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This index refers to the 530,380 individual tune titles (1,589,338 total entries) included in over 243,576 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of December, 2019.

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Page P14 - Pe de manaca to Pearly gates

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Tune nameSessions
Pe de manaca1
Pe de moleque2
Pe de pano1
Pe de vento1
Pe deal la Cornatel1
Pe deal pe la cornatel3
Pe dealul placintelor2
Pe las tabelas1
Pe no chao1
Pe olt1
Pe quebrado1
Pe sem cabeca2
Pe vale1
Pea Bee and Lee1
Pea eye2
Pea eye no 21
Pea head1
Pea king1
Pea Lily1
Pea patch jig1
pea pickler1
Pea soup2
Pea vine whistle1
Peabody hotel1
Peace & love1
Peace & pig grease1
Peace 2 U2
Peace 20031
Peace a moment1
Peace above1
Peace again1
Peace and beyond1
Peace and blessing1
Peace and change1
Peace and happiness3
Peace and harmony1
Peace and hope1
Peace and joy1
Peace and justice1
Peace and love12
Peace and love for all2
Peace and pipe utopia1
Peace and plenty1
Peace and plenty rag5
Peace and quiet2
Peace and quiet time3
Peace and respect2
Peace and rhythm suite1
Peace and tranquility1
Peace and victory1
Peace and wholeness1
Peace at last3
Peace baby1
Peace be still2
Peace be unto you2
Peace be with you1
peace before1
Peace begins within1
Peace beyond conflict1
Peace blue silver1
Peace boat1
Peace bossa nova1
Peace bridge2
Peace brother4
Peace brother peace2
Peace Carmella1
Peace celestial1
Peace chant3
Peace child1
Peace chorale1
Peace chorale II1
Peace club1
Peace conspiracy1
Peace crusaders1
Peace Dale Mill1
Peace dance2
Peace dollar1
Peace eternal1
Peace father1
Peace Flight home1
Peace for a dream1
Peace for Africa1
Peace for all1
Peace for any nation1
Peace for Beethoven2
Peace for Clifford Jordan1
Peace for D1
Peace for Don1
Peace for EH1
Peace for five1
Peace for January1
Peace for Jess1
Peace for Kabul2
Peace for LA1
Peace for love1
Peace for now1
Peace for Pastorius1
Peace for Ross1
Peace for South Africa2
Peace for the enduring heart1
Peace for the moment1
Peace for you1
Peace for Zim1
Peace from the lonely soul1
Peace fugue2
Peace full1
Peace gesture1
Peace go with you brother1
Peace go with you brother WaAlaikumSalaam1
Peace good ticklebrain1
Peace green1
Peace hotel1
Peace I1
Peace in essaouira1
Peace in four parts1
Peace in mind1
Peace in my heart1
Peace in New Orleans1
Peace in Nineveh1
Peace in our lifetime1
Peace in our time1
Peace in shifting sands1
Peace in soul1
Peace in strings1
Peace in the abstract1
Peace in the end1
Peace in the valley18
Peace in time1
Peace inside1
Peace is not for us1
Peace is not for us II1
Peace is on my mind1
Peace is the language of stars and stones1
Peace is the way2
Peace KD1
Peace keeping2
Peace like a football growth1
Peace like a river5
Peace love & music1
Peace love & understanding1
Peace love and carrots1
Peace love and harmony1
Peace love and horses1
Peace loving people are on the rise1
Peace lullaby1
Peace maker7
Peace march5
Peace meal1
Peace memory1
peace missing1
Peace movement1
Peace music Sustained piece1
Peace now4
Peace of five1
Peace of green2
Peace of heart1
Peace of jack1
peace of Jerusalem1
Peace of Livadi1
Peace of mind51
Peace of mind I Everything reminds me of you1
Peace of mind II Peace of mind1
Peace of mine1
Peace of my heart1
Peace of Silver1
Peace of the blues1
peace of the country1
Peace of the korridor2
Peace of the stars1
Peace of the world1
peace of wild things1
Peace offering4
Peace on earth36
Peace on Earth I1
Peace on Earth II1
Peace on my mind3
Peace on you2
Peace one1
Peace out1
Peace out of cans1
Peace overture1
Peace overtures1
Peace park1
Peace peace2
Peace peace my children1
Peace peace my God1
Peace people theme1
Peace perfect peace1
Peace piece25
Peace piecepeace1
Peace pipe17
Peace planet1
Peace please2
Peace power1
Peace prayer7
Peace prize1
Peace Rashaan1
Peace requiem1
Peace revolution1
Peace river1
Peace round1
Peace Salaam Hamba khale2
Peace Shanti1
Peace sister peace1
Peace song5
Peace starts inside you1
Peace suite1
Peace talk5
peace that passes understanding2
peace that we never before could enjoy2
Peace three1
Peace to1
Peace to peace1
Peace to the world1
Peace tongues1
Peace train2
Peace treaty1
Peace treatyPeace warriors1
Peace tune4
Peace two1
Peace unknown2
