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This index refers to the 523,727 individual tune titles (1,572,664 total entries) included in over 241,692 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of July, 2019.

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Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual tunes. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific tunes. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual tunes.


Page O9 - Okkar to Old green river

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Tune nameSessions
Okky dokky1
Okl baby dokl3
Oklahoma blues1
Oklahoma City3
Oklahoma country girl1
Oklahoma elegy1
Oklahoma hills4
Oklahoma indian jazz1
Oklahoma medley3
Oklahoma moon1
Oklahoma roots1
Oklahoma sprawl1
Oklahoma stomp4
Oklahoma toad6
Oklahoma Willy1
Oklahoma x 3 II1
Oknens frestelser1
Okolice peronow1
Okolice peronow 11
Okolice peronow 21
Okolice peronow 31
Okolice peronow 41
Okolice peronow 51
Okolo Hradisca vodenka tece1
Okolona river bottom band1
Okom er eens kijken1
Okonkojo concertante1
Okonkole y trompa6
Okra and tomatoes1
Okra influence1
Okra people1
Okreni se niz djul bastu1
Okreni se niz dul bascu1
Oktana AE1
Oktil vinil1
Oktober Hilsen1
Oktober in Oosterpark1
Oktober nat1
Oktober park1
Oktoboys do1
Oktotonische improvisatie op es en bis1
Okubo things1
Okuka lokole1
Okusosola mukuleke1
Okwukwe na nchewube1
oky doke1
Ol 551
Ol av mig1
Ol Bayou1
Ol Bill Basie1
Ol Bills blues1
Ol blewh moon1
Ol Blu1
Ol Blue Eyes4
Ol bosperus1
Ol braggin Freddie1
Ol bugaboo1
Ol buttermilk sky4
Ol creole1
Ol cric1
Ol croix1
Ol devil moon3
Ol dirty hummingbird1
Ol dude1
Ol factory1
Ol Five Spot2
Ol for1
Ol green river1
Ol Hannah1
Ol i Tangsta1
Ol Joe Louis1
Ol John Dixons rag1
Ol kaunis kesailta2
Ol kaunis keskilta1
Ol King Cole1
Ol King Razzamatazz1
Ol lady who1
Ol MacDonald1
Ol man1
Ol man blues1
Ol man memories monologue1
Ol man Mose49
Ol man Mose aint dead1
Ol man Moses1
Ol man rebop3
Ol man river304
Ol man time2
Ol metalfaced bastard1
Ol mind1
Ol Miss2
Ol Miss rag12
Ol Mo1
Ol Mose blues1
Ol mozambique1
Ol musik1
Ol pappy7
Ol piano1
ol pick and roll1
Ol pidgeon toed joad1
Ol pigeon toed Joe1
Ol pigeontoed joad1
Ol puddin jar1
Ol Riley1
Ol rockin chair8
Ol Sam Tages2
Ol sax and captain axe1
Ol school1
Ol school groove1
Ol Stack OLee blues1
Ol stackolee blues1
Ol tag along2
Ol time religion1
Ol time southside street dance1
Ol times1
Ol Zulu1
Ola como estas1
ola en el mar1
Ola Glomstulens klagesang1
Ola guapa ole1
Ola ola1
Ola Ola min eigen unge2
Ola ou cafe1
Ola querida1
Ola the Norwegian1
Ola var fra Sandefjord1
Olades dance1
Olaha Maria1
Olas y arenas1
Olauf Kupfer1
Olavi pure1
Olay olay1
Olba Maria1
Olbrzymia czaszka1
Olcsjbflbc bag1
Old & new blues1
Old 100th1
Old 52nd St rag2
Old 52nd Street rag2
Old A flat1
Old acquaintance6
Old acquaintances2
Old Adam2
Old Afro a baba1
Old age6
Old age blues1
Old age should burn and rave at close of day1
Old America2
Old American road1
Old Amsterdam6
Old and beautiful story1
Old and fashioned1
old and happy man1
Old and in love1
Old and lost rivers1
Old and nameless1
Old and new7
Old and new dreams2
Old and new drums1
Old and new impressions1
Old and new tales1
Old and new Tristano1
old and the new1
Old and wise1
Old and young1
Old and young blues2
Old angel midnight1
Old antiquity1
old apple tree4
Old aquaintance1
old ark is moverin1
old ark is moving1
Old arrival3
old artist1
Old as the hills1
Old as trains1
Old as young1
Old at 18Dog bowl1
Old aunt Jarmolly goin to be there to the light o the moon1
Old babies1
Old Babylon1
Old balance1
Old baldy1
old ball and Trane1
Old ballad13
Old ballade1
Old Balsam2
Old bark hut1
Old bass1
Old bazaar in Cairo3
Old beady eyes1
old beelzebub blues1
Old beginnings1
Old Ben1
Old Ben Houston1
Old Berlin song1
Old bicycle1
Old Bill2
Old bird1
Old black cat blues1
Old black crow2
Old black Joe32
Old black Joel1
Old black Joes blue1
Old black Joes blues4
Old black magic8
Old black Mary1
Old black mule1
Old black snake blues1
Old black style1
Old blue4
Old blue goose1
Old blues10
Old blues for Walts Torin1
Old blush1
Old bo1
Old boat1
