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This index refers to the 525,213 individual tune titles (1,576,463 total entries) included in over 242,134 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of August, 2019.

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Page O4 - October ferry to Ode to the flower maiden

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Tune nameSessions
October ferry1
October fool1
October fourth1
October gaida1
October gold1
October impressions1
October in Ankara2
October in Kiev1
October in November1
October in the air2
October in the railroad earth1
October interlude1
October is a long time too1
October land1
October last1
October leaves1
October medley1
October mind1
October mood2
October morning1
October night1
October night prelude1
October poem2
October rain1
October rains2
October revolution2
October rhythm1
October sea1
October sigh1
October sky1
October snow1
October song19
October suite1
October sun1
October sunshine1
October surprise3
October The autumn song1
October the first1
October thoughts1
October twilight4
October walk1
October waltz1
October Wedding song1
October woman3
Octobers bright blue abortion1
Octobers child3
Octobers dream1
Octobers dream caro arrigo Octobers dream1
Octobers game1
Octobre 941
Octobre blanc1
Octobre Octobre1
Octogonal dance abstract1
Octombrie song3
Octopus command1
Octopus garden1
Octopus march1
Octopus of my heart1
Octopus rag2
Octopuss garden1
Octubre 221
Octubre del 961
Octuple blast1
Octupuss garden1
Octurn sans haine ne nuit point1
Ocular rabies1
Oculus non vidit1
Ocurrencia a las 4 y pico1
Ocurrio a mi1
OD blues1
Od Cechu az po spanely1
Od osla do posla1
Od yesh homa1
Oda a Billy Joe1
Oda a odalisca1
Oda a Rycardo1
Oda a Walt Whitman1
Oda al Rey de Harlem1
Oda Eugenia4
Oda mimian1
Oda para mi mina1
Odalenn delen1
Odalisque in the seraglio1
Odd a little1
Odd aardvark1
Odd and awkward1
Odd and blue1
odd and corny shuffle1
Odd and even3
Odd and familiar1
Odd angel1
Odd appearance1
Odd ball5
Odd ball out1
Odd bar1
Odd behavior1
Odd birds2
Odd blues2
Odd bop1
odd child1
Odd children1
odd couple26
odd couple theme3
Odd dance2
Odd decision1
Odd elegy2
Odd end1
odd fellows march1
Odd folk1
odd game1
Odd games1
odd get even2
Odd girl2
odd handshake1
Odd introduction1
Odd job2
Odd John1
Odd licks1
Odd line blues1
Odd man out6
Odd meeting1
Odd meter blues1
Odd moments1
Odd normal1
Odd note suite1
Odd notes suite1
Odd number5
Odd numbers1
Odd odds1
odd one out1
Odd or even1
odd party1
Odd people1
Odd piece1
Odd pocket1
Odd poetry1
Odd slippers1
Odd song1
Odd soul1
Odd story1
Odd tango2
Odd time in Mali1
Odd times4
Odd way out1
Odd works1
Oddaje ci1
Oddball compliments1
Oddech lasu1
Oddelek S1
odder side of the coin1
Oddi lobbi1
Oddjobs pressing engagement1
Oddley enough1
Oddly abstract nature1
Oddly enough3
Oddness and loveboys theme1
Odds against intervals1
Odds against tomorrow18
Odds and ends5
Odds are1
odds are against me1
Odds are low1
Odds bullets and blades1
Odds on1
Odds or evens1
Odds out1
Oddsville USA1
Oddua suite1
Oddychajacym usmiechajacym sie piwo idiotko1
Ode 2 love1
Ode a Arthur Cravan1
Ode a Bill1
Ode a Django1
Ode a Jean Louis2
Ode a JeanLouis1
Ode a John1
Ode a laube1
Ode a Lon Chaney2
Ode a McCoy1
Ode a Odette1
Ode a Wayne1
Ode an Claude1
Ode an marul3
Ode an morul1
Ode an skubek1
Ode and die Freude1
Ode au grain1
Ode bra1
Ode dEspagne2
Ode du premier jour de mai2
Ode emue au gaz butane1
Ode for Aaron2
Ode for BD1
Ode for Dan1
Ode for flute viola cello & guitar1
Ode for Joe3
Ode for Leo1
Ode for Mr DC1
Ode for my baby1
Ode for opportunists1
Ode for Otis1
Ode for Tomten2
Ode for trumpet1
Ode from Black Picture Show1
Ode from the Kanon for Easter Sunday1
Ode geneticamente modificata1
Ode hashem1
Ode II1
Ode III1
Ode III11
Ode III21
Ode machine no 21
Ode No 11
Ode per James Dean1
Ode shed1
Ode til morrakaffen1
Ode till en bongrodd1
Ode to 21
Ode to 891
Ode to a bank1
Ode to a beat generation2
Ode to a blossom2
Ode to a chimney sweep1
Ode to a chimney sweeper1
Ode to a cowboy4
Ode to a dream1
Ode to a drum1
Ode to a dying planet1
Ode to a Fillmore dressing room1
Ode to a flower1
Ode to a flower maiden1
Ode to a fluegelhorn1
