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This index refers to the 530,380 individual tune titles (1,589,338 total entries) included in over 243,576 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of December, 2019.

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Page S69 - Song for Shizino to Song of joy for the predestined

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Tune nameSessions
Song for Shizino1
Song for Shizuno1
Song for Shorter1
Song for Sid2
Song for Sidiki1
Song for Signe2
Song for Sigurd1
Song for silence2
Song for Silver2
Song for Simon1
Song for Simone1
Song for Sinne1
Song for sinners1
Song for sister1
Song for Sisyphus6
song for skinny spaces1
Song for sleeping1
Song for Sluggsie1
Song for snake1
Song for Solveig1
Song for Somalia1
Song for someone5
Song for something else1
Song for sometime1
Song for son1
Song for Sonny3
Song for soprano2
Song for Soweto1
Song for Spanky1
Song for spoiled little children1
Song for Spot1
Song for spring1
Song for SR2
Song for Stacia1
song for Stan2
Song for Stanley1
Song for Stanley T3
Song for Stanley Turrentine1
Song for Starsy1
song for Stas1
Song for Stef1
Song for Stefan2
Song for Stella1
Song for Stephanie3
Song for Steve2
Song for Stina1
Song for Stitt1
Song for straphangers1
Song for Strayhorn20
Song for string bass1
Song for Stu1
Song for Sue2
Song for Suji1
Song for Sulieman1
Song for survival1
Song for Susan6
Song for Suzanne3
Song for Suzy5
Song for sweethearts1
Song for Swirek1
Song for T2
Song for Tamara1
Song for Tchula1
Song for teens1
Song for Tex2
Song for TH1
Song for Thad1
Song for Thaddeus2
Song for the 9th ward1
Song for the African coal children1
Song for the ages1
Song for the amiable child I1
Song for the amiable child II1
Song for the amiable child III1
song for the ancestors2
Song for the animals3
Song for the asking2
Song for the bearded lady4
Song for the beautiful woman1
Song for the bees1
Song for the bereaved1
Song for the birds1
Song for the black cat1
Song for the boys1
Song for the bride1
Song for the British working class1
Song for the cats2
Song for the changing seasons1
Song for the children5
Song for the chocolate grandson1
Song for the crossing1
Song for the cymbals1
Song for the dancers1
Song for the day1
Song for the dreamer4
Song for the early worm1
Song for the earth1
Song for the egg1
Song for the fly1
Song for the friends1
Song for the garlic seller1
Song for the geese2
Song for the gone2
Song for the gypsy1
Song for the harvest2
Song for the hopeful1
Song for the insemination of the date palm tree1
Song for the invisible1
Song for the journey1
Song for the killer1
song for the lazes1
Song for the little dog1
Song for the little feet1
Song for the lonely sailor1
Song for the lost1
Song for the lost people1
Song for the loved ones1
Song for the masters1
Song for the middle pedal1
Song for the mira3
Song for the mistral wind1
Song for the mother of the world1
Song for the motherland1
Song for the mountain1
Song for the new born woman1
Song for the new city1
Song for the new day1
Song for the new decade1
Song for the new man3
Song for the New South Africa1
Song for the newborn2
Song for the night1
Song for the oceans1
Song for the old country1
Song for the old lovers1
Song for the old ones1
Song for the old world1
song for the one1
Song for the open road1
Song for the other guy1
Song for the people1
Song for the people mama and for rosa too1
Song for the Peshmerga1
Song for the petty ones1
Song for the Queen of Bohemia1
Song for the rain forest1
Song for the rams horn1
Song for the reds1
Song for the resistance1
Song for the seals1
Song for the seasons1
Song for the serpent1
Song for the Silver family1
song for the singer1
Song for the small planet1
Song for the sons1
Song for the souls1
Song for the spirit of development1
Song for the spiritual journeyer1
Song for the spring1
Song for the street people2
Song for the sun4
Song for the swan1
Song for the Tarahumera1
Song for the top1
Song for the twins1
Song for the underdog1
Song for the universe1
Song for the unsung3
Song for the valy1
Song for the whales4
Song for the workers1
Song for the world2
Song for thee1
Song for Thelonius1
song for them1
Song for Thomas1
Song for Tina1
Song for TJ1
Song for TKJD1
Song for TM1
Song for To3
Song for today1
Song for Tom2
Song for Tomas1
Song for tomorrow5
Song for Tony4
Song for Tony no 21
Song for Toots5
Song for Tracie Dixon Summers1
Song for Tracy the turtle1
song for Trane1
Song for Tristan1
Song for Trotter1
Song for tuba1
Song for Tung1
Song for TWB1
Song for twilight1
Song for twins1
Song for two3
Song for two Sofis1
Song for Tyler1
Song for u ju and you1
Song for Ursula1
song for us2
Song for Valy3
Song for Velader1
Song for Vera1
Song for Vesna1
Song for Vickie2
Song for Violet1
Song for VM1
Song for Wayne1
Song for Wes1
Song for whats gone1
song for when the temple is rebuilt1
Song for Willie1
Song for Willy Graz1
Song for Winchester1
Song for Winnie2
song for wizards1
Song for women1
Song for Woody1
Song for world forgiveness4
Song for Wounded Knee1
Song for Xero2
Song for Yemaya1
song for Yemayah1
Song for Yette1
Song for Yogam1
song for you112
Song for you far away1
