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This index refers to the 530,380 individual tune titles (1,589,338 total entries) included in over 243,576 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of December, 2019.

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Page T41 - To my mom with love to toad with colours rare through every side was piercd

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Tune nameSessions
To my mom with love1
To my morning seer1
To my mother4
To my own Blue Hawaii1
To my papa2
To my papa dedicated to Rosanne1
To my parents1
To my queen1
To my queen revisited1
To my sister1
To my son1
To my stars only dust1
To my surprise1
To my teacher To my friend1
To my way of thinking1
To my wife2
To myself1
To Natures God3
to ne n1
To ne veter vetku klonit1
To neneh by Don from Jacques3
To never again1
To never return1
To New Orleans1
To Newport with love1
To Nick everyone1
To no end1
To nobly body1
To Nola with love1
To Norah1
To Noya1
To o tataku no wa dare1
To og to1
To og to er fem1
To open up a can of whoopass1
To Oscar1
To Oscar with love1
To Oswestry and back1
To our children1
To our discretion1
To our family1
To our father1
To our vanishing brothers1
To Oz alien Daevyd and Gilly1
To Panga1
To pansies2
To paraphrase a fork1
To parrots1
To part1
To pass on1
To Pee Wee1
To Peggy1
To pendule1
To perpetuate the funk1
To Peter Sellers1
To Pharaoh with love1
To Philip1
To pianists1
To place inacousticelectric 121
To play howling1
To play is the thing1
To please my love1
To possibility1
To prove them wrong1
To push1
To put a brick1
To quietness2
To Ra1
To ra loo ra loo ra1
To Rahel and back1
To Rahsaan1
To rain1
To Ramona1
To Randy3
To Rangjung Rigpe Dorje1
To Raul1
To Ray1
To Raymond Chandler1
To reach a dream1
To record only water for ten days1
To recover your coat dont loose your shirt1
To refuse love1
To remain2
To remember2
To remember what never existed1
To remember you1
To Renate1
To Richard Pryor1
To ride a bull1
To Rigmor2
To rode roser1
To Rory1
To rouge1
To row sail and canoe in somebody elses water1
To Roy1
to Rudy1
To rule in confusion1
To run2
To run up a duo1
To rush at the wind1
To Russia with jazz1
To Russia with love1
To Ruth1
To sail beyond the sunset1
To sail to sing1
To saintly Bridget1
To San Ysidro1
To Sara1
To satisfy you1
To say goodbye22
To say I love1
To say the least1
To say things1
To say your name1
To Schoenberg1
To sco or not to sco1
To search the inner world1
To see a smile1
To see a world1
To see her face4
To see here face1
To see or not to si1
To see through infant eyes1
To see through the sky1
To see you2
To see you again2
To see you again Brasil1
To seek1
To seeTootie1
To Segovia1
To send my love1
To set before a queen1
To seventeen1
To shave the leaves1
To Shearing with love1
To Sheila1
To Shelly Buddy and Louis1
To shining Zee1
To shy to say1
To si ti1
To Silas1
To Silvia1
To sing1
To sing of another1
To sink in posture1
To Sir from Sir1
To sir with love11
To sit alone1
To sit and dream1
To sit and lie down1
to sleep in1
To sleep perchance to dream1
To sma glade papegoyer1
To sma rim1
To smoke in the early hours of the morning1
To soften the past1
To solar piazza1
To someone2
to something1
To speak to listen1
To Speedy1
To spin like a top1
To stand on tiptoe1
To stare at a fixed point1
To start1
To start again7
To start to hesitate to stop1
To start with1
To stay A1
To stay B1
To stay in good with you1
To stay or1
To stay with somebody1
To Steg1
To Stephane1
To Steve1
To Steve Gadd1
To Steve Lacy1
To stop the train pull the chain1
To store dyr1
To sum it up1
To summer1
To sweet1
To Sweets with love1
To swing about1
To swing is the thing1
To swing or not to swing1
To T1
To T or not to T1
To Taiho1
To take away your tears1
To take dry branches and twigs1
To tangle lure and snare1
To te quejes1
To Teddi with love1
To Telephteo blues1
To tell1
To tell the truth1
To tell you the truth1
To Teo1
To Terry1
To Thakur and Trane1
To the1
To the 80s1
To the Africans1
To the ancestors2
To the angel of Lithuania1
To the animal kingdom1
To the beat of a different drummer1
To the bird1
To the bitter4
To the bitter end1
To the boats1
To the bone2
To the book1
To the bottle1
To the bridge1
To the brim1
To the brink1
To the brother1
To the bullet train1
To the cats1
To the cave1
To the celebration1
To the cellar1
To the centre1
To the chief2
To the child in you1
To the children of a wiser day1
To the children of the future1
To the city2
To the clouds1
To the clowns1
To the coming past1
To the consumer at 78 Prosper St1
To the core1
To the crook of an elbow1
To the day1
To the death of a young girl1
To the doctor1
To the door1
To the East2
To the east I like to travel1
To the edge2
To the edge and back1
To the edge of the world1
To the elemental beings1
To the end2
To the end of the earth1
To the end of the tape1
