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This index refers to the 538,711 individual tune titles (1,609,441 total entries) included in over 245,980 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of July, 2020.

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Page S37 - Short cut Lullaby for Daniel to Show me a man

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Tune nameSessions
Short cut Lullaby for Daniel1
Short cut Open1
Short cut Very slow blues1
Short cuts4
Short day1
Short days1
Short dealer blues1
Short denim skirts1
Short developments1
Short dog of Sweet Lucy1
Short draw1
short dream2
Short dress1
Short dress gal38
Short dressed gal2
short end of the stick1
Short eyes1
Short fat Fannie3
Short film for David1
Short film for Nicky1
Short film music1
Short for something1
Short form1
Short free1
Short Friday1
Short funky1
Short fuse1
Short fuses1
short goodbye1
Short hall1
Short hand1
Short hare1
Short hills tall cactus1
Short history1
short history of the Balkans1
Short hope1
short hunt tasche1
Short I am1
Short impression1
Short interlude1
Short John3
short journey1
Short jump1
short Klingon opera1
Short legs step1
Short life7
Short life housing1
short life of Amadou Diallo1
Short life of Barbara Monk9
short life of the five minute dancer1
Short life of the fiveminute dancer1
Short line1
Short little peace1
Short man1
Short melancholy baby1
Short message2
Short mojo1
Short moment2
short moment of zero g1
Short moments1
Short moments of S1
Short n stout2
Short nap1
Short new year1
short night3
Short night blues1
short night with a light beam of the moon1
Short nights1
Short note2
Short notice4
Short of breath3
Short on bread2
short one6
short one for Santa Monica1
Short or hairy1
Short order3
Short order love1
Short outbreak1
Short P not LP1
Short pants saga1
Short peace1
Short people4
Short perceptum1
short piece6
Short piece for guitar and strings1
Short piece I1
Short piece of love1
Short piece of love II1
Short pieces1
Short pieces Someones missing abcdefg1
Short play1
short poem for a shattered age1
Short politician2
Short prelude no 11
Short rack1
Short rag1
Short rainbow1
Short reels1
short respite1
Short returns1
Short ribs1
Short ride2
short road is the long road1
Short romantic schoolgirl song2
Short round2
Short run1
Short samba1
short season1
Short sellers squeeze2
Short sheet cluster1
Short short1
Short shorter1
Short shorts1
Short sketch1
Short skirts1
Short sleeves in December1
Short snort3
Short snorter1
Short speech1
Short speech Blue notes1
Short speech by Ben Webster1
Short stack2
Short steps4
Short steps until it finally dawned1
Short stop20
Short stop Skjak1
Short stops1
Short stories7
Short stories 1 & 21
Short stories 31
short stories athena1
short stories freedom1
short stories gifts1
short stories likavitos1
Short stories suite1
Short story62
Short story 11
Short story 21
Short story 32
Short story 61
short story about tofu1
Short story for Bill Dixon1
Short story for piano1
Short story I1
Short story II1
Short story in email1
Short story long2
Short story waltz1
Short straw1
Short stuff8
Short subject5
Short subject I thru III1
Short subjects1
Short suite3
Short sunject1
Short sweet1
Short sweet and snappy1
short swing1
Short tails of the black forest1
Short take3
Short tale about energy1
Short tales of the Black Forest3
Short tales of the east1
Short talk2
Short tall fat small1
Short term memory1
Short terminal1
Short theme3
Short theme 21
Short theme 31
Short theme 41
Short theme 51
Short theme 61
Short things1
Short ties and long ties1
Short time2
Short time around1
short time to sing1
Short trip2
Short trip back1
Short trip to space1
Short tune2
short turn to the future1
Short verse for a tall man1
short visit8
Short visit to Malena1
Short visit to nowhere1
Short voyage1
Short walk4
short walk from home1
Short waltz1
Short wave3
Short way home1
short whisper1
Short wilkins1
Short winner1
Short work1
Short yarn1
Short yellow1
Shortcut 11
Shortcut 21
Shortcut 31
Shortcut blues1
Shortenin bread1
Shortening bread1
Shortening bread made long1
Shorter + Langer1
Shorter and shorter1
Shorter Bu2
Shorter cuts1
Shorter days3
shorter distance1
shorter end1
Shorter for Alan1
Shorter form1
shorter glimpse1
Shorter moments1
Shorter mornings1
Shorter one1
Shorter path2
Shorter piece1
Shorter route1
Shorter steps1
Shorter story6
Shorter Street1