Peace waltz4
Peace warriors14
Peace will ever come1
Peace with me1
Peace with myself1
Peace within3
Peace within the struggle1
Peace work1
Peaceable enough1
PeaceBlue silver1
Peaceful abiding1
Peaceful and content1
Peaceful anxiety1
Peaceful atmosphere1
Peaceful brookside1
Peaceful close to cherry trees1
Peaceful coexistence1
Peaceful comet1
peaceful crowd1
peaceful day1
Peaceful dreams1
Peaceful ending1
Peaceful eyes1
Peaceful face1
Peaceful flame1
Peaceful flight1
Peaceful heart1
Peaceful heart gentle spirit2
Peaceful Henry15
Peaceful hideaway1
Peaceful in LA1
Peaceful Jack1
Peaceful journey5
Peaceful king1
peaceful kingdom1
peaceful life1
Peaceful man1
Peaceful moment2
Peaceful moments5
Peaceful morning2
Peaceful noon1
Peaceful ones1
Peaceful piece1
peaceful place6
Peaceful planet1
peaceful poet1
Peaceful question1
Peaceful rain1
Peaceful rapture1
peaceful resolution1
Peaceful retaliation1
Peaceful river1
Peaceful shadow1
Peaceful shadows of a room1
Peaceful silence2
Peaceful sleep1
peaceful soul1
Peaceful stream1
Peaceful stuff1
peaceful suite1
Peaceful sundown1
Peaceful surroundings1
Peaceful thinking1
Peaceful three1
Peaceful thunder2
Peaceful time2
Peaceful transportation1
peaceful tremor1
Peaceful valley11
Peaceful village2
Peaceful village town1
Peaceful walking1
Peaceful warrior4
Peacefully speaking1
PeaceHomage to John Coltrane1
Peaces of dream1
Peacesalaamhamba khale5
Peach blossom2
Peach blossom land2
Peach blossom spring1
Peach cobbler1
Peach fuzz1
Peach hibiscus1
Peach melba1
Peach moon2
peach of a pair2
peach on a beach1
peach orchard1
Peach pie3
Peach pie monkey talk1
Peach Street1
Peach tree2
Peach tree shuffle1
Peach Tree Street4
Peach trees1
Peacherine rag24
Peaches and brandy1
Peaches and Browning song1
Peaches and cream4
Peaches and regalia2
Peaches are better down the road2
Peaches down in Georgia1
Peaches en regalia12
Peaches in Georgia1
Peaches in regalia2
Peaches in the springtime1
Peaches n cream1
Peaches T1
Peaches with salt1
Peachin a hole1
Peachtree man blues1
peachtree road race1
Peachtree Street blues1
Peacle club1
Peacock Alley4
Peacock blues2
Peacock colors2
Peacock dance2
Peacock funk1
peacock parade and gossip behind1
Peacock park2
Peacock season1
Peacock song1
Peacock strut1
Peacock sunset1
Peacocks and unicorns1
Peacocks crown blues1
Peacocks dance1
Peacocks gazelles dogwood trees & six silver coins1
Peacocks leopards and glass1
Peacocks nightmare1
peacocks tail1
peacocks tale2
Peacocks walked1
Peage ingrat1
Peak hour1
Peak inn1
Peak moments1
peak of time1
Peak stream discharge1
Peakas dance1
Peaking curiosity1
Peaks and troughs1
Peaks and valleys3
Peaks beaks1
Peaks of present and sheets of past1
Peal repeal1
Pean dAne medley1
peanut bar2
Peanut blues1
Peanut boss1
Peanut boys lucky day1
Peanut brittle brigade3
Peanut butter8
Peanut butter & jelly1
Peanut butter and honey1
Peanut butter and jelly1
Peanut butter blues2
Peanut butter bolster1
Peanut butter dream1
Peanut butter ice cream man1
Peanut butter in the desert1
peanut butter song1
Peanut butter two1
Peanut cackle1
Peanut face2
Peanut girl1
Peanut head2
Peanut jelly1
Peanut man1
Peanut shell1
Peanut soup1
peanut vender1
peanut vendor180
Peanut vendor boogie3
Peanuts from Heaven1
Peanuts number one fantasy1
Peanuts vendor1
Pear blossoms1
pear for Satie1
Pear for the bear1
Pear juice1
Pear mix1
pear tree1
Pearblossom heights1
Pearl 211
Pearl and Bruno1
Pearl dropper1
pearl for Errol1
pearl for Louie1
Pearl for Merle1
Pearl games1
Pearl grey1
Pearl house rag3
pearl in the Oliver C1
Pearl lives1
Pearl necklace1
Pearl of Malabar1
Pearl of ring1
Pearl of swirl1
Pearl of the quarter1
Pearl of the sea1
Pearl pale hands1
Pearl rafter1
Pearl river1
Pearl River stomp1
Pearl Street7
Pearl Street strut1
Pearl talk2
Pearl time1
Pearlie Mae blues1
Pearlies swine5
Pearls & eyes1
Pearls and eyes1
Pearls and tears1
Pearls and tranformation1
Pearls and white ponies2
Pearls around my heart1
Pearls Baiao1
Pearls before swine1
Pearls blues2
Pearls dance1
pearls dream of the Orient1
Pearls for Barbara1
Pearls for Ellen1
Pearls for swine1
Pearls from oysters1
Pearls of fear1
Pearls of peril1
Pearls on the halfshell1
Pearls on velvet5
Pearls revisited1
Pearls song1
pearly gate1
pearly gate music1
Pearly gates6

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