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This index refers to the 522,661 individual tune titles (1,569,621 total entries) included in over 241,375 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of June, 2019.

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Page S85 - Stamping horses to Star Wars main theme

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Tune nameSessions
Stamping horses1
Stan & Mikes blues1
Stan & Moka1
Stan & Oliver1
Stan and Ollie2
Stan dance1
Stan gets Bengt1
Stan Getz1
Stan Getz along1
Stan Getz blues1
Stan Getz in Chappaqua2
Stan Getz in practice1
Stan Getz interview1
Stan Getz introduces the band1
Stan introduces 1955 band1
Stan jumps1
Stan Kenton Hello1
Stan Kenton Hits medley1
Stan Kenton introduction1
Stan Kenton medley2
Stan Kenton orchestra introduction1
Stan Kenton promotes recruitment to the National Guard1
Stan Kenton says hello1
Stan Kenton speaks1
Stan Kentons remarks2
Stan Pat2
Stan short hair1
Stan shorthair1
Stan still1
Stan sweeps up1
Stan the man3
Stan the wailer1
Stana parasita1
Stance dance1
Stances a un cambrioleur1
Stand a little closer1
Stand a little taller at Yom Kippur1
Stand alone2
Stand alone with blessing1
Stand and be counted1
Stand and deliver1
Stand and hold it up1
Stand and move1
Stand and pray1
Stand around1
Stand at the middle1
Stand away1
Stand back4
Stand back and smile1
Stand back blues1
Stand back girl1
Stand behind me3
Stand by17
Stand by blues3
Stand by for further announcements1
Stand by me37
Stand by me Father1
Stand by me in the night1
Stand by time1
Stand by woman1
Stand by your man4
Stand by your sheep1
Stand clear3
Stand clear of the closing doors2
Stand clear of the closing doors please1
Stand der Dinge1
Stand fast1
Stand firm1
Stand in line2
Stand in the sun1
Stand inside the circle1
Stand it up1
Stand on your feet and fight1
Stand on Zanzibar1
Stand pat3
Stand point1
Stand still3
Stand still for me1
Stand still Stanley1
Stand still with me1
Stand strong1
Stand tall6
Stand tall dont bend1
Stand to the glory1
Stand up17
Stand up America1
Stand up and be counted2
Stand up and be somebody1
Stand up and do something2
Stand up and fight1
Stand up and make a change1
Stand up and preach1
Stand up and walk1
Stand up for bastard1
Stand up for Jesus1
Stand up for the truth1
Stand up sit down1
Stand up stand up for Jesus3
Stand up to yourself1
Stand upon a star1
Stand well backSpit it out1
Stand your ground1
Stand your own1
Standard 11
Standard 21
Standard 31
Standard 41
Standard 51
Standard 61
Standard 71
Standard 81
Standard 91
Standard arrival route1
standard blues1
Standard candles2
Standard deviation2
Standard domain1
Standard equipment1
Standard form requirement1
Standard imitation1
Standard intro1
Standard life1
Standard life in Israel1
Standard lullaby1
Standard ma non troppo1
standard model1
Standard moods1
Standard of freedom1
Standard of living1
Standard of reference2
Standard of St George1
Standard outro1
Standard pleasure model1
Standard procedure2
Standard ride1
Standard room only1
Standard shadows1
Standard song1
Standard swing1
Standard tile1
Standard time4
standard to end all standards1
Standard without words1
Standards and blues1
Standards of language IIIIII1
Standby waltz1
Standchen from schwanengesang D957 no 41
Standchen fur Marsyas2
Standchen op 1351
Standin and lookin blues1
Standin at the crossroads1
Standin in the need of prayer3
Standin in the rain blues1
Standin on the corner1
Standin tall2
Standing alone1
Standing and bending1
Standing around crying1
Standing at the crossroads1
Standing at the edge of the world1
Standing at the jump1
Standing at the window waving goodbye1
Standing before time1
Standing by1
Standing by the bedside of my neighbour1
Standing by the highway1
Standing by the shell sea mit Giacinto1
Standing by the shell sea mit Giacinto reprise1
Standing eight1
Standing female nude1
Standing figure1
Standing here1
Standing here wondering which way to go2
Standing in line1
Standing in need of prayer1
Standing in the dark1
Standing in the light2
Standing in the need of prayer8
Standing in the rain2
Standing in the shadows of love2
Standing in the sittingroom1
Standing in the wind1
Standing in your way1
Standing motion1
Standing my ground1
Standing on a rabbit1
Standing on a whale1
Standing on a whale fishing for minnows2
Standing on the corner20
Standing on the corner blues1
Standing on the outside of love1
