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Page S33 - She is sleeping now to Shellycoat

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Tune nameSessions
She is sleeping now1
She is something1
She is standing1
She is the great great girl1
She is the passion1
She is waiting1
She jumped on her push bike and pedalled away1
She just got here1
She just is1
She just wont boogie with me1
She just wont dont1
She just wont tell me no more1
She keeps it up1
She keeps it up all the time5
She keeps me crying1
She kicked my box and stumbled1
She knew1
She knew him1
She knows4
She knows her onions6
She knows how the drops will fall1
She knows how to sell that stuff1
She knows it2
She knows me1
She knows me well1
She knows the ropes1
She knows what to do1
She knowz1
She lay sleeping1
She leaves the swimming poolNicky knocks the door1
She left a note1
She left for Paris1
She left her for a him1
She left her for him1
She left me2
She left me alone1
She left me crying1
She let herself go1
She lets1
She likes that1
She likes to boogie1
She likes to watch2
She likes Vivaldi1
She lived down by the firehouse1
She lives down in our alley1
She lives in Brazil2
She look he spit1
She looks1
She looks like Helen Brown9
She lost her rebop1
She lost it at the Astor2
She loved him1
She loved me1
She loves2
She loves another1
She loves blue1
She loves just right1
She loves me18
She loves me just the same2
She loves me she loves me not2
She loves me still1
She loves so good3
She loves to Buddha1
She loves to dance1
She loves to hear the music1
She loves you14
She made it crystal clear1
She made old bones1
She make a hootie Macooch1
She makes a fool of me1
She makes me believe shes mine1
She makes me mad1
She makes time1
She may be white1
She may no be a woman1
She mean it when she said it1
She means everything to me1
She might be spring1
She moon1
She moved2
She moved in1
She moved through the fair10
She moved through the fair a night in Knoydart1
She moves eyes follow1
She moves me3
She moves on2
She moves slow1
She moves through the fair6
She moves through the wire1
She must be beautiful2
She must be seeing things1
She my baby1
She needed a herd so thats what she became1
She needs1
She needs to be loved1
She never had1
She never has a window4
She never said why1
She never saw the sea before1
She never wore makeup1
She once belonged to me1
She only fools with me1
She only laughs at me3
She ossifies1
She owned his voice1
She paints1
She passes the house of her grandmother1
She penetrates the distant silence Slowly1
She performs1
She picked it up in Mexico2
She plays piano1
She prays to the wind1
She promises everything1
She put the whammy on me1
She puts me in the mood1
She ra1
She rarely wants me1
She really treats me wrong1
She recalled his elaborate shine internal supply consumer watchdogs agree1
She reminds me of you8
She rolled1
She rote6
She said7
She said he said1
She said hello1
She said it1
She said it ugly1
She said it was decaf1
She said she didnt1
She said she said2
She said she was a painter2
She said she was from Sarajevo1
She said she was from Sarajewo1
She said so1
She said the same things to me1
She said yeah1
She said yes1
She samba1
She saves her sweetest smiles for me1
She says he says1
She screams in whispers1
She sells sea shells1
She sells snow shoes1
She sends me1
She senior dream1
She serves a nice cup of tea2
She sets my soul on fire1
She shall have music6
She shines2
She shook the shock & shot1
She shoulda flipd when he flopd1
She shoulda flipped when he flopped1
She shows her love to me1
She sighed1
She sings1
She sings the telephone book2
She sings to the wind1
She skipped out1
She sleeps alone1
She sleeps she sleeps2
She sleeps with her hat on1
She smiled2
She smiled again1
She smiled sweetly1
She smiles1
She so lovely1
She spoke to me1
She spoke well1
She squeezed my lemon1
She stands in a room1
She stays on1
She stays out all night long1
She stepped away1
She steps into a dream1
She sticks out behind1
She sticks way out blues1
She stole my heart1
She surreptitiously introduced colored shirts1
She survived1
She takes two steps1
She thinks I still care2
She threw the key away1
She told me she told me1
She took my heart1
She took my soul1
She took the sacred rattle and used it1
She touched me2
She treats me right1
She turned me down1
She turned so that maybe a third of her face in fuckin beautiful halflight1
She upsets me1
She used to be in love1
She used to be my baby2
She waits4
She waits for the new sun1
She walked away1
She walked in2
She walked in beauty like the night1
She walked into my life1
She walked on1
She walked right up and took my man1
She walked right up and took my man away1
