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This index refers to the 525,213 individual tune titles (1,576,463 total entries) included in over 242,134 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of August, 2019.

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Page T58 - Trudge gelatinous to Try one world

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Tune nameSessions
Trudge gelatinous1
Trudgers paradise1
Trudis hennight1
Trudne chwile1
Trudniej wiermo bst w saboto1
Trudy e Isi1
Trudy n blue1
Trudys delight2
True and tender love1
true and the contrary1
True as can be1
True baby1
True believer4
True blessing1
True bliss1
True blue23
True blue and gold1
True blue Lou40
True blue love1
True blue Sam1
True blue tromboniums1
True blues27
True blues for Philly1
True brew1
True China blue1
True colors16
True colours1
True companion1
True confessin1
true confession10
True confessions4
True core1
True diversity1
True enough1
True eyes1
True face2
True faith2
True fantasy1
True feeling1
True findings1
True fine lover1
True flight1
True forest1
True friends1
True friendship2
True fun1
True geminis1
True grit1
True grits1
True I love you1
True Im just crazy over you2
True image1
True in no possible world1
True kind o thinking1
True life2
True life near1
True life stories1
True lips1
True love76
True love adventure1
True love blues2
True love comes along1
True love dont come easy1
True love money cant buy1
True love pie1
True love remember me1
True love ways3
True love will come1
True lovers dream1
True loves heart1
True meaning1
true meaning of determination1
True men true1
True mirror1
True nature2
True north5
True or false9
True or waltz1
true original1
True paradise1
True phenomenon1
True reflections1
True romance2
True sanctuary1
True sardi2
True self1
True sobriety1
True sound1
true sound of the improv underground1
True south1
True sparrow1
True spirit1
True stories2
True stories scenes 11
True stories scenes 21
True stories scenes 31
True stories scenes 41
True story11
true story of the noble knight1
true Swede1
True that1
true the good & the beautiful1
True then and still is1
True to form1
True to life2
True to the end1
True to your word1
true Trane1
True trombones1
True true feeling1
True tune1
True turtle tale1
True U1
True visions1
True west1
True you dont love me2
Trued right2
Truer blues2
Truer than blue1
Truesome whosome1
Truest sense of the word2
Truffaut afternoons1
Truffle pigs and Katmandu stray dogs1
Truffles in transit1
Trugs blues1
Trugual mi Jane Sandanski1
Truinklets and things1
Truism turism1
Trukonisous my cat1
Truley truley1
Truly done1
Truly emotional1
Truly love1
Truly summer1
Truly the sun1
Truly truly1
Truly truly spring1
Truly wonderful2
Truly yours5
Trume heissen du1
Trummin on a riff1
Trump bone music1
Trump card suite1
Trumped up charges1
Trumpet A1
Trumpet amplificaitons1
Trumpet at tempo1
Trumpet B1
Trumpet ballad1
Trumpet bass segue1
trumpet battle3
Trumpet blues41
Trumpet blues and cantabile5
Trumpet blues and cantible1
Trumpet boogie12
Trumpet bounce2
Trumpet break1
Trumpet cadenza1
Trumpet call1
Trumpet case full o blues1
Trumpet cha cha cha1
trumpet child1
Trumpet chop suey1
Trumpet cleaning1
Trumpet contest1
Trumpet conversation1
Trumpet creeper1
Trumpet crumper1
Trumpet fantasy2
Trumpet fiesta1
trumpet for Veronique1
trumpet freeabin1
Trumpet highlife1
Trumpet holiday1
Trumpet improvisation1
Trumpet in spades3
trumpet in the morning1
Trumpet interlude3
Trumpet intro1
trumpet is a woman2
Trumpet juice1
Trumpet jump2
Trumpet kingdom 21
Trumpet kingdom 31
Trumpet lament2
Trumpet madness1
Trumpet mambo1
Trumpet man2
Trumpet man in search of a new planet1
Trumpet march1
Trumpet mouthpiece blues1
Trumpet mutes1
Trumpet no end6
Trumpet on a wing1
Trumpet on the wing1
Trumpet player2
Trumpet player in the backyard2
trumpet player is innocent2
trumpet players lament3
trumpet players town1
Trumpet rehearsing1
Trumpet rhapsody7
Trumpet sandwich2
Trumpet scroll1
trumpet section suite2
Trumpet ship2
Trumpet sketch1
Trumpet sobs2
Trumpet soliloquy1
Trumpet solo2
Trumpet solo 11
Trumpet solo 21
Trumpet solo 31
Trumpet solo 41
Trumpet solo from the composition Rock out1
Trumpet solo improvisation1
Trumpet solo No 51
Trumpet solo No 61
Trumpet sonata1
Trumpet sorrento1
Trumpet symphonette1
Trumpet talk1
Trumpet talking blues1
Trumpet tango1
