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This index refers to the 502,533 individual tune titles (1,518,720 total entries) included in over 235,156 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of January, 2018.

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Page O18 - One of two places to Oneonta

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Tune nameSessions
One of two places1
One of us7
One of us is over 401
One of us is wrong1
One of us was wrong3
One of you and me1
One of your four faces1
One of your lips1
One of your smiles1
One of your tales1
One off1
One off or two1
One old one1
One old soul1
One on one11
One on one off1
One on the house5
One once2
One one1
One one one1
One Onine station west1
One or more2
One or twice1
One or two Ive finished1
One order of blues1
One Oscar for Pettiford1
One other1
One out1
One out front1
One out of nine1
One out of six1
One out of two1
One over1
One over one1
One over the eight2
One page samba1
One page waltz1
One pair of pants at a time1
One part invention1
One passion1
One peace2
One peaceful moment1
One people3
One per M31
One percent1
One perfect moment1
One phone call9
One phone call street scenes1
One phone callstreet scenes1
One piece3
One plate2
One plus blues1
One plus one1
One plus three1
One plus two blues1
One poem one painting1
One point1
One point focus1
One point four five1
One point three full breaths1
One potato two potato1
One pound of iron1
One prayer1
One precious day1
One prime1
One punch and out1
One purpose1
One question2
One question at a time1
One quiet night1
One raindrop doesnt make a shower1
One rainy afternoon1
One rainy day1
One rainy night in Tokyo1
One rainy wish4
One real man1
One reality1
One reason1
One reason to be2
One reason to get the blues1
One red bean1
One red candle1
One red rose1
One red rose forever1
One red thread1
One regret1
One remains1
One rhythm one melody1
One river side1
One rock dont make no boulder1
One romantic evening1
One room1
One room blues1
One room country shack5
One room flat1
One room in paradise1
One room paradise3
One room too far away1
One root beer1
one rose17
one rose thats left in my heart1
One rupi one roti1
One sad Thursday1
One sahel night1
One samba note1
One score and 8 horns ago1
One score and four drummers ago1
One scotch one bourbon3
One scotch one bourbon one beer13
One second after death1
One second one minute1
One second please8
One second thought1
One secret night1
One September day1
One shining soul1
One shirt1
One shoe on1
One short forbidden look into paradise1
One short life1
One short of four1
One short one1
One shot2
One shot deal1
One should let ones fingernails grow1
One side3
One side is with a pea the other pealess1
One side of a circle3
One side of me1
One side of my face is colder than the other1
One side of you3
One sided affair1
One sided love3
One sided love affair1
One silent moment1
One sin a while1
One single chord1
One single room1
One single slap1
One sister2
One sixteen C1
One size fits all3
One sky Tone poems for humanity1
One slice of an electric jar1
One small cup of water1
One small day1
One small voice1
one smiling1
One snap decision1
One sock blues1
One sock one shoe1
One soft night1
One softone hard1
One solitary life1
One solution1
One son of Tucson1
One song11
One sound the development of will power1
One sparrow1
One special moment1
One special star1
One spring day1
One spring morning1
One star2
One star awake1
One steady baby1
One steady roll1
one step13
One step above2
One step ahead12
One step ahead of the blues2
One step around1
One step at a time9
One step back1
One step backward1
One step beyond1
One step closer8
One step down1
One step forward1
One step forward two steps back2
One step from heaven2
One step further1
One step more1
One step nearer to you1
One step off1
One step out1
One step song1
One step to heaven5
One step up3
One step upone step down1
One steptwo step1
One stolen kiss2
One stone two birds1
One stones dream1
One stop2
One stop below1
One stop boogie2
One strange fact1
One strategy for twelve1
One string1
One string blues1
One string more1
One stroke sketch1
One strut1
One sty bone1
One succeeds1
One sugar1
One summer1
One summer afternoon1
One summer day2
One summer in winters1
One summer night1
One summer night in Brazil2
One summers cradle1
One summers evening1
One Sunday1
One Sunday afternoon1
One Sunday morning1
One sunset1
One supposes1
One sweet blues1
One sweet kiss3
One sweet letter2
One sweet letter from home1
One sweet letter from you136
