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This index refers to the 491,948 individual tune titles (1,483,810 total entries) included in over 231,004 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2017.

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Page O7 - Oh Mister Mitchell to Oikosulku

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Tune nameSessions
Oh Mister Mitchell1
Oh mister moon1
Oh mistress mine3
Oh Molly dear1
Oh mon amour1
Oh Monah34
Oh moon4
Oh moon oh star1
Oh Moscow1
Oh mother1
Oh mother dear mother1
Oh mother selfless1
Oh mountain1
Oh Mr Friction Carry me back to old Morocco1
Oh Mr James1
Oh Mr Jelly1
Oh Mr Johnson3
Oh Mr Moon1
Oh Mr Possum1
Oh Mr Rex1
Oh Mr Sauter Yes Mr Finegan2
Oh Mr songwriter1
Oh Mr trombone aint you ashamed1
Oh Muddy Waters1
Oh muki muki oh1
Oh music1
Oh musica divina1
Oh muted foghorn1
Oh my9
Oh my achin back1
Oh my aching heart1
Oh my babe6
Oh my babe blues14
Oh my baby blues1
Oh my beloved daddy1
Oh My darling3
Oh my darling Clementine1
Oh my darling look what youre doing to me1
Oh my dear2
Oh my deer1
Oh my dog1
Oh my gawd1
Oh my God5
Oh my God its blood1
Oh my goodness3
Oh my goodness baby1
Oh my gosh1
Oh my gracious1
Oh my grand pa1
Oh my grandpa1
Oh my life1
Oh my Lord1
Oh my Lord you know me thoroughly1
Oh my love10
Oh my love how long1
Oh my lovin1
Oh my Maryland1
Oh my NOLA1
Oh my oh my oh gosh1
Oh my operation1
Oh my papa7
Oh my solo1
Oh my soul1
Oh my stars1
Oh my sweet papa1
Oh my What a shame2
Oh Nelson1
Oh no19
Oh no babe2
Oh no could I be in love1
Oh no daddyo1
Oh no Im not tired of life1
Oh no its another old French crime movie again1
Oh no John2
Oh no Margarita1
Oh no no1
Oh no not my baby3
Oh no shes plastered again1
Oh no shes trying to rip my spacesuit open1
Oh no skeeto1
Oh no you didnt1
Oh non toi jamais1
Oh not so simple1
Oh not you again1
Oh now I see1
Oh Nuit inoubliable1
Oh ocean1
Oh oh1
Oh oh baby1
Oh oh get1
Oh oh here he comes1
Oh Oh Il travaile du chapeau1
Oh oh mama1
Oh oh my my oh oh1
Oh oh no1
Oh oh oh3
Oh oh oh Ah ah ah1
Oh oh what do you know about love1
Oh oh yeh what a heck1
Oh Ole Ole I loved you dearly1
Oh pane Ellington1
Oh Papa9
Oh papa blues1
Oh pardon me1
Oh people1
Oh Peter29
Oh Peter go ring dem bells1
Oh Peter go ring them bells2
Oh PeterSome of these days1
Oh Pharoah speak1
Oh Play that thing2
Oh please2
Oh please bring water1
Oh please forgive1
Oh pleaseRape aria1
Oh Pontchartrain the beautiful1
Oh precious Lord1
Oh pretty little Neida1
Oh pretty woman2
Oh promise me4
Oh qual traspare orribile1
Oh Quand les saints1
Oh que amigo es cristo2
Oh que mambo1
Oh Que noite tao bonita1
Oh que sera que sera1
Oh quelle nuit1
Oh quil est vilain1
Oh really3
Oh Red12
Oh revival day1
Oh rider1
Oh Riegersburg1
Oh Roberta1
Oh rock3
Oh rock rock rock1
Oh Roland1
Oh Rose my Rose1
Oh Rosie1
Oh Rosita1
Oh roundabout1
Oh sama1
Oh samba lec1
Oh sambesadino1
Oh Sandra 031
