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This index refers to the 518,062 individual tune titles (1,558,024 total entries) included in over 240,076 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of February, 2019.

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Page S45 - Sittin and wonderin to Sixth daythe people

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Tune nameSessions
Sittin and wonderin1
Sittin around6
Sittin around and dreamin1
Sittin around on Sunday1
Sittin at the table1
Sittin Bull2
Sittin by a waterfall at a full moon2
Sittin by the fire with you1
Sittin by the window1
Sittin down and cryin1
Sittin duck2
Sittin here6
Sittin here all alone1
Sittin here drinkin2
Sittin here drinkin again1
Sittin here in my room1
Sittin home1
Sittin home waitin for you1
Sittin in4
Sittin in a corner9
Sittin in a puddle1
Sittin in at the au privave1
Sittin in blues1
Sittin in it1
Sittin in the barbers chair1
Sittin in the corner2
Sittin in the dark6
Sittin in the dog house1
Sittin in the sandtrap2
Sittin in the sun7
Sittin in with Stitt1
Sittin neath the willow tree1
Sittin on a backyard fence3
Sittin on a cornflake1
Sittin on a dock of the bay1
Sittin on a fence1
Sittin on a log2
Sittin on a rainbow3
Sittin on a rubbish can3
Sittin on a tree top1
Sittin on it all the time4
Sittin on the backyard fence1
Sittin on the boat dock1
Sittin on the curbstone blues2
Sittin on the dock of the bay11
Sittin on the inside lookin at the1
Sittin on the inside lookin at the outside1
Sittin on the thing with Ming2
Sittin on the top of the world18
Sittin on top1
Sittin on top of the world7
Sittin pretty2
Sittin up waitin for you3
Sittin when the evenin come1
Sittin with you1
Sitting alone with my tears1
Sitting and waiting1
Sitting around the campfire1
Sitting at the counter1
Sitting at the table opposite you1
Sitting bull2
Sitting Bull at Rupert Bay1
Sitting bull noi box1
Sitting bulls dilemma1
Sitting Bulls revenge1
Sitting by the shore1
Sitting by the window6
Sitting by the window looking out1
Sitting crosslegged1
Sitting down at Standing Rock1
Sitting ducks2
Sitting here lonely1
Sitting in1
Sitting in a song1
Sitting in a tree2
Sitting in limbo7
Sitting in some train watching the Tuscan landscape go speeding backward1
Sitting in sun1
Sitting in the balcony1
Sitting in the dark1
Sitting in the park1
sitting man1
sitting of the roof series 11
sitting of the roof series 21
sitting of the roof series 31
Sitting on a cloud4
Sitting on a desk1
Sitting on a fence1
Sitting on a moonbeam1
Sitting on ceremony1
Sitting on his hands1
Sitting on my knees1
Sitting on the buffalo1
Sitting on the cloud1
Sitting on the cold wet grass2
Sitting on the couch waiting for our ship to come in1
Sitting on the dock of eBay1
Sitting on the dock of the bay3
Sitting on the fence1
Sitting on the garden gate1
Sitting on the kerbstone blues1
Sitting on the moon3
Sitting on the third rail1
Sitting on the top of Blackpool Tower1
Sitting on the top of the world1
Sitting on top of the world6
Sitting on warm stone1
Sitting silently1
Sitting singing in the meadow1
Sitting still1
Sitting under the tree1
Sitting with you1
Situation 11
Situation 1 Unfoldfold1
Situation 171
Situation 21
Situation 2 Reverie1
Situation 3 Stern looks1
Situation 4 Sunrise twice1
Situation 5 Temper issues1
Situation 6 Meta morph1
Situation blues1
Situation comedy2
Situation ethnics1
Situation normal1
situation of the Asian proletariat in America1
Situation on Easy Street1
Situation one1
Situation reputee comme la plus belle1
Situation Room1
Situation to be in1
Situation tragedy3
Situation travesty1
Situational situations1
Situations in and out of mind1
Situations variables1
Situazione dinizio1
Situazione tipica autunnale1
Sitzund aufstehstuck1
Siul arun1
Siv Larssons dagbok1
Siv och gunne3
Siv og aks paa gronne enge1
Siva & Sakti1
Siva Siva1
Sivans samba1
Sivas halayiSen ola dugunMadimak1
Sivas moon dance1
Sivela kude1
Sivelexo Nesabi1
Siviglia bella1
Sivsko disko1
Siwa mgla1
Siwy baran czorny baran1
Six + seven equals thirteen1
Six aces1
Six acts1
Six adventures for piano and drums1
Six Aesthetic gravities1
Six AM2
Six AM blues1
Six and eight1
Six and eleven1
Six and four20
Six and lodge1
Six and one1
Six and seven eights1
Six and seveneighths1
Six and severns1
Six and Smith1
Six appeal8
Six as 11
Six at the top1
Six ate2
Six au temps des cerises1
Six Avenue express1
Six bagatelles1
Six Balance1
Six balloons1
Six bar city1
Six bars6
Six bdays1
Six beats six strings1
Six beats under1
Six beauties on a rooftop2
Six bells stampede3
Six bit blues1
Six bites1
Six bits3
Six bits blues3
Six bits Jones3
Six bits Jones jazz samba1
Six bits worth of the blues1
Six blue fragments4
Six blueprints1
Six bridges to cross3
Six brushes1
Six by five2
Six by four1
Six by six2
Six caprices for subharmonics1
Six cats and a prince3
Six cents1
Six cents blues1
Six chapters in a rambling life1
