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This index refers to the 532,270 individual tune titles (1,593,917 total entries) included in over 244,057 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of January, 2020.

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Page S65 - Something like now to Somewhere over the tones

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Tune nameSessions
Something like now1
Something like serenity1
Something like that4
Something like that kind of thing1
Something like the blues1
Something like this7
Something like what2
Something like you1
Something lingers2
Something looks strange1
Something lost1
Something lurking1
Something mainstream1
Something major1
Something makes me want to dance with you1
Something may go wrong2
Something mellow1
Something missing3
Something money cant buy1
Something more6
Something more than guillotine1
Something must happen2
Something mysterious2
Something natural1
Something new27
Something new for you1
Something new from Africa1
Something new in my life1
Something new something blue1
Something nice1
Something nice for Bobby1
Something nice for my dog1
Something of a fool1
Something of a romance1
Something of all1
Something of yours1
Something old4
Something old something blue3
Something old something blues1
Something old something new5
Something on my mind3
Something on your mind7
Something or other1
Something out of nothing1
Something out of nowhere1
Something out of the blue1
Something out there1
Something passed me by1
Something personal4
Something pretty2
Something private1
Something quick1
Something quiet2
Something real3
Something red1
Something red in the blue1
Something restless1
Something rotten in East St Louis1
Something sad1
Something sad about a clown1
Something said1
Something said in passing1
Something saxual1
Something seems tingleingleing1
Something seems to tell me1
Something sentimental4
Something sexual1
Something sharp1
Something she said3
Something she would do1
Something similar3
Something simple1
Something singular1
Something Slavic1
Something slick1
Something small1
Something so right8
Something so simple1
Something so true1
Something soft2
Something sometimes1
Something songful1
Something soon1
Something Spanish2
Something special27
Something specific and perfect for my city1
Something spiritual2
Something stirring in my soul1
Something stolen something blue1
Something strange1
Something stupid19
Something sweet4
Something sweet and tender1
Something sweet something1
Something sweet something tender30
Something sweet something tender cienega1
Something sweet something tenderthe sphinx1
Something tall and cool1
Something tasty1
Something tells me23
Something tells me Im falling in love4
Something tender3
Something tender something sweet1
Something that she said1
Something that you do1
Something the cat dragged in1
Something there4
Something there is that doesnt love1
Something to believe in2
Something to blow about1
Something to celebrate2
Something to change1
Something to consider1
Something to do while were waiting1
Something to do with Max2
Something to do with spring1
Something to drink1
Something to eat1
Something to give1
Something to go on1
Something to hold on to2
Something to listen to2
Something to live by1
Something to live for145
Something to make you change your mind1
Something to offend everyone1
Something to pat your foot to1
Something to play on2
Something to remember4
Something to remember by1
Something to remember me by1
Something to remember you by71
Something to remind you1
Something to shout about1
Something to sing3
Something to sing about3
Something to start with1
Something to tell you2
Something to think about1
Something to vamp about1
Something to wash over me1
Something to wish for1
Something to work on1
Something to write home about1
Something unexpected1
Something unknown1
Something unseen1
Something unusual1
Something up her sleeve2
Something very previousYoung man with a1
Something very strange1
Something walking1
Something warm1
Something was missing2
Something we don’t remember1
Something we may never know2
Something went wrong1
Something weve got1
Something wicked1
Something will come to light1