Oh Sarah Wont you please pull down that shade1
Oh say Can I see you tonight5
Oh say can you do1
Oh say Can you swing2
Oh see how they run to LA1
Oh see OC1
Oh senorita1
Oh sensei ni sasageru1
Oh Shams1
Oh Shaye1
Oh she flew1
Oh she was wonderful1
Oh shenandoah4
Oh shes a beautiful doll1
Oh shes gone but not forgotten1
Oh shilalah1
Oh shit2
Oh shit Aha1
Oh shooby dooby1
Oh shucks1
Oh shut up1
Oh sikke en niggerboy2
Oh silent loneliness1
Oh silent solitude1
Oh singaloo1
Oh sinner man1
Oh sister aint that hot51
Oh sixteen oh seven1
Oh slow1
Oh slowly1
Oh snap2
Oh so basal1
Oh so beautiful1
Oh so blue3
Oh so good17
Oh so hip1
Oh so lonely1
oh so nice3
Oh so pretty2
Oh so quietly he went1
Oh so real1
Oh so sweet1
Oh so utterly mad around you1
Oh sole mio3
Oh Soviel Vieh Sophie1
Oh Sprengen1
Oh Star of Eve1
Oh steal away1
Oh Steve2
Oh strange1
Oh such a beautiful place1
Oh sugar1
Oh sure I do1
Oh surprise1
Oh Susana1
Oh Susanah1
Oh Susanna10
Oh Susanna arrangiamento per chitarra sola1
Oh Susannah26
Oh Susannah dust off that old pianna10
Oh Suzanna4
Oh Suzanna dust off the old pianna1
Oh Suzanne1
Oh sweet Daddy1
Oh sweet little lady1
Oh Sweet Marianne1
Oh sweet mystery of life1
Oh sweet Susannah1
Oh sweetly1
Oh swing it1
Oh Sylvie1
Oh Syracuse1
Oh take me back1
Oh take me in your arms1
Oh tannenbaum14
Oh Ted2
Oh telephone1
Oh tell me why2
Oh that band from Dixieland1
Oh that Cologne1
Oh that face1
Oh that girl1
Oh that Hamburg1
Oh that I were a tender blossom1
Oh that kiss3
Oh that my head were waters1
Oh that nasty man1
Oh that Navajo rag1
Oh that old riff1
Oh that sigh1
Oh that sweet in suite 164
Oh that yankianna rag1
Oh thatll be joyful2
Oh the cold black puddle of Europe1
Oh the day is done1
Oh the joy1
Oh the money1
Oh the passing of time Europe1
Oh the pity of it all2
Oh the places youll go1
Oh the sunny side of the street1
Oh the train is at the station1
Oh them golden gaters2
Oh them golden slippers3
Oh them saxes1
Oh Them saxophones1
Oh theyre making me all over in the army2
Oh those blues1
Oh those eyes1
Oh those good old days1
Oh those Martian blues2
Oh those sensual textures1
Oh thou zane1
Oh to vex me contraries meet in one1
Oh topsy1
Oh Trinidad1
Oh unique Halloween1
Oh Venus1
Oh very dear1
Oh Vicky1
Oh Vida1
Oh Virgola1
Oh wasnt dat a wide river1
Oh wat een tijd1
Oh we have a friend in Jesus1
Oh well8
Oh well Brazil1
Oh well oh well3
Oh wenn de sangst1
Oh whart a beautiful mornin1
Oh what2
Oh what a beautiful day1
Oh what a beautiful morining1
Oh what a beautiful mornin12
Oh what a beautiful morning78
Oh what a beautiful morningOut of my dreams1
Oh what a day2
Oh what a difference1
Oh what a doll1
Oh what a dream4
Oh what a fool3
Oh what a freedom1
Oh what a funny feeling2
Oh what a goose I am1
Oh what a little moonlight can do1
Oh what a love1
Oh what a lovely dream2
Oh what a lovely rag1
Oh what a memory we made1
Oh what a night1
Oh what a night for love10
