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This index refers to the 520,330 individual tune titles (1,563,395 total entries) included in over 240,709 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of April, 2019.

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Page U10 - unwilling philosopher to Upper Madison Avenue blues

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Tune nameSessions
unwilling philosopher1
unwise men1
unwobbling pivot1
Unwrapping the body buried centuries ago1
Unwritten law2
unwritten letter3
Unwritten messages1
Unwritten postcards1
Unwritten rule1
Unwritten signs1
Unzahlige mannigfaltige sterne1
Un’altra vita1
Un’idea fissa1
Uocche napulitane1
Uoi maronn ffance a grazia1
Uomini di fiume1
Uono sig1
Uoooohs danse1
Uovo di Pasqua1
Up & at it1
Up & down4
Up + push1
Up 2 whom1
Up a hair1
Up a lazy river99
Up a level1
Up a step3
Up above1
Up above my head27
Up above my head I hear music in the air1
Up above the rock3
Up above the universe1
Up again3
Up against1
Up against it1
Up against the boards1
Up against the wall10
Up against the wall you %&@ gods of corporate profit1
Up against the wall you redneck mother1
Up all night6
Up an atom7
Up and Adam2
Up and around1
Up and at em16
Up and at it8
Up and away6
Up and coming5
Up and down42
Up and down East Street1
Up and down mambo1
up and down man2
Up and down song1
Up and down the back1
Up and down the blues1
Up and down up and down2
Up and exciting1
Up and fast1
Up and out7
Up and over5
Up and over the hill1
Up and push1
Up and rising2
Up and running1
Up and up7
Up at Harveys1
Up at Ingos1
Up at Joes down at Jims1
Up at Logues place1
Up at seven1
Up at Teddys hill1
Up awake from highest steeple1
Up away1
Up beat blues1
Up before the birds1
Up behind the beat1
Up blues2
Up Broadway1
Up Cherry Street5
Up Chets alley1
Up city1
Up close1
Up comes Monday1
Up country4
Up de Straat geiht n Jung mit n Tudelband1
Up do2
Up down5
Up down and around2
Up down blues1
Up down down up1
Up down left right1
Up down rag1
Up down some blues1
Up down straight1
Up down twist off1
Up down up1
Up downinside outside1
Up downtown1
Up early1
Up for air5
Up for an Oscar1
Up for grabs1
Up for it5
Up for the Count2
Up for the down stroke2
Up from down1
Up from down under1
Up from limbo1
Up from Mississippi1
Up from Munich1
Up from New Orleans1
Up from paradise1
Up from sloth1
Up from the bottom of the well1
Up from the cellar1
Up from the Christmas wreckage1
Up from the ground1
Up from the land1
Up from the mountain1
Up from the sea it arose and ate Rio in one swift Bite1
Up from the skies35
Up from the sky4
Up from the skyes1
Up from the snow1
Up from the sump1
Up from the swamp of delusion1
Up from under1
Up front11
Up front what counts1
Up gainst the wall5
Up go we1
Up hahn the swing2
Up hill1
Up in a fir tree1
Up in a swing1
Up in a tree1
Up in Alsace1
Up in Bettys room3
Up in Charles flat1
Up in Cynthias room2
Up in Cynthia’s room1
Up in Dodos room3
Up in Errolls room2
Up in Evans room1
Up in Gavins flat1
Up in Giovannis room1
Up in Jennifers room1
Up in Jims flat2
Up in Matties bunk1
Up in Maxens Heaven1
Up in Michigan1
Up in my treehouse1
Up in perks1
Up in Quincys room5
Up in Rays pad1
Up in Rickeys room1
Up in Sidneys flat1
Up in smoke5
Up in Steves room1
Up in Teddys new flat1
Up in tha hood1
Up in the air5
Up in the blues4
Up in the cellar1
Up in the clouds4
Up in the morning1
Up in the mother1
Up in the mountains1
Up in the mountains down in the valley1
Up in the paintcards1
Up in the playroom1
Up in the sky2
Up in the woods1
Up in there1
Up in Velseyland1
Up in yonder2
Up in you1
Up is down1
Up jump23
Up jump spring1
Up jumped a bird4
Up jumped a rabbit2
Up jumped Andy1
Up jumped Bootsie1
Up jumped Chuck1
Up jumped Ming1
Up jumped snap1
Up jumped spring176
Up jumped the blues1
Up jumped the devil31
Up jumped the devil in a white nightgown1
Up jumped the rabbit1
Up jumped you1
Up jumped you with love22
Up jumping spring1
Up jumps one1
Up jumps Sally1
Up jumps spring1
Up jumps the moon1
Up Lahij Mountains1
Up late2
Up loose1
Up mais pas trop1
Up n Adam25
Up n atom1
