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This index refers to the 538,711 individual tune titles (1,609,441 total entries) included in over 245,980 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of July, 2020.

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Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual tunes. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific tunes. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual tunes.


Page T17 - Tha go round to That does it

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Tune nameSessions
Tha go round1
Tha lucky old sun1
Tha thom1
Thaba bhosigo1
Thaba bosigo1
Thaba Bosiu1
Thaba nchu3
Thad had1
Thad Jones1
Thad Jones and Mel Lewis1
Thad Jones introduces tunes1
Thad like1
Thad said no1
Thaddeus piece1
Thaddeus Rex1
Thads all1
Thads been Wess1
Thads blue plaid1
Thads blues2
Thads lament2
Thads pad7
Thags dance1
Thai children1
Thai forest1
Thai horn chair1
Thai National Anthem2
Thai salsa1
Thai silk4
Thai speed parade1
Thai town1
Thaichi et brie de meaux1
Thaid up1
Thailand dance1
Thailand stick1
Thais Massenet1
Thais Meditation1
Thais por tangos1
Thaks lunch1
Thalassa platia1
Thalassaki mou1
Thalassoma pavo1
Thalia Lindy hop1
Thalia remontant1
Thalias end1
Thalmann song1
Thalmann variations2
Thames walk1
Than old Sally Lee1
Than someone1
Thanassis blue1
Thanatoid song1
Thanatos and Eros1
Thane of Cawdor1
Thane of Fife1
Thang 4 ve1
Thang long1
Thang shaker1
Thank God1
Thank God Calley wasnt black1
Thank God for the F train1
Thank God for women4
Thank God Im a woman1
Thank God Im free1
Thank God its December1
Thank goodness1
Thank heaven1
Thank heaven for little girls8
Thank heaven for the little girls2
Thank heaven for you2
Thank Pam1
Thank that woman1
Thank the day1
Thank the Lord3
Thank U1
Thank u 4 2 day2
Thank u Bird1
Thank U4 2 day1
Thank you100
Thank you a hundred times1
Thank you Africa1
Thank you all great spirits1
Thank you and farewell1
Thank you and goodnight1
Thank you Baba1
Thank you baby4
Thank you band1
Thank you Billy Higgins1
Thank you Bird1
Thank you blues2
Thank you by Don Cherry1
Thank you Charlie Christian1
Thank you Chopin1
Thank you come again3
Thank you Count1
Thank you daddy1
Thank you doctor Quincy1
Thank you Dorothy1
Thank you drummer1
Thank you early bird1
Thank you falletin me be mice elf again2
Thank you falletinme be micelf again1
Thank you father3
Thank you for a lovely evening4
Thank you for all1
Thank you for all your love1
Thank you for being a friend1
Thank you for cleaning up after the lunatics1
Thank you for coming to Lowes1
Thank you for everything4
Thank you for funking up my life1
Thank you for loving me2
Thank you for talkin to me Africa2
Thank you for telling me goodbye1
Thank you for the flowers2
Thank you for the invitation1
Thank you for the kiss1
Thank you for the lie1
Thank you for the memories2
Thank you for the moment1
Thank you for the moments1
Thank you for the music3
Thank you for the smile1
Thank you for your hospitality1
Thank you for your lovely song3
Thank you for your silence1
Thank you Fos1
Thank you gentlemen1
Thank you girl1
Thank you God3
Thank you God for freedom1
Thank you God for love1
Thank you God for my wife and children1
Thank you HK1
Thank you Iceland1
Thank you Idris1
Thank you Ilich1
Thank you Jesus3
Thank you Jimmy2
Thank you Joe1
Thank you Joe Martinez1
Thank you John1
Thank you Jonathan Larson1
Thank you Judge1
Thank you Junior & Riley B King1
Thank you Kate1
Thank you Kevin1
Thank you Laca1
Thank you Leon1
Thank you letter1
Thank you Lol Coxhill1
Thank you Lord9
Thank you Lord amen1
Thank you love1
Thank you lucky star1
Thank you maam2
Thank you madam1
Thank you Madiba1
Thank you man thank you women1
Thank you master1
Thank you Michael1
Thank you mister moon2
Thank you Moe1
Thank you Mother Nature1
Thank you Mr Benson1
Thank you Mr Brooks1
Thank you Mr Clifford Brown1
Thank you Mr Edision1
Thank you Mr Evans1
Thank you Mr Hancock1
Thank you Mr Jones1
Thank you Mr Louis1
Thank you Mr Monk1
Thank you Mr Moon6
Thank you Mr Mushroom1
Thank you Mr Roach1
Thank you Mr Rushing1
Thank you Mr Russian1
Thank you Mr Slim1
Thank you Mr Stitt1
Thank you my hands1
Thank you my people1
Thank you New York1
Thank you note1
Thank you notes1
Thank you Oscar1
Thank you perfessor1
Thank you Pierrot Lunaire2
Thank you pretty baby1
Thank you Red1
Thank you Sam1
Thank you Satchmo1
Thank you so much1
Thank you so much Joe1
Thank you so much Mrs Lowsborough goodby1
Thank you son1
Thank you Steve1
Thank you thank you3
Thank you to John Coltrane1
Thank you very Monk1
Thank you very much6
Thank you very much Mr Monk2
Thank you very much MrMonk1
Thank you very please1
Thank you Vienna1
Thank you wedge1
Thank you well be right back for the second set1
Thank your father3
Thank your lucky star1
Thank your lucky stars2
Thank your stars3
Thank yous1
Thankful bout yourself1