Trumpet time2
Trumpet toast1
Trumpet tramp2
Trumpet trip1
Trumpet tune2
Trumpet voluntary2
Trumpetbass duo1
Trumpetdrum duo1
Trumpeter blow your golden horn1
Trumpeter bullfinch1
Trumpeters dream1
Trumpeters lullaby2
trumpeters prayer5
Trumpeters revenge2
Trumpetpercussion duo1
Trumpetpiano improvisation1
Trumpets all out1
Trumpets and crumpets1
Trumpets at large1
Trumpets Farm blues1
Trumpets no end3
Trumpets of Brixton1
Trumpets of Jericho1
Trumpets ole1
Trumpets on parade1
Trumpets prayer3
Trumpets strip1
Trumpetsaz improvisation1
Trumpettenor duo1
Trumputin tango1
Trunadur i stofunni1
Trunami song1
Trunca beat1
Trunca e peltunta3
truncate and its habitat1
Truncate yo esophagus1
Truncated sky string of beads1
Truncated theme1
Truncations deletions1
Trunk bay1
Trunk call4
Trunk cymbalism1
Trunk manuscripts1
Trunk packed up1
Truri and Klapaucius1
Truss joint1
Trust and faith1
Trust and obey3
Trust aqua1
Trust fall1
Trust fund babies1
Trust in blue1
Trust in flame1
Trust in God1
Trust in me85
Trust in you1
trust issue1
Trust me15
Trust me for a hamburger1
Trust me Im sure1
Trust me mommy1
Trust me now1
Trust me yet1
Trust nature1
Trust no man1
Trust no one1
Trust not1
trust of a child1
Trust pt 21
Trust that love2
Trust the universe1
Trust trust Jesus1
Trust us1
Trust us to find the way1
Trust you1
Trust your husband1
Trust your way1
Trusted that man1
Trusted twitch1
Trustful one1
Trusting in the rising light1
Trusting love1
Trustworthy little sweethearts1
trusty shellback1
Truth & grace1
Truth & reconciliation1
Truth a path to peace1
truth about Aminor1
truth about an abstract blues1
truth about me1
truth about New York1
truth about planet earth1
truth about suffering2
truth about you1
Truth and beauty3
Truth and consequence1
Truth and illusions1
Truth and lies1
Truth and piece1
Truth and reconciliation1
Truth and the abstract blues3
Truth and variations1
Truth be bold1
Truth be told12
Truth beauty compassion dignity1
truth between1
Truth exiled into paradise1
Truth grows gradually1
truth hurts but the lies will kill you1
Truth in advertising1
Truth in lies1
Truth in love1
Truth in marching in1
Truth in peace2
Truth in the abstract blues1
truth in the core1
truth in the gospel1
Truth in the hand1
Truth in timbre1
Truth in you1
Truth is5
truth is a fucking lie1
Truth is fallen1
truth is I was born in Argentina1
Truth is in the space1
truth is in your eyes1
Truth is marchin in1
Truth is marching in17
Truth is marching on1
truth is out there1
truth is spoken here2
truth is spoken with your eyes1
Truth is stranger than fiction3
Truth is the key1
Truth is truth1
truth is unavailable1
Truth juice1
Truth justice & the blues1
Truth liberates1
truth machine1
truth of a dream1
truth of another1
Truth of cessation1
truth of fiction1
truth of hearts1
truth of the blues1
truth of the matter1
truth of the matter is1
Truth of the wolf1
Truth or consequence2
Truth or dare1
Truth queen1
Truth revealed1
truth seeker2
Truth serum1
truth song1
Truth spoken here2
Truth the breath of life1
Truth through mass individuation1
Truth to be known1
Truth to be told1
Truth to power2
Truth unwritten1
truth will always be4
truth will always surface1
truth will catch a lie1
truth will out1
Truthful one1
Truthful Parson Brown1
Truths and lies of the preacher1
Truths surrender1
Trutina amor1
Trutone boogie1
Trutznachtigal II1
Truus today1
Truxa fox1
Try a little bit1
Try a little harder1
Try a little later1
Try a little tenderness144
Try again13
Try again tomorrow2
Try and catch me1
Try and get it1
Try and play it2
Try and treat her right1
Try and you will feel1
Try another day1
Try as I may1
Try beamin1
Try being alive in THIS world1
Try dancing1
Try each day1
Try everything1
Try for ages1
Try for five1
Try for satisfy2
Try for truth1
Try getting a good nights sleep2
Try hard not to1
Try harder3
Try harder with a Lincoln truck1
Try home1
Try how strong1
Try it1
Try it baby3
Try it dry1
Try it like that1
Try it nuh1
Try it on for size1
Try it once1
Try it one time1
Try it youll like it2
Try ityoull like it1
Try love1
Try love one more time2
Try me20
Try me and see1
Try me baby1
Try me one more time1
Try me out2
Try me out and you will see1
Try my world1
Try not to be angry1
Try not to forget1
Try not to lose it1
Try not to shed a tear1
Try one more time1
Try one world2

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