Up n down1
Up n downs1
Up no 21
Up no head1
Up north6
Up North blues1
Up number 21
Up on a cripple creek1
Up on a fir tree1
Up on a mountain1
Up on a roof1
Up on all 4s1
Up on Cripple Creek4
Up on it1
Up on Teddys hill1
Up on the hill3
Up on the hilltop1
Up on the horizon1
Up on the hosuetop1
Up on the housetop8
Up on the houstop1
Up on the roof13
Up on the rooftop2
Up on this1
Up out1
Up over & out1
Up over and out5
Up pertaler nacht1
Up peu damour1
Up PoeThree suite1
Up popped the devil2
Up pops love1
Up service1
Up she rises1
Up shift1
Up shot2
Up side down1
Up south3
Up start1
Up state2
Up stepped the moon1
Up stream3
Up stroke1
Up tempo3
Up tempo blues1
Up tempo thing1
Up the Amazon1
Up the chimney go my dreams1
Up the clouds1
Up the country5
Up the country blues15
Up the creek3
Up the entropy slope1
Up the hill1
Up the hill with Jeep1
Up the hills1
Up the ladder2
Up the ladder to the roof1
Up the lazy river5
Up the line1
Up the line to death1
Up the middle3
Up the mountain1
Up the pace1
Up the poll1
Up the river4
Up the roof1
Up the street round the corner down the block1
Up the wall1
Up there13
Up there down below1
Up there down here1
Up there in orbit1
Up there in the orbit1
Up they go down they fall1
Up tide1
Up tight15
Up tights creek2
Up til now3
Up till now1
Up till now nobody loved me1
Up time2
Up to1
Up to a certain point1
Up to date3
Up to date blues1
Up to downstairs1
Up to earth2
Up to here1
Up to it2
Up to no good7
Up to now1
Up to our elbows1
Up to speed2
Up to stay1
Up to the 5th level1
Up to the kissing gate1
Up to the light2
Up to the minute1
Up to the minute blues1
Up to the music room1
Up to the surface1
Up to Tomas1
Up to you3
Up to you 21
Up to your neck1
Up today and down tomorrow1
Up Tohickon Creek1
Up too late4
Up top1
Up towards celestial dimensions1
Up train1
Up turn out1
Up Umea1
Up up5
Up up and2
Up up and away68
Up up up3
Up where we belong6
Up with the lark45
Up your alley1
Up your ante1
Up your eyes1
Up your jazz1
Up your mind1
Up your tempo1
Up yours2
Up yours buddy1
Upa neghuino1
Upa Neginho1
Upa negino2
Upa negrinho2
Upa neguinho13
Upa nequinho2
Upadek cxa1
Upandcoming crucifix1
Uparapa doba1
Upbeat 90s1
Upbeat down1
Upbeat downbeat1
Upbeat feeling1
Upcoming hurricane1
Update 331
Update eight1
Update eleven1
Update five1
Update nine1
Update one1
Update six1
Update ten1
Update twelve pt 11
Update twelve pt 21
Update twelve pt 31
Updated downbeat1
Updown connection1
Updown Sidney1
Upendo ni pamoja1
Upernalersumi kuuppalaarnera1
UPG3 cosynthase1
Upgrade yourself1
Uphatherly and downhatherly1
Uphill interactions1
uphill road2
Uphill struggle1
Upholstery label1
Upis down1
Uplift blues1
Uplifted heart1
Upload method1
Uplyw czasu1
Upn Adam1
Upojne piwonie1
Upon a cloud1
Upon a midnight clear1
Upon a rock1
Upon a time5
Upon arrival2
Upon arriving1
Upon closer look1
Upon entering the Hotel Adlon1
Upon Heavens blue bow1
Upon her hair1
Upon misila1
Upon my camel1
Upon my lips a song1
Upon my soul1
Upon nothingness blue1
Upon nothingness green1
Upon nothingness red1
Upon nothingness white1
Upon nothingness yellow1
Upon on Santa Claus mountain1
Upon powerhouses1
Upon prisms the form has taken1
Upon reflection7
Upon seeing exceptionally strangelooking people or animals1
Upon the air1
Upon the hill1
Upon the sea1
Upon the swing5
Upon the throne1
Upon the wings of music1
Upon this rock1
Upon waking1
Upp ahimins blaum boga1
Upp i dagen1
Upp med hakan1
Upp ock lasse river1
Upp till kamp for musiken1
Upp upp upp ner1
Uppa kallarbacken1
Uppenbar existens1
Uppepping song1
Upper and lower Egypt2
Upper and lower partials1
Upper and outest2
Upper arm1
Upper Atlantis1
Upper atmosphere1
Upper Austrian dance1
Upper bay1
Upper berth1
Upper bound1
Upper chamber1
upper chamber house of prayer1
Upper class1
Upper cruster1
Upper deck2
Upper East Side1
Upper East Side blues1
Upper Egypt4
Upper Egypt and lower Egypt1
Upper Fargo1
Upper Fifth Avenue1
Upper four hundred1
Upper ground stomp1
Upper hand1
Upper handlower light1
Upper jaw jive2
Upper Kern1
Upper Larum1
Upper Madison Avenue blues1

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