Thankful for the friends Ive got1
Thankful heart1
Thankful n thoughtful2
Thankful phenomenon1
Thankfulness song1
Thankin you2
Thanking Duke1
Thanking the universe1
Thanking wishes and leaving1
Thanks a lot2
Thanks a million52
Thanks a million Vic1
Thanks again5
Thanks again and Introduction of Relaxin1
Thanks Antonio1
Thanks Bill3
Thanks Billy1
Thanks Bud1
Thanks Buddy1
Thanks but I dont dance1
Thanks but no thanks2
Thanks by Bud Powell1
Thanks Byrl Elvin1
Thanks Carmen1
Thanks Charlie1
Thanks Ed1
Thanks Eddy1
Thanks for 100 million Philips televisions1
Thanks for all1
Thanks for Bb1
Thanks for being being1
Thanks for being here2
Thanks for being our friend Raymond1
Thanks for being there1
Thanks for Christmas1
Thanks for coming2
Thanks for dinner1
Thanks for dropping by2
Thanks for everything9
Thanks for evrything5
Thanks for freedom1
Thanks for giving1
Thanks for Hanks2
Thanks for letting me be myself1
Thanks for life1
Thanks for nothin3
Thanks for nothing3
Thanks for nothing freakbeast1
Thanks for nothingness1
Thanks for offbeat1
Thanks for something1
Thanks for the beautiful land1
Thanks for the beautiful land on the delta5
Thanks for the boogie ride5
Thanks for the boogie ride )1
Thanks for the buggy ride5
Thanks for the lift1
Thanks for the lobster1
Thanks for the melody1
Thanks for the memories3
Thanks for the memory96
Thanks for the misery1
Thanks for the moment1
Thanks for the rescue1
Thanks for the ride2
Thanks for the use of the hall1
Thanks for tomorrow1
Thanks for waiting2
Thanks for what1
Thanks for you16
Thanks for your beauty1
Thanks G1
Thanks God he came1
Thanks God its a sunny day1
Thanks guys1
Thanks Heaven for a tune in eleven1
Thanks Horace1
Thanks I needed that1
Thanks Jack1
Thanks James1
Thanks Joey1
Thanks John1
Thanks Len1
Thanks Magpie1
Thanks mama1
Thanks Maya1
Thanks McCoy1
Thanks Miss L1
Thanks Mr Benny1
Thanks pardner1
Thanks Ravenhawk1
Thanks Steph1
Thanks to1
Thanks to all1
Thanks to Art1
Thanks to Creator1
Thanks to God1
Thanks to Isidor1
Thanks to John1
Thanks to MH1
Thanks to Minnie2
Thanks to Mr Dorham1
Thanks to Otmar1
Thanks to Solomon1
Thanks to St George1
Thanks to T1
Thanks to Talete1
Thanks to the Creator2
Thanks to the gypsy1
Thanks to Thelonious Travelin Travis twelvetone turnpike1
Thanks to Trane1
Thanks to William Parker1
Thanks to you9
Thanks to you Im a brand new woman1
Thanks Toko1
Thanks Tom1
Thanks you can go now1
Thanksgiving & Christmas blues1
Thanksgiving 011
Thanksgiving aria1
Thanksgiving dance1
Thanksgiving prayer2
Thanksgiving song1
Thanksgiving suite1
Thanksgiving visitor1
Thanku 4 lis 10 lalo1
Thanno vista domenica1
Thanx to Trane1
thar desert1
Thar he blows1
Thar song1
Thas delights1
That 11 thing1
That 25 cents that you paid1
That 70s song1
That 70s thing1
That a boy1
That afternoon in Harlem2
That afternoon in Paris1
That aint bad2
That aint good1
That aint it1
That aint right20
That aint right baby1
That aint the blues1
That aint the way I dreamed it1
That aint the way to do it1
That aint the way to love1
That aint too cool1
That American ragtime dance1
That Amsterdam swing1
That and the other1
That April day1
That awful waffle man1
That awkward age2
That babys changed1
That bad cat1
That bagel rag1
That barbershop chord1
That barkin dog1
That barking dog woof woof1
That beautiful rag1
That being said1
That big blonde mama4
That big jazz band1
That big romance1
That big tall thing1
That black and white baby of mine1
That black ol magic1
That black snake moan1
That bloody lamppost1
That blue bird1
That blue eyed baby from Memphis2
That blue eyed lady from Memphis1
That blues1
That blues knocking on my door1
That bluesy sound1
That bonus done gone thru1
That boy with that long hair2
That boy with the long hair1
That bran new gal o mine2
That bran new gal of mine1
That bright star1
That Byzantine tune1
That came down on me3
That can be arranged2
That cant be1
That captivating rag1
That carazy rag1
That cat1
That cat is high7
That cat on the corner1
That certain feeling35
That certain love affair1
That certain motion1
That certain party32
That certain party of mine1
That certain someone4
That certain something1
That chance1
That cherry rag1
That Chicago wiggle1
That chicks too young to fry4
That cigarette1
That color1
That cowboy band1
That crazy blues1
That creepy feeling1
That creole band1
That cry of love1
That D minor thing4
That da da strain209
That dada strain12
That Dallas man1
That damn volcano1
That damned music1
That dance1
That dance called messin around1
That darkness1
That darn dream1
That darn squid1
That day11
That day in Tahiti1
That day it rained1
That day of rain1
That day she left2
That day that morning1
That degree of excitement1
That Delta girl of mine1
That demon rag3
That did it2
That did it Marie3
That dirty old man1
That dirty thang1
That Dminor thing6
That does it1

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