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This index refers to the 538,711 individual tune titles (1,609,441 total entries) included in over 245,980 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of July, 2020.

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Page T65 - Twelfth house to Twinkle toes

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Tune nameSessions
Twelfth house1
twelfth labor1
Twelfth night1
Twelfth night tango5
twelfth of never12
Twelfth of the twelfth1
Twelfth St rag2
Twelfth step1
Twelfth Street1
Twelfth Street blues4
Twelfth Street rag166
Twelfth Street rag for Bill1
Twelfth Street toreador1
Twelfth year3
twelth dialect1
Twelth Street rag2
Twelve 151
Twelve and eight1
Twelve and more blues2
Twelve and nine1
Twelve and seven1
Twelve and twelve1
Twelve angry Jones1
Twelve apples1
Twelve bar blues1
Twelve bar stampede1
Twelve bars8
Twelve bars for Lieberstraum1
Twelve bars for Linton1
Twelve bars high1
twelve bars of Christmas2
Twelve bars on Friday1
Twelve bars repeated1
Twelve barsimprov1
Twelve beats1
Twelve blocks down1
Twelve blues1
Twelve by five1
Twelve by four1
Twelve by three1
Twelve by twelve2
Twelve by two1
Twelve by two for Squatty Roo1
Twelve cats1
Twelve Chord Tune1
twelve colours of Skrjabin1
Twelve cylinder1
Twelve days2
twelve days of Christmas18
Twelve degrees of freedom1
Twelve degrees proof1
Twelve easy bars2
Twelve eighteen west1
Twelve feet off the ground1
Twelve for Florent1
Twelve for four1
Twelve for KD1
Twelve for six1
Twelve for the blues1
Twelve for two1
Twelve gates1
Twelve gates to the city5
Twelve in a row1
Twelve in blues1
Twelve in eight1
Twelve inch1
Twelve lonely months1
Twelve measures of blues1
Twelve men1
Twelve meter boogie1
Twelve miles high1
Twelve mirrors1
Twelve months1
Twelve moons2
Twelve more bars to go1
Twelve more years1
Twelve new moons1
Twelve nix1
Twelve noon special1
Twelve notes1
Twelve notes 11
Twelve notes 21
Twelve o clock blues2
Twelve o clock in Jolopi1
Twelve o clock whistle1
Twelve oclock1
Twelve oclock at night4
Twelve oclock boogie1
Twelve oclock jump2
Twelve oclock moon1
Twelve oclock rock1
Twelve over and under1
Twelve oxen1
Twelve past midnight1
Twelve patrol1
Twelve plus twelve1
twelve powers1
Twelve shadow sculptures1
Twelve signs1
Twelve silver1
Twelve step blues1
Twelve steps1
Twelve steps to heaven1
Twelve steps with Anna1
Twelve Street rag1
Twelve three1
Twelve times1
Twelve times twelve1
Twelve to1
Twelve to four1
Twelve toes1
Twelve tonal embrace1
Twelve tone1
Twelve tone blue1
Twelve tone blues7
twelve tone line1
Twelve tone poem2
Twelve tone rag1
Twelve tone row1
Twelve tone suite for jazz quintet1
Twelve tone tales3
Twelve tone tales I1
Twelve tone tales II1
Twelve tone tales III1
Twelve tone tales IV1
Twelve tone tune28
Twelve tone tune II1
Twelve tone tune two11
Twelve tones for Isaac1
Twelve tones impromptu 51
Twelve tones of blue1
Twelve tones old1
Twelve tribes1
Twelve tune1
Twelve twelve1
Twelve windows1
Twelve years2
Twelves it6
Twelvetone blues1
Twelvetone song for my father1
Twelvetone tune1
Twelvetone whistle1
Twelwth day after you1
Twenties late1
Twentieth century1
Twentieth century bebop1
Twentieth century blues7
Twentieth Century boogie1
Twentieth century closet1
Twentieth century tutti1
Twenty 41
Twenty bar tune2
Twenty bars3
Twenty before twenty1
Twenty boy1
Twenty degree bell1
Twenty degrees Farenheit1
Twenty eight1
Twenty eighth and eighth1
Twenty fifteen1
Twenty first1
Twenty first line1
Twenty five6
Twenty five hundred block of Rosewood St1
Twenty five miles5
Twenty five minute blues1
Twenty four5
Twenty four ears1
Twenty four hours2
Twenty four miles to go1
Twenty grand blues1
Twenty lanes1
Twenty million people2
Twenty million sweethearts selection1
Twenty million sweethearts selection 11
Twenty million sweethearts selection 21
Twenty minutes after three1
Twenty minutes in the life of Bill Moons1
Twenty more short Dillinger poems1
Twenty nine palms1
Twenty one6
Twenty past three thing1
Twenty quarterinch jacks1
Twenty questions1
Twenty reeds boogie1
Twenty seconds over Vegas1
Twenty seven2
Twenty seven names of a man1
Twenty seven years1
Twenty short Dillinger poems1
Twenty six miles1
Twenty six three1
Twenty small cigars5
Twenty something2
Twenty Swedes ran through the weeds1
Twenty third wife of the sultan1
Twenty thousand leagues under the sea pt 21
Twenty thousand leagues under the sea pt11
Twenty three neo1
Twenty tiny fingers1
Twenty turtles on a tree1
Twenty two2
Twenty year circus1
Twenty years8
Twenty years after2
Twenty years ago3
Twenty years later2
