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This index refers to the 532,270 individual tune titles (1,593,917 total entries) included in over 244,057 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of January, 2020.

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Page R26 - Roberto Zucco wersja 4 to Rock your roll

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Tune nameSessions
Roberto Zucco wersja 41
Roberto Zucco wersja 51
Roberto Zucco wersja 61
Roberto Zucco wersja 71
Roberto Zucco wersja 81
Roberto Zucco wersja 91
Roberto Zucco wersja solo 11
Roberto Zucco wersja solo 21
Roberto Zucco wersja solo 31
Roberts boogie1
Roberts dream Three variations on The duchess1
Roberts idea1
Roberts Little Johnny1
Roberts north of Watford rule1
Roberts reflection1
Roberts reprise1
Roberts riff1
Roberts tune1
Roberts waltz1
Robertson mountain1
Robes modes1
Robeson House echoes1
Robie Dobbie1
Robienie zakupow1
Robijn loves me1
Robin Adair1
robin and a rainbow and a red red rose1
Robin and Marion1
Robin and Treebeard1
Robin des bois1
Robin Du Bois1
Robin Goodie1
Robin Hood35
Robin HoodOh babe1
Robin in pink I1
Robin in pink II1
Robin in the islands1
Robin Irland struff1
Robin little child1
robin sings1
Robin song1
Robin text2
Robinia pseudoacacia1
Robins and roses20
Robins bobbin1
Robins boogie1
Robins choice1
Robins dance1
Robins double rainbow1
Robins dream1
Robins egg blues2
Robins epitaph1
Robins in snow1
Robins make eggs blue1
Robins nest6
Robins quarrel1
Robins return3
Robins ribbons1
Robins row1
robins song4
Robins theme1
Robins walk1
Robins waltz1
Robinson County1
Robinson Crusoe1
Robinson Crusoes isle2
Robinsons the man for me1
Robo bop2
Robo con fuerza1
Robonson Crusoe a Nolsoy1
Robot 4151
Robot 61
Robot assembly line1
Robot attack1
Robot driver1
Robot immigrants1
Robot in a coma1
robot in diamonds1
Robot lips1
Robot love2
Robot love song1
Robot man2
Robot mudra1
Robot parts1
Robot portrait2
Robot Shiva1
Robot skin1
Robot tango1
Robot two step1
Robot V1
Robot woman1
Robotica exotica1
Robots blues1
Robots dont cough1
Robots game1
Robs feeling1
Robs karma1
Robs new tune1
Robs tune2
Robson strut1
Robust bog1
Robyn song2
Robyns blues2
Robyns lullaby1
Robyns song1
Roc and a soft place2
Roc and Troll2
Roc blanc1
Roc ferek1
Roc vent sel1
roca do Miguel1
Roccellanea first time1
Roccellanea second time1
Rocco & rollo1
Rocco and his brothers1
Rocco blues1
Rocco Chinnici1
Rocco e i sui fratelli1
Rocco e i suoi fratelli1
Rocco grills Strike1
Rocco jaco2
Roccos blues1
Roccos boogie woogie2
Roccos dream1
Roccos place1
Roccos rhythm1
Rocham blues1
Roche colombe1
Roche noire1
Rochelane Street blues1
Rochelane Street blues no 21
Rochemaure affaire1
Rochester experiment1
Rochester express1
Rochester my sweet home1
Rochester raining1
Rochester rhapsody1
Rochester rumble1
Rochholz Sagen1
Rocios dance1
Rock & roll cha cha1
Rock & roll lullaby1
Rock & roll mix1
Rock & roll Pachanga1
Rock 121
Rock 83000 pieds daltitude1
Rock a bye1
Rock a bye baby1
Rock a bye baby with a dixie melody1
Rock a bye Basie1
Rock a bye my baby2
Rock a conga1
Rock a doodle reveille1
Rock a go go1
Rock a my soul2
Rock a nova1
Rock a tango1
Rock along1
rock and a hard lace1
Rock and a hard place1
Rock and beatin boogie1
Rock and bols1
Rock and gravel1
Rock and heat1
Rock and ride1
Rock and roll16
Rock and roll again2
Rock and roll and weep2
Rock and roll at four1
Rock and roll ball1
Rock and roll blues4
Rock and roll boogie3
Rock and roll cop1
Rock and roll holiday1
Rock and roll hop1
Rock and roll is back1
Rock and roll Mama1
Rock and roll mambo1
Rock and roll mops1
Rock and roll music1
Rock and roll part 41
Rock and roll part 51
Rock and roll party2
Rock and roll party in the sky1
Rock and roll president1
Rock and roll Santa Claus1
Rock and roll shoes1
Rock and roll to heaven1
rock and roll waltz5
Rock and rollin daddy1
Rock and rolling the house1
Rock and rye2
Rock and sand1
Rock around de armbandclock1
Rock around the cloche1
Rock around the clock30
Rock around the cock1
Rock around the park1
Rock around the Rhine1
Rock around the rockpile2
Rock around the world 11
Rock around the world 21
Rock arp1
Rock assistance1
Rock at JAC1
Rock at the Apollo1
Rock attempt1
