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This index refers to the 535,170 individual tune titles (1,600,370 total entries) included in over 244,847 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2020.

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Page T30 - Though dreamers die to Three degrees

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Tune nameSessions
Though dreamers die3
Though fingers burn1
Though I dont even know his name1
Though I speak with tongues1
Though I walk through the valley1
Though Im alone1
Though the steady hand may tremble1
Thought about Duke II1
Thought about it1
Thought about spring1
Thought about thinking1
Thought about you3
Thought again1
Thought and action2
Thought and intention1
thought and the self1
thought away1
Thought behind it1
thought behind your smile1
Thought cloud1
Thought criminal1
Thought flood1
thought for AGE1
Thought for autumn1
thought for Cannon1
thought for silence1
Thought for the day1
Thought forms4
Thought fox1
Thought from Duke1
Thought I heard1
Thought Id ask1
Thought in the moonlight1
Thought insertion1
Thought it would be easier1
Thought lines1
Thought of a first spring day1
Thought of Beatrice1
Thought of happiness1
thought of losing you1
Thought of loss2
Thought of loving you3
Thought of many Georges1
thought of NYU1
Thought of one2
thought of seeing you1
Thought of spirit1
thought of you2
thought of you part I1
thought of you part II1
thought of you part III1
Thought often stray1
Thought on earth1
Thought on walls1
Thought police2
Thought pools1
Thought process1
Thought provoking1
thought revolved1
Thought seeds1
thought that counts1
thought that lingers1
Thought trains1
Thought travels1
thoughtful attempt1
Thoughtful blues1
thoughtful dose of sleep1
Thoughtful furious fast1
thoughtful message1
thoughtful nudge1
thoughtful spot1
Thoughtful world1
Thoughts & prayers1
Thoughts about Duke I1
Thoughts about Duke III1
Thoughts about my mother1
Thoughts about you1
Thoughts alone2
Thoughts and all Ive got to say1
Thoughts and dreams1
Thoughts and feelings1
Thoughts and memories2
Thoughts and prayers1
Thoughts and reveries1
Thoughts and slow actions1
Thoughts are things1
Thoughts for Dixon1
Thoughts for you1
Thoughts from afar1
Thoughts from Duke1
Thoughts from Okuta1
Thoughts into action1
Thoughts not my own1
Thoughts of a child1
Thoughts of a gentleman5
Thoughts of a lazy Playmate1
Thoughts of Ana1
Thoughts of buckshot1
Thoughts of Cortina1
Thoughts of Dar Es Salaam1
Thoughts of forever1
Thoughts of freeway development1
Thoughts of home3
Thoughts of JF1
Thoughts of JS1
Thoughts of light and freedom1
Thoughts of love1
Thoughts of Mary Jane2
Thoughts of Miles1
Thoughts of my ancestors1
Thoughts of my own1
Thoughts of mystery1
Thoughts of Nick1
Thoughts of Prez1
Thoughts of South America1
Thoughts of stone1
Thoughts of the iron monkey1
Thoughts of Thelma1
Thoughts of Trane1
Thoughts of walking1
Thoughts of you12
Thoughts of your smile1
Thoughts on a new found friend1
Thoughts on a quiet night1
Thoughts on being female from picnic table two1
Thoughts on freedom1
Thoughts on losing & winning1
Thoughts on Monday1
Thoughts on my love1
Thoughts on the colour yellow1
Thoughts on the end of winter1
Thoughts on Thoth1
Thoughts on you2
Thoughts sailing in the ocean a yesterday to come1
Thoughts to Anthony B1
Thoughts to Geoff5
Thoughts under a dark blue light1
Thoughts unspoken1
Thoughts while waving goodbye1
thousand and one nights4
thousand and one saloons1
thousand autumns4
thousand beautiful things2
thousand birds1
thousand burning bridges1
thousand conclusions1
Thousand cranes2
thousand cranes a memorial for Amir Hamzehi1
Thousand cuts1
Thousand cutsTuna puna1
Thousand cutsUpper West Side1
thousand days1
thousand days in motion1
Thousand days left1
thousand deaths1
thousand dreams7
thousand dreams of you3
thousand evenings1
Thousand eyes1
thousand faces1
thousand feet from Bergen Street1
Thousand finger rag1
Thousand glass butterflies1
thousand goodnights6
Thousand goules1
thousand hearts1
thousand hills1
Thousand island1
Thousand island park2
Thousand islands2
Thousand Islands song2
thousand joys1
thousand kisses dee1
thousand kisses deep4
thousand knives2
thousand lights1
thousand little helpers1
Thousand lovers1
thousand memories2
thousand miles1
thousand miles from here1
thousand miles from nowhere1
thousand natural shocks1
thousand of my fathers most subtle syllogisms1
thousand petalled lotus1
thousand pictures1
Thousand shades of green1
thousand ships3
thousand shivolars1
thousand stars3
thousand stories2
thousand subtle ways1
thousand suns1
thousand teardrops1
Thousand things1
thousand things on my mind1
thousand thoughts of you1
thousand thousandths1
thousand times4
thousand times a day1
thousand times no1
thousand unpieced suns1
Thousand valleys1
thousand winds1
thousand words1
thousand years9
thousand years ago2
thousand years etcetera1
thousand yesterdays1
Thousandfinger man1
Thousands Cheer1
Thousands of daily practices1
Thousands on a raft1
Thrace bop1
Thracian dance2
Thracian duos1
