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This index refers to the 525,213 individual tune titles (1,576,463 total entries) included in over 242,134 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of August, 2019.

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Page S66 - Sonata part II to Song for Christoph S

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Tune nameSessions
Sonata part II1
Sonata patethique part II1
Sonata pathetique3
Sonata per Alice1
Sonata per Chiara1
Sonata per matrimonio nel sombrero della portiera1
Sonata Portuguesa1
Sonata seconda1
sonata to Genie1
Sonata tragica1
Sonata VI1
Sonate 19701
Sonate a part1
Sonate au clair de luneEspoir1
Sonate breve echappee1
Sonate Cdur2
Sonate charentaise1
Sonate dautomne pour sonotone1
Sonate dmoll K11
Sonate en fa1
Sonate en re majeur2
Sonate en re majeur pour deux pianos K 4481
Sonate en re mineur1
Sonate en trio1
Sonate en ut1
Sonate for alto saxophone and piano1
Sonate for alto saxophone and piano Allegro1
Sonate for alto saxophone and piano Allegro moderato1
Sonate for alto saxophone and piano Andante In memory of�1
Sonate for alto saxophone and piano Freely as fast as possible1
Sonate for alto saxophone and piano Lento1
Sonate for alto saxophone and piano Moderato1
Sonate for alto saxophone and piano ModeratoAllegro1
Sonate for alto saxophone and piano Poco allegro1
Sonate for alto saxophone and piano Scherzando1
Sonate for alto saxophone and piano Slowly1
Sonate for alto saxophone and piano Vivo1
Sonate for flote cdur1
Sonate for harpsichord in Fmi1
Sonate for two pianos1
Sonate frivole1
Sonate fur flote cdur1
Sonate in C minor Toccata1
Sonate in E flat major1
Sonate no 11 Andante and variations 123 & 61
Sonate no 11 Rondo alla turque2
Sonate no 41
Sonate no 51
Sonate no 61
Sonate no 6 de Luigi Boccherini1
Sonate no1 for spontaneous piano Derborence1
Sonate no2 for spontaneous piano La grande peur1
Sonate no3 for spontaneous piano1
Sonate nr 8 F dur1
Sonate pathetique2
Sonate pathetique op 131
Sonate pour deux pianistes1
Sonate pour saxophone alto et piano1
Sonate pouyr 2 pianos1
Sonate satirique1
Sonatina 11
Sonatina 21
Sonatina 31
Sonatina for Melissa2
Sonatina for piano1
Sonatina in a first movement1
Sonatina in a second movement1
Sonatina in beat1
Sonatina in C for mandolin and piano1
Sonatina in G1
Sonatina no 11
Sonatina per Andrea1
Sonatina per Maria1
Sonatine for flute and piano1
Sonatine frei1
Sonatine Modere1
Sonatine von Beethoven1
Sonatine von Clementi1
Sonatine von Mozart1
Sonato for Joan1
Sondag i sangen1
Sondagar ar bra att fordriva1
Sonderjysk kaffebord1
Sondre Gt 111
Sonds good1
Soneday sweetheart1
Sonet for a new friend1
sonet on phenomena and existence1
Sonet XIX1
Soneta vinem a lull1
Soneto de fidelidade1
Soneto de la despedida1
Soneto de renato1
Soneto de separacao1
Soneto del amor obscuro1
Sonett 11
Sonett 931
Sonett for ostersund1
Sonett till Cornelis1
Sonetto 104 del petrarca1
Sonetto 123 del petrarca1
Sonetto 47 del petrarca1
Soneus I1
Soneus II1
Soneus III1
Song 19
Song 1 The dawn1
Song 1 The Montgomery bus boycott 381 days of fire1
Song 1 valsa1
Song 103
Song 10 choro1
Song 121
Song 15 valsa1
Song 152 choro1
Song 153 samba1
Song 26
Song 2 maxixe1
Song 2 The first light gold1
