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This index refers to the 541,114 individual tune titles (1,615,171 total entries) included in over 246,676 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of August, 2020.

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Page T41 - To dance or not to dance to To Russia with love

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Tune nameSessions
To dance or not to dance1
To dance the samba1
To dance with you1
To Dashiell Hammett1
To Dave1
To Dave Treut1
to David Cronenberg Interzonia1
To day and to morrow1
To DC1
To Dee Dup1
To deliver your song1
To destiny1
To Deux1
To dewes2
To die for an eye1
To dikt 19931
To directly convert over a firm body1
To disenfranchise1
To Diz with love1
To Dizzy with love3
To Django4
To do2
To do nothing1
To do or not to do1
To do this you got to know how1
To do today to die1
To Donny1
To draw back in order to make a better jump1
To dream1
To dream again1
To drift like clouds1
To drink water from a wooden bowl1
To drommer1
To drown in you1
To drum or not to drum1
To dry in the rain1
To Duke4
To Duke Ellington1
To Duke with love3
To each his darkness1
To each his Dulcinea1
To each his own58
To each is own1
To Ed McBain1
To eh1
To Electric Ladyland1
To Elivin with love1
To Ella1
To eller en1
To Elsa1
To Elvin and Cleve1
To Emma1
To Emma Goldman1
To empty went1
to end all1
To end or not to end1
To entertain you1
to Ericka1
To Erico1
To Erlinda2
To err is human2
To Europe1
To face the bass1
To fall1
To fall a victim to icecreams charm1
To Fats with love1
To Faust in1
To Federico Fellini1
To feel is to be1
To feel or not to feel1
To feel you is to love you1
To Felix with love1
To find the path1
To find yourself is to lose yourself1
To finish1
To fly away1
To fly or not to fly1
To fly to steal2
To forget about you1
To forgive1
To forgive but not forget1
To Franco1
To Frank Zappa1
To Frederick1
To Frederico1
To friendship1
To Fukuji no Aki1
To future memories1
To gather the wind1
To gaze at her1
To Gemini1
To Gerry1
To get her alone1
To get ourselves together1
to get up1
To Gil3
To Gil and Paul1
To Gil Evans1
To Ginny1
To Giulia1
To give1
To give and not to get1
To give is to get1
To glass2
To glory1
To go ashore1
To go is to thinkto sing is to go1
To go too far1
To God be the glory1
To God in Gods absence1
To goosenecks1
To gora1
To Gorge1
To GP1
To groove1
To Gustavo1
To Gyorgi K1
To H with love1
To Hammerfest1
To Hampton Hawes1
To Hank Jones1
To Hank Mobley1
To Harry from family Improvising1
To Harry from family Ladies and gentlemen1
To have and to hold3
To have known1
To have loved1
To have or to be2
To have this hour1
To have to hold to love1
To have to lose1
To hear1
To hear a tear drop in the rain1
To hear a teardrop in the rain3
To hear is to see2
To hear like a children1
To hear the screams of a motherless child1
To hear the world in a grain of sand1
To Helen Back1
To hell1
To Hell and Baku1
To hell with love2
To Hell with the force of gravity1
To henghel1
To Henry a son1
To Henry C1
To her ladyship4
to hide1
To higher ground1
To higher time1
To him who sits on the throne1
To hip for your own good1
To ho East1
To hold1
To hold walls together1
To hold your hand1
To home1
To hoo wa bo hoo1
To horn1
To hours1
To HR1
To Hugo1
To hummingbird1
To hunt with the stoat1
To hurt my heart1
To i hola1
To Igor1
To ilpehu1
To inc1
To India1
To Ineke2
To inscribe1
To Isengard1
To iskol hof1
To iskolhof1
To itch his own1
To Jackie & Roy1
To Jaco2
To Jaki George and Thad1
To James1
To Jan1
To Janina Davidovic2
To je neco1
To Jeru1
To JF1
To Jim1
To Jimi Hendrix1
To Jimmy1
To Jimmy and the Duke1
To Jobim with love1
To Joe1
To John10
To John C2
To John Fenton wind and flower1
To John Hodjazz1
To Johnny1
To Jon1
To Jones1
To Joseph Alessi1
To JR1
To Julia1
To Julie1
To karavi tou dasous1
To Karen1
To keep a lady waiting1
To keep from falling in1
To keep from twiddling their thumbs2
To keep my love alive7
To keep you1
To keep you here beside me1
To Keith1
To kill a brick4
To kill a mockingbird4
To kill a songbird1
To Kim1
To Kirsten and I1
To kiss the ivories1
To KJ1
To Klook1
To know2
To know God is to know thy self1
To know her1
To know her is to love her1
To know him is to love him1
To know love3
To know one1
To know silence perfectly2
To know where one is1
To know Yahweh2
To know you3
To know you is to love you8
To know youre there1
To Kristen and me2
To Lady4
To Lady Day1
To Lady Mac In memory1
To Lady Mac In retrospect1
To Lady Mac In sympathy2
To landskap1
