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This index refers to the 543,401 individual tune titles (1,620,534 total entries) included in over 247,300 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of October, 2020.

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Page S116 - Swing as it comes to swingin birds

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Tune nameSessions
Swing as it comes1
Swing as usual1
Swing as you are1
Swing Ascona1
Swing at ease1
Swing au ClubHouse1
Swing aus Paris1
Swing baby1
Swing baby swing4
Swing Balboa1
Swing ballade1
Swing band2
Swing bass2
Swing bean1
Swing bells4
Swing Benny swing1
Swing Beth1
Swing Big Ben1
Swing blues1
Swing boog1
Swing boogie2
Swing book blues1
Swing boy swing1
Swing bridge stomp1
Swing brother swing27
Swing bugler1
Swing but sweet1
Swing by1
Swing carrousel1
Swing cars1
Swing cat swing1
Swing cats shuffle1
Swing Cesar1
Swing check1
Swing city1
Swing city blowout1
Swing Club2
Swing cocktail5
Swing con son1
Swing concerto1
Swing connection1
Swing corner1
Swing crazy2
Swing da cor1
Swing dammit1
Swing dance2
Swing de Beaune1
Swing de Ionica1
Swing de media noche1
Swing de Palerme1
Swing de Paris10
Swing de violins1
Swing Dentz swing1
Swing ding2
Swing doodle1
Swing down chariot3
Swing down in New Orleans7
Swing down sweet chariot1
Swing down swing town1
Swing down the chariot1
Swing down to New Orleans2
Swing down your chariot1
Swing dream1
Swing dribble1
Swing du cat1
Swing dynamique1
Swing easy2
Swing em gates1
Swing en La1
Swing en naissance1
Swing encore1
Swing era1
Swing etude1
Swing express1
Swing faele flue swing1
Swing fan1
Swing features1
Swing fetish1
Swing fever4
Swing fla1
Swing for Count1
Swing for Django3
Swing for Dudley1
Swing for Elina1
Swing for Gab1
Swing for Jess1
Swing for Jinny1
swing for Joey2
Swing for Liberchies1
Swing for Mangala1
Swing for my song1
Swing for Ninine5
Swing for Oskar1
Swing for Rachel1
Swing for roundabout1
Swing for sale5
Swing for six boys1
Swing for Voti1
Swing for Wadi1
Swing for your supper1
Swing for yourself John1
Swing forever1
Swing free1
Swing free rider1
Swing from Bern with love1
Swing from Berne with love1
Swing from Paris3
Swing from Rotterdam1
Swing fula fluga swing1
Swing funk1
Swing fur Europa1
Swing gate1
Swing gate swing1
Swing gentlemens ball1
Swing ghost 591
Swing gitan8
Swing gitane5
Swing gitanes1
swing goose1
Swing guitar9
Swing guitare3
Swing guitars21
Swing High17
Swing high swing low17
Swing higher1
Swing hight1
Swing home1
Swing hop2
Swing house30
Swing i glassalen1
Swing im Studio1
Swing in a bikini1
Swing in Argentina1
Swing in China1
Swing in dixieland1
Swing in F5
Swing in Harlem2
Swing in Oberland1
Swing in re1
Swing in spring1
Swing in swing out2
Swing in the clowns2
Swing in the spring1
Swing interdit1
Swing interlude1
Swing into spring3
Swing into summer1
Swing into the groove1
Swing is back again1
Swing is back in style1
Swing is fun1
Swing is here10
Swing is in1
Swing is in the air1
Swing is king1
Swing is the thing8
Swing is the word1
Swing it12
Swing it Bob1
Swing it easy1
Swing it herr lektor1
Swing it Hr Learer1
Swing it magistern6
Swing it Mr B1
Swing it Mr Kreutzer1
Swing it Mr Laerer1
Swing it Mr Minister1
Swing it off2
Swing it on round1
Swing it out there2
Swing it Sam1
Swing it Sista1
Swing jack1
Swing Jackson1
Swing jig1
Swing Joe1
Swing jusqua laube1
Swing kids1
Swing king2
Swing kings1
Swing la bas caisse1
Swing lake1
Swing landscape2
Swing laser1
Swing Lee1
Swing lightly4
Swing like a rusty gate1
Swing like riddle1
Swing line2
Swing Ling Lei1
Swing linglej1
Swing lo sweet chariot1
Swing low14
Swing low go down Moses1
Swing low Michael row1
Swing low sweet boogie1
Swing low sweet cadillac12
Swing low sweet chariot250
Swing low sweet Charlie1
Swing low sweet charriot1
Swing low sweet clarinet14
Swing low sweet Harriet2
Swing low sweet Harriot1
Swing low sweet mambo1
Swing low sweet Reggae1
Swing low sweet Socolow1
Swing low sweet Thurgau1
Swing machine5
Swing mad1
Swing maisteri1
Swing Makes the world go round1
Swing mamma swing pappa1
Swing mamy1
Swing man1
Swing man blues1
Swing manouche1
Swing march2
Swing me1
Swing me a lullaby3
Swing me a stride1
Swing me high6
Swing me low1
Swing me no waltzes1
Swing me sweetly2
Swing me to sleep drummerman1
Swing me tonight1
Swing me with rhythm3
Swing medley1
Swing melodie1
Swing mineur1
Swing minor1
Swing moment 5)1
Swing moral1
Swing Mr Charlie12
Swing musette1
Swing my rhythm1
Swing my soul1
Swing n dance1
Swing n sway1
Swing n things1
Swing Nachtigall swing1
Swing nicely1
Swing no 12
Swing no 21
Swing no 31
Swing note from deep space1