To the end of the world5
To the endless embrace of light1
To the ends of the earth15
To the ends of the world1
To the essential one1
To the evening star1
To the exit1
To the face of beatury concealed in shadowwire1
To the far side of the sea1
To the feast of our recovery1
To the fore1
To the front1
To the future1
To the giftgiver1
To the girl of the moon1
To the glory1
To the golden lady in her graham cracker window1
To the grave1
To the great house2
To the heavens and earths1
To the Hebrides1
To the Holy land1
To the hundred thousand1
To the ighest degree1
To the Indian sea1
To the job 20081
To the king1
To the land1
To the last holdouts1
To the left2
To the library1
To the light3
To the lighthouse1
To the limit1
To the little man4
To the little north wind1
To the Lord1
To the love1
To the MACKs1
to the man in the hat1
To the man who brought the flower1
To the Matt1
To the max3
To the memory of a beloved family1
To the metal last temptation of Lady I1
To the missing1
To the moon1
To the moon and back2
To the most peaceful man1
To the mothers1
To the mothers in Brazil3
To the mountain top1
To the mountains1
To the music1
To the napping room1
To the north1
To the northstar1
To the nth power1
To the old world1
To the one1
To the ones I love1
To the operating room1
To the orbit1
To the other side1
To the overall1
To the peak1
To the point8
To the powers that be1
To the praise1
To the president of the heavenly empire1
To the promenade1
To the Puente1
To the quick1
To the rain1
To the right of the blue wall1
To the rising sun2
To the river1
To the river of life1
To the Roach2
To the Roach pt 21
To the rock1
To the roof1
To the sea3
To the seagull1
To the sensory1
To the shores of Tripoli1
To the silent talking1
To the skies1
To the sky2
To the stars1
To the stars and back1
To the street1
To the streets1
To the summer in our hearts2
To the sun2
to the tip of your toes1
To the top2
To the valley of paradise yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for I am the evilest son of a Bitch in the valley1
To the vanishing point1
To the victims of Vietnam1
To the wall1
To the water my eyes1
To the well1
To the wind2
To the women in my life1
To the women in my life Le lis1
To the woods1
To the work1
To thee1
To thee o Asphodel1
To Thelonious Monk1
To Thelonius with love1
To them the cicadas speak from the ground1
To them to us2
To think of her1
To think youve chosen me3
To Thomas Butts1
To those we love so dearly1
To those who know1
To those who love these blues1
To those who loved us to those wholl love us1
To those who unselfishly gave1
To ti daro di piu1
To tide is over1
To Tirzah1
To to blues1
To to jazz1
To to taengo1
To Tommy Flanagan1
To tooting1
To Toto1
To touch a woman1
To touch the red brick1
To touch you again1
To Trane1
To Trane Michael Smith and other prophets1
To treat love lightly1
To Tristan Tzara1
To twilight1
TO two1
To Tylko Sfink1
To understand all is to forgive all1
To undertake my corners open1
To unge hjerter1
To unity1
To unknown movies1
To up and go2
To Ursula with love1
To us3
To us is given2
To us je zboznanovi1
To V one1
To Vana1
To Vancouver1
To vas1
To vitalize1
To voltando1
To wait1
To wait for love2
To walk at night1
To walk back home1
to walk in1
To walk in beauty1
To walk in the past1
To walk on eggshells1
To walk to smile1
To Walter Davis Jr with love1
To Walter Thiers1
To waltz or not to1
To waltz with you2
To wane4
To Ward1
To watch a mist rise1
To Wayne1
To welcome the day4
To Wes2
To west1
To what shall I compare this life1
To when2
To where we are now1
To whisper1
To whisper dear I love you1
To whom3
To whom all things concern1
To whom it may concern20
To whom it may concern them1
To whom it may concern us1
To whom may we turn1
To whom this may concern1
To Wibke and Peedoh1
To wisdom the price1
To wisdom the prize24
To wisdom the prizes1
To wisdom with prize1
To women1
To woo it may concern1
To Woody2
To work your dirten bed1
To Yaisa and Wanda with luv1
To yasemi1
To yasmina1
To Yassin1
To yelekaki1
To Yoriko1
To you68
To you 20131
To you dear one3
To you et nous1
To you from me1
To you Miles1
To you Miss M1
To you my darling1
To you my love2
To you near you with you1
To you SA1
To you sweetheart1
To you sweetheart Aloha4
To you to dance1
To you whom I dont know1
To you with love1
To you wonderful1
To youPerfection1
To your credit1
To your heart1
To your hearts content2
To your lady1
To your perfection1
to Z2
to Z blues3
To Zagreb with love2
To Zbiggi1
To Zbiggy1
To Zio Oscar1
To Zooey for all of the things I never had the chance to say to you love jazz1
Toaca de paste1
Toad frog blues1
Toad in the hole2
Toad of the short forest1
Toad of Toad Hall1
Toad on the road1
Toad pizza1
Toad raod1
Toad stool1
Toad stool rag2
Toad style blues1
toad with colours rare through every side was piercd1

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