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Page T22 - Then I had this dream to There we were

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Tune nameSessions
Then I had this dream1
Then I had to turn around and get married1
Then I have you1
Then I heard the sound of rain1
Then I knew1
Then I met you3
Then I said1
Then I saw it was a fox1
Then I saw you3
Then I shant love you any more1
Then I wonder1
Then I wrote the minuet in G2
Then Id be satisfied with life2
Then Ill be happy63
Then Ill be tired of you94
Then Ill be tried of you1
Then Ill come back to you1
Then Ill kiss your two lips goodnight1
Then Ill take care1
Then Ill talk1
Then it changed1
Then it happens1
Then it stars again1
Then Ive got to go1
Then I’ll be tired of you2
Then Lizzie was 4 now Hal is 41
Then Mama can have a rest1
Then my gals in town1
Then normal life1
Then now2
Then offer all1
Then or now1
Then Paul saw the snake1
Then ride1
Then she blinked1
Then she left1
Then she looked1
Then she smiled1
Then she unveiled1
Then silence3
Then someones in love1
Then soul walked in1
Then steal2
Then that1
Then the answer came1
Then the blackbirds would come1
Then the other1
Then the springtime comes1
Then the storm1
Then there1
Then there was a lull1
Then there was light1
Then there was one1
Then there was you4
Then there were four1
Then there were none3
Then they danced1
Then this1
Then this happened1
Then three1
Then was the time1
Then was then4
Then was then and now is now2
Then was then now is now1
Then we all go home1
Then we can try again1
Then we canoedle along1
Then well be home1
Then well come home1
Then wept Then rose in zeal and awe1
Then what2
Then who would I sing my songs to1
Then you came1
Then you can tell me goodbye5
Then you may take me to the fair1
Then you touched me1
Then you went and changed your mind1
Then youll be boppin too1
Then youll know4
Then youll remember me1
Then your heart is full of love2
Then youre drunk1
Then youve never been blue11
Thennot then1
Theo and me1
Theo boy1
Theo Brown1
Theo the freak1
Theo wir fahrn nach Lodz1
Theocracy in America1
Theodora is dozing1
Theodore Hawkins1
Theodore The Thumper2
Theodore thumper1
Theodores spring song1
Theories of orbit1
Theories pt 21
Theory and practice3
Theory of Art1
Theory of heat1
Theory of mind1
Theory of mind II1
theory of Monkness1
Theory of motion1
Theory of strange1
theory of us1
Theos blues2
Theos gambit1
Theos move1
Theos no1
Theos place1
Therapeutic blues1
There above1
There again3
There aint gonna be no doggone afterwhile3
There aint much good in the best of men now days1
There aint no bad1
There aint no flies on auntie1
There aint no flies on me2
There aint no gal like my gal1
There aint no land1
There aint no land like Dixieland4
There aint no land like Dixieland to me7
There aint no man worth the salt of my tears1
There aint no maybe in my babys eyes7
There aint no more2
There aint no nothin gonna take the place of love1
There aint no pleasin you1
There aint no sweet gal worth the salt of my tears1
There aint no sweet mama1
There aint no sweet man20
There aint no sweet man like mine1
There aint no sweet man thats worth the salt of my tears15
There aint no sweet man worth the salt of my tears6
There aint no sweet rhythm king anymore1
There aint no tomorrow like today1
There aint no use in tryin to hitone me1
There aint no way to heaven1
There aint nobody but us chickens1
There aint nobody here but us1
There aint nobody here but us chickens2
There aint nothin better1
There aint nothin to it1
There aint nothing like the blues2
There aint room enough here to boogie1
There alone go I1
There alone I go1
There and back12
There and back again5
There and now2
There and then1
There are1
There are angels1
There are choices1
There are clouds1
There are days when I dont think of you1
There are days when I dont think of you at all5
There are ghosts1
There are great stones we must lift them1
There are human rights blues1
There are I am1
There are many angels in Florence2
There are many monkeys1
There are many stops along the way2
There are many worlds1
There are nights1
There are no doors1
There are no flowers in my room1
There are no flowers in Tiger Bay1
There are no goodbyes1
There are no hidden roots1
There are no wings on a foxhole1
There are no words2
There are only days1
There are other worlds2
There are rivers to cross4
There are seeds to sow1
There are skylarks all over you1
There are smiles1
There are so many places weve been that wed like to revisit2
There are so many stars in the New Mexico sky1
There are strange things happening everyday1
There are such things40
There are these days when I dont think of you at All1
There are three1
There are three things you cannot hide love smoke and a man riding on a camel1
There are times1
There are today more than 390 known pairs of friendly numbers1
There are two worlds1
There are ways1
There are yanks3
There arent these things questionable all over1
There at the turnpike1
There be us1
There but for love go I1
There but for the grace of6
There but for you go I3
There by five1
There by the sea1
There came you3
There can only be one1
There comes a time16
There comes a time past1
There comes at time1
There could have been more of it1
There could I marvel1
There for you2
There from Dead man1
There goes a redhead1
There goes another beer1
There goes another one1
There goes Johnny1
There goes my attaction1
There goes my attraction4
There goes my baby1
There goes my everything2
There goes my heart39
There goes my heart again1
There goes Rusty1
There goes that song1
There goes that song again12
There goes that train1
There goes the ball game2
There goes the mailman1
There goes the neighborhood3
There goes the neighbourhood1
There goes the rainbow1
There goes the time1
There gonna be a devil to pay1
There had to be a song for you1
There has been1
There he goes5
There he goes with his eye out1
There he is2
There he stood1
There I1
There I go16
There I go again1
There I go dreaming again5
There I go there I go again1
There I love you coast to coast1
There I touched1
There II1
There III1
There in a dream1
There in my dreams1
There is2
There is a balm in Gilead19
There is a blue ridge around my heart1
There is a boat dats leavin1
There is a butterfly in my room2
