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This index refers to the 535,170 individual tune titles (1,600,370 total entries) included in over 244,847 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2020.

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Page T27 - Third Klass to This is Africa

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Tune nameSessions
Third Klass1
third lament Time1
third lamentation1
third leg1
Third Legg1
Third leveling1
Third life1
Third line2
Third line and the Cape Town shuffle1
third line into little miss strange1
Third line samba2
Third little girl1
Third locale theme1
Third lovers and haters at the zoo1
Third magnitude1
third maiorca1
Third man12
Third Man theme34
Third Man theme first part1
Third man theme rock1
Third man walking1
Third meditation upon fountain1
Third meeting1
third mile1
third mind1
Third mode1
Third moon3
Third movement34
Third movement Aiyana Jones song1
Third movement distinctions1
Third movement Imaginary ritual1
Third movement Joie1
Third movement Love you Nana1
Third movement Moderato1
Third movement Moresca1
Third movement Regard face a la lumiere & solo S Caracci1
Third movement Regard face a la lumiere & solo Yaron Herman1
Third movement Regard face a la lumiere & solo Zim Ngqawana1
Third movement reparations now1
Third movement Solo Simon Tallieu1
Third movement Swingwenski1
Third mystery2
Third narrow passage1
Third new koptor1
Third nipple with coda1
Third occasion1
third of us1
third one3
third one of 18th July 19971
third one of 31st October 19971
Third one smiles1
Third option2
third oraculum1
third part4
Third part scales 33411
third passenger1
Third path1
third path to nowhere1
Third person1
Third person infinitive1
third persona1
Third perspective1
Third pew1
Third phase4
third phase Main theme1
third phase Prelude1
Third piece1
Third piece of perplexity1
third place1
Third plane21
Third planet3
Third planet from the sun1
Third pleochroism1
Third point1
Third portrait of the exemplary1
third possibility1
Third potato1
Third prelude1
Third principle1
Third promenade1
Third quarter1
Third rail21
Third rare duet1
Third relation1
Third relations1
third renga1
Third riddle1
Third right on the left1
Third road2
Third row1
third Russian opera1
Third Sacred concert1
Third scan1
Third scape1
third season2
Third segment1
Third set3
third shadow1
Third shake1
Third shard1
Third shift2
Third shot1
Third sight2
Third sketch1
Third sky1
Third sonata1
Third song1
Third St stomp1
third stage4
Third star1
Third statement1
Third step1
third stone2
Third stone from the sun21
Third stop1
third stream2
Third stream boogaloo1
Third stream experiences et1
Third stream samba1
Third Street6
Third Street blues8
third street swinger1
Third strike youre out1
Third suite for orchestra in G major by Tchaikowsky1
Third sun2
Third terrain1
third thing1
Third third1
Third thread1
third tiger1
Third time4
Third time around7
third time is a charm1
Third time is the charm1
Third time lucky1
Third time suspicious1
Third time to tango1
Third times the charm2
Third triad1
Third try2
third tune1
Third tune for Archbishop Parkers psalter1
Third verse1
Third version1
Third vision1
Third visit3
third walk2
Third waltz1
Third Ward not for sale1
Third Ward stories1
third wave1
third way1
third way out1
Third wheel1
Third wind6
Third wing on the left side of the eagle1
Third winter duet1
Third wish1
third word1
third world15
Third world anthem1
Third world express6
Third world expresss1
third world grainery of pure earth1
Third world love story3
Third world man4
Third world revolution1
Third world solution1
Third world song1
Third world two1
Third world two medley1
third world war1
Third world wave1
Third years sun came1
Thirds the charm1
Thirst 11
Thirst 21
Thirst 31
Thirst day1
Thirst for knowledge1
Thirst IV1
thirst no ale1
thirst of the fish1
thirsty ear1
Thirsty ears1
Thirsty eyes1
Thirsty for your kisses5
Thirsty mama blues1
thirsty man1
Thirsty mate1
Thirsty night blues1
Thirsty thorns1
Thirsty work1
Thirteen aint too much1
Thirteen around Rimbaud1
thirteen bar blues1
Thirteen bars in hell1
Thirteen beat public1
Thirteen for peace1
Thirteen men1
Thirteen moons1
Thirteen neighbours1
Thirteen oceans and one dream1
Thirteen past five1
Thirteen qualities1
Thirteen question method1
Thirteen steaksOne salmon1
Thirteen to1
Thirteen ways1
Thirteen ways of looking at a blackbird1
Thirteen ways of looking at Blackbird1
Thirteen women1
Thirteen women and one man1
Thirteen year emergence suite1
Thirteendistrict blues1
thirteenth amendment part 11
thirteenth amendment part 21
Thirteenth floor2
thirteenth instant1
Thirteenth moon1
Thirteenth species1
Thirteenth street rag1
Thirties interlude1
Thirtieth St thingamajig1
thirty blues2
Thirty days1
Thirty days in jail1
Thirty degrees to the wind1
Thirty eight1
Thirty Fifth Street blues1
Thirty First Street blues2
Thirty five2
Thirty foot ceiling1
Thirty J1
Thirty minutes from Times Square1
Thirty minutes to twelve1
Thirty one3
Thirty one for Strayhorn1
Thirty six2
Thirty six ghosts1
Thirty something1
Thirty spokes share one hub1
Thirty springrolls please1
Thirty three1
