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This index refers to the 522,661 individual tune titles (1,569,621 total entries) included in over 241,375 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of June, 2019.

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Page T20 - Them their eyes to Theme from Flying down to Rio

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Tune nameSessions
Them their eyes6
Them there eyes460
Them there eyes + encore1
Them there eys1
Them things got me2
Them three waiting2
Them were shocked a tall1
Them who has gets3
Them women1
Thema adagio cantabile aus pathetique1
Thema aus dem 2 Satz1
Thema aus der Kleinen Symphonie1
Thema aus Rhapsody in blue1
Thema con variazioni1
Thema de Maella1
Thema eins1
Thema in B1
Thema in moll2
Thema Lowengrube1
Thema mal 31
Thema mal drei1
Thema of Tenchuugumi1
Thema uber praludium1
Thematic collisions1
Thematic womb1
Thembis tune1
Theme & announcement1
theme & announcements1
Theme & Deviations1
Theme & farewell1
Theme & Intro1
Theme & introduction1
Theme & signoff1
Theme & variations3
Theme 0011
Theme 0021
Theme 15
Theme 1 chrysalis1
Theme 1001
Theme 1011
Theme 11 for Cecil Taylor1
Theme 18 for David S Ware1
Theme 23
Theme 2A1
Theme 36
Theme 44
Theme 421
Theme 5 group improvisation to end1
Theme 5waltz1
Theme 6 and tenor solo1
Theme 6 vertical Slonimsky1
Theme 76121
Theme 8 & 121
Theme 811
Theme 861
Theme a tics1
Theme Adagietto con lenezza1
Theme Airport 19752
Theme Albert Heath1
Theme All gone1
Theme AM141
Theme AM91
Theme amarcord1
Theme amour universel1
Theme and band intro by Leon Oakley1
Theme and close6
Theme and closing4
Theme and exposition1
Theme and intro6
Theme and introduction4
Theme and inversion1
Theme and opening9
Theme and reflections1
Theme and sign off2
Theme and variation I in the manner of Bach1
Theme and variation Tin tin deo1
Theme and variations29
Theme and variations 1 drums1
Theme and variations 2 bass1
Theme and variations 3 flute1
Theme and variations 4 harp1
Theme and variations 5 tenor1
Theme and variations for 6string bass and strings1
Theme and variations for jazz big band1
Theme and variations in jazz1
Theme and variations no 21
Theme and waltz1
Theme and wild fire1
Theme Artistry in rhythm1
Theme At least1
Theme at the end1
Theme avec piano1
Theme Bahamas1
Theme Basque1
Theme Blues Chorale1
Theme Bulgare1
Theme Chorale2
Theme Chorale with variations1
Theme Con nobilita variation one pensieroso1
Theme constellations1
Theme continued 11
Theme continued 21
Theme continued 31
Theme Da solo1
Theme damour3
Theme Darling1
Theme de1
Theme de Celine1
Theme de coureurs1
Theme de la Symphonie du nouveau monde1
Theme de Liz1
Theme de Pinocchio1
Theme de Pinocchio II1
Theme de Pinocchio III1
Theme de Pinocchio IV1
Theme de scarfo1
Theme de Valentin1
Theme de Yoyo5
Theme Deep forest2
Theme dElise1
Theme deux1
Theme developments2
Theme Dollar Brand1
Theme dream1
Theme du concerto No 21
Theme du Pere Lachaise1
Theme en do1
Theme end credits1
Theme et coda1
Theme et devariations1
Theme falls and oboe from The Mission1
Theme for a blind man1
Theme for a bolero1
Theme for a brighter future1
Theme for a day3
Theme for a daytime radio romance1
Theme for a dirty movie1
Theme for a dream3
Theme for a futuristic movie1
Theme for a grey sky1
Theme for a lost real1
Theme for a madeforTV movie1
Theme for a mellophone1
Theme for a new day1
Theme for a new kind of love1
Theme for a new regime1
Theme for a prince2
Theme for a rainy day1
Theme for a ride1
Theme for a Russian winter1
Theme for a starlet5
Theme for a sunrise1
Theme for a Tarzan movie1
Theme for a woman1
Theme for a woogie boogie1
Theme for a young mother1
theme for Ahmad4
Theme for alchemia1
Theme for alto5