Rock avibabe1
Rock away5
Rock away baby1
Rock awhile4
Rock baby rock2
Rock ballad2
Rock beat1
Rock beat Alemania1
Rock beauty road1
Rock Bertha rock1
rock between1
Rock biter1
Rock blues2
Rock boogie2
Rock bottom15
Rock bottom blues1
Rock brother rock1
Rock Calypso Joe1
Rock camp1
Rock camping1
Rock candy14
Rock chacha1
Rock chariot1
Rock chariot I told you to rock1
Rock child1
Rock church rock1
Rock city2
Rock City rock3
Rock climbing1
Rock club special1
rock con leche1
Rock Creek Park1
Rock Creek Street1
Rock crushers1
Rock Daniel3
Rock de linauguration1
Rock Doc1
Rock dove1
Rock dreams1
Rock em1
Rock em back1
Rock em roll em and weep2
Rock fantasy1
rock festival scene1
Rock filet1
Rock flowers1
Rock for Altena1
Rock for Natasha1
Rock for Willy1
Rock full of blues1
Rock garden1
Rock gegen Rechts1
Rock gently2
Rock hard in a funky place1
Rock head1
Rock hearted blues1
Rock hill special1
Rock hound1
Rock house4
Rock house blues1
Rock house boogie1
Rock I1
Rock II1
Rock in1
Rock in the casba1
Rock island2
Rock island flag stomp1
Rock Island flag stop1
Rock island line11
Rock island rag1
Rock island rock1
Rock island rocket1
Rock it9
Rock it boogie2
Rock it Commander1
Rock it Davy Crockett1
Rock it for me10
Rock it in rhythm2
Rock it out1
Rock it with me1
Rock jam1
Rock Jenny rock1
Rock le piano1
Rock like Sinatra1
Rock little baby1
Rock little daddy1
Rock lobster1
Rock look and listen2
Rock love1
Rock mantras1
Rock march2
Rock matto1
Rock me12
Rock me a boogie1
Rock me all night long3
Rock me arms1
Rock me B1
Rock me baby25
Rock me but dont roll me1
Rock me Daddy3
Rock me gently2
Rock me in my Swanee cradle1
Rock me in the cradle of love1
Rock me in the groove1
Rock me in your arms tonight1
Rock me in your chair1
Rock me Lord1
Rock me mama5
Rock me on the water1
Rock me tiger1
Rock me to my sleep1
Rock me to sleep31
Rock me woman1
Rock medley1
Rock mineur1
Rock moan cry1
Rock Mr Blues1
Rock music1
Rock musicDamba1
Rock my baby1
Rock my blues away2
Rock my boat1
Rock my roll1
Rock my soal1
Rock my soul16
Rock my wool1
Rock n boogie1
Rock n rhythm1
Rock n roll3
Rock n roll and boogie woogie all night long1
Rock n roll and champagne1
Rock n roll call2
Rock n roll cha cha cha1
Rock n roll circus1
Rock n roll DJ1
Rock n roll drivein1
Rock n roll in blues1
Rock n roll lovers1
Rock n roll lullaby1
Rock n roll music1
Rock n roll records1
Rock n roll rhythms1
Rock n roll Ruby1
Rock n roll station1
Rock n roll stuff1
Rock n roll wedding2
Rock n roll woman1
Rock n rollmops2
Rock n shoals1
Rock n sock1
Rock n soul2
Rock nella nebbia1
Rock no 101
Rock no 61
Rock no 91
Rock number 840011
rock odyssey3
Rock of ages36
Rock of Billy2
Rock of David1
Rock of Gibraltar2
rock of runes1
Rock of the bumble bee1
Rock ombey1
Rock on4
Rock on the bottom1
Rock one for Jimbo San1
Rock opera1
Rock operetta1
Rock out2
Rock paper1
Rock paper scissors1
Rock paper scissors tear gas1
Rock per bateria1
Rock pile3
Rock pile blues3
rock quarry1
Rock reprise1
Rock riffle1
Rock right2
Rock rimmon2
Rock rock2
Rock rock jazz1
Rock rock rock3
Rock rock rockabye baby1
Rock Roma rock it1
Rock rose1
Rock runner1
Rock salt2
Rock satellite1
Rock Savoy rock1
Rock scherzo1
Rock shaker1
Rock skippin5
Rock skippin at the Blue Note4
Rock socks1
Rock solid1
Rock solid rock1
Rock song2
Rock steady9
Rock stomp Indian style1
Rock study1
Rock talk1
Rock tall1
Rock tempo1
Rock that1
Rock that boogie1
Rock that jazz and funk that roll1
Rock that thing2
Rock that voot1
rock that wont roll1
Rock the black triumvirate1
Rock the boat3
Rock the bop1
Rock the cathartic spirits1
Rock the clock5
Rock the days1
Rock the house4
Rock the joint3
Rock the joint boogie1
Rock the yellow cab1
rock thing1
Rock this calling2
Rock this house1
Rock this house tonight1
Rock this joint2
Rock this joint tonight1
Rock this morning1
Rock this mother1
Rock this town2
Rock this town tonight1
Rock thong1
Rock train1
Rock Triadi2
Rock waltz1
Rock wandering1
Rock will never die1
Rock witcha2
Rock with it1
Rock with it baby1
Rock with Joe1
Rock with me mama1
Rock with me tonight1
Rock with you11
Rock woogie1
Rock your blues away2
Rock your cares away1
Rock your roll1

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