Twenty years on2
Twentyeight straight1
Twentyfirst Century blues1
TwentyFirst St stomp1
Twentyfirst Street rag1
Twentyfive hours a day1
Twentyfive or six to four1
Twentyfive pages1
Twentyfive times around the sun1
Twentyfive years2
Twentyfour and more1
Twentyfour eyes1
Twentyfour Hours2
Twentyfour hours a day7
Twentyfour hours from Tulsa1
Twentyfour hours in Georgia1
Twentyfour robbers11
Twentyfour seven1
Twentyfour years1
Twentynine ways1
Twentynine ways to get to my babys door1
Twentyone breaths1
Twentyone dollars a day once a month2
Twentyone for JM1
Twentyone lines1
Twentyone years2
twentysecond day1
Twentyseven 911
Twentysixth March blues1
Twentythree n me1
Twentytwo proverbs1
Twentytwo years1
Twerk it1
Twice a day1
Twice a week7
Twice a woman1
Twice a woman II1
Twice across the table1
Twice and more1
Twice around4
Twice around the sun1
Twice as good1
Twice as much1
Twice as nice2
Twice at night1
Twice bitten1
Twice blue1
Twice daily2
Twice escaped2
Twice in a lifetime1
Twice in a while1
Twice lucky1
Twice mined theory of everything1
Twice more once1
Twice quie1
Twice remembered1
Twice removed1
Twice said once1
Twice seven1
Twice the love1
Twice the riches1
Twice the spice1
Twice thought1
Twice too many1
Twice twenty1
Twice twins1
Twice upon a time2
Twice with the sledge1
Twicked link1
Twiddlin my thumbs2
Twiddly bird1
Twiddly bits1
Twiga and Puntamilia1
Twiggy Twiggy1
Twighlight drum1
Twigs and branches1
Twigs at twilight1
Twigs tune1
Twilight 20531
Twilight and beyond1
Twilight and you2
Twilight at Atoped1
Twilight at Dukes place1
Twilight at Los Angeles1
Twilight at Terezin1
Twilight blue3
Twilight blues4
Twilight boogie1
Twilight chant1
twilight clone1
Twilight color1
twilight cometh1
Twilight curtain1
Twilight dance1
Twilight dawned2
Twilight departure1
Twilight detour1
Twilight doors1
Twilight dream2
Twilight dreaming1
Twilight dreams3
Twilight drive1
Twilight Erie1
Twilight eyes1
twilight fall1
Twilight for Henry1
Twilight for Nancy1
Twilight garden1
Twilight glow4
Twilight hour2
twilight hours1
Twilight hush1
Twilight in Acapulco1
Twilight in Besaki1
Twilight in Bevis1
Twilight in blue1
Twilight in Duckburg1
Twilight in Galisteo1
Twilight in Northridge1
Twilight in Rio2
Twilight in Seville2
Twilight in Taipai1
Twilight in Teheran1
Twilight in Tennesse1
Twilight in the city3
Twilight in the Favelas2
Twilight in the mangroves1
Twilight in the park2
Twilight in the wilderness1
Twilight in Turkey27
Twilight interlude7
Twilight is upon us1
Twilight joy2
Twilight lake1
Twilight land2
Twilight landscape1
Twilight magic blues1
Twilight march1
Twilight melody1
Twilight mist3
Twilight mood1
Twilight moods2
Twilight moon1
Twilight music1
Twilight of my dreams1
Twilight of our love1
Twilight of the dogs2
Twilight of the space gods1
Twilight on the Hudson1
Twilight on the sea1
Twilight on the tootside roll1
Twilight on the trail8
Twilight prelude1
Twilight rag3
Twilight rain1
Twilight rhapsody1
Twilight ride1
Twilight riff2
Twilight romance1
Twilight rose1
Twilight serenade1
Twilight shuffle1
Twilight sky1
Twilight solitude3
Twilight song9
Twilight soul2
Twilight sounds1
Twilight south west2
Twilight tears2
Twilight the stars and you2
Twilight thunder1
Twilight tie1
Twilight til dawn1
Twilight till dawn1
Twilight time70
Twilight time zone2
Twilight times1
Twilight town2
Twilight train2
twilight turns from amethyst1
Twilight union1
Twilight voice1
Twilight waltz5
Twilight whispers1
Twilight with you1
Twilight world27
Twilight zone6
Twilight zone twilight tone1
Twilight zonetwilight tone2
Twilightnin Hopkins1
Twilights dream1
Twilights last blink1
Twilights melody1
Twill be mine after a while1
Twin axle1
Twin bass bass1
Twin beds1
Twin blues1
Twin cities2
Twin City blues2
Twin constellation1
Twin dance1
Twin danger is1
Twin dark mirrors1
Twin dialogue1
Twin dragons1
Twin dreams1
Twin earth1
Twin eye1
Twin funkies1
Twin guitar polka1
Twin guitar special1
Twin house1
Twin lake2
Twin lakes1
Twin lines2
Twin lotus1
Twin peaks1
Twin peaks theme2
Twin pearls2
Twin pigs1
Twin pines1
Twin pyramids1
Twin reeds1
Twin rivers1
Twin rock1
Twin soliloquies2
Twin song1
Twin souls3
Twin spirits1
Twin star march1
Twin stars of thence1
Twin towers2
Twin unicorns1
Twin waltz1
Twine and tangle1
Twine forest1
Twine harmony1
Twine time2
Twing twang twiddle1
Twing twang twiddle all night long1
Twingle boogie1
Twink once1
Twinkle dinkle1
Twinkle eyes2
Twinkle in the old mans eyes1
twinkle in the twilight2
twinkle in your eye1
Twinkle of culture1
Twinkle toes2

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