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This index refers to the 527,595 individual tune titles (1,582,830 total entries) included in over 242,845 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of October, 2019.

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Page V4 - Var I to Variations on Roumanian folk dances by Bela Bartok

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Tune nameSessions
Var I1
Var i Danmark1
Var I helsingfors1
Var igen1
Var II1
Var III1
Var inte radd1
Var inte radd nu1
Var IV1
Var Jocuri Poporale Romanesti Op 3371
Var kan jag finna denna man1
Var lognkarusell1
Var mann1
Var nara mig1
Var no 11
Var no 111
Var no 121
Var no 131
Var no 151
Var no 161
Var no 171
Var no 181
Var no 191
Var no 21
Var no 211
Var no 221
Var no 241
Var no 251
Var no 261
Var no 271
Var no 281
Var no 31
Var no 301
Var no 41
Var no 51
Var no 61
Var no 71
Var no 81
Var no 91
Var nojd med allt vad livet ger1
Var nojd medallt som livet ger1
Var oen1
Var sa god och stig pa lilla froken1
var te enkebal i gar1
Var tid med vin och rosor1
Var V1
Var varsam med karleken1
Vara systrar ga i brokiga klader1
Varadero blues1
Varaldero dream1
Varan den anded1
Varan varan1
Varando furos1
Varans wheel1
Varat gang4
Varation I Mary McGinnis1
Varca lucente2
Vardero cha1
Varen er i luften1
Varfor ar Louise sa blyg1
Varfor bry sig om det1
Varfor far jag ingen kaka till kaffet din javel1
Varfor inte2
Varfor kan jag inte fa ett svar1
Varfor skola manniskor strida1
Varfor skola manskor strida1
Varg veum2
Vari 101
Vari 111
Vari 121
variability of stammering arrows1
Variable current3
Variable density1
Variable density 11
Variable density 21
Variable formations1
Variable geometry1
variable mind1
Variable rate construction No 21
Variace 1111
Variaciones Peruvianos1
Variaciones sobre Baga1
Variaciones sobre una melodia popular de Jose L Padula1
Variacoes de Bela1
Variacoes em la1
Variacoes em mi1
Variacoes em sol maior1
Variacoes no fado Paloma1
Variacoes nordestino1
Variacoes sobre1
Variacoes sobre o fado de Artur Paredes I Goncalo Paredes1
Variacoes sobre o fado lopes1
Variacoes sobre um tema de Brouwer1
Variadic micros1
Variant 11
Variant 21
Variant 31
Variant 41
Variant I1
Variant I Zebra Lion Camel1
Variant II1
Variant II Walrus Ape1
Variant III2
Variant IV2
Variant reading1
Variant strain1
Variante von fuchsschwanz1
Variants for jazz quartet and orchestra1
Variants on a theme by John Lewis1
Variants on a theme by Monk1
Variants on a theme by Thelonious Monk2
Varias dancas1
Variasjoner over et tema av Nordraak1
Variatie op Dat mistige rooie beest1
Variation + fuga1
Variation 110
Variation 1 PMFUNK1
Variation 1 tenor and bass gyili xylophones1
Variation 1 uber den plubutsch1
Variation 103
Variation 10 African percussion kit1
Variation 10 for fortepiano and viola da gamba quartet1
Variation 10 fughetta1
Variation 10 The dream1
Variation 114
Variation 11 Jaunty1
Variation 1151
Variation 122
Variation 12 canon at the 4th1
Variation 12 Resolute1
Variation 132
Variation 13 The chase1
Variation 142
Variation 1415 varied1
Variation 153
Variation 15 canon at the 5th1
Variation 150001
Variation 162
Variation 172
Variation 181
Variation 18 canon at the 6th1
Variation 192
Variation 28
Variation 2 Canon1
Variation 2 gome seated bass drum1
Variation 2 Pursuance1
Variation 2 uber den plubutsch1
Variation 201
Variation 20000001
Variation 211
Variation 21 canon at the 7th1
Variation 222
Variation 22 for fortepiano and viola de gamba quartet1
Variation 232
Variation 242
Variation 252
Variation 262
Variation 271
Variation 27 for lute and flute1
Variation 281
Variation 292
Variation 38
Variation 3 brekete snared bass drum1
Variation 3 canon at the unison1
Variation 3 Erroll1
Variation 301
Variation 30 quodlibet2
Variation 311
Variation 321
Variation 331
Variation 48
Variation 4 donno underarm drum1
Variation 4 The helix1
Variation 56
Variation 5 Bounce1
Variation 5 gome brekete and donno drums1
Variation 64
Variation 6 canon at the 2nd1
Variation 6 electric guitar1
Variation 6 Minor1
Variation 6 Resolution1
Variation 75
Variation 7 ashiwa rhythm box bass1
Variation 7 gigue1
Variation 7 Undeterred1
Variation 85