Thirty two1
Thirty wells1
Thirty year waltz1
Thirty years5
Thirty years after1
Thirtyeight and two1
Thirtyfifth Street blues2
Thirtyfive minutes1
Thirtyfourth Street1
Thirtyone days Ensemble version1
Thirtyone days Solo version1
Thirtyone miles for a nickel1
Thirtysix days1
Thirtythree ninetysix1
Thirtytwo degrees1
Thirtytwo more bars indeed1
This & that1
This a way that a way1
This above all1
This affects that2
This aint Europe1
This aint livin1
This aint me1
This aint no fantasy1
This aint no Ferlin Huskey1
This aint no Russian novel baby1
This aint nothin but a party1
This aint right1
This all Koredake1
This almost spring2
This amazing world1
This ancient city1
This and more 21
This and my heart1
This and that7
This and the other1
This angel this child1
This autumn2
This autumns ours1
This band1
This band is hot1
This bands got the blues1
This bands too good1
This bass could eat you1
This bass was made for walkin2
This bass was made for walking2
This be love2
This beautiful island1
This beautiful life1
This beautiful love1
This believing world2
This belongs to you2
This bike1
This bird has flown10
This bird still flies1
This bitter earth51
This bitter suite1
This black cat has nine lives1
This bloody day1
This blowing of trumpets confused them1
This blue curtain1
This blue hour1
This blues is all around1
This blues of mine1
This body1
This boy5
This brings us to1
This broken heart1
This buts for you1
This butts for you1
This cannot be lost1
This cant be love460
This cant wait1
This can’t be love2
This carousel1
This cat is on a hot tin roof1
This cat is out1
This cats on a hot tin roof1
This changing world8
This charge1
This Christmas23
This city1
This city never sleeps1
This city of mine1
This cloudy world1
This clown is crashing1
This cold war with you2
This comes to an end1
This core1
This could be blues1
This could be dangerous1
This could be it1
This could be love1
This could be my lucky day1
This could be real1
This could be something1
This could be the end of the line1
This could be the night3
This could be the one1
This could be the start of something23
This could be the start of something big84
This could be the start of something else1
This could be the start of something good2
This could be the start of something new1
This could lead to love1
This could run1
This couldnt be love1
This couldnt be the real thing3
This country1
This crazy feeling1
This crazy life1
This crazy time1
This crazy town1
This cup1
This dance is for Steve McCall2
This dark kernel1
This day4
This day is like a joy1
This day is screwed1
This day will come1
This dedication1
This deliverance1
This devotion1
This diamond ring1
This dizzy scroon1
This doesnt happen all the time1
This doesnt mean youre not in my heart1
This door swings both ways2
This dream5
This dream is mine1
This dream of mine2
This drum doesnt waltz1
This dwelling place1
This earth feeling1
This earth is a flower1
This empty room1
This end of America1
This end up2
This endup1
This evening was like last year1
This excellent machine1
This exists1
This eyes1
This eyes reprise1
This fall 9111
This far1
This fear1
This feel within1
This feeling1
This feeling part II1
This feeling so fine1
This feelings free1
This fence is a loving machine1
This fish1
This flight tonight2
This foolish thing1
This for Doug1
This for Joe1
This for Richard1
This forth year1
This frozen time1
This fundamental truth1
This funky thing1
This funny world15
This gals in love with you1
This game of love1
This generation shall not pass1
This girl2
This girl is Springfield1
This girls got to play1
This girls in love1
This girls in love with you18
This goes jazz1
This goes with your leather1
This goodbye could last a long long time1
This graceful waltz1
This grand1
This great darkness1
This groove1
This groove hear1
This gun dont care1
This gun for hire1
This guys in love5
This guys in love with me1
This guys in love with you73
This had to be1
This happening2
This happy feeling1
This happy madness33
This has never happened before1
This has to be the one1
This haunted town1
This heart1
This heart is mine1
This heart of mine86
This hectic life1
This here50
This hotel6
This house2
This house is empty now1
This house is smokin1
This I ask of you1
This I dig1
This I dig for you1
This I dig of you85
This I dig you1
This I know1
This I love above all11
This I promise you2
This imbalance and its consequences1
This independence1
This instead1
This is9
This is 79181
This is a fine spring morning1
This is a fine time1
This is a fonky world1
This is a good time to write a song1
This is a hard hat area1
This is a love song1
This is a lovely way3
This is a lovely way to spend an evening4
This is a mean old world1
This is a night for love1
This is a nonlecture1
This is a nothing affair1
This is a prayer1
This is a prayer for everybody to be free1
This is a private party1
This is a protest song1
This is a recording1
This is a road1
This is a secret1
This is a song1
This is a takeover1
This is a test1
This is a thing called love2
This is a very special day2
This is about this1
This is about you fall1
This is Africa2

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