Standing on the pier1
Standing on the rooftop1
Standing on the shoulders of giants1
Standing on the sidelines1
Standing on the solid rock1
Standing on the verge1
Standing on two feet1
Standing outside1
Standing ovation1
Standing Pat1
standing pose1
Standing proud1
Standing room1
Standing room only3
Standing snags1
Standing so pretty2
Standing still5
Standing stones1
Standing tall2
Standing there2
Standing under happiness1
Standing up1
Standing up in a hammock4
Standing up side down1
Standing wave4
Standing wave suite1
Standing waves1
Standing where the changes begin1
Standing with Sally1
Stando cosi le coe1
Standup comic4
Standup guys1
Standy by1
Stane se ze1
Stange march to1
Stange up1
Stange vibes1
stanger on earth1
Stangovning 1161
Stanhope Gardens1
Stanhope Place1
Stanica podlugovi1
Stanislavsky method1
Stank run1
Stank up and get funky1
Stank you very much1
Stankeye grazy1
Stanky leg1
Stanky P1
Stanley & Freddie1
Stanley breakfast1
Stanley Clarke bass solo1
Stanley Free1
Stanley Hill Dr1
Stanley Hills Drive1
Stanley Park2
Stanley Spencer1
Stanley stamps gibbon album3
Stanley stealer1
Stanley steamer4
Stanley steams in1
Stanley stomper1
Stanley Street1
Stanley T2
Stanley the steamer5
Stanley the stomper1
Stanleys answer1
Stanleys blues1
Stanleys dance1
Stanleys groove1
Stanleys kwela1
Stanleys kwels1
Stanleys last howl1
Stanleys package1
Stanleys shuffle2
Stanleys song1
Stanleys stiff chickens1
Stanleys time4
Stanleys tune1
Stanleys waltz1
Stanna tid1
Stanno tutti bene1
Stanote mho sogna1
Stanotte come ogni notte1
Stanotte sentirai una canzone1
Stans attitude1
Stans blues14
Stans boogie2
Stans dance10
Stans donuts2
Stans invention1
Stans mood1
Stans palace1
Stans shuffle5
Stans song2
Stans thing1
Stans tune1
Stans waltz1
Stanshaw stomp1
Stanton hits the bottle1
Stanton theme1
Stanwell perpetual1
Stanza blue1
Stapel op swing1
Staphylococcus aureus1
Staple it together1
Stapled mates1
Star 47 Ursae Majoris1
Star 691
Star and garter waltz1
Star animal1
Star arrow1
Star bag1
Star barnacle1
Star beams1
Star blues3
Star book1
Star borne1
Star bright1
Star burst2
Star by cellar light1
Star cap1
Star carol2
Star carousel1
Star catchers1
Star chamber2
Star child1
Star children1
Star City1
Star city waltz1
Star come out of the night1
Star crossed1
star crossed lovers21
Star dance6
Star dancer3
Star dancing1
Star de Paname1
Star doom1
Star dreams1
Star drift1
Star dust1631
Star dust bossa nova1
Star dust for Pee Wee1
Star dust mambo1
Star dust splatter1
Star eyes481
Star eyes medley1
star fell on Alabama1
star fell out of heaven2
Star ferry1
Star field1
Star fire4
Star flakes2
Star flight1
Star flite1
Star flower1
Star flowers1
star for you2
Star fore2
Star gate1
Star gaze2
Star gazer2
star gazer am I1
Star gazing3
Star guys1
Star highs1
Star hill boogie1
Star hustler1
star in my love1
Star in the crescent1
Star in the east1
Star insignia1
star is born2
Star island1
Star Island drive1
Star jasmine2
Star jive1
Star jumpin2
Star kissed1
Star LA1
Star light1
Star light star bright2
Star line1
Star love1
Star lover1
Star me kitten1
Star mist2
Star music1
Star night1
star not far enough1
Star number blues1
Star of a story2
star of a very nice summers day1
Star of Africa1
Star of David1
Star of fortune1
Star of Greece1
Star of hope1
star of India1
Star of Jupiter1
Star of love2
star of something similar1
Star of Sparta1
Star of the county down6
Star of the east1
Star of the east rag1
Star of the morning1
Star of the movie1
Star of the north1
star of the show1
Star of the story2
Star of the time in rose1
Star of wonder1
Star on Cicely3
Star opening1
star or two1
Star over monhegan1
Star peace1
Star people21
Star pixie1
Star point1
star pools1
Star prairie1
Star quality1
star ragtime3
Star rubbed1
Star sail1
Star sapphire1
Star se legher1
Star search2
Star seed1
Star seeding1
Star ship future folk music1
Star soliloquy1
Star solo1
Star song5
Star sounds4
star spangled banner49
Star spangled blues1
Star spangled rhythm1
Star spinning1
star splitter1
Star stream2
Star stuff1
Star suite III north star1
star the crescent and the police captain1
Star time2
star to my father4
star told a story1
Star traveler2
Star Trek8
Star Trek and Bird Like1
Star Trek I1
Star trek main theme1
Star Trek theme1
Star trick1
Star trippin1
star trying1
Star turn1
Star turtle1
Star Wars9
Star Wars main theme1

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