Oh what a night of love1
Oh what a night to love1
Oh what a nite1
Oh what a pal was Marv1
Oh what a pal was Mary1
Oh what a party1
Oh What a silly place to kiss a girl2
Oh what a strange doll1
Oh what a thrill2
Oh what a wonderful mornin1
Oh what a world1
Oh what a world were living in1
Oh what beautiful mornin1
Oh what could have been1
Oh what I wouldnt give1
Oh what it seemed to be23
Oh what it seemed to me1
Oh what Ive been thru1
Oh What kind of woman1
Oh when1
Oh when the birds1
Oh when the rags go marchin in1
Oh which1
Oh why2
Oh why oh why1
Oh Willie play that thing3
Oh Wingy1
Oh woman2
Oh Wow1
Oh ya ya1
Oh ye Danse Folklorique1
Oh yea ah ah1
Oh yeah33
Oh yeah ah ah1
Oh yeah Im in love1
Oh yeah oh yeah1
Oh yes7
Oh yes baby1
Oh yes I do2
Oh yes I remember Clifford1
Oh yes I will1
Oh yes its so1
Oh yes my darling1
Oh yes my friend1
Oh yes take another guess3
Oh Yesenske oy1
Oh you1
Oh you angel1
Oh you beautiful doll66
Oh you California1
Oh you can run1
Oh you circus day1
Oh you crazy1
Oh you crazy moon91
Oh you dear little night1
Oh you devil3
Oh you devil man2
Oh you devil rag1
Oh you dont need wine to have a a wonderful time1
Oh you drummer1
Oh you have no idea10
Oh you la la1
Oh you little bear1
Oh you little sunuvergun1
Oh You Lulu Belle2
Oh you my field1
Oh you nasty man1
Oh You pretty things1
Oh you rogue2
Oh you so beautiful1
Oh you sweet old watchamaycallit2
Oh you sweet thing11
Oh you wont be satisfied1
Oh youre a living doll1
Oh zon oh zon oh zonnetje1
Oh zut cest mothe1
Oha wenn das die andern wussten1
Ohali blues1
Ohana han1
OHaras here1
OHaras journey1
Ohe capitaine1
Oheims dead1
Ohel Israel1
Ohen az pozar1
Ohen dich1
Ohene kesee a ebin1
Ohi Mari1
Ohio 19031
Ohio beach1
Ohio blues1
Ohio bound1
Ohio breakaway1
Ohio lunch1
Ohio rhyming sequel1
Ohio river blues1
Ohio serenade2
OhiOhio boogie1
Ohla Graciela1
Ohla Maria2
Ohlednuti VI1
Ohlos de gato1
Ohm nuggets1
Ohm pom pom1
Ohms law1
Ohne dich2
Ohne dich ist die ganze Welt fur mich ohne Sonne Stormy weather1
Ohne ende1
Ohne filter1
Ohne fliesch loaf1
Ohne illusion1
Ohne kapitalisten geht es besser1
Ohne kommentar1
Ohne kopf1
Ohne lieder leben1
Ohne mich2
Ohne name1
Ohne solo1
Ohne Sorgen1
Ohne Telefonbucher1
Ohne titel4
Ohne tranen gibts keine liebe1
Ohne worte5
Ohniva reka1
ohnsburg Illinois1
Ohnuma blues1
Oho oh yeah uh huh1
Ohoh part 11
Oholis ma1
Ohooooh honey1
Ohrkehrum prescht das Wildschwein uber stock und stein1
Ohthe glitch1
Ohtu ilu1
Oi death I1
Oi death II1
Oi fun veig1
Oi gata1
Oi gevalt1
Oi gewart1
Oi Herra jos ma matkamies maan1
Oi Herra luoksein jaa1
Oi Herra turva heikkojen1
Oi liuliliuli1
Oi lua1
Oi mari1
Oi Marie1
Oi ne khody hrytsin tai na vechornytsi1
Oi niita aikoja1
Oi ricciulina2
Oi vay calypso1
Oica la o senhor vinho1
Oidipus blues1
Oifen pripitchik1
Oifn pripitchik4
Oiga mi guaguanco1
Oignon 31
Oigo un tumbao1

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