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This index refers to the 541,114 individual tune titles (1,615,171 total entries) included in over 246,676 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of August, 2020.

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Page W12 - Way too serious to We could make such beautiful music together

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Tune nameSessions
Way too serious1
Way truth life1
Way twitch La chauxdefonds1
way U wanna see me1
Way up5
Way up north1
way up part 11
way up part 21
way up part 31
Way up there3
Way way back6
Way way down1
Way way down low1
Way way down south1
Way way down yonder1
Way way way down yonder1
Way way way way way down home1
way we are3
way we celebrate New Years1
way we dance it here1
way we danced1
way we get it together1
way we go1
way we love1
way we play1
way we say goodbye1
way we touched the sky1
way we used to be1
way we used to do1
way we was1
way we were109
way we were 4 islands of Japan1
Way with the stars1
way with uncle1
way with words3
way without words1
Way yonder far1
way you are1
way you behold1
way you close the door1
way you cook tonight3
way you do the thing you do1
way you do the things1
way you do the things you do4
way you hold my hand1
way you know me1
way you like it1
way you look2
way you look tonight689
way you love is real2
way you love me2
way you make me feel11
way you make me feel Kristina1
way you move1
way you move me1
way you move my heart1
way you placed my bow1
way you play my heart1
way you saw me1
way you say it1
way you say yes1
way you smile2
way you talk1
way you treat people1
way you walk2
way you want to live1
way young lovers do5
way youre acting1
way youre stooping down babyI can deal with that1
Wayang IV2
Wayang no 11
Wayang no 51
Wayang No II1
Wayang No IV1
Wayang song1
Waycross walk1
Wayeh owayah o wayeh1
Wayfaref II1
Wayfarers all1
wayfarers bastard1
Wayfarers prayer1
Wayfarers prelude to An die musik1
Wayfarers prelude to the lost chord1
Wayfarin stranger4
Wayfaring stranger35
Wayfaring stranger ostinato1
wayfaring stranger Shades of blue1
Wayfaring traveler1
Wayland solo2
Wayless way1
Waymans groove1
Waymans way1
Wayne and Joe by night1
Wayne cooler1
Wayne drops1
Wayne Hayes blues1
Wayne himself1
Wayne not1
Wayne Osker1
Wayne out3
Wayne S1
Wayne Shorter6
Wayne Shorter medley1
Wayne Shorter solo medley1
Wayne Shorters bossa nova1
Wayne swirled1
Wayne war schneller1
Wayne winks at the radio1
Waynes blues1
Waynes bossa1
Waynes bounce1
Waynes call1
Waynes domayne1
Waynes garden1
Waynes lament1
Waynes medley1
Waynes mode1
Waynes mood2
Waynes refrain1
Waynes romance1
Waynes shorts1
Waynes spirit1
Waynes thang3
Waynes Trane1
Waynes tune2
Waynes walk1
Waynes waltz2
Waynes way3
Waynes world17
Waynes wurlde1
Wayning moments3
Wayo days2
Wayo inlaw1
Wayout Basie1
Ways about you1
Ways and means4
Ways away1
Ways going over1
Ways it isnt1
ways it looks on you1
ways of a woman1
Ways of approaching your superiors1
Ways of days1
Ways of light1
ways of love2
Ways of making you talk2
Ways of moving1
ways of pain2
Ways of seeing3
Ways of the hand1
ways of the west1
ways of the wind1
ways of trains1
Ways out1
Ways to go1
Ways to talk1
Ways to you1
wayward balladeer1
wayward hero1
Wayward ho1
Wayward lanes1
Wayward plaint2
Wayward roamer blues1
Wayward son1
Wayward son of Devil Boy1
Wayward weathercock1
wayward wind4
Wazir Akbar Khan Mena1
Wazos march1
Wazuri blues1
Wazza bossa1
WB blues2
WB est mort1
WB intro1
WB Murphy1
WB will haunt us1
WBCN intro1
WBNI 891 FM1
WC 1281
WC feels2
WC Fields1
WC Fields and I1
WC Fields routine1
WC Handy relates the story of his life1
WD & HO blues1
WDAS radio interview1
WDjemaa elfna square part11
WDjemaa elfna square part21
We 31
We 3 plus 11
We agree2
We aint got integration1
We aint got nothin but the blues1
We aint got nothin to lose3
We aint got one1
We aint movin1
We all are here with you1
We all ate what we wanted to eat1
We all believe in miracles1
We all bleed1
We all dance together1
We all eat food1
We all enter in1
We all fall down1
We all fall in love sometimes1
We all feel the same way1
We all go oohaha together1
We all have1
We all have a part to play1
We all have a star1
We all have to1
We all like our own kind1
We all live in the jungle1
We all love Eddie Harris3
We all love Moody1
We all love Neil Young1
We all must change1
We all need a home1
We all need a warmer breeze1
We all need more kindness in this world1
We all need the one1
We all remember Wes1
We all walk on native land1
We all wanna know why2
We all wear socks1
We almost lost Detroit2
We almost made it2
We almost made it this time didnt we1
We almost turned around and headed home1
We also like big women1
We also like jazz1
We always cried1
We always knew1
We always say goodbye1
We amaze me1
We and Bix1
We and Jesus1