Thracian flamenco1
Thrakian mood2
Thraschaland too1
Thrash boogie1
Thrash jazz assassin2
Thrashcan delight1
Thrasher People blues1
Thread bare1
Thread for Fred2
thread of continuity1
thread of dreams1
Thread of life1
Thread the needle1
Threading Sargasso1
Threadneedle Street1
Threads I1
Threads II1
Threads III1
Threads melted1
Threads of silver1
Threads on the face1
Threat of freedom1
Threat one1
Threat two1
Threatening clouds1
Threats Native clay Atlantic ebony Pacific copper1
Threats that cant read1
Threats that count1
Threats that matter1
Three & B1
Three & E1
Three & L1
Three & O1
Three + four1
Three 051
Three 081
Three 4 candy1
Three 4 Steve1
Three aces1
Three acts of recognition1
Three Afro Cuban jazz moods1
Three AfroCuban jazz moods1
Three after three1
Three against one1
Three agents1
Three alarm1
Three am2
Three am again1
Three AM modulations1
Three American cars1
Three Americans1
Three amigos1
Three and a half1
Three and a half minutes1
Three and four6
Three and four blues1
Three and fro1
Three and me3
Three and more2
Three and one53
Three and one and more1
Three and one boogie3
Three and six3
Three and three make five1
Three angels5
Three answers1
Three Arabs in Dubai1
Three archetypal clowns play volley ball on a sunny afternoon1
Three architects called Gabrielle1
Three architects called Gabrielle just what I expected1
Three arcs complete this circle1
Three are we1
Three arguments against television part III1
Three armed man1
Three as one1
Three ascents one1
Three ascents two1
Three aspects1
Three at a table for two2
Three at last1
Three at one1
Three axes1
Three ayem1
Three B and E1
Three back and forth so forth1
Three bag Mary1
Three bags full2
Three ballads for Stan1
Three Ballantine Ale commercials1
Three balles fifty1
Three banana1
Three bar loop1
Three bars1
Three bars in one1
Three base hit3
Three basil leaves1
Three bass hit3
three beans1
Three bears15
Three beasts1
three beats1
Three beautiful Cuban women1
Three bedposts1
Three bees1
Three before four1
three bells3
Three birds in Paris1
Three birds singing1
Three bits and a horse1
Three black kings3
Three black points1
Three blats youre out1
Three blind mice59
Three blind micesky1
Three blind musicians1
Three blocks of light1
Three blokes1
Three blond mice1
Three blonde mice2
Three bloody cheers1
Three blues1
Three blues for Gary Tyler Steven Biko Dacajeweiah1
Three blues from the play1
Three blues portraits1
Three bodies1
Three Bolivian marches1
Three bones4
Three bones shuffle1
Three bop2
Three bop mice1
Three bopeteers1
Three brass bells1
Three breaths1
Three brothers6
three Bs1
three Bs for percussion1
Three buck Chuck1
Three buckets of jive5
Three buckets ojive1
Three by 91
Three by four2
Three by Mancini1
Three by me1
Three by three1
Three by Wally and Donald1
three caballeros2
Three can keep a secret if two are dead1
Three can play the game1
Three candles1
Three card Molly20
Three cats1
Three cats called Louis1
Three cent stomp22
Three chambers of Diop1
Three channels1
Three chanters Bernd Rudi Otto1
Three character attacks1
Three characters2
Three chase scene1
Three cheers1
Three cheers for Mister Magoo1
Three cheers for Mr Evans1
Three cheers for Paul Chambers1
Three cheers for Smeagol1
Three Chicago boys1
Three children1
Three children in the garden1
Three choices1
Three chord Molly1
Three chords2
Three chords for DB1
Three chords for Jessica1
Three chords V1 bonus1
Three circles2
Three clams in two bars1
Three clarinets1
Three clay pots2
Three clean bathrooms1
Three clouds1
Three clouds in a windy dream1
Three clowns3
Three coffins for Paganini1
Three coils on the mountain1
Three coins1
Three coins in a fountain6
Three coins in the fountain34
Three coins in the fountains1
Three coins rhythm1
Three collectors of bird notes1
Three college radioready edits1
Three colors2
Three colors of a day1
Three colours2
Three colours and more1
Three comments1
Three comrades1
Three continents1
Three conversation1
Three cool blind mice1
Three cool cats1
Three corn patches1
Three corner world1
Three cornered cat1
Three corners2
Three corners blues1
Three corns rhythm1
Three countesses1
Three country sayings1
Three courses2
Three courses by Lennart Nilsson1
Three courses for Lennart Nilsson1
Three cousins1
Three crazy pianos1
Three crowns1
Three crowns of wood1
Three crows1
Three crows on guard1
Three crusaders1
Three Cuban heels1
Three curiously insubstantial duests1
Three cushions1
Three cycle laundry machine1
Three dancers2
Three dances4
Three dances in the vernacular1
Three daughters1
Three day love affair1
Three day millionares1
Three day moon 11
Three day moon 21
Three day moon 31
Three day moon 41
Three day sucker3
Three day suckers1
Three day weekend1
Three days4
Three days after1
Three days four nights1
Three days in August1
Three days in Paris1
Three days in Saratoga1
Three days later1
Three days of condor1
Three days of maybe1
Three days of rain2
Three days on the percussion road2
Three days that wont soon fade1
Three dee1
Three degrees1

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