Shorter suite2
Shorter tale1
Shorter than me2
Shorter than Miles1
Shorter than some1
shorter the better1
Shorter then Miles1
Shorter time1
Shorter tones1
Shorter voyage2
shorter wait1
Shorter waltz1
Shorters chorus from Eighty one1
Shorters quarters3
Shorters vibes3
shortest day3
Shortest hour1
shortest night1
Shorthanded on love1
Shorties portion1
Shortin bread1
Shortly after midnight1
Shortly after takeoff1
Shortly before the end1
Shortnin bread27
Shortnin bread cha cha1
Shortnin bread rock1
Shortnin bread twist1
Shorts Portland tuba1
shortstop in Cleveland1
Shortswing blues1
Shortterm memory1
Shortwave blues1
Shortwave cowboys1
Shortwave path1
Shortwave postcard1
Shortwave shuffle1
Shorty beat 131
Shorty Boo2
Shorty George36
Shorty George blues5
Shorty gets a mademoiselle1
Shorty gull2
Shorty Im sorry1
Shorty indigo1
Shorty long1
Shorty needs a mademoiselle1
Shorty one1
Shorty rides again1
shorty shuffle1
Shorty story 11
Shorty story 21
Shorty talks1
Shortys blues1
Shortys got to go6
Shortys old man1
Shortys out1
Shortys portion1
Shortys shuffle1
Shos cradle song1
Shoshas dance1
Shoshone peyote1
Shostakovich 10th symphony 3rd movement and 9th symphony 2nd movement1
Shostakovitch 5th symphony 3rd movement1
Shot down1
Shot from the saddle1
Shot gun boogie6
shot in the dark13
Shot in the saloon1
shot of rhythm and blues2
Shot on goal2
Shot through with beauty2
Shot to the end1
Shotglass blues1
Shotgun blues1
Shotgun boogie2
Shotgun bouquet2
Shotgun down the avalanche1
Shotgun house rag1
Shotgun Joe1
Shotgun news1
Shotgun wedding4
Shots blues1
shots he missed were not for the1
Shottle bop2
Should be ancient history1
Should be reversed1
Should be you and me1
Should care1
Should eyes1
Should fit in well with the rest1
Should had been me1
Should have1
Should have known better1
Should have rationed myself1
Should I131
Should I be I prefer not to1
Should I be sorry2
Should I be sweet1
Should I care1
Should I do1
Should I ever dream of being without you1
Should I ever love again1
Should I feel happy1
Should I go back1
Should I lose you1
Should I love again1
Should I love you1
Should I or shouldnt I1
Should I reveal56
Should I surrender1
Should I tell you I love you1
Should I tell you that I love you1
Should II cant believe1
Should old Arthur1
Should sun follow rain1
Should the blues be suspended1
Should the need arise1
Should the ocassion arise1
Should we destroy the Hubble1
Should we Geanie1
Should we talk1
Should we try again1
Should you feel like cryin1
Should you fianchetto1
Shoulda known better1
Shoulder blade1
Shoulder of mutton1
Shoulder press1
Shoulder roll1
Shoulder step1
shoulder to cry on2
Shoulder to shoulder2
Shoulder twist1
Shouldnt we1
Shouldve been7
Shouldve gone before you left1
Shouldve never let you go1
Shout & twist1
Shout all over Gods heaven5
Shout and cry1
Shout and feel it2
Shout and shimmy2
Shout baby shout1
Shout brother1
Shout brother shout2
Shout by rail1
Shout em Aunt Tillie62
Shout em Aunt Tilly6
Shout for happiness2
Shout for joy26
Shout for you2
Shout hallelujah1
Shout hallelujah cause Im home5
Shout hallelujah cos Im home1
Shout it1
Shout it out4
Shout it right1
Shout me out1
Shout merrily1
Shout n rock1
Shout of Eriwan1
Shout of joy1
Shout of love1
Shout on1
Shout out from the mountain1
Shout out on the mountain1
Shout shout shout1
Shout sister shout23
Shout song2
shout The inviolable dream1
shout to wing1
Shout unto the Lord2
Shout up1
Shout wahee1
Shoutem Aunt Tillie9
Shoutem Aunt Tilly2
Shoutin baby blues1
Shoutin blues1
Shoutin but no poutin1
Shoutin down1
Shoutin for Pete1
Shoutin in the amen corner7
Shoutin Liza Trombone2
Shoutin low1
Shoutin on a riff3
Shoutin out4
Shoutin truth2
Shouting at squirrels1
Shouting to a brick wall1
Shouting valley1
Shoutouts to Panama1
Shouts and meditations1
Shove it1
Shove it in the oven1
Shove off2
Shovel man1
Shovelling snow1
Shovidar Nosoajne1
Show and tell2
Show biz2
Show biz kids1
Show biz philosopher1
Show bizness2
Show break1
Show business2
Show business is my life1
Show business parade1
Show cat valley1
Show city show girl1
Show de bola1
Show down1
Show eyes3
Show girl blues1
show goes on4
show has begun4
show has no voice1
Show interruption1
Show intro1
Show introduction1
show is over3
Show jam1
Show me68
Show me a city like New Orleans1
Show me a love1
Show me a man2

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