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This index refers to the 512,589 individual tune titles (1,544,453 total entries) included in over 238,546 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of October, 2018.

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Page T17 - That afternoon in Paris to That telegram

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Tune nameSessions
That afternoon in Paris1
That aint bad2
That aint good1
That aint it1
That aint right18
That aint right baby1
That aint the blues1
That aint the way I dreamed it1
That aint the way to do it1
That aint the way to love1
That aint too cool1
That American ragtime dance1
That Amsterdam swing1
That and the other1
That April day1
That awful waffle man1
That awkward age2
That babys changed1
That bad cat1
That bagel rag1
That barbershop chord1
That barkin dog1
That barking dog woof woof1
That beautiful rag1
That being said1
That big blonde mama4
That big jazz band1
That big romance1
That big tall thing1
That black and white baby of mine1
That black ol magic1
That black snake moan1
That bloody lamppost1
That blue bird1
That blue eyed baby from Memphis2
That blue eyed lady from Memphis1
That blues knocking on my door1
That bluesy sound1
That bonus done gone thru1
That boy with that long hair2
That boy with the long hair1
That bran new gal o mine2
That bran new gal of mine1
That bright star1
That Byzantine tune1
That came down on me3
That can be arranged2
That cant be1
That captivating rag1
That carazy rag1
That cat1
That cat is high7
That cat on the corner1
That certain feeling35
That certain love affair1
That certain motion1
That certain party31
That certain party of mine1
That certain someone4
That certain something1
That chance1
That cherry rag1
That Chicago wiggle1
That chicks too young to fry4
That cigarette1
That color1
That cowboy band1
That crazy blues1
That creepy feeling1
That creole band1
That cry of love1
That D minor thing4
That da da strain207
That dada strain10
That Dallas man1
That damn volcano1
That damned music1
That dance1
That dance called messin around1
That darkness1
That darn dream1
That darn squid1
That day10
That day in Tahiti1
That day it rained1
That day of rain1
That day she left1
That degree of excitement1
That Delta girl of mine1
That demon rag3
That did it2
That did it Marie3
That dirty old man1
That dirty thang1
That Dminor thing5
That does it1
That doggone dog of mine1
That dont do me no good1
That dont make it junk1
That dont matter now1
That dont move me1
That dont worry me1
That dood it1
That doowah thing1
That double thing1
That dream1
That dream again1
That drummers band5
That early morning boogie1
That eccentric rag22
That epidemic rag1
That evening1
That evening sky fell through the glass wall and we stood alone somewhere1
That evening train1
That every lovin rag1
That face15
That far away look2
That fare1
That fascinating thing1
That fateful day1
That feathery feeling1
That feelin1
That feeling4
That feeling in the moonlight4
That feeling is gone4
That feeling omine1
That feller McKeller1
That fellows a friend of man1
That fine day1
That fivefour bag1
That Florida lowdown1
That flying rag1
That foolish feeling8
That free and easy papa o mine2
That Frevo I found1
That friend of mine1
That funk and bop tune1
That funky train1
That funny feelin1
That funny feeling1
That funny melody2
That fuss was us1
That fussy rag1
That futuristic rag4
That gal omine1
That game called romance1
That gets it Mr Joe2
That girl9
That girl from New Orleans1
That girl I love1
That girl named Mary1
That girl over there2
That girl with the dreamy eyes1
That glory day3
That goes to show ya1
That Goldblatt magic1
That good feeling1
That good old Fats1
That good old feeling1
That good old New Orleans1
That good old stuff4
That goshdarned two step rag1
That got away1
That greasy stuff1
That great comeandgetit day2
That great judgement day1
That groove1
That halloween stare1
that hand you tried to deal Me1
That happens1
That happiness1
That happy feeling2
That happy rag1
That Harlem express1
That hat1
That haunting lustful thing1
That healin feelin5
That heavenly hell1
That high sierra band1
That highhanded mama of mine1
That holiday feeling1
That honky tonkin love song1
That house we lived in1
That hunts1
That I do1
That I dont love you1
That I love you4
That I love you so1
That I should know your face1
That I would be good1
That imbo thing1
That indian rag1
That inside feeling1
That international rag2
That is1
That is love1
That is my home1
That is that1
That is the desert1
That is this1
That is this thing called love2
That is when they start to have their own way that1
That is why youre overweight2
That is your time1
That isnt even worth selling1
That isnt that1
That isnt this1
That it then1
That jambalaya1
That jazz dance1
That Jazzbo jungle band1
That jive1
That jive go to go1
That jives got to go1
That Jones boy1
That joyous day1
That kama sutra feeling1
That Kaycee thing1
That kid1
That kind1
That kind of feeling1
That kind of love2
That kind of man1
That kind of woman2
That kiss4
That lady is a tramp1
That Latin guy1
That Latin tinge1
That lazy melody1
That lazy thing1
That lean and hungry look1
That Lindy hop7
That little boy is mine1
That little door1
That little dream got nowhere5
That little girl of mine2
That little kiss1
That little radio in my head1
That little tango1
That little town rocks1
That lonely day1
That lonely place1
That lonely tune1
That lonesome rave1
that lonesome road4
That look2
That look you wear2
That lovely day1
That lovely feeling1
That lovely night in Budapest2
That lovely weekend8
That lovin hula1