There is a flower1
There is a fountain4
There is a gate that stands ajar1
There is a girl2
There is a girl in the heart of Maryland1
There is a gorilla on my head1
There is a happy land1
There is a hole in my canoe1
There is a hole in the bassdrum1
There is a hope1
There is a hot lady in my bedroom and I need a drink1
There is a light1
There is a light that never goes out2
There is a little man inside1
There is a little white house2
There is a lot of blueeyed Marys down in Maryland1
There is a love1
There is a Mingus amonk us1
There is a mountain5
There is a music1
There is a place2
There is a place where you are not alone1
There is a quiet place2
There is a rainbow hangin over my shoulder1
There is a rat in my kitchen1
There is a reason for everything1
There is a rose in Spanish Harlem2
There is a smile1
There is a song1
There is a sun chase1
There is a swagger about your stagger1
There is a tavern in the town3
There is a time4
There is a time for love1
There is a tree1
There is a very fine line between your life and mine1
There is a war going on1
There is a way2
There is a willow grows aslant a brook1
There is a wondering1
There is always another day1
There is always one more time2
There is always something to remind me1
There is always time6
There is an opposition together1
There is another way time can be1
There is change in the air1
There is happiness in love1
There is hope1
There is know greater love1
There is light1
There is love3
There is love in an apple and this apple is for you1
There is more1
There is more to life1
There is music at the bottom of our garden1
There is music where youre going my friends1
There is my sweetheart1
There is no breeze5
There is no business like show business1
There is no doubt1
There is no farewell1
There is no getting used to life1
There is no grater love1
There is no greater love594
There is no jungle in Baltimore1
There is no justice1
There is no language without deceit1
There is no light1
There is no love1
There is no mercy in this dojo1
There is no method1
There is no moon1
There is no moon at all1
There is no music3
There is no one1
There is no other way2
There is no peace under the noon1
There is no profit from dreams1
There is no reason1
There is no reason why1
There is no returning1
There is no right way1
There is no rose1
There is no time1
There is no tomorrow1
There is no waiter love1
There is no you3
There is nobody looking1
There is nothin like a dame1
There is nothing I will not do to own her1
There is nothing left but you1
There is nothing left to break1
There is nothing like a dame9
There is nothing like a rainy day1
There is nothing like the feeling1
There is nothing more for encore1
There is nothing more to say1
There is nothing quite like love1
There is nothing to be done1
There is nothing to me its just the band1
There is nothing to worry about1
There is now grass growing in Antarctica1
There is now grass growing in Antartica1
There is one piano left in the world1
There is only a pretended freedom1
There is only now1
There is only one lie there is only one truth1
There is only one Paris for that2
There is power in the blood1
There is shitloads of red meat missing1
There is so much2
There is some kiss we want1
There is someone1
There is someone in this world for me1
There is something about you2
There is something in a man1
There is something in the bottom of the bottle1
There is something lovelier than you1
There is something missing2
There is something on your mind5
There is something rotten in Denmark1
There is something wrong1
There is space for us1
There is such a thing1
There is sunshine in the shadow1
There is the bomb4
There is the moment in every womans life1
There is the wind among the rocks1
There is yes yes in your eyes2
There isnt any limit to my love2
There isnt any special reason1
There isnt time1
There it goes again2
There it is10
There it was1
There it was gone1
There IV1
There Ive said it again43
There I’ve said it again1
There just as you look for it1
There just everywhere1
There lies love1
There lies the passion1
There must be a better world somewhere2
There must be a bright tomorrow2
There must be a place called heaven1
There must be a pony here somewhere1
There must be a reason1
There must be a silver lining5
There must be a way23
There must be an angel2
There must be an angel playing with my heart1
There must be more to life than this1
There must be somebody else8
There must be something1
There must be something better than love4
There must be something out there1
There must be sunshine1
There never was a baby1
There never was a baby like my baby1
There never was a reason1
There once was a birdie1
There once was a jew1
There once was a lad1
There once was a man1
There once was a man named John2
There ought to be a law1
There ought to be a law against that2
There ought to be a moonlight saving time8
There ought to be a moonlight savings time3
There ought to be moonlight saving time1
There r dayz1
There really was an Africa1
There shall be no night4
There shall come soft rains Three movements and postlude1
There she goes7
There she is3
There she walks1
There should be1
There the American dream1
There the dance is1
There there5
There there there1
There they are1
There they go5
There used to be a ballpark1
There used to be a nightclub there1
There V1
There was2
There was a boy1
There was a child1
There was a flower1
There was a flower near Napoli2
There was a gime1
There was a girl in 691
There was a hole1
There was a lil mouse1
There was a lover and his lass1
There was a man1
There was a moment1
There was a room1
There was a sister had a brother2
There was a time26
There was a young man from LA1
There was an odd fellow1
There was earth inside them and they dug1
There was never1
There was no fountains in Brooklyn1
There was no moon that night1
There was nobody lookin1
There was nobody looking6
There was nothing else to do3
There was once a man1
There was once a time2
There was something about this anger that was so inaccessable to me1
There was something in my drink1
There was spring1
There was that sunlight1
There was that too1
There was the blues1
There was you2
There we are1
There we go1
There we leave you1
There we were1

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