Six cobbings1
Six cold feet1
Six cold feet of ground1
Six contrasting inventions1
six cordes1
Six counterpoint movements1
Six cream bombs from Beaune1
Six cylinder ragtime1
Six dances in Bulgarian rhythm61
Six days2
Six days five nights1
six days of eudoxus1
Six days of silence1
Six days on the road2
Six degrees3
Six degrees of separation2
Six die1
Six dimensions1
Six down2
Six eight5
Six even1
Six eyes1
Six faced mirror1
Six fairly early pieces1
Six feelings1
Six feet below2
Six feet down2
Six feet of papa6
Six feux de caracteres1
Six fingers1
Six five special1
Six flats unfurnished6
Six flights up2
Six foot daddy1
Six foot four1
Six foot hole1
Six foot two blues2
Six foot under n smilin1
Six for Alphonse1
Six for Arpo1
Six for Bill1
Six for Costas1
Six for Kim2
Six for Rollins1
six for seven mambo1
Six for sex1
Six for Steve1
Six fortunes1
Six four1
Six four for five1
Six four four four1
Six four Teo1
Six friends1
Six gnossiennes no 1 lent1
Six gnossiennes no 2 avec etonnement1
Six gnossiennes no 3 lent1
Six gnossiennes no 4 lent1
Six gongs and two woodblocks1
Six gun1
Six guns1
Six hands1
Six heures et demie1
Six hole in the wood1
Six hop1
Six hours back1
Six hours later1
Six huitres1
Six impossible things1
Six improvisations1
Six improvisations for piano and bass1
Six improvisatory sketches1
Six in a row1
Six in one1
Six in one four in another1
Six intermezzi for vibes marimba piano & bass1
Six jerks in a jeep1
Six jours apres la guere1
Six keys boogie2
Six keys for each city1
Six kicks2
Six Lemons1
Six lessons from Madame La Zonga13
Six lines of transformation1
Six love1
Six memos for the new millenium1
Six Mexicans1
Six mile stretch1
Six miles1
Six miles next door1
Six million1
six million dollar man2
Six million dollar man theme1
Six millions dollars song1
Six miniatures1
Six miniatures for guitar & piano1
Six minus 61
Six minute blues1
Six minute tango1
Six minutes or so1
Six months in jail1
Six months in reform school1
Six months til forever1
Six moods1
Six more weeks1
Six nettes2
Six nine1
Six ninety1
Six nix quickfix1
Six o clock blues1
Six o clock in the morning1
Six o rock1
Six oclock1
Six oclock jump1
six oclock rain1
Six oclock swill1
Six of a kind1
Six of one7
six of us1
Six on 41
Six on aight1
Six on five1
Six on four years1
Six on six1
Six oone n half a dozen1
Six or four1
Six or seven times21
Six ou sept fois1
Six over two1
Six pack3
Six pak1
Six part1
Six pastis six Becks1
Six perfections1
Six persimmons2
Six phenomena1
Six picture dream1
Six pieces for Pavel1
Six pieces for Russia1
Six pine trees1
Six play1
Six Plays Jazz Suite1
Six plus seven1
Six plus six1
Six PM3
Six poems by Akiko Yosano1
Six Preludes1
Six puppies1
Six questions1
Six rays1
Six right1
Six rivers2
Six saxes1
Six seconds until I see you again1
Six senses1
Six seven1
Six seven eight1
Six seven eight or nine1
Six shades of green1
Six shooter1
Six shooter junction1
Six short cat poems1
Six sided container1
Six silent steps1
Six six eight1
Six smart girls from the office1
Six soldiers1
Six space shuttles and 144000 elephants1
Six steps3
Six stix1
Six string boogie2
Six string child1
Six string levitation1
Six strings down1
Six studies and an improvisation1
Six studies in English folk song1
Six Swedes in Paris2
Six tease1
Six thick thistle sticks1
Six things on my mind1
Six thirty blues1
Six times six1
Six times ten2
Six to1
Six to eight1
Six to four1
Six to midnight2
Six to one1
Six to one bar4
Six to sixteen1
Six to ten1
Six to the bar1
Six treasures from the German expressionist vault1
Six trey and cottage1
Six twice1
Six twice happiness and another1
Six two and even7
Six untitled tracks1
six virtues1
Six weeks3
Six weeks part I1
Six weeks part II1
Six wheel chaser10
Six wheels drive1
Six white horses2
Six wings1
Six with five1
Six women1
Six wool ball1
Six year itch1
Six years1
Six years down1
Six years later1
Six years remembrance2
Sixa 352
Sixbits blues1
Sixcylinder ragtime1
Sixcylinder sinister1
Sixeights in blues1
Sixes and sevens9
Sixes and sevens to me1
Sixes in motion1
Sixfour my singer1
Sixgun territory1
Sixhanded Casio1
Sixieme conte1
Sixieme sens1
Sixoseven blues1
sixpence is a long shilling1
Sixseven Nate1
Sixstring waltz1
Sixteen and eighteen1
Sixteen and ready1
Sixteen bars2
Sixteen bars blues1
Sixteen bars for jail1
Sixteen blues1
Sixteen for sixteen1
Sixteen going on seventeen11
Sixteen in 681
sixteen men of Tain2
Sixteen men swingin5
Sixteen men swinging7
Sixteen months of hard work1
Sixteen or twenty five1
Sixteen shells from a 30061
Sixteen to1
Sixteen tones1
Sixteen tonnes1
Sixteen tons16
Sixteen track firemen1
Sixteen waltzes in seventeen seconds1
Sixteen weeks1
Sixteen years later1
Sixteen years later your eyes1
Sixth aka Sixth sense1
Sixth Ave2
Sixth Avenue4
Sixth Avenue express17
Sixth blank1
Sixth cycle of sevens1
Sixth dance The lovers1
Sixth day5
Sixth daythe people1

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