Theme for an angel1
Theme for an imaginary denoument1
Theme for an imaginary sitcom1
Theme for an imaginary talk show1
Theme for an imaginary western2
Theme for an old jazz rocker1
Theme for an unborn child1
Theme for an uncertain future1
Theme for Angela2
theme for Anna1
Theme for another world1
Theme for Antonio Carlos Jobim1
Theme for Arashi1
Theme for Art and Silvije1
Theme for Augustine1
Theme for autumn2
Theme for Ayb1
Theme for Ayrton1
Theme for Basie7
Theme for Benjamin1
Theme for Bond1
Theme for Burt1
Theme for Caddee1
Theme for Candy1
Theme for captain Black2
Theme for Carla2
Theme for Carmen1
Theme for Cecil1
Theme for Cee Tee1
Theme for Celine2
Theme for Charles1
Theme for Charlie1
Theme for Christer1
Theme for Clara1
Theme for Claudio1
Theme for Cleo1
Theme for Cleopatra1
Theme for Cliff1
Theme for Coleman Hawkins3
Theme for conga1
Theme for cookers2
Theme for CT1
Theme for Cynthia2
Theme for dancing1
Theme for Darfur1
Theme for Dee1
Theme for Delores2
Theme for Denise1
Theme for Diane1
Theme for Doc1
Theme for Doris3
Theme for Dos Lyn1
Theme for Doslyn1
Theme for dreamers1
Theme for dreaming2
Theme for Duke1
Theme for Eileen1
Theme for Elijah1
Theme for Eliot1
Theme for Eloisa and Tiziano1
Theme for Emmanuel6
Theme for Eric Dolphy1
Theme for Ermie1
Theme for Ernie95
Theme for Erroll1
Theme for Eve2
Theme for falling leaves1
Theme for Father1
Theme for Ferg1
Theme for four trumpets1
theme for four values1
Theme for four valves1
Theme for Frances1
Theme for Franco1
Theme for Freddie1
Theme for Freddy3
Theme for freedom1
Theme for Gabor1
Theme for Gary1
Theme for Gil Evans1
Theme for Ginevra1
Theme for Ginny1
Theme for gloomy bear1
Theme for Granek1
Theme for Gregory3
Theme for Gwen1
Theme for Hakeem1
Theme for Hans1
Theme for Harry1
Theme for hawk hemp1
Theme for Helen1
Theme for Henry2
Theme for Horst1
Theme for impermanence1
Theme for in eyes1
Theme for Ingrid1
Theme for Irodium1
Theme for Jackie2
Theme for Jacqueline2
Theme for Jake2
Theme for Jay1
Theme for Jeff1
Theme for Jenny1
Theme for Jeri1
Theme for Jessica4
Theme for Jessica Tatum3
Theme for Jimmy Greene1
Theme for Jo1
Theme for Jo Jo1
Theme for Jobim20
Theme for Joe2
Theme for JoJo1
Theme for Joke1
Theme for Jon1
Theme for Josie1
Theme for June6
Theme for Kareem5
Theme for KarlBertil1
Theme for Kevin1
Theme for L1
Theme for Lalo1
Theme for Laura2
Theme for Leo3
Theme for Lester Young5
Theme for Linda1
Theme for Lisa1
Theme for Louise1
Theme for love1
Theme for LuAnn1
Theme for Lucien1
Theme for Malcolm8
Theme for Mandela1
Theme for Manuel1
Theme for Marc1
Theme for Margaret1
Theme for Mark1
Theme for Martha3
Theme for Masters1
Theme for Max Roach1
Theme for Maxine8
Theme for Mel1
Theme for Metheny1
Theme for Michel Redolfi1
Theme for Miles1
Theme for Milford2
Theme for Monk1
Theme for Monterey3
Theme for my father3
theme for my lady1
Theme for Nana1
Theme for Nancy1
Theme for New York City1
Theme for Nica1
Theme for Nita1
Theme for Nordin1
Theme for OJ1
Theme for Oliver1
Theme for one and variations for another world1
Theme for Ota1
Theme for Pegleg Bates1
Theme for pelikan1
Theme for Penny2
Theme for piano1
Theme for radio crude oil1
Theme for Rahsaan1
Theme for Ramona1
Theme for Red2
Theme for Regula1
Theme for Relana1
Theme for Rondo Hattan1
Theme for Rondo Hatton1
Theme for Roscoe1
Theme for Sacha1
Theme for Sam1
Theme for Sandy1
Theme for Sco1
Theme for ScoKabalaba1
Theme for Scotty1
Theme for Shinchan1
Theme for Sister Salvation6
Theme for Smitty1
Theme for Star Trek1
Theme for Sterling Hayden1
Theme for Sunday8
Theme for Susan1
Theme for Susannah1
Theme for Taraby1
Theme for Teddy2
Theme for Terry2
Theme for the big band1
Theme for the eulipans1
Theme for the Eulipions9
Theme for the far away1
