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This index refers to the 520,330 individual tune titles (1,563,395 total entries) included in over 240,709 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of April, 2019.

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Page S93 - Straight and narrow to Stranger to himself

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Tune nameSessions
Straight and narrow3
straight and narrow lament1
Straight and ready1
Straight and stride1
Straight angles suite1
Straight angles suite II1
Straight answer2
Straight answers1
Straight around the corner2
Straight arrow1
Straight As1
Straight as a briefcase1
Straight away9
Straight back7
Straight back home2
Straight bagvendt1
Straight bamboo pipe duet1
Straight battingbowing1
Straight beast1
Straight belly salt1
Straight beyond1
Straight blonde1
Straight blues2
Straight blues ahead1
Straight burn1
Straight but not straight1
straight caballero1
Straight chaser1
Straight circle1
Straight down1
Straight down the middle1
Straight down the middle of1
Straight edge1
Straight eight1
Straight eight boogie3
Straight eighths1
Straight eights1
Straight flash3
Straight flight1
Straight flush2
Straight for life2
Straight for the stars1
Straight forward1
Straight from Miles1
Straight from my heart2
Straight from the gate2
Straight from the gut1
Straight from the heart3
Straight from the hip1
Straight from the horses mouth1
Straight from the loving cafe1
Straight from the shoulder2
Straight from the source2
Straight from the wood6
straight groove1
straight horn1
Straight ice4
Straight in the pocket1
Straight into1
Straight into the delete bin1
Straight into the light1
Straight into the sunrise2
Straight into your heart1
Straight jabs redux1
Straight jack1
Straight jacket4
Straight knife1
Straight life50
Straight line2
Straight lines4
straight man2
Straight no blues1
Straight no bounce1
Straight no changes1
Straight no chaser449
Straight no chaserLa nevada1
Straight no filter2
Straight no half tone1
Straight no Monk1
Straight no nothing1
Straight no seven1
Straight no tonic1
Straight not Bent1
Straight of Georgia1
Straight of Messina1
Straight on4
Straight on red4
Straight on til morning1
straight one1
Straight or not3
Straight out2
Straight out the garden1
Straight outta Istanbul1
Straight outta Ltown1
Straight path1
Straight pipes1
Straight red1
Straight road1
Straight roads1
Straight shooter2
Straight shot3
Straight story3
Straight street37
Straight strut2
Straight talk6
Straight talking1
Straight through boogaloo1
Straight time1
Straight to baby3
Straight to bed2
Straight to heck1
Straight to it1
Straight to love2
Straight to my heart4
Straight to the bank1
Straight to the dream1
Straight to the heart4
Straight to the Krankenhaus1
Straight to the point5
Straight to the source1
Straight to the top3
Straight to you3
Straight tone and strive ahead1
Straight track2
Straight up24
Straight up and down30
Straight up and fly right3
Straight up and out there1
straight up lying blues1
Straight up on straight on down1
Straight up straight out2
Straight up to the left1
Straight up to the light2
Straight upwards1
Straight8 boogie1
Straightahead city1
Straightahead forward motion1
Straighten him out1
Straighten up2
Straighten up & fly right2
Straighten up and fly right183
Straighten up baby2
Straightn up and fly right1
Straights of Magellan1
Strain 1211
strain from Wayne1
strained hello1
Strained ties1
Strains of mind2
Strait of Hormuz1
Strait up1
Straits of Belagellan1
Straits of McClellan1
Stralight soliloquy1
Stramenta mortifera1
Strana festa1
Strana gente1
Strana malinconia1
strand stomp1
Stranded in a love affair1
Stranded in Elizabeth1
Stranded in the jungle1
Stranded in Times Square1
Stranded white man1
Strandinsky soprano1
Strandloven gar pa fiskeriauktion1
Strands no 21
Strange & weird1
strange adventures of Jesper Klint1
Strange again1
Strange ahead1
Strange air2
Strange and beautiful1
Strange and beautiful Siberia2
Strange and completely1
strange and stirring romance of the inebriated owl and the insubordinate teacup1
Strange and sweet3
strange and the commonplace1
Strange angel with his trumpet1
Strange animal2
Strange are the blues1
Strange arrangement1
Strange as it seems13
Strange attractions then birds1
Strange attractor2
Strange attractors3
Strange autumn tree shapes1
Strange awakening1
Strange ballad1
Strange balladNachtcafe1
Strange beauty5
Strange bedfellows1
Strange behavior1
Strange behaviour2
strange bird4
Strange birds1
Strange blues34
Strange boogie man3
strange botwin1
Strange breakfast1
Strange brew4
Strange burn1
Strange but true4
Strange cargo12
Strange cat1
Strange change1
Strange cheese sandwich1
Strange circus1
Strange city3
strange cloud in the blue sky1
Strange color2
Strange comfort1
Strange comforts2
Strange constrictions1
Strange contrasts I1
Strange contrasts II1
Strange conversation1
Strange country1
Strange crazy heartache1
Strange dance2
Strange day2
Strange days3