She walked through the fair1
She walks1
She walks in1
She walks in a meadow1
She walks in beauty3
She walks in beauty like the night1
She walks like a kangaroo2
She walks right in1
She walks this earth3
She want him2
She wants out1
She wants to be free1
She wants to boogie1
She wants to live ensemble1
She wants to rattle me all the time1
She wants to sell her monkey1
She was2
She was a sailors sweetheart1
She was a tinkling thing1
She was all wet1
She was dumb1
She was fiftyfour1
She was good to me1
She was just a sailors sweetheart10
She was just a tartars darter1
She was looking at the moon2
She was looking down1
She was my dream yesterday and his dream today1
She was showing me1
She was sitting in the 1st row1
She was too good for me1
She was too good to me22
She was waiting1
She was walking meadow1
She was young3
She wears em1
She wears her dead mothers hat1
She wears my ring1
She wears the pin of a Xi Psi Phi1
She weeps over Rahoon1
She went a little bit farther1
She went and did her dance2
She went straight to Heaven1
She went to Havannah1
She went towards the sunset1
She wept1
She who chose1
She who journeys1
She who weeps1
She who would not lie on a bed of crumbs1
She will awaken1
She will call again2
She will love1
She winked1
She winked at you1
She winked her eye2
She wolf1
She wonders why1
She wont look back1
She wont quit but shell slow down1
She wont say yes1
She wont talk to me1
She wore a little jacket of blue2
She wore a red carnation1
She wore a yellow ribbon3
She wore diamonds1
She works hard for the money1
She would never dream of1
She wouldnt be moved4
She wouldnt do what I asked her to2
She wouldnt do what I asked her to do3
She wouldnt give me none1
Sheaf of wheat1
Shear shift1
Shearing husks1
Shearing shed shebang1
Sheas dream1
Sheath and sword1
Sheba of Georgia1
Shebahes of Turkey1
Shebas hesitation1
Shebeen queen1
Sheburn castle1
Shed a little light1
Shed and torn1
Shed bounce1
Shed funny that way1
Shed gone out woop woop1
Shed got her hair cut1
Shed grace1
Shed my skin1
Shed no tears2
Shed rather dance1
Shed so many tears1
Shed some light1
Shed song1
Shed the blues1
Shed the themes of broken records1
Shedding skin1
Shedding vortices1
Sheds and weeds1
Sheebeg and sheemore1
Sheenas song1
Sheep coat shuffle1
sheep dip1
Sheep dream1
Sheep freak1
sheep in the meadow3
Sheep in wolfs clothing1
sheep is found1
Sheep may safely graze4
Sheep song1
Sheep syndrome1
Sheep to keep1
Sheep walking2
sheepcounters lament1
Sheeps dog1
Sheer bliss and perfect happiness1
Sheer delight2
Sheer lunacy1
Sheer prophecy1
Sheer reckless abandon1
Sheeryns waltz1
Sheesh kebab1
Sheet bend1
sheet kicker1
Sheet music1
Sheet musicHumper1
Sheets and shrouds1
Sheets of rain1
Sheets of sounds1
Sheets surfacing like an ocean1
Sheffield blues2
Sheffield FC1
Sheffield in the morning2
Sheffield phantoms1
Shefish & hefish1
Sheherazade blue1
Sheherazades love song1
Sheik Alibey1
Sheik ibra fall1
Sheik in Birdland1
Sheik of Airbnb1
sheik of Alabam6
Sheik of Arabi Parish1
Sheik of Araby759
Sheik of Araby boogie1
sheik of Avenue B1
Sheik of Encino1
Sheik of New Rochelle1
sheik of things to come2
Sheik of urology1
sheikie man1
Sheikk wasil1
Sheiks blues5
Sheiks boogie1
Sheiks caravan1
Sheiks country blues1
Sheiks piano blues1
Sheiks walk1
Sheila its you1
Sheilas blues9
Sheilas Caribbean skirt1
Sheilas dream1
Sheilas song4
Sheilas Sunday song1
Sheilas swing thing1
Sheilas tears1
Sheilas theme1
Sheilas waltz1
Shein vi di levology1
Shein vi di Levone1
Shein vi di lvone2
Sheiv shig1
Shejk Schroder1
Shekere agent man1
Shekere elegua1
Shekere music1
Shekeres on drums1
shekomeko shuffle1
Shelby county blues1
Shelby Mississippi1
Shelby Steele would be mowing your lawn1
Shelbys sojourn1
Sheldon the cat1
Shelf in the shed1
Shelf life1
Shelf of kisses1
Shelfregular model1
Shell always remember7
Shell Bay1
Shell be comin round the mountain15
Shell be comin round the mountains1
Shell be coming round the mountain)1
Shell be coming round the mountains2
Shell be mine1
Shell be right mate1
Shell be seven in May2
Shell be there1
Shell be there mother mine1
Shell Beach1
Shell blues1
shell collector1
Shell come round1
shell game10
Shell games1
Shell goes Dixie1
Shell joy1
Shell never find a fellow like me1
Shell of a man1
Shell of lego1
Shell pink2
Shell reading2
Shell shocked1
Shell suite1
shell temple at Margate1
Shell valse1
Shell write me shell phone me2
Shella Jordan1
Shellen vs Chee1
Shelleys eyes1
Shelleys swing1
Shelleys world2
Shellfish are selfish1
Shellfish ballet1
Shells and other things1
Shells half acre1
Shells on Ancon Beach1
Shells vamp1
Shelly Manne5
Shelly ManneArt Pepper1
Shelly Winters1

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