Something with someone1
Something with tango1
Something within me3
Something wonderful26
Something wonderful happens2
Something wonderful happens in summer4
Something wonderful happens in the summer1
Something worth living for1
Something worth waiting1
Something worth waiting for2
Something wrong1
Something wrong going on1
Something wrong in our house1
Something wrong with my machine1
Something wrong with my mind1
Something you are1
Something you can do with it1
Something you got24
Something you left behind1
Something you never had before3
Something you said8
Something youve got7
Somethings always change1
Somethings always happening on the river2
Somethings awry1
Somethings bound to happen1
Somethings changed1
Somethings comin3
Somethings comin your way1
Somethings coming59
Somethings cookin3
Somethings done gone wrong1
Somethings following me1
Somethings goin on wrong1
Somethings going1
Somethings going on in my room1
Somethings going to give me away1
Somethings gone wrong1
Somethings gone wrong in my life1
Somethings gonna give me away1
Somethings gonna happen to you1
Somethings got a hold of me2
Somethings got a hold on me11
Somethings got to give6
Somethings gotta be done1
Somethings gotta change1
Somethings gotta give68
Somethings hot1
Somethings missing in my life1
Somethings off here1
Somethings on your mind5
Somethings shifting1
Somethings strange1
Somethings up3
Somethings worrying me1
Somethings wrong9
Somethings wrong in our house1
Somethingss gotta give1
Something’s gotta give1
Somethins brewin1
Somethins comin1
Somethins cookin3
Somethins happenin1
Somethin’ in da water1
Somethng left unsaid1
Sometime after1
Sometime ago169
Sometime agos1
Sometime boogie1
Sometime during eternity1
Sometime I dont remember1
Sometime I feel like going home1
Sometime Im happy1
Sometime in another life1
Sometime in Iberia1
Sometime in May1
Sometime it snows in April1
Sometime last spring1
Sometime later3
Sometime laterand after1
Sometime lovin1
Sometime never1
Sometime other than now1
Sometime remind me to tell you1
Sometime samba1
Sometime somewhere1
Sometime somewhere somehow2
Sometime soon7
Sometime then1
sometime thing2
Sometime this evening1
Sometime tonight1
Sometime when youre alone1
Sometime when youre lonely4
Sometime wife1
Sometime yesterday1
Sometime youll know1
Sometimes a day goes by1
Sometimes a halflife is just not enough1
Sometimes a hammer fixes all that1
Sometimes a heart goes astray1
Sometimes a man1
sometimes a red nose and big shoes arent enough1
Sometimes a waltz1
Sometimes ago3
Sometimes ah1
Sometimes alone2
Sometimes always1
Sometimes at night1
Sometimes before dawn1
Sometimes believe in yourself1
Sometimes blues1
Sometimes braid1
Sometimes bread3
Sometimes Bubba gets down2
Sometimes down1
Sometimes dust coup1
Sometimes everytime1
Sometimes I1
Sometimes I am happy1
Sometimes I cry1
Sometimes I do1
Sometimes I dont wanna go home1
Sometimes I dream3
Sometimes I feel7
Sometimes I feel it this way1
Sometimes I feel like a millionaire1
Sometimes I feel like a motherless child215
Sometimes I feel like a motherless child )1
Sometimes I feel so sick at the state of the world1
Sometimes I fell like a motherless child1
Sometimes I get very sad1
Sometimes I have rhythm1
Sometimes I just forget to smile2
Sometimes I miss him1
Sometimes I need a mother1
Sometimes I need some time1
Sometimes I remember2
Sometimes I see3
Sometimes I see people1
Sometimes I slip1
Sometimes I think1
Sometimes I think I do1
Sometimes I think I love you1
Sometimes I wanna1
Sometimes I will1
Sometimes I will have time1
Sometimes I wonder9
Sometimes I wonder why1
Sometimes Im happy457
Sometimes Im in the mood1
Sometimes in snows in April1
Sometimes in the night1
Sometimes in winter4
Sometimes it all falls into place the dogs are groomed and well fed1
Sometimes it be that way1
Sometimes it goes like that2
Sometimes it happens2
Sometimes it is1
Sometimes it is sometimes it aint1
Sometimes it just goes to show1
Sometimes it just happens1
Sometimes it rains1
Sometimes it snows in April15
Sometimes it takes your heart1
Sometimes its better to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission1
Sometimes its easy1
Sometimes its hard1
Sometimes its hard to believe1