Strange days blues1
Strange deal1
Strange diet1
Strange disease1
Strange dream3
Strange dreams2
Strange earth1
Strange egg1
Strange emotion1
Strange enchantment9
Strange excuse1
Strange experience2
Strange eyes1
Strange face1
Strange faces1
strange fact1
Strange faraway smiles1
Strange fascination4
Strange feelin3
Strange feeling18
Strange flowers1
Strange flowers placere alveare1
Strange flute3
Strange friends1
Strange fruit110
Strange fruit revisited1
Strange full moon1
Strange garden1
strange girl2
Strange groove1
Strange happy1
Strange harmony1
Strange hats1
Strange horns1
Strange hour3
Strange how I miss you1
Strange idea1
Strange ideas2
Strange illusion1
Strange imperative1
Strange in paradise1
Strange infatuation1
Strange inspirations1
Strange interlude4
Strange intermission1
Strange interval1
Strange intro1
Strange intrusions1
Strange is the night when black stars rise1
Strange island3
Strange journey1
Strange joys1
Strange kind of feeling2
Strange lady in town1
Strange land3
Strange land blues1
strange land of shadows1
Strange land revisited1
Strange liberation1
Strange little girl1
Strange little smile1
strange little tune1
Strange liverations1
strange loneliness4
Strange loop4
Strange loops4
Strange love21
strange love of Martha Ivers1
Strange lovin blues1
Strange lullaby2
Strange man8
Strange man blues1
Strange march1
Strange masquerade1
Strange mathematics1
Strange mathematics rhythmic equations3
Strange matter1
Strange matterwhere the wild things are1
Strange meadow lark29
Strange meadowlark2
Strange mechanisms1
Strange medicine on the desert1
Strange meeting17
Strange meetings1
Strange mellow Theme1
Strange melody2
Strange memories1
Strange meridian1
Strange mero1
Strange mmeadowlark1
Strange Monk2
Strange mood7
strange Mr Peter Charles1
Strange music15
strange music of reality1
Strange neighbor2
Strange neighbors1
Strange neighbour1
Strange new world1
Strange news from another1
Strange night1
Strange omen2
Strange one3
Strange over1
Strange paints1
Strange party1
Strange passion1
Strange pastoral1
Strange peach3
Strange people2
Strange phase1
Strange picnic1
strange piece of news1
Strange pilgrim1
Strange pillows1
Strange place for snow1
strange play of the mouth1
Strange power1
strange prediction1
Strange rain blues1
Strange remark2
Strange resolution2
Strange rife1
Strange roads1
strange romance1
Strange sarabande1
Strange sensation4
Strange serenade2
Strange shower1
Strange silence1
Strange situation2
Strange solace1
Strange sound2
Strange space1
Strange spell1
strange state of minds1
Strange steps1
Strange story2
Strange strange lover1
Strange strings1
Strange suite1
Strange Swedish taste1
Strange tale2
strange tale of Mr Misster1
Strange thing1
Strange things7
Strange things are afoot at the Circle K1
Strange things are happening every day2
Strange things happen3
Strange things happen every day7
Strange things happen everyday3
Strange things happening5
Strange things happening every day3
Strange things happening in the dark1
Strange things happening very day1
strange thought entered my head1
strange time3
Strange times3
Strange too1
Strange tools1
Strange transmission1
Strange turn1
Strange uhudler1
Strange Uhuru1
Strange vacation1
Strange vibes6
Strange village2
Strange visit2
Strange visitor2
Strange visitors1
strange voyage of Donald Crowhurst1
Strange waltz1
Strange waters1
Strange way to say goodbye1
Strange ways1
Strange weather2
Strange what a song can do1
Strange what a song can to1
Strange what love will do1
Strange wind1
Strange woman4
Strange woman blues1
Strange womans boogie1
Strange womans dream1
Strange womans dreams1
Strange wood blues1
Strange world4
Strange worlds6
Strange worlds untitled improvisation1
Strange worldsAt first there was nothing1
Strange worldstrange chords1
Strangeness in the night1
stranger and the fool1
stranger asks for shelter1
Stranger at my door1
Stranger at the gate1
Stranger blues2
stranger called the blues2
Stranger child1
stranger dont know1
Stranger everywhere1
Stranger fruit1
Stranger here2
Stranger here myself1
Stranger in 51
Stranger in a dream5
Stranger in a stranger land1
stranger in Helsinki1
Stranger in Moscow3
Stranger in my hometown2
Stranger in my jungle1
Stranger in my own home1
Stranger in my own home town3
Stranger in my own town3
Stranger in New Orleans1
Stranger in paradise85
Stranger in paradise dreams1
Stranger in paradise from Polovetsian dances1
stranger in Paree1
Stranger in the Alps1
Stranger in the city3
stranger in the mirror1
Stranger in the night7
Stranger in the rain1
stranger in town39
Stranger in your town2
stranger is me1
Stranger now1
Stranger on a shore1
Stranger on a train1
stranger on earth2
Stranger on the shore114
Stranger on the subway1
Stranger song1
Stranger than fiction3
Stranger than Jim2
Stranger than love1
Stranger than paradise3
Stranger than paranoia3
Stranger things3
Stranger things have happened3
Stranger to himself1

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