Theme for the foxy ladies1
Theme for the Juv1
Theme for the Kidd1
Theme for the tasters1
Theme for the uncommon man1
Theme for the unknown island1
Theme for Theda1
theme for this American life1
Theme for Thorgeir1
Theme for Three for Three1
Theme for three maniacs1
Theme for Tiago1
Theme for Tima1
Theme for TomoSan2
Theme for Torill1
Theme for Trambean8
Theme for trombone1
Theme for trumpet1
Theme for two1
Theme for W1
Theme for Winne Mandela1
Theme for Woody Shaw1
Theme for Wynona1
Theme for Wynton1
Theme for Yanoo1
Theme for Yoshida1
Theme for you1
Theme for Zucco1
Theme form A boy ten feet tall1
Theme four2
Theme from2
Theme from 131
Theme from 2nd movement of the piano sonata N 8 op 131
Theme from 5th part of Sinfonietta1
Theme from 5th symphony1
Theme from 6th symphony1
Theme from 7 faces of Dr Lao1
Theme from 90731
Theme from A boy ten feet tall1
Theme from a dream1
Theme from A Fistful of Dollars1
Theme from A man and a woman1
Theme from A Man Called Dagger1
Theme from a movie1
Theme from A new kind of love3
Theme from A summer place8
Theme from a symphony4
Theme from a symphony variation 11
Theme from a symphony variation 21
Theme from Advise and consent1
Theme from aesthetic lady1
Theme from Agatha3
Theme from Airport1
Theme from Al Capone1
Theme from alto1
Theme from Amarcord1
Theme from American Babylon1
Theme from an American in Paris1
Theme from an imaginary Western1
Theme from an unfinished film1
Theme from an untitled film1
theme from Anatomy of a Murder1
Theme from another days journey1
Theme from Anthony and Cleopatra1
Theme from Any number can win1
Theme from arrest & trial1
Theme from Arthur1
Theme from Atlantic yards1
Theme from Babe1
Theme from Baby doll3
Theme from Banacek1
Theme from Band the drum slowly1
Theme from bang the drum slowly1
Theme from Barney Miller1
Theme from Bartoks violin concerto no 2 2nd movement1
Theme from Battlestar Galactica1
Theme from Baxter1
Theme from Bay Street Concerto1
Theme from Bed Time Eyes2
Theme from Beethovens 9th symphony1
Theme from Ben Casey1
Theme from Bewitched4
Theme from Beyond the fringe1
Theme from Big Blue Marble1
Theme from Black Orfeus1
Theme from Black Orpheus11
Theme from Blow up4
Theme from BlowUp1
Theme from Blue four1
Theme from Bonjour tristesse1
Theme from Boyz N The Hood1
Theme from Brahms 3rd symphony1
Theme from Brazen Brass1
Theme from Breakfast at Tiffanys1
Theme from Brians Song1
Theme from Buhaina1
Theme from Bullitt2
Theme from Burkes Law2
Theme from Caesar and Cleopatra1
Theme from Canary1
Theme from Canterbury tales1
Theme from Captain Black2
Theme from Captain Nose1
Theme from Carnival3
Theme from Cassie & Co1
Theme from cats1
Theme from Chariots of fire1
Theme from Charlie1
Theme from Che1
Theme from Checkmate1
Theme from Chico and the Man1
Theme from Chinatown6
Theme from Cinema Paradiso3
Theme from Cities without pedestrians1
Theme from City of Angles1
Theme from Clara1
Theme from Clockwork Orange1
Theme from Coleman Hawkins1
Theme from Concerto de Aranjuez1
Theme from Concerto in F1
Theme from concerto to end all concertos2
Theme from concierto de aranjuez1
Theme from Cries and whispers1
Theme from David and Liza1
Theme from Deep Throat1
Theme from Des gens sans importance1
Theme from Dime with a halo2
Theme from Dingo1
Theme from Diva1
Theme from Donny & Marie show1
Theme from Dr Kildare3
Theme from Dr Love1
Theme from Dragnet2
Theme from Dropout1
Theme from El Salon Mexico1
Theme from Electric surfboard1
Theme from Elvira Madigan2
Theme from Episode 31
Theme from Exodus6
Theme from falling leaves1
Theme from Fat man and little boy1
Theme from FBI story1
Theme from firepower1
Theme from Flying down to Rio1

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