song for you in April1
song for you too1
Song for you upstart1
Song for your mother1
Song for your return1
Song for your supper3
song for Yuki1
Song for Yusef2
Song for Zagreb1
Song for Zara1
Song for Zara Grace1
Song for Zeenat1
Song for ZT1
Song Forgive me waltz1
Song form Moulin Rouge1
Song Freaky Friday1
Song from a cotton field1
Song from a secret garden1
Song from afar1
Song from Argentina1
Song from Assata1
Song from Boston1
Song from Brahmaputra1
Song from children1
Song from Desiree1
Song from Djura1
Song from easy1
Song from Eden1
Song from far away2
song from last night1
song from Latvia1
Song from Mara2
Song from MASH10
Song from Moldva1
Song from Morocco1
Song from Moulin Rouge21
Song from mountains1
Song from my father1
Song from my heart1
song from my past1
Song from Norrpada1
Song from passive resistance1
Song from Qaanaaq1
Song from Rettvik1
Song from Romania1
Song from sing sing1
Song from somewhere1
Song from the black earth1
Song from the border I1
Song from the border II1
Song from the end of the world1
song from the father tribe of the forbidden Aviary1
Song from the highest tower1
song from the hills2
song from the Moulin Rouge3
Song from the old country4
Song from the Oscar1
Song from the rubble1
Song from the south1
song from the stars1
Song from the valediction1
Song from the valley1
Song from The Valley of the Nightingales1
song from the valleys1
Song from the West1
Song from the white river1
song from there1
Song from Two for the Seasaw1
Song from Utanmyra2
Song from within1
Song from yesterday2
Song from your father4
song goes on2
Song H3
song has ended5
Song hate1
Song heaven1
Song Hollandaise1
Song holy hall1
Song hong1
Song huong1
Song I2
song I can cry to1
Song I Extract1
song I love2
song I used to play5
song I wrote for tonight1
song I wrote for you1
Song II2
Song II Left On the beat1
Song II Left On the beatvariations1
Song II Right Off the beat1
Song III1
Song in 51
Song in a canyon2
Song in B minor Eva1
Song in B minor Faure1
Song in B minor Satie1
Song in blue2
Song in C1
Song in D2
Song in D major1
song in ended1
Song in five1
song in harmony1
Song in my head1
song in my soul2
Song in search of a ringtone1
Song in the 5th grade1
song in the key of Dave1
Song in the key of K1
Song in the night2
Song in three1
Song inside1
Song intro60
Song intro by Art Blakey1
Song intro by Bobby Hackett1
Song intro by Chick Corea1
Song intro by Kenton1
Song intro by Stanley Clarke1
Song intro by Stephane Grappelli1
Song introduction86
Song introduction by Dizzy Gillespie1
Song introtuning1
song is all1
song is born2
song is ended171
song is ended but the melody lingers on2
Song is Hugh1
song is me and you1
song is my story URA1
song is not enough1
song is Sean1
song is you541
song is you and me1
song isnt you1
song itself is already a skip1
Song IV2
Song Juan1
song looking for lyrics1
Song M2
Song Ma Belle1
Song man3
Song mecanique1
Song melancholy1
Song mete1
Song Mourn not the dead1
song my granny taught me1
song my lady sings6
Song N1
Song N 31
song named Fian1
song next door1
Song nine2
Song no 17
Song no 25
Song no 32
Song no 42
Song no 51
Song no 62
Song no21
Song noir1
Song not for you1
Song not heard1
song not too happy1
Song number one1
Song O1
Song o songo1
Song of2
Song of a bitch1
Song of a broken word1
song of a circus1
Song of a friend1
Song of a German mother1
Song of a gogobell1
song of a rose petal1
Song of a star2
Song of a sweet memory1
Song of a theocritical goatherd1
Song of a wayfarer1
Song of Adams1
Song of Aeolus5
Song of Akira1
Song of Allah1
song of America1
Song of an aeropteryx side 11
Song of an aeropteryx side 21
Song of an impatiencer1
Song of Antonio2
Song of April1
song of Aragon1
Song of Ashug1
song of autumn1
Song of baobab1
song of beautiful swan1
Song of Bernadette3
Song of bird1
Song of birds2
Song of BoWaGe1
Song of Brazil1
Song of Breda1
Song of Brindavan1
Song of Busoga1
Song of change2
Song of changes1
Song of childhood1
Song of Clifford1
Song of clouds1
Song of Colovin1
Song of corrosion1
Song of courage2
Song of creation1
Song of Daphne1
Song of dawn1
Song of Delia and Raoul1
Song of Delilah17
Song of desolation1
Song of destiny1
Song of dreams1
song of drums1
song of dulcinea1
Song of dying1
Song of eclipse1
Song of ecos1
Song of ecstasy1
Song of everywhen1
Song of experience1
Song of extremadura1
Song of facts1
song of fall and sun1
Song of fantasy2
song of fear1
Song of feelings1
song of female ignorance1
Song of fire & ice1
Song of five1
Song of freedom1
Song of friendship1
Song of Fulton and Gold1
song of Gelsomina1
Song of Gideon1
Song of gods1
Song of gratitude2
Song of green mansions1
song of green pig1
Song of happiness6
Song of happy1
Song of her7
Song of Hoe1
Song of home3
song of homesickness1
Song of hope15
Song of hope and peace for the future of humanity1
Song of humanity3
Song of Hungary1
Song of ice bag1
Song of India143
Song of injured love1
Song of innocence3
song of investment capital overseas2
Song of invisible labour1
Song of Iska1
Song of island1
Song of Ive1
Song of Jean1
song of jet1
Song of joy4
Song of joy for the predestined1

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