That lovin rag2
That loving baby of mine1
That lucky fellow3
That lucky old sun41
That lullaby strain6
That made him mad2
That magic rapture1
That magical feelin1
That magical feeling1
That magical look in your eyes1
That makes a difference to me1
That makes you laugh me not1
That mambo beat1
That man7
That man belongs back here with me1
That man in those shoes under that hair1
That man is a legend1
That man is forward1
That man is here again2
That man is walking1
That man of mine1
That man omine1
That man over there1
That man played the piano1
That man that got away1
That man there1
That may get it now1
That mean old train1
That means a lot1
That mellow feeling3
That mellow saxophone1
That memory1
That mesmerizing Mendelssohn tune3
That milky white way1
That missing you rag1
That misty red beast2
That moaning saxophone rag4
That moaning trombone3
That mobile prance1
That moment1
That moment in May1
That moment of glance1
That moment of moments1
That moment on the terrace2
That monie1
That monotonous sound of a bell1
That moonlight1
That more might have been done or sooner1
That morning in May1
That mountain2
That much music1
That my love1
That my mama dont know1
That my sweetie turned down1
That mysterious rag5
That naggin wife of mine1
That naughty waltz9
That nearly was mine1
That never came1
That never to be forgotten night1
That nevertobeforgotten night4
That new feeling1
That new love maker of mine1
That newfangled mother of mine1
That Newport rag1
That night6
That night in Araby2
That night of love1
That night so long ago1
That night the blind man dreamt that he went blind1
That night we said goodbye1
That nondrowsy feeling1
That note costs a dollar2
That nutty grind1
That obscure object of desire1
That ol black magic1
That ol bus smell1
That ol devil called love1
That ol devil wont get me1
That ol feelin1
That old Bach magic1
That old black magic346
That old black magic blues1
That old black majic1
That old blue magic1
That old Calcutta rag2
That old Christmas moon1
That old country1
That old curacao shop1
That old devil called love21
That old devil moon16
That old familiar trouble1
That old fashioned swing1
That old feelin1
That old feelin is gone1
That old feeling347
That old gang o mine1
That old gang of mine37
That old gang omine1
That old girl of mine2
That old green river6
That old hotel2
That old jazz feeling1
That old love bug1
That old magic1
That old man3
That old memory1
That old Nashville rag1
That old New Orleans blues1
That old peculier feeling1
That old rugged cross4
That old smile1
That old soccer boy1
That old soft shoe1
That old sound1
That old spinning wheel in the parlor1
That old sweet song1
That old sweetheart of mine1
That old thing1
That old tiger rag1
That old time religion1
That ole Bach magic1
That ole devil called love60
That one1
That one and only love1
That one for whom1
That one thing was you1
That oolallala tune1
That other place1
That other womans gotta go1
That oughta get it1
That particular model1
That particular time1
That party upstairs3
That partys over1
That peculiar rag2
That perfect day1
That perfection1
That perfume1
That phantom power1
That piece1
That place down the road1
That place down the road a piece1
That place into which you fell was lined with a cushion of pain and is no proof of your continuing existence1
That place where nothing matters1
That Please be mineable feeling1
That poker rag2
That preachin man2
That pyramid jazz1
That rag1
That raggedy rag1
That ragtime feeling1
That ragtime minstrel band1
That rainy day1
That real romance2
That red apple1
That red head gal1
That redhead gal8
That redhead girl1
That remains to be seen1
That reminds me4
That reminds me of the time1
That rhythm gal1
That rhythm man48
That rigaligalee1
That right there1
That ring on the finger1
That ring on your finger1
That rivers taking care of me1
That road1
That rockin swing2
That roses grew1
That Russian thing2
That Russian winter2
That same cat1
That same dog3
That same old feeling2
That same old love5
That sanctified thing1
That Santa Monica kinda summer1
That satisfies me1
That scene1
That secret place1
That sentimental feeling1
That sentimental rag1
That sentimental sandwich3
That September feeling1
That shade of grey thats red1
That Shakespearian rag1
That Shanghai melody1
That side1
That silver hilversum1
That sinking feeling1
That slavic smile3
That slippery slide trombone1
That sly ol gentleman1
That sly old gentleman4
That smile2
That society bear1
That society rag1
That soldier of mine3
That solid old man3
That someone is me1
That someone is you1
That someone must be you2
That something1
That song1
That song about the midway3
That song is gone1
That soothing melody1
That sorry school1
That Spanish thing1
That special feeling1
That special part of me1
That special time of year2
That special way1
That special you1
That spider on the wall1
That spirit of Christmas1
That stolen melody1
That story about FREEDOM1
That straight ahead stuff1
That straight ahead thing1
That streamline gal of mine2
that sucking sound1
That sugar baby o mine3
That sugar baby of mine2
That sugar baby omine1
That suits me1
That summer2
That summer something1
That sun and the water1
That Sunday3
That Sunday gal of mine1
That Sunday that summer21
That sweet old bye and bye1
That sweet patootie of mine1
That sweet somebody omine1
That sweet something dear7
That sweet water1
That swinging 451
That syncing feeling1
That Tatum technique1
That teasin rag23
That teasin squeezin gal o mine1
That teasin squeezin man o mine5
That teasing rag3
That telegram1

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