One sweet love to remember1
One sweet whisper1
One swing blue moon1
One symphony1
One take1
One talking1
One taste1
One taste calls for another1
One tear2
One that all plectrum guitar players can relate to the ending of1
one that got away14
one that I love loves me3
one that makes the rain stop1
one that never stayed1
One that stood alone1
One the end of a kiss1
One the street where you live1
One thin dime2
One thin line1
One thing3
One thing after another2
One thing all at once1
One thing I never could do2
One thing leads to another2
One thing led to another1
One thing or the other1
One thing thats changed1
One thought at a time1
One thought for Joe1
One thousand and one1
One thousand and one nights2
One thousand clicks1
One thousand doubts1
One thousand nights1
One thousand percent cotton1
One thousand questions one answer1
One thousand rainbows1
One thousand unnamed flowers1
One thousand voices1
One thousand years of peace1
One thousand years Second traverse1
One three nine4
One time8
One time blues1
One time for your mind1
One time in Rocbaron1
One time lover1
One time only1
One time out2
One time sometime1
One time swing1
One time too many1
One time woman blues1
One tin soldier1
One tiny tear1
One to1
One to 341
One to another1
One to blow on1
One to curl up on1
One to eight four1
One to five1
One to four1
One to four shuffle1
One to get her1
One to love1
One to many2
One to nothing2
One to one8
One to remember1
One to ten in Ohio1
One to three1
One to twelve1
One to warm up on1
One today1
One ton2
One tone yet part II1
One tongue speaks as two1
One too1
One too few1
One too many3
One too many salty swift and not goodbye 349 1124 539 2413 2726 1042 1206 613 1804 1907 9201
One tooth grin1
One tooth shuffle1
One touch2
One touch of Venus2
One track2
One track mind5
One track minds1
One train may hide another1
One tree found1
One tree hill1
One trick Z1
One trip out1
One true friend1
One true thing1
One truth at a time1
One tune1
One turnip green1
One twenty1
One twenty one1
One twilight1
One two3
One two 12344
One two Albert Ayler3
One two and red blew1
One two blues you know what to do1
One two buckle my shoe2
One two button my shoe1
One two button your shoe28
One two cha cha1
One two drink up1
One two enemie1
One two free5
One two many1
One two or three2
One two son1
One two three24
One two three boogie1
One two three four2
One two three four five2
One two three free1
One two three go1
One two three jump1
One two three kick blues1
One two three little hours1
One two three OLeary1
One two you1
One umbrella for two2
one untitled continuous work1
One untitled track1
One up3
One up and one down1
One up down left right1
One up front1
One up man ship1
One up one down12
One up two down1
One view of Annet2
One violin1
One violin solo1
One voice7
One warm night2
One way23
One way ahead1
One way blues1
One way elevator1
One way grave1
One way hotel1
One way in Harlem1
one way love1
One way love affair1
One way of evolution1
One way only2
One way or another2
One way out8
One way passage5
One way stomp1
One way street6
One way ticket11
One way ticket to Kreuzlingen1
One way to be1
One way to Brazil1
One way to paradise3
One way to Peseux2
One way train1
One way up1
One waydetour1
One ways1
one we needed1
One week ago1
One week from now1
One Week theme1
One wheeler Will2
One white whale1
one who didnt1
One who for the first time loves1
one who gets you3
one who knows1
one who loves the most1
one who makes the rain stop1
one who makes you happy1
one who needs you2
one who never was1
One who sees all things1
One wholl win my heart1
One window1
One Winslow1
One winter morning1
One wish4
One with a star1
One with all1
One with fire1
One with one2
One with the wind1
One with you1
One woman blues2
One woman concert1
One woman man1
One womans man2
One womans poison1
One word40
One word can screw up a whole sentence1
One word drum solo1
One word led to another1
One word would be amazing1
One world12
One world family5
One world in three1
One world one music1
One world over1
One world spirit1
One world through1
One worn mile1
One year1
One year a theme for you1
One year after1
One year ago2
One year ago today1
One year from today1
One year later2
One year under the sun1
One Ying for every Yang1
one you choose1
one you know1
one you love1
one you love is you2
one you wish you never knew1
One young one1
One zippy zam1
Oneaday brand shout1
ONeals bridge1
ONeals nasty blues1
ONeals porch4
Onearm Tom3
Onearmed bandit2
Onechte kindertjes1
Onedin line1
Oneeyed