To Larry1
To late Frippe1
To laugh uncleanly at the nurse2
To lay down beside you1
To lay me down2
To leave through the rain1
To leaves their edges perplexing1
To let go2
To let you go1
To let you know1
To let you know I care1
To lie flat on the back1
To life8
To lift1
To lilies2
To Lindsay1
To live3
To live and let die1
To live happily1
To live in your life1
To live on ones memories1
To live or die1
To live the life of a lie1
To live the past1
To live to die1
To liven up1
To look upon my love1
To lose the loved1
To lose you1
To lose your mind1
To Loulou1
To love5
To love a man1
To love again18
To love and be loved12
To love and grow1
To love and to care1
To love anew1
To love her2
to love in1
To love in the rain1
To love is to sin1
To love Mirca1
To love one someone1
To love or not to love1
To love somebody6
To love someone1
To love than to be loved1
To love with this girl1
To love you2
To love you is to love you1
To love you more1
To Lucasta on going to the wars1
To luno1
To Lydia with love1
To lys pa et bord2
To lysella oine1
To M5
To Mahler1
To make a mistake is human2
To make it right1
To make love stay1
To make my day1
To make my life beautiful1
To make real1
To make the most of today1
To make the world1
To make them like me2
To make things float1
To make you feel my love3
To mama1
To Manhattan with love1
To Marc Hellman1
To Maria Elisabetha1
To Marie1
To Mario Bauza1
To Mark everywhere1
To Mary with love1
To Maya Glenne with love1
To McCoy1
To me5
To me everything happens1
To me fair friend1
To me fair friend sonnet 1041
To me for me1
To me its wonderful1
To me or not to me1
To me you are a song2
To meet1
To meet again2
To meet ATo meet B1
To meet everybody at once1
To meet my brother1
To Meg1
To Mel Lewis1
To Memphis with love1
To mi povedz dievca1
To Michael1
To Michael Brecker1
To Michael Carvin2
To Michel2
To Michele1
To Mickeys memory4
To MilanLions etc1
To Miles2
To Mimie1
To Misha with love1
To miss1
To Mistet1
To MO Emm1
To Mom1
To mom with love2
To Monica1
To Monika1
To Monk2
To Monk and Bud1
To Monk with love2
To monks1
To Mose Allison1
To Mother with love1
To move1
To Mr Dolphy2
To Mr Duke1
To Mr Evans1
To Mr J1
To Mr Parikh1
To Mr Tiggs1
To mumier vender tilbage II1
To music4
To my African brother1
To my biggest fan1
To my brother2
To my brother Sonny1
To my buddy buddy1
To my dearest1
To my eyes1
To my family2
To my father2
To my fathers house2
To my favorite ladies1
To my friend1
To my friend Tom1
To my friends7
To my friends and family1
To my friends of Ghana1
To my grandfather Tata1
To my grandmother1
To my house1
To my levee home1
To my liking1
To my love6
To my lovers1
To my loves1
To my mammy2
To my mom with love1
To my morning seer1
To my mother4
To my own Blue Hawaii1
To my papa3
To my papa dedicated to Rosanne1
To my parents1
To my queen1
To my queen revisited1
To my sister1
To my son1
To my stars only dust1
To my surprise1
To my teacher To my friend1
To my way of thinking1
To my wife2
To myself1
To Natures God3
to ne n1
To ne veter vetku klonit1
To neneh by Don from Jacques3
To never again1
To never return1
To New Orleans1
To Newport with love1
To Nick everyone1
To no end1
To nobly body1
To Nola with love1
To Norah1
To Noya1
To o tataku no wa dare1
To og to1
To og to er fem1
To one step1
To open up a can of whoopass1
To Oscar1
To Oscar with love1
To Oswestry and back1
To our children1
To our discretion1
To our family1
To our father1
To our vanishing brothers1
To Oz alien Daevyd and Gilly1
To Panga1
To pansies2
To paraphrase a fork1
To parrots1
To part1
To pass on1
To Pee Wee1
To Peggy1
To pendule1
To perpetuate the funk1
To Peter Sellers1
To Pharaoh with love1
To Philip1
To pianists1
To place inacousticelectric 121
To planet Earth1
To play howling1
To play is the thing1
To please my love1
To possibility1
To prove them wrong1
To push1
To put a brick1
To quietness2
To Ra1
To ra loo ra loo ra1
To Rahel and back1
To Rahsaan1
To rain1
To Ramona1
To Randy3
To Rangjung Rigpe Dorje1
To Raul1
To Ray1
To Raymond Chandler1
To reach a dream1
To record only water for ten days1
To recover your coat dont loose your shirt1
To refuse love1
To remain2
To remember2
To remember what never existed1
To remember you1
To remind1
To Renate1
To Richard Pryor1
To ride a bull1
To Rigmor2
To rode roser1
To Rory1
To rouge1
To row sail and canoe in somebody elses water1
To Roy1
to Rudy1
To rule in confusion1
To run2
To run up a duo1
To rush at the wind1
To Russia with jazz1
To Russia with love1

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