Variation 8 Bittersweet1
Variation 8 gome kpanlogo and apentema drums1
Variation 94
Variation 9 canon at the 3rd1
Variation 9 Eventually the blues1
Variation 9 gangokui double bell rack1
Variation about a song1
Variation and creation1
Variation auf Abendlied1
Variation Berg1
Variation dapollon1
Variation five1
Variation five Fugata con giovialita1
Variation for cello solo1
Variation for gamba quartet1
Variation for jazz quartet1
Variation for lute and clarinet1
Variation for piano solo1
Variation for piano solo no21
Variation for saxophone & piano1
Variation for Vinicius1
Variation for violin & piano1
Variation four1
Variation four Ben portando ed expressiva1
Variation four Twelve bars unhinged1
Variation fuga + improvisation1
Variation I5
Variation II5
Variation II In the manner of Beethoven1
Variation II Laura Ann Peskoff1
Variation III4
Variation III In the manner of Chopin1
Variation in A1
Variation IV3
Variation IV In the manner of Debussy1
Variation IX1
Variation no 11
Variation no 1 on God rest ye merry gentlemen1
Variation no 21
Variation no 31
Variation of a sorrow song of Mengjiang Nu1
Variation of movement1
Variation of rotation1
Variation of themes1
Variation on a ballad theme1
Variation on a point of view1
Variation on a riff1
Variation on a theme1
Variation on a theme by Bill Monroe1
Variation on a theme by Giacomo Puccini1
Variation on a theme by Igor Stravinsky1
Variation on a theme by Schubert1
Variation on a theme by Scott Joplin1
Variation on a theme for Ota1
Variation on a theme of Hindemith1
Variation on a theme of Marvin Gaye1
Variation on a theme of Richard & Rodgers1
Variation on a variation1
Variation on a variation for Benga1
variation on artistry in rhythm1
Variation on BACH1
Variation on Bartok evening in Transylvania1
Variation on big road blues pt 11
Variation on big road blues pt 21
Variation on Black beauty1
Variation on distinction1
Variation on Dixie1
Variation on last night1
Variation on main theme1
variation on Monk2
Variation on Mood indigo1
Variation on mute1
Variation on ode to life1
Variation on rockin in rhythm1
Variation on the misery8
Variation on the theme Near the forest1
Variation on the wisdom1
Variation on tree digression1
Variation on tree mutation1
Variation on two themes1
Variation one1
Variation one Jamaica1
Variation sur le theme de Fred1
Variation sur un folklore rumain1
Variation suspense1
Variation three1
Variation three Spirituosamente ma duramente1
Variation three Twelve bars1
Variation two1
Variation two Con passaione1
Variation two Jamaica twelve bars1
Variation uber Rauch und moder1
Variation V1
Variation V In the manner of Gershwin1
Variation VI2
Variation VII1
Variation voyou1
Variation XIII1
Variation XXXII1
Variation XXXIII1
Variationen auf winterrerise1
Variationen uber den namen hesse2
Variationen uber einen appenzeller alpsegen1
Variationen uber kein thema1
Variationen uber rauch und moder3
Variationen zu1
Variations & themes in Ab based on the Barelli sequences1
Variations 11
Variations 16231
Variations 21
Variations 31
Variations 41
Variations 51
Variations about a German lullaby1
Variations about a liberate proposal1
Variations about keep your heart right1
Variations about N508101
Variations about silence1
Variations about soma1
Variations about The Cascades1
Variations and funge 9 on La Folia1
Variations and improvisations on an ancient saltarello1
Variations and song1
Variations de clartes1
Variations for 2 pianos and band2
Variations for Bill1
Variations for chamber ensemble1
Variations for jazzband1
Variations for piano op 381
Variations for string bass and piano1
Variations for the citizen1
Variations for trumpet1
Variations for two pianos and band1
Variations from bop to blues1
Variations Furioso1
Variations I1
Variations II3
Variations III2
Variations III Version 11
Variations III Version 21
Variations in Bb1
Variations in blue2
Variations in C1
Variations in concerto in F1
Variations in Db1
Variations in dreamtime1
Variations in G minor1
Variations in many keys1
Variations IV1
Variations lo how a rose eer blooming1
Variations of a bloodline1
Variations of a chorus1
Variations of a con artist1
