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This index refers to the 538,711 individual tune titles (1,609,441 total entries) included in over 245,980 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of July, 2020.

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Page S59 - So perhaps to Sock it to em James Bond

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Tune nameSessions
So perhaps1
So pleased no clue1
So pode ser com voce1
So por amor5
So por vici1
So pra mim1
So pra ouvir1
So pra ver1
So pretty1
So pure1
So quero um xodo1
So quiet1
So quiet the night2
So Ra1
So rare50
So real6
So red the rose1
So relax2
So remember me2
So reminding me2
So rich and yet so very1
So right1
So rise up1
So ro3
So ro godt barn1
So ro rela1
So romantic1
So ruhr ich um mit meinem sabel1
So sad5
So sad and alone1
So sad blues1
So sad I had to laugh1
So sad so blue1
So sad this evening2
So sad to be lonesome1
So samba2
So sanco samba1
So sari1
So sassy1
So saudade4
So scared1
So schon2
So schon ist Tanzmusik1
So schon wie damals1
So schon wie deine Augen1
So schon wie heut1
So schon wie Heut so musst es bleiben3
So se for agora1
So sei gegrurt viel tausendmal1
So send I you1
So sensitive1
So serious1
So sguardo della luna1
So shall I live supposing1
So sharp1
So short so long1
So shy2
So shy shy shy1
So simple2
So simple a beginning1
So slam it1
So slick1
So slow1
So slowly1
So small so big1
So small so weak this bloody sweat of loving1
So smooth2
So so6
So so calypso1
So so do1
So so fine1
So so happy1
So so jah so1
So so low Joe1
So so sad without you1
So so so1
So so so so so see me1
So soft1
So soft so pink1
So soft so tender so true1
So soft your goodbye2
So solid1
So soon4
So soon in the mornin1
So soon this morning blues1
So sorry6
So sorry blues1
So sorry please23
So sorry sil vous plait1
So special2
So spiritual2
So splice1
So stark1
So stell ich mir die Liebe vor1
So steps the giant1
So straight and slow1
So strange2
So stupid1
So stupid to believe in love1
So sublime1
So sue me5
So Sue us1
So sure1
So sure of you1
So suss kann nur die Liebe sein1
So sweet13
So sweet and so sad1
So sweet but so strange1
So sweet is you1
So sweet my little girl4
So sweet of you2
So sweet pt 11
So sweet so far1
So sweetly1
So swell when youre well4
So swell when you’re well1
So sympathetic1
So taken1
So talk1
So talk to me1
So tall a tree1
So tender21
So thankful1
So that2
So that happened1
So that life can endure1
So that life can endure PS with love1
So thats Czak1
So thats how it is3
So thats that1
So thats the kind of a girl you are1
So thats the kind of girl you are2
So the1
So the blackbirds and the bluebirds are together1
So the bluebirds and the blackbirds got together6
So the story goes3
So the story runs1
So there5
So there you are1
So there you go1
So they say6
So they tell me2
So they went with haste1
So this2
So this is Cuba1
So this is goodbye1
So this is heaven3
So this is it1
So this is jazz huh2
So this is love23
So this is official1
So this is Paris2
So this is the blues1
So this is the word1
So this is Venice3
So this then is love1
So thoughtful1
So tihna der sem com voce1
So timba de ser com voce1
So tinha de que ser com voce1
So tinha de ser com1
So tinha de ser com voce18
So tinha de ser come voce1
So tinha de ser con voce1
So tinha de serc con voce1
So tinha que ser com voce2
So tinha que ser come voce1
So tired43
So tired of livin all alone1
So tired so lonely too1
So to close1
So to seep1
So to speak11
So to speake3
So todos fossem iquais a voce1
So tonight1
So tranquilizin1
So treiben wir den Winter aus1
So true5
So tsurumi1
So tun als ob1
So twentieth century2
So um amor1
So undecided1
So unexpectedly1
So unfair1
So verliebt wie heut war ich noch nie1
So very cold1
So very doubled and very much combined1
So very glad1
So very happy variations on a theme1
So very know1
So very pretty1
So very Rob1
So viele lieder sind in mir1
So voce1
So vou de mulber1
So vou de mulher1
So waht1
So warm1
So wath1
So we are2
So well go no more aroving1
So wet1
So what328
So what 20001
So what are your first impressions1
So what became of love1
So what can be new1
So what can I do1
So what could be new2
So what Dilmano1
So what do I care1
So what do you mean1
So what do you think2
So what do you think about John Stevens1