Sometimes its hard to convey1
Sometimes its hard to get dressed in the morning1
Sometimes its like youre deadBass time1
Sometimes its real1
Sometimes I’m happy1
Sometimes joie2
Sometimes love1
Sometimes my burden3
Sometimes my burden is hard to bear1
Sometimes my burden is so hard to bear40
Sometimes my burden is too hard to bear3
Sometimes my heart cries1
Sometimes my thoughts also sound like this1
Sometimes my thoughts sound like this1
Sometimes notes are less than 121
Sometimes part I1
Sometimes part II1
Sometimes peace reigns in the heart1
Sometimes people are good2
Sometimes perpetually1
Sometimes plums sometimes turnips1
Sometimes sadness1
Sometimes shit goes down like that1
Sometimes silence2
Sometimes stuff just happens1
Sometimes the sadness1
Sometimes the universe speaks1
Sometimes there are no words1
Sometimes twice1
Sometimes we cant see why1
Sometimes we cry1
Sometimes we say Monk1
Sometimes when we touch4
Sometimes when you have time its easier to love1
Sometimes when youre lonely3
Sometimes Y1
Sometimes yes sometimes no1
Sometimes you can take it or leave it1
Sometimes you feel like that2
Sometimes you got to let the people know1
Sometimes you gotta ask for what you want1
Sometimes you have to choose sides1
Sometimes you have to cry1
Sometimes you just know2
Sometimes you know1
Sometimes you need an airport1
Sometimes you win sometimes you lose1
Sometimes you win when you loose1
Sometimes youre loveable1
Somett ode hus1
Somewhat blues1
Somewhat frevo1
Somewhat later1
Somewhat others1
Somewhat powerless1
Somewhat refined samba1
Somewhat somewhere somehow2
Somewhere a voice is calling6
Somewhere a woman is singing1
Somewhere above the clouds1
Somewhere after1
Somewhere along the ine1
Somewhere along the line6
Somewhere along the Nile1
Somewhere along the path1
Somewhere along the way41
Somewhere before4
Somewhere before the end1
Somewhere between1
Somewhere between dreaming and sleeping1
Somewhere between Heaven and hell1
Somewhere between heaven and Woolworths1
Somewhere between nine and ten1
Somewhere between old and New York1
Somewhere between Sunday and Saturday night1
Somewhere beyond1
Somewhere beyond the sea3
Somewhere beyond tonight1
Somewhere called home1
Somewhere down below the Dixon line1
Somewhere down in1
Somewhere down the line5
Somewhere down the road1
Somewhere east1
Somewhere else15
Somewhere else before2
Somewhere else part 11
Somewhere else part 21
Somewhere far away3
Somewhere final1
Somewhere folk song1
Somewhere I belong1
Somewhere I have never travelled3
Somewhere I never travelled1
Somewhere if not in heaven1
Somewhere Ill be walking for my Lord1
Somewhere in a beehouse1
Somewhere in a dream2
Somewhere in August1
Somewhere in between6
Somewhere in Brasil1
Somewhere in Brazil1
Somewhere in Coxsackie1
Somewhere in England1
Somewhere in Erin1
Somewhere in Italy1
Somewhere in Korea1
Somewhere in May1
Somewhere in my dreams1
Somewhere in my lifetime2
Somewhere in my memory4
Somewhere in my mind1
Somewhere in my past1
Somewhere in Naples1
Somewhere in New Jersey1
Somewhere in Seoul1
Somewhere in September1
Somewhere in space3
Somewhere in Sydney1
Somewhere in that direction1
Somewhere in the city1
Somewhere in the dark1
Somewhere in the day1
Somewhere in the east2
Somewhere in the forest1
Somewhere in the garden1
Somewhere in the heart of LA1
Somewhere in the hills14
Somewhere in the middle3
Somewhere in the Middle East1
Somewhere in the night55
Somewhere in the Orient1
Somewhere in the sky1
Somewhere in the south2
Somewhere in the sun1
Somewhere in the universe2
Somewhere in the west3
Somewhere in the world1
Somewhere in there1
Somewhere in time8
Somewhere in Tokyo1
Somewhere in your heart2
Somewhere island2
Somewhere Ive never been1
Somewhere Ive never travelled1
Somewhere meeting nobody1
Somewhere my love21
Somewhere near2
Somewhere near Heaven1
Somewhere near here1
Somewhere near St Louis1
Somewhere north of south1
Somewhere nowhere3
Somewhere on the 33rd parallel1
Somewhere on Via Roma3
Somewhere only we know1
Somewhere or other1
Somewhere out1
Somewhere out there11
Somewhere over Stockholm1
Somewhere over the mountains1
Somewhere over the Seine1
Somewhere over the tones1

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