Variations of blue and green1
Variations of III1
Variations of Kohoutek themes1
Variations of the Hudson1
Variations on a bad day1
Variations on a bell1
Variations on a birds call1
Variations on a blue line1
Variations on a blues by Bird2
Variations on a Brazilian folk song2
Variations on a Brazilian song1
Variations on a Christmas theme1
Variations on a coffee machine2
Variations on a folk song written in the sixties1
Variations on a folksong1
Variations on a game1
Variations on a given theme2
Variations on a hermit thrush at eve1
Variations on a Joannas theme1
Variations on a master plan 31
Variations on a master plan pt 21
Variations on a master plan pt 31
Variations on a modal theme1
Variations on a mood1
Variations on a motive by Bud1
Variations on a nursery rhyme1
Variations on a popular theme 11
Variations on a popular theme 21
Variations on a raha charukeski1
Variations on a scene3
Variations on a song of the Buraku liberation movement1
Variations on a theme9
Variations on a theme 11
Variations on a theme 21
Variations on a theme by Albert Ayler1
Variations on a theme by Alvin Curran1
Variations on a theme by Bird3
Variations on a theme by Cecil Taylor1
Variations on a theme by Charles Mingus1
Variations on a theme by Claude Debussy2
Variations on a theme by Ellington1
Variations on a theme by Erik Satie1
Variations on a theme by Frank Poulenc2
Variations on a theme by George1
Variations on a theme by Holst1
Variations on a theme by James P Johnson1
Variations on a theme by Joplin1
Variations on a theme by Schumann I1
Variations on a theme by Schumann II1
Variations on a theme by Schumann III1
Variations on a theme by Verdi1
Variations on a theme by Wagner1
Variations on a theme by WC Handy1
Variations on a theme for Don Cherry1
Variations on a theme of feedback1
Variations on a theme of Paganini1
Variations on a theme of Sweelinck1
Variations on a theme of Werner Thomas1
Variations on a theme pt 1 Nineteen ways of playing a chorus1
Variations on a theme pt 2 Self Portrait1
Variations on a theme pt 3 School of rhythm1
Variations on a theme pt 4 Feeling tomorrow like I feel today1
Variations on a thought1
Variations on a Tirolean song1
Variations on a Turkish theme1
Variations on a weeping willow1
Variations on a well known theme1
Variations on a wellknown theme1
Variations on acknowledgement1
Variations on Ah vous diraije Maman1
Variations on Ah Vous diraisje maman1
Variations on Alone together1
Variations on Am Hermineli zliab for some lovely mountains1
Variations on an African theme1
Variations on an autumn theme4
Variations on an Indian scale1
Variations on an unoriginal theme1
Variations on Anthropology1
Variations on apra air1
Variations on Aram Khachaturians Ballet Music Gayaneh1
Variations on Beethovens Fur Elise1
Variations on body and soul1
Variations on Brahms1
Variations on Brahms 3 mvt 31
Variations on Clair De Lune1
Variations on Detour Ahead1
Variations on Ellingtons Come Sunday1
Variations on F Chopins grande valse brillante Eflat major1
Variations on filigree1
Variations on Freedom jazz dance1
Variations on G1
Variations on giant steps1
Variations on God bless the child1
Variations on Goodbye pork pie hat1
Variations on Harriet1
Variations on ingen vinner frem til den evige ro1
Variations on invitation1
Variations on Ive got rhythm and Cuban overture1
Variations on Ives1
Variations on Jay 11
Variations on Jay 21
Variations on JL1
Variations on lamentations I1
Variations on lamentations II1
Variations on lies I1
Variations on lies II1
Variations on Light my fire1
Variations on Little Melonae1
Variations on Lonely woman1
Variations on longing1
Variations on Misty1
Variations on Monk2
Variations on mood indigo1
Variations on my fathers footsteps1
Variations on my prayer1
Variations on My Shining Hour1
Variations on my telephone number1
Variations on Nardis1
Variations on nation time1
Variations on No place to go but around1
Variations on Pachelbels Canon1
Variations on Paganinis perpetual motion1
Variations on Raga Bimpalasi2
Variations on Raga Todi2
Variations on remembrance1
Variations on Roumanian folk dances by Bela Bartok1

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