Ode to a flugelhorn5
Ode to a folk song1
Ode to a friend2
Ode to a generation1
Ode to a giant1
Ode to a grandfather1
Ode to a gray flannel rectangle1
Ode to a green frisbee2
Ode to a gypsy son1
Ode to a kudu2
Ode to a lame duck1
Ode to a lost love1
Ode to a mode1
Ode to a new life1
Ode to a new year1
Ode to a New York cab driver1
Ode to a potato plant3
Ode to a princess1
Ode to a rainforest1
Ode to a soprano1
Ode to a soulmate1
Ode to a star1
Ode to a stream1
Ode to a sunsinger1
Ode to a toad5
Ode to a tractor1
Ode to a trio1
Ode to a whore1
Ode to a wild clam1
Ode to AB1
Ode to Abe1
Ode to abe snake1
Ode to Aegean1
Ode to Alastor1
Ode to Albert Ammons1
Ode to Albert Ayler1
Ode to Alvin Fielder1
Ode to Ama1
Ode to an earth girl1
Ode to an oud1
Ode to Angela6
Ode to Art Tatum1
Ode to be1
Ode to Bechet2
Ode to Benoite1
Ode to Berth Williams Ethiopias call1
Ode to Billie1
Ode to Billie and Freddie1
Ode to Billie Jo6
Ode to Billie Joe40
Ode to Billy Jo3
Ode to Billy Joe60
Ode to Billy Strayhorn1
Ode to Bird1
Ode to Bird and Dizzy1
Ode to birds1
Ode to black music Wonder Hendrix Marley1
Ode to Blackie1
Ode to Blind Joe Death1
Ode to Bontuku1
Ode to Booker Ervin2
Ode to bottom1
Ode to boy1
Ode to Bra1
Ode to Brigadoon a path to all1
Ode to brother Jack1
Ode to BS1
Ode to Cachao1
Ode to Cannonball1
Ode to Captain Kangaroo1
Ode to Casals1
Ode to Charlie1
Ode to Charlie M1
Ode to Charlie Parker7
Ode to Chet2
Ode to Cleavage on the camel1
Ode to Clifford Jordan1
Ode to Clinton1
Ode to Cologne1
Ode to Coltrane2
Ode to consumerism1
Ode to CP1
Ode to Crispus Attucks1
Ode to D1
Ode to Delphi1
Ode to Detroit1
Ode to Django Reinhardt1
Ode to Don1
Ode to Don Cherry1
Ode to drums1
Ode to Duke3
Ode to Ed4
Ode to Ed Blackwell1
Ode to Edgar1
Ode to EEJ1
Ode to Elvin2
Ode to Elvin Jones1
Ode to Eric3
Ode to Ernie1
Ode to Erroll Garner1
Ode to Ethiopia1
Ode to Eugen Herrigel1
Ode to Fess1
Ode to gentle men1
Ode to Gilly1
Ode to Henry Chinaski2
Ode to heroes1
Ode to Hieronymus1
Ode to Husqvarna1
Ode to Idaho1
Ode to infinity1
Ode to innocence1
Ode to James Brown1
Ode to Jarrett1
Ode to Jay1
Ode to JD1
Ode to Jean Genet1
Ode to JF1
Ode to Jim McReynolds1
Ode to Jimi1
Ode to Joe2
Ode to Joe Newman2
Ode to Joey1
Ode to John1
Ode to John Denver or how I learned to stop worrying about death1
Ode to John Wayne1
Ode to Johnny Chan1
Ode to Johnny Hodges and Benny Carter1
Ode to joy7
Ode to Julius Hemphill1
Ode to Kalahari1
Ode to Karl Marx1
Ode to Keats2
Ode to Ken Saro Wiwa1
Ode to Kim1
Ode to King Michael1
Ode to Lady Day1
Ode to Larry Young1
Ode to Leningradski Dixieland1
Ode to life3
Ode to little drummer joy1
Ode to Louis Armstrong1
Ode to Louisiana1
Ode to Lucius Harper1
Ode to Lucky Luke1
Ode to Malachi Favors1
Ode to Mali1
Ode to Mariann1
Ode to Marie1
Ode to Mario Schiano1
Ode to Max1
Ode to Max Roach1
Ode to Meshuggah1
Ode to Messiaen1
Ode to Miles1
Ode to Mingus1
Ode to MJQ1
Ode to Monica Chavez1
Ode to Monk1
Ode to Monsanto1
Ode to Mother Young1
Ode to Mr Blue1
Ode to Mr H1
Ode to Mr Shear1
Ode to my moon1
Ode to Name1
Ode to Naska1
Ode to natural things1
Ode to Nazim Hikmet1
Ode to Nick Drake1
Ode to Nzinga1
Ode to Odell1
Ode to Okinawa1
Ode to old school1
Ode to Oli1
Ode to OmKelThoumt1
Ode to Ood1
Ode to OP1
Ode to Orujo1
Ode to Oscar1
Ode to Pettiford1
Ode to pharoah1
Ode to Philly Joe1
Ode to Pops1
Ode to Pres2
Ode to Prez1
Ode to princess Magogo1
Ode to prophets1
Ode to Pug1
Ode to Ray1
Ode to Ray Brown1
Ode to Raymond Scott1
Ode to Ricky1
Ode to Roy1
Ode to S1
Ode to sacrifice1
Ode to Saint Cecilie1
Ode to Sammy Davis Jr2
Ode to Sappho2
Ode to Satie1
Ode to saxes1
Ode to Sco1
Ode to Scorpio1
Ode to Segovia1
Ode to Shiva1
Ode to Siddhartha1
Ode to Sister Diana Ortiz1
Ode to Sister Sue1
Ode to soleil1
Ode to Sonny1
Ode to South Africa1
Ode to spring3
Ode to St Johns1
Ode to Stanley Kubrick1
Ode to Steve Lacy1
Ode to Stravinsky and the American indians1
Ode to strength1
Ode to stupid1
Ode to super1
Ode to sweet pea1
Ode to sweetness1
Ode to Switzerland1
Ode to Taras1
Ode to the Cascade1
Ode to the Cathars1
Ode to the degeneration of the whithe mind1
Ode to the doo da day1
Ode to the flower maiden2

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