We and the sea3
We and us1
We apologize for the inconvenience1
We appreciate your patience1
We are17
We are a lighthouse1
We are adnate1
We are alive1
We are all1
We are all alone2
We are all monkeys on a rock floating through space1
We are all one with the moon and the planets1
We are all slowly leaving1
We are all together1
We are all tomorrows food1
We are always chasing phantoms1
We are always together1
We are as organic as cars1
We are born today1
We are climbing Jacobs ladder1
We are coming father Abraham1
We are cosmic workers1
We are dancing1
We are entering the place of that1
We are everywhere1
We are family2
We are free1
We are gathering together1
We are Gods holy temple1
We are going2
We are going out for Italian1
We are going to rock1
We are healed by the wound in his side1
We are here2
We are here to make plastic1
We are here to play1
We are in Gods hands1
We are in love3
We are in schlemozzle1
We are in space so are you1
We are just friends1
We are large1
We are leaving today1
We are made of places1
We are many1
We are marching in the light of God1
We are more than conquerors1
We are not alone5
We are not alone but we are few1
We are not at the opera1
we are not dead but asleep dreaming of ourselves1
We are not lost we are simply finding our way2
We are not machines1
We are not ourselves1
We are not perdu1
We are not us1
We are now1
We are off again1
We are on the edge2
We are one8
We are only guest on Earth1
We are ordinary cmere1
We are our fathers sons1
We are ready2
We are rolling1
We are said1
We are seeing things1
We are so free1
We are soundmen1
We are standing alone1
We are such stuff as dreams are made on1
We are the blues1
We are the champions5
We are the children1
We are the dancers1
We are the dreamers2
We are the Lambeth boys3
We are the music makers1
We are the music we play1
We are the one1
We are the professionals1
We are the same1
We are the singers2
We are the song1
We are the stars3
We are the two only ones1
We are the UFO1
We are the walrus1
We are the world1
We are there yet1
We are through1
We are together1
We are together again2
We are together today1
We are travling1
We are unicorns1
We are what the seas have made us1
We are what we do1
We are with you1
we are witness to the collapse1
We are yo kids1
We are you1
We art1
We as love1
We assume on the death of our son Reuben Masai Harper1
We ate1
We ate the wood1
We B3in you1
We bad1
We be jammin4
We be so cool1
We beg your pardon1
We began with a kiss1
We begin1
We begin with some crazy stuff1
We believe in music1
We believe in one God1
We believe the use of homo sapiens is time sensitive1
We believed in love1
We belong to each other1
We belong together12
We better get together again2
We big tonight1
We binge on a bloodthirsty God1
We blue it1
We blue it again1
We boil the ravens skull into gold1
We bop3
We bop blues2
We both got to die1
We both know what it comes to1
We both must cry1
We both need each other1
We both tried2
We bow down1
We bow to royalties1
We build1
We burn1
We buy things we dont need1
We call it music1
We call it slow drag1
We call the Brother K1
We call to her1
We called it music2
We came to funk ya1
We came to play1
We can1
We can as long as1
We can be1
We can be friends2
We can be heroes1
We can change the world1
We can do it1
We can do part one1
We can do part three1
We can do part two1
We can dream1
We can fall in love1
We can fly2
We can get together1
We can go1
We can have a good time without snakes2
We can huddle at home1
We can learn to fly1
We can live off love1
We can live on love5
We can make a change1
We can make it3
We can make it girl1
We can make it work1
We can never be1
We can only try2
We can still do that1
We can take this boat1
We can talk1
We can talk it over1
We can talk some trash1
We can try1
We can try again1
We can try love again2
We can work it out5
We can work that1
We cannot hearthe killing noise1
We cannot play blues but subway is clean here1
We cannot put off being human another day1
We cannot wait1
We cant agree2
We cant get started1
We cant go on1
We cant go on like this Edwin1
We cant go on this way1
We cant stop singin1
We cant use each other anymore2
We care about this1
We care for you1
We cats will swing for you1
We celebrate1
We change2
We come from far1
We come from the mountain1
We come from the universe like the dolphins and frogs1
We come in peace1
We come on first1
We come to party1
We come to your feast1
We contravene1
We could1
We could be flying11
We could be here for a few hours1
We could be lovers1
We could find happiness1
We could have been fine1
We could have the same1
We could learn together2
We could make believe1
We could make such a beautiful music1
We could make such beautiful music3
We could make such beautiful music together17

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