Old Bohemian town1
Old bojangles is gone1
Old bones6
old book2
Old books3
Old boss Barry1
Old bossa1
Old bottle new wine1
Old bottles2
Old bottles new wine1
Old bottles no wine2
Old bowl new grits1
Old boy1
Old boyfriends3
Old branches1
Old bridge town1
Old British pub1
Old Broadway1
Old brokeup shoes1
Old Brooklyn1
Old brother Jack1
old brown case1
Old brown shoe1
Old Brownie boogie1
Old bugs and new1
Old Bull Lee1
old bums rush1
old bush1
Old buttermilk sky5
Old C1
Old Calabar1
Old camerad dixie1
old canal2
Old Cape Cod15
Old captain1
old carousel1
Old carpets1
old castle9
old castle blues1
Old castle by the river in the middle of a forest1
old century1
Old chair3
old chaperone1
Old charleston1
Old chestnuts1
Old chords stomp1
old Christmas tree1
Old church new paint1
Old circus train6
old circus train turnaround blues1
old city5
Old city new city1
Old claim1
old clock boogie1
Old clothes2
Old codger1
old coffity pot1
Old colors1
Old commandement blues1
Old commandment blues1
Old companion1
Old Compton Street1
Old comrades3
Old comrades march2
Old cool1
Old Count Basie is gone1
Old countries1
old country115
Old country road1
Old country rock1
Old country stomp1
old county1
old county down1
Old couple2
Old couples lullaby2
old coutnry1
old cowboy1
old creaky wishing gate1
Old crinkletoes1
Old crow boogie1
Old Croy1
Old Curia stomp1
Old curiosity shop1
Old D blues1
old dabbit1
Old Dan1
Old Dan Tucker6
Old dance1
Old dances1
Old Danish1
old Danish castle1
Old date1
Old Dave1
old days6
Old days old times old friends1
Old Delhi1
Old demons1
Old desires1
Old deuteronomy1
Old devil1
Old devil moon431
Old devil now1
old devils1
Old devils boogie1
Old diary1
Old dictionary1
Old dirt1
Old distant radiotune1
Old dixieland tunes1
Old Doc Brown1
Old Doc Yak1
Old Dock Yak1
Old dog blues1
Old dog tray2
Old dogs2
Old dogs and new tricks1
Old dracula1
Old dreams3
Old dreams new wings1
Old dubbin rag1
Old dude1
Old Dutch2
Old Dutch cheesepipe1
Old E1
Old enough1
Old Ephs vision1
old escalator1
Old Europe1
Old eyes8
Old faces in windows2
old fairy tale2
Old faithful3
Old faithful and true love1
old familiar faces1
Old fashion2
Old fashion charme1
Old fashion love4
Old fashion swing1
Old fashion waltz blues1
Old fashione love1
Old fashioned6
Old fashioned blues3
old fashioned bustle my mother wore1
Old fashioned Christmas3
Old fashioned fun1
Old fashioned gal1
Old fashioned girl4
Old fashioned love290
Old fashioned love game1
Old fashioned love in my heart1
Old fashioned love song1
Old fashioned man1
Old fashioned melody1
Old fashioned rag1
Old fashioned Sara blues1
Old fashioned slow blues3
Old fashioned song1
Old fashioned swing8
Old fashioned walk1
old fashioned way10
Old fashioned ways1
Old fashionned1
old fashions1
Old fateful1
old father and the Polaroid2
Old father clock1
Old father time1
Old favorite song1
Old favorites1
Old feelings2
Old feet feel out the path1
Old fellow3
Old fellow Slop1
Old felt hat1
Old Fianchetto1
Old field1
Old fields1
Old file1
Old fish1
Old fishermans daughter8
Old flame3
Old flames never die2
Old Floyd1
Old folk1
Old folk song1
Old folkies1
Old folks615
Old folks at home40
Old folks at home aka Swanee River1
Old folks boogie2
Old folks do you know me now1
old folks hunch1
Old folks not at home1
Old folks rag3
Old folks shake1
Old folks shuffle18
Old folks song1
Old folks suuffle1
Old fool2
Old for the new1
old forest1
Old forks2
Old forsaken blues1
Old fort point Aerial view of San Francisco1
Old french melody1
old French Quarter1
Old friend20
Old friend and dry martini1
old friend revisted1
Old friends40
Old friends and relatives1
Old friends blues1
Old friends new friends1
Old friends talking1
Old frogs1
Old front porch1
Old funky blues1
Old funky Genes1
Old gal new gal blues1
old gang of mine2
old garden1
old general strolls on1
Old geometry1
Old ghosts new demons1
Old girl1
Old glory goes marching on1
old gns shop1
old gnu1
Old gods2
Old gold2
Old gospel4
Old grammophone1
Old grand dad4
Old grandad1
Old grandad smell too bad1
Old grandpa1
Old Gravenstein1
Old gray bonnet1
old gray mare1
Old green river15

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