wearing worlds1
weary and farewell blues1
Weary beauty1
Weary bloos1
Weary blues584
Weary blues from waitin1
Weary boogie woogie1
Weary Brown1
Weary city2
Weary eyed blues1
Weary eyes1
Weary feet2
Weary journey1
Weary land blues1
Weary money blues2
Weary of poles and zones1
Weary of waiting for you3
Weary planet1
Weary river15
Weary stomp1
Weary traveller3
Weary waltz1
Weary way blues22
weary ways of Mary Magdalene1
Weary weasel4
Weary weird1
Weary Willie1
Weary with toil2
Weary with worry1
Weary yodelin blues2
Weasel and the white boys cool1
Weasel for sale1
weasel goes out to lunch1
Weasel in the contrabasses1
weasel pops off1
Weasel swing1
Weasel walk2
Weasels in the bush1
Weasels kid1
Weasels vacations1
Weather ahead1
Weather beat2
Weather beaten blues1
Weather bird13
Weather bird rag17
Weather blues1
Weather building1
Weather changes1
Weather clear track fast1
Weather cloudy track slow1
Weather conditions may vary1
Weather forecast4
Weather girls1
Weather in the heart1
Weather is changing1
Weather is here wish you were beautiful2
weather is nice1
Weather man5
Weather of dreams1
Weather of the heart1
Weather or not5
Weather permitting1
Weather report1
Weather sky 11
Weather sky 21
Weather sky 31
Weather to fly1
weather up there1
Weather vane1
Weather walker1
Weather Wayne2
Weather with you1
Weather you neednt1
Weatherbird rag56
Weatherbird wave1
Weatherbirds of prey1
Weatherburn blues1
weathered spirit resolute1
Weathering the storm1
weathering yard1
Weatherproof song1
weathers great wish you were here1
Weave & undo1
Weave 11
Weave 21
Weave and raze1
Weave and way1
Weave I1
Weave II1
Weave in and out1
Weave now a web rooted1
Weave song II1
Weave that magic spell1
Weave the ring1
Weave weave1
weaver march1
Weaver of dreams154
Weaver of the tales1
Weaver woman1
Weavers idea1
Weavers of wonder1
Weavers opus1
weavers song1
Weavewrap and woof1
Weaving a fabric of winds1
Weaving a Garland1
Weaving and awaiting1
Weaving flax by the candlelight1
Weaving into choir1
Weaving our future from the past1
Weaving patterns1
Weaving the inside out1
Weazle of dreams1
Web city1
Web core1
WEB Dubois1
Web of fire1
web of forces1
Web of glass1
Web of loss1
Web of love1
Web of wyrd1
Web spinner1
web that has no weaver1
Web we weave1
Webb City28
Webb form1
webb of love2
Webbs delight2
Weber the Great1
Weberian variations1
Webern in Africa1
Webern lines1
Webern op 171
Webern workstudy1
Weberns mode1
WeberParkweg 11
Webfoot blues1
Webs & whirlpools1
Webs depression1
Webs samba1
Website stomp1
Website story1
Webster grooves1
Websters blues1
Websters definition2
Websters mood5
Wechselde Pfade1
Wechselnde Begegnungen auf Moosham2
Wecotdo part 11
Wecotdo part 21
Wed a surely baked a cake1
Wed be the same1
Wed lock2
Wed only start it all over again1
Wed rather fly1
Wed rather jump than swing1
Wed rather like it cash1
Wedderburn wag1
Weddin blues1
Wedding and shimmie and jazz1
Wedding at Jenny Lake1
wedding band1
wedding bell bit1
Wedding bell blues4
Wedding bells18
Wedding bells are breaking up1
Wedding bells are breaking up that old gang of mine2
Wedding bells are ringing for Sally1
wedding blues1
Wedding boogie3
wedding breakfast1
wedding bride La nova1
Wedding cakewalk2
Wedding cha cha1
Wedding cha cha cha2
Wedding couple1
Wedding dance7
Wedding day8
Wedding day and fuzz1
Wedding day blues2
Wedding day waltz1
wedding fox trot1
Wedding gift1
wedding glide4
Wedding horse1
Wedding hymn3
Wedding in babashjac1
wedding in Cherokee County1
Wedding in gold1
Wedding in the ark1
Wedding in the park1
Wedding in the wild forest1
Wedding in wild forest1
Wedding march14
wedding march of a playboy1
Wedding march of Alexander of Macedonia1
Wedding march of Alexander the Macedonian2
wedding march variation1
Wedding music3
Wedding music for Mantra and Dan1
Wedding music sacred and profane1
wedding night1
Wedding of a sophisticated Dutch doll3
wedding of all essential parts1
Wedding of an ant1
wedding of Jack and Jill1
wedding of Lili Marlene2
wedding of Mr and Mrs Swing2
Wedding of Pocahontas2
wedding of the birds2
Wedding of the painted doll26
wedding of the painted dolls2
Wedding of the streams1
Wedding party2
Wedding party afternoon1
Wedding party evening1
Wedding party for a strange gal1
Wedding party late night1
Wedding party Orgy1
Wedding piece1
Wedding place1
Wedding postponed1
Wedding preparation1
wedding present2
wedding recessional1
Wedding samba6
Wedding sequence1
wedding sher1
Wedding singer1
Wedding song23
Wedding song at the Black Sea1
Wedding song from Banat1
Wedding song from Poniky1
Wedding song of the chosen one1
wedding suite4
Wedding suite for Donna1
Wedding tango1
wedding theme1
Wedding train1
Wedding trance1
Wedding waltz11
Wedding without friends1
Weder noch1
Wedged into release2
Wedged under the front of 0991
Wedgehead gets lucky1
Wedgeworth wiggle1
Wednesday afternoon6
Wednesday afternoons1
Wednesday at two3
Wednesday evening blues1
Wednesday mornin2
Wednesday morning1
Wednesday night3
Wednesday night blues1
Wednesday night firsts1
Wednesday night hop9
Wednesday night in Walnut Creek blues and boogie1
Wednesday night meeting1
Wednesday night prayer meeting21
Wednesday nite1
Wednesday race1
Wednesday shirt1
Wednesday song1
Wednesday special1
Wednesday Stone part five1
Wednesday Stone part four1
Wednesday Stone part one2
Wednesday Stone part six1
Wednesday Stone part three2
Wednesday Stone part two2
Wednesday the 17th1
Wednesday the seventeenth1
Wednesday Thursday Friday2
Wednesdays blues4
Wednesdays child8
Wednesdays double blue1
Wednesdays friend1
Wednesdays gone1
Wednesdays love1
Wednesdays rules1
Wednesdays waltz1
Wednesdays waltz with Wiv1
Wedrowiec i pegaz1
Wee Albert1
Wee baby4
Wee baby blues41
Wee ballade1
wee bit1
wee bit o Green2
Wee bit of love1
wee bit of swing4
Wee bop1
Wee cuff1
Wee Davie and Big John1
wee Deoch and Doris1
Wee dot46
Wee dram1
wee dream of melody1
Wee fall1
Wee farewell1

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