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This index refers to the 541,114 individual tune titles (1,615,171 total entries) included in over 246,676 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of August, 2020.

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Page T28 - This crazy time to This love is not good for me

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Tune nameSessions
This crazy time1
This crazy town1
This cup1
This dance is for Steve McCall2
This dark kernel1
This day4
This day is like a joy1
This day is screwed1
This day will come1
This dedication1
This deliverance1
This devotion1
This diamond ring1
This dizzy scroon1
This doesnt happen all the time1
This doesnt mean youre not in my heart1
This door swings both ways2
This dream5
This dream is mine1
This dream of mine2
This drum doesnt waltz1
This dwelling place1
This earth feeling1
This earth is a flower1
This empty room1
This end of America1
This end up2
This endup1
This evening was like last year1
This excellent machine1
This exists1
This eyes1
This eyes reprise1
This fall 9111
This far1
This fear1
This feel within1
This feeling1
This feeling part II1
This feeling so fine1
This feelings free1
This fence is a loving machine1
This fish1
This flight tonight2
This foolish thing1
This for Doug1
This for Joe1
This for Richard1
This forth year1
This from that1
This frozen time1
This fundamental truth1
This funky thing1
This funny world15
This gals in love with you1
This game of love1
This generation shall not pass1
This girl2
This girl is Springfield1
This girls got to play1
This girls in love1
This girls in love with you18
This goes jazz1
This goes with your leather1
This goodbye could last a long long time1
This graceful waltz1
This grand1
This great darkness1
This groove1
This groove hear1
This gun dont care1
This gun for hire1
This guys in love5
This guys in love with me1
This guys in love with you73
This had to be1
This happening2
This happy feeling1
This happy madness33
This has never happened before1
This has to be the one1
This haunted town1
This heart1
This heart is mine1
This heart of mine86
This hectic life1
This here50
This hotel6
This house2
This house is empty now1
This house is smokin1
This I ask of you1
This I dig1
This I dig for you1
This I dig of you86
This I dig you1
This I know1
This I love above all11
This I promise you2
This imbalance and its consequences1
This independence1
This instead1
This is10
This is 79181
This is a fine spring morning1
This is a fine time1
This is a fonky world1
This is a good club though some bad music is played here1
This is a good time to write a song1
This is a hard hat area1
This is a love song1
This is a lovely way3
This is a lovely way to spend an evening4
This is a mean old world1
This is a night for love1
This is a nonlecture1
This is a nothing affair1
This is a prayer1
This is a prayer for everybody to be free1
This is a private party1
This is a protest song1
This is a recording1
This is a road1
This is a secret1
This is a song1
This is a takeover1
This is a test1
This is a thing called love2
This is a very special day2
This is about this1
This is about you fall1
This is Africa2
This is all1
This is all I ask131
This is all I ask here I am1
This is all I ask of you1
This is all I know1
This is always176
This is an apple1
This is an orchestra1
This is autumn1
This is badass1
This is beautiful because we are beautiful people1
This is beauty1
This is between you and me1
This is bliss1
This is Bordeaux1
This is called love1
This is Carmen1
This is cest la vie1
This is Christmas3
This is cool2
This is disease1
This is everything1
This is fhard1
This is for Adam1
This is for Albert28
This is for Albert Ayler1
This is for all you rhythm guys1
This is for Benny3
This is for Billie Holiday1
This is for Chick2
This is for David1
This is for Fred1
This is for Horace2
This is for Jerry1
This is for Kenny1
This is for Lui1
This is for Luisa4
This is for me1
This is for my friend Andrea1
This is for Ornette1
This is for Richie1
This is for sale1
This is for Sammy1
This is for Seamus1
This is for Stan1
This is for Trane1
This is for us to share1
This is for you3
This is for you Bu1
This is for you but are you listening1
This is for you Claudio1
This is for you John1
This is for you to taste1
This is gonna be some fun1
This is goodbye1
This is happiness9
This is Harry2
This is heaven5
This is heaven to me2
This is here1
This is home2
This is how a heart breaks1
This is how I feel1
This is how I feel about you1
This is how I knew1
This is how it should feel1
This is how it works1
This is how men cry1
This is how we do it1
This is how you disappear1
This is how you make me feel2
This is it47
This is it Livingston1
This is it Youre the one I knew it1
This is jazz2
This is just a warning1
This is just the beginning1
This is just the day1
This is just to say3
This is life2
This is life The international rag1
This is loneliness1
This is love13
This is love above all1
This is made to frighten children1
This is madness4
This is me4
This is Melbourne town1
This is mine3
This is murder1
This is my beloved9
This is my confession to you1
This is my country4
This is my country too1
this is my faith2
This is my Fathers world6
This is my heart beat1
This is my hour1
This is my last affair1
This is my last love song1
This is my life9
This is my lonely Christmas1
This is my love3
This is my love song2
This is my lovely day4
This is my lucky day16
This is my lucky star1
This is my NewYork1
This is my night to cry1
This is my night to dream12
This is my night to howl1
This is my people1
This is my prayer1
This is my punishment1
This is my rifle1
This is my ship1
This is my song13
This is my story3
This is my story this is my song1
This is my Sunday off2
This is my theme1