Song 2 The twilight1
Song 211
Song 23 baiao1
Song 2671
Song 29 baiao1
Song 36
Song 3 Change it1
Song 30 choro1
Song 31 valsa1
Song 3151
Song 391
Song 45
Song 4 B1
Song 4 her1
Song 4 Kim1
Song 4 The truth1
song 4 U1
Song 43I b imbi giocano1
Song 47 bossa nova1
Song 54
Song 5 No fear1
Song 5 valsa1
Song 64
Song 6 The second light1
Song 72
Song 7 Pure love1
Song 84
Song 81 bossa nova1
Song 92
Song A + B1
song a robin sings3
song about a hole somewhere1
song about a lost heart1
song about being sad1
Song about earth1
Song about love4
song about the bears1
song about the railroad shack1
song about the usual thing1
song after1
song after sundown4
Song against patriotism1
Song ago1
Song along the way1
Song and dance19
Song and dance a suite in three grooves part 11
Song and dance a suite in three grooves part 21
Song and dance a suite in three grooves part 31
Song and dance and1
Song and dance man2
Song and story1
song and the dance1
song and the vacuum1
Song and variations1
Song at dusk1
Song at midnight1
Song at seventeen1
Song Ateam1
Song Atomic bomb1
Song B1
Song ballad1
Song bat smile1
Song before breakfast1
Song before sunrise2
Song before sunset1
Song bird2
Song Bodega Bay1
Song bouncy1
Song burst1
Song by the sea5
Song by three1
Song C1
Song cycle I1
Song dautomme1
Song dautomne1
Song dautumne1
song dedicated to Bill1
Song din filmul Parasutistu1
Song Dr Deep1
Song Dragon is his name1
Song E1
Song eleven1
Song everlasting1
Song F1
Song fall soft1
Song farewell1
Song fife1
Song for8
Song for 12 clarinet1
Song for 2 Dons1
Song for 51
Song for A4
Song for a baby1
Song for a bird1
Song for a black woman1
Song for a blind man1
Song for a blue planet1
Song for a brother1
Song for a cat1
Song for a cello1
song for a child2
Song for a crow1
Song for a day of happiness1
Song for a dreamer1
Song for a fat lady1
Song for a friend11
Song for a good guy1
Song for a happy girl1
Song for a holy land1
Song for a hot summer night1
Song for a kalimba and a string instrument1
Song for a lady2
Song for a latin lady1
Song for a liftman1
Song for a little person1
Song for a lonely owl1
Song for a lonely woman2
Song for a lost weekend1
Song for a lovely killer1
Song for a lovely woman1
Song for a mellow fellow1
Song for a new day4
Song for a new decade2
Song for a new life2
Song for a new South Africa2
Song for a New York rainmaker1
Song for a pea1
Song for a planet1
Song for a poet1
Song for a pretty girl1
Song for a princess2
Song for a rainbow3
Song for a sad day2
song for a sad lady4
Song for a sad movie1
Song for a sad puppeteer1
Song for a show owl1
song for a simple time1
Song for a singer1
Song for a sister1
Song for a small boy1
song for a smile1
Song for a special friend1
Song for a special lady1
Song for a spider1
Song for a stranger1
Song for a sucker like you2
Song for a swinging highlander1
song for a true artist1
Song for a tube1
Song for a united socialist Pan Africa1
Song for a vamp1
Song for a willow1
Song for a woman1
Song for Aaron Copeland Alto Annies theme1
Song for AB1
Song for Abbey1
Song for Abdullah9
Song for Abdullahapart1
Song for Abi1
Song for Abraham1
Song for Adela1
Song for adnarim1
Song for AF1
Song for Aggrey2
Song for Agnes3
Song for Ahmed1
Song for Aidan1
Song for Aki1
Song for Al2
Song for Alan1
Song for Alba1
Song for Albert1
Song for Alberte1
Song for ale1
Song for Alex4
Song for Alexander1
Song for Alexandra1
Song for Ali2
song for Ali 21
Song for Alice2
Song for Aline1
Song for Alison1
Song for all1
song for all ages2
Song for all children1
Song for all of us1
Song for all seasons1
Song for all souls1
Song for Allie1
Song for Alma1
Song for Altziber1
Song for Amelia2
Song for Amos4
song for Amy6
Song for An2
Song for an African child3
Song for an angel1
Song for an old soul1
Song for an old squaw1
Song for an unborn child1
Song for an unfinished woman1
Song for an untitled lady1
Song for Ana1
Song for Andrea2
Song for Andrew1
Song for Andrew no 12
Song for Andy2
Song for Andy Brown1
Song for angels1
song for Ani1
Song for Ania1
Song for Anja1
Song for Anna8
song for Anna Sophia2
Song for Anne3
Song for Annette1
Song for Annie3
Song for Anny1
Song for Another Lovely War1
song for Anto2
Song for Antonia1
Song for anyone1
Song for Arco1
Song for Aretha1
Song for Argentina2
Song for Aria1
Song for Arjun1
Song for Atala5
Song for Attila2
Song for Audhumla1
song for Audino1
song for Audrey1
Song for Augusto1
Song for Autumn2
Song for Ava2
Song for Avishai1
Song for B3
song for Babe1
Song for babyshka1
Song for Bacon1
Song for bad1
Song for Badi1
Song for Bala1
Song for Balkis2
Song for Bam Bam2
song for Barbara5
Song for Barry7
Song for Basie3
Song for bass2
Song for BE1
Song for Bea1
Song for Beatrice1
Song for Bechet1
song for beggars1
Song for Bela1
Song for Ben3
Song for Ben and Gidi1
Song for Ben Van Gelder1
song for Ben Webster2
Song for Bengt1
Song for Benjamin2
Song for Benni1
Song for Bennie1
Song for Bernhard1
Song for Bernt1
Song for Bert1
Song for Bertl1
Song for Betony1
Song for Betty3
Song for Bev2
Song for Bheki1
Song for Biba1
Song for Biko3
Song for Bilbao10
Song for Bill5
Song for Bill and Eddie1
Song for Bill C1
Song for Billie1
Song for Billie Holiday4
Song for Billy1
Song for Billy Hyde1
song for Bird3
Song for Birgitta1
Song for BJ1
Song for Bluiett1
song for Bo1
Song for Bob3
Song for Bobby2
Song for Bobby Hutcherson1
Song for Bobby Sands1
Song for Bobby Smith1
Song for Bobe1
Song for bohemian1
Song for Bonnie1
Song for Boo1
Song for Borjomi1
Song for Bosnia1
song for Brazil1
Song for Brian1
Song for Brigitte1
song for Buddha1
Song for Bumbi1
Song for Bumiji1
Song for Burg1
song for C melody1
Song for Cables1
Song for Cal2
Song for Calder1
Song for Cameron1
Song for Camille3
Song for Camillo1
Song for Cannonball1
song for Cantor OReilly1
Song for Cape Town2
Song for Carabello1
Song for Carina2
Song for Carla3
Song for Carlo1
Song for Carlos1
Song for Carol1
Song for Caroline2
Song for Carry Rabbit1
Song for Cathy3
Song for CC1
Song for Ce Ci1
Song for Cecil2
Song for Cecilia1
Song for Cecilie1
Song for cetaceans1
Song for Chako1
Song for Chano2
Song for Charles3
Song for Charles Mingus1
Song for Charlie3
Song for Charlie Haden1
Song for Chas2
Song for Che30
Song for Cheryl1
Song for Chesney1
Song for Chick1
Song for Chico2
Song for Chicomendes1
song for children2
Song for China flute1
Song for Chris4
Song for Christian2
Song for Christina4
Song for Christine1
song for Christmas7
Song for Christoph S1

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