Swing number1
Swing on a limb1
Swing on a star1
Swing on Broadway1
Swing on it1
Swing on swole1
Swing on the accordeon2
Swing on the accordeon 21
Swing on the campus1
Swing on the gait1
Swing on the spiral1
Swing one3
Swing open1
Swing or swing1
Swing out24
Swing out fanfare1
Swing out in the groove2
Swing out rhythm1
Swing out swinging fanfare1
Swing out to victory2
Swing out Uncle Wilson2
Swing over rocks and rain1
Swing pan alley3
Swing Panama1
Swing para un loco1
Swing parade15
Swing party2
Swing patrol4
Swing paulista1
Swing pheasant1
Swing piece1
Swing ping1
Swing piu nove1
Swing plane1
Swing pour Rolf3
Swing promenade2
swing prophet1
Swing puces1
Swing raga1
Swing rendezvous1
Swing reunion1
Swing reverie1
Swing revival1
Swing right through this town1
Swing rock1
Swing Rosie1
Swing Rothmans King Size1
Swing samba2
Swing Sani1
Swing serenade2
Swing session2
Swing session blues1
Swing session in Siberia1
swing session is called to order1
swing sessions called to order1
swing set1
Swing shift15
Swing shifters swing2
Swing shoe shop2
Swing shoes1
Swing shop swing1
swing side1
Swing sing1
Swing Ska De Va1
Swing skal der til1
Swing sketch1
Swing slow2
Swing softly1
Swing sonate pour piccolo et piano no 11
swing song8
Swing space1
Swing special blues1
Swing spring13
Swing star1
Swing state1
Swing still works for me1
Swing sting1
Swing Street13
Swing street strut1
Swing Street suite1
Swing strings1
Swing stuff1
Swing style1
Swing su swing giu1
Swing swang swung2
Swing swing2
Swing swing dear motherinlaw3
Swing swing dotter min1
Swing swing madame1
Swing swing mamma pappa1
Swing swing swing9
Swing syncopation with fork and spoon1
Swing tanzt heute die ganze Welt1
Swing tatave1
Swing teaser1
Swing telegrafnich dratu1
Swing tempo1
Swing test 21491
Swing test Sarah Bell Cuckoo1
Swing that boogie2
Swing that hammer1
Swing that music219
Swing that rhythm1
Swing that rhythm strain1
Swing that riff1
Swing that thing4
Swing the bells1
Swing the blues1
Swing the boogie1
Swing the scales1
Swing theory1
Swing theory mvt 41
Swing thing12
Swing thirty nine1
Swing this2
Swing time10
Swing time up in Harlem3
Swing to 451
Swing to bop2
Swing to bottle1
Swing today2
Swing tomorrow1
Swing tonic2
swing touch2
Swing town1
Swing trades1
Swing train4
Swing Trane1
Swing troubadour1
Swing tune2
Swing ultimatum1
Swing until the girls come home1
Swing up1
Swing valley1
Swing valse21
Swing violin and guitar1
Swing von Dorado1
Swing wals2
swing waltz1
Swing while youre young1
Swing will be on time1
Swing with Dr Jake3
Swing with Duke1
Swing with it2
Swing with SML1
Swing with the music1
Swing with this1
Swing without words1
Swing you cats2
Swing your hurdy gurdy1
Swing your soul1
Swing your thing2
Swinga dilla street1
swingadelic stomp1
Swingadilla Street2
Swingbook blues1
Swingburger special1
Swingdom come1
Swingdown swingtown2
Swingem home1
Swingendes Geburtstagsstandchen1
swinger and the saint1
Swinger boogie1
swinger from Rio1
Swinger from Seville1
Swingers alley1
Swingers at CSG2
Swingers come back1
Swingers dream1
swingers get the blues too2
Swingers in the groove1
swingers jump1
Swingette no 11
Swingia koko skaala1
Swingin 391
Swingin a bop1
Swingin a dream3
Swingin a what1
Swingin abroad1
Swingin affair2
Swingin after midnight1
Swingin along2
Swingin along on Broadway4
Swingin and jivin1
Swingin and jumpin2
Swingin and rockin1
Swingin and things1
Swingin apoplexy1
Swingin around1
Swingin around the world1
Swingin at Dennis1
Swingin at Gaveau1
Swingin at Lloyds1
Swingin at Moon Street1
Swingin at Mr Bs2
Swingin at Newport1
Swingin at Riches1
Swingin at Sacs1
Swingin at Sammys1
Swingin at Savoy1
Swingin at Soundworks1
Swingin at Sugar Rays1
Swingin at sundown1
Swingin at that famous door1
Swingin at the Bells1
Swingin at the Blue Moon Bar & Grille1
Swingin at the Camarillo1
Swingin at the Chat n Chew1
Swingin at the Cookie1
Swingin at the Copper Rail7
Swingin at the Cotton Club1
Swingin at the Daisy Chain1
Swingin at the Embers1
Swingin at the Haven6
Swingin at the Hickory House1
Swingin at the jamboree2
Swingin at the Karusell1
Swingin at the Lido1
Swingin at the Maida Vale1
Swingin at the Met1
Swingin at the pawnbrokers1
Swingin at the Popcorn1
Swingin at the Ritz1
Swingin at the Savoy1
Swingin at the seance3
Swingin at the Semloh5
Swingin at the sportsmens lodge1
Swingin at the Sugar Bowl2
Swingin at The Three Muskateers1
Swingin at the tower1
Swingin at the Waldorf1
Swingin away4
Swingin away the blues1
Swingin Bach1
Swingin Bach guitar1
Swingin back2
Swingin back to Bach1
Swingin balls1
Swingin better now1
swingin birds2

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