This is my time1
This is my voice1
This is my world3
This is nearly mine1
This is nero1
This is new115
This is no coincidence1
This is no dream8
This is no laughing matter24
This is no ordinary love1
This is no shit1
This is no sleep there is no waking1
This is not1
This is not 4 us1
This is not a blues1
This is not a costume1
This is not a dream2
This is not a drill1
This is not a goodbye1
This is not a lifestyle accessory1
This is not a love song2
This is not a miracle1
This is not a piece by John Cage1
This is not a song1
This is not a tango1
This is not a test1
This is not a waltz2
This is not America7
This is not an offering to any person in any state where such an offering may not lawfully be made1
This is not goodbye2
This is not here1
This is not much less than flat1
This is not my stuff1
This is not seven eleven1
This is not the answer1
This is not the answer suite1
This is not the end2
This is not the stove to brown your bread1
This is not the time1
This is not Vermont1
This is nothing1
This is now3
This is one girl1
This is one time baby1
This is only America1
This is our language1
This is our last night together1
This is our lunch1
This is our music2
This is our night1
This is our song1
This is our song of love1
This is our time1
This is our waltz1
This is possible1
This is proof1
This is real2
This is really where I want to be1
This is Rob Swift1
This is romance10
This is Roys blues1
This is rude1
This is sad1
This is so nice1
This is so nice it must be illegal4
This is something else1
This is soul1
This is that4
This is that tomorrow I dreaded yesterday2
This is the abduction scene1
This is the age of oddities let loose1
This is the Amazing Keystone Big Band1
This is the answer1
This is the army2
This is the army Mister Jones1
This is the army Mr Jones3
This is the atoll1
This is the beginning of the end8
This is the blues4
This is the boogie the woogie the boogie1
This is the case1
This is the chorus of a song2
This is the day7
This is the day of days1
This is the dream1
This is the end4
This is the end of a dream1
This is the end of a love affair1
This is the final indignity1
This is the gallows1
This is the garden1
This is the hour2
This is the house1
This is the inside story3
This is the last time1
This is the last time Ill cry over you1
This is the life16
This is the me me1
This is the meaning of love1
This is the missus11
This is the moment19
This is the movie3
This is the music of my people1
This is the night10
This is the night for love1
This is the one1
This is the place2
This is the place of parting1
This is the place to be1
This is the right spot1
This is the salty dog1
This is the song2
This is the spot1
This is the squeeze1
This is the start of something big1
This is the thang1
This is the thing4
This is the thing that I have forgotten2
This is the time5
This is the way7
This is the way I feel2
This is the way it goes1
This is the way life goes1
This is the way the puffpuff goes1
This is the way tis1
This is the way we bounce the ball1
This is the woman1
This is the year of the buffalo1
This is this6
This is to say1
This is tomorrow2
This is tru1
This is true love2
This is war2
This is water1
This is what1
This is what democracy sounds like1
This is what Gabriel says1
This is what happens1
This is what I do best1
This is what I think of you2
This is what I want1
This is what Im asking for1
This is what it is2
This is what Ive got1
This is what my friends tell me1
This is what they call the blues1
This is what we do1
This is what we do to our enemies1
This is what were thinking1
This is what you are3
This is what you want1
This is whats happening1
This is where I am now1
This is where I came in3
This is where I find peace1
This is where I live1
This is where its at2
This is where we came in1
This is why2
This is why Im happy1
This is worth fighting for6
This is you5
This is your captain speaking1
This is your conscience1
This is your day3
This is your last move1
This is your last night with me1
This is your life4
This island earth2
This isnt exactly what I had in mind when I said Lets get smashed tonight1
This isnt love1
This isnt love anymore1
This isnt me1
This isnt new1
This isnt sex1
This isnt sometimes1
This isnt that1
This isnt this1
This isnt true1
This isn’t our music1
This it what you are1
This Ive always known1
This Jesus must die1
This joint is jumpin2
This joint is jumping1
This joints too hip for me2
This joker is a smoker1
This joker’s a smoker2
This joy1
This jugs for you1
This just in6
This just out1
This kind of friend2
This kind of living1
This kiss2
This lady1
This lady blue1
This ladys in love with you1
This lament5
This land4
This land is my land1
This land is your land8
This lanthorn1
This life6
This life a road1
This life Im living2
This life is mine1
This life may be monitored1
This life of mine1
This life weve led4
This light of mine1
This light this life1
This little bee1
This little bird1
This little bird aint done1
This little boy of mine1
This little Choro1
This little girl of mine8
This little girls gone rocking1
This little icky went to town4
This little lamp of mine1
This little light3
This little light o mine1
This little light of mine80
This little light of mine Im gonna let it shine2
This little light on mine1
This little love2
This little love of mine1
This little love of ours2
This little pig1
This little piggie went to market4
This little piggy3
This little piggy tells time1
This little piggy went to market1
This little pigs got the blues1
This little puppy1
This little ring1
This little town is Paris2
This little woman1
This little woman of mine1
This lonely town1
This longing1
This love11
This love affair4
This love is gonna do me in2
This love is not good for me1

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