So what else is new1
So what fun1
So what if1
So what if we did1
So what impression then1
So what is your phantasy1
So what next1
So what now2
So what said he and played1
So what the funk1
So what the hell1
So what variations1
So what you say2
So whats new22
So whats old2
So whats up1
So whats your point1
So whatSamba do carioca wav1
So when1
So where ya from Wade1
So which1
So white and so funky1
So whos1
So whos gonna know1
So whos sorry1
So why1
So why am I surprised2
So why didnt you1
So why dont you leave me alone1
So why not2
So wie du1
So wie du vor mir stehst1
So wie ein Lied im Winde verweht1
So wie es klingt1
So will I1
So willing1
So wirds nie wieder sein4
So wistfully sad2
So wonderful4
So worried1
So would I11
So wrong4
So wrong about you1
So wrong so right1
So xote1
So yesterday1
So you1
So you are3
So you are the one1
So you claim1
So you do1
So you dont1
So you going to school1
So you got hope1
So you know how1
So you left1
So you left me1
So you left me for the leader of a swing band3
So you said4
So you say12
So you think you can jazz1
So you think youre cute1
So you wanna be a musician1
So you wanna stay down1
So you want more1
So you want to be a slug1
So you want to be man1
So you want to write a fugue1
So you wont jump2
So you wont sing1
So youll know my name1
So young3
So young so beautiful4
So your love finally ran out for me1
So youre back3
So youre gone1
So youre leaving1
So youre mine2
So youre the one9
So youve fallen in love again1
Soak yo Sally1
Soaked in music1
Soaked sorrows2
Soaking in gravel and shale1
Soam poong1
Soap box1
Soap bubble2
Soap bubbles4
Soap gets in your eyes2
Soap it up1
Soap opera4
Soap opera suite1
Soap suds3
Soapbox derby1
Soapstick blues1
Soapy crow1
Soar away1
Soar like an eagle3
Soares samba1
Soarin samba1
Soarin thru space1
Soaring albatross1
Soaring clouds1
Soaring flower1
Soaring hawk2
Soaring hawks1
Soaring in autumn1
Soaring piasa1
Soaring through a dream1
Soaring thru space1
Soaring thru tin1
Soaring with angels1
Sob a Estrela1
SOB blues2
SOB express1
SOB idea1
Sob sister Sadie4
Sob story1
Soba soba1
Soba to bara1
Soba up1
Sobalarinda kuruda mese1
Sobbin and cryin13
Sobbin and cryin blues3
Sobbin and crying blues1
Sobbin blues149
Sobbin girl1
Sobbin hearted blues5
Sobbin sister blues1
Sobbin the blues1
Sobbin woman blues1
Sobbing and crying1
Sobbing blues2
Sobbing tears blues1
Sobbins blues1
Sobbin� blues1
Sober drunk1
Sober joy1
Sober sailor1
Sober time2
Sober variations1
Soberana rosa1
Sobras da partilha1
Sobre arreglos1
Sobre arreglosnoche1
Sobre as terras1
Sobre como la vida puede ser1
Sobre Kieslowski I1
Sobre la tierra1
Sobre las olas2
Sobre las ole1
Sobre lo verde1
Sobre mi mi koracon doloryozo1
Sobre nuestra vida1
Sobre o papel1
Sobre una nube2
Sobre una nubeNa likolo1
Sobre une nube1
Soburg Sam1
Soca me nice1
Soca mi nice1
Soca nova2
Soca rock1
Soca serenade1
Soca symphony1
Soca you play it1
Socca mocca1
Soccer ball4
Soccer chant1
Soccer land1
Soccers blues1
Sochan schenass1
Sochi boatmen1
Social anxiety1
Social art1
Social assassin1
Social call87
Social calls1
Social capillary hypnosis1
Social cheats1
Social chowder1
Social climate1
Social climber1
Social club2
Social club Buena Vista2
Social confusion1
Social conscience1
Social dance1
Social democratic metal workers union1
Social distortion1
Social drag1
Social drones3
Social graces1
Social hypochondria1
Social inheritance1
Social insecurity1
Social intelligence1
social matrix of technology1
Social media1
Social music1
Social order1
Social polecat3
Social polecat blues1
Social programs1
Social reformers1
Social response1
Social security4
Social security card1
social set1
Social smoker1
Social soft shoe1
Social suicide1
Social systems1
Social unconsciousness1
Social work2
Social workers delight1
Socialistic hip shit1
Socially acceptable insanity1
Socially awkward1
Society Al1
Society bed1
Society blues13
Society boogie2
Society boogie woogie1
Society child1
Society intrigue1
Society jump1
Society mechanics1
Society music1
Society negro american1
Society of niches1
society of the spectacle1
Society red14
Society shuffle medley1
Society steps out1
Societys child2
Sock cha cha2
Sock dance1
Sock drawer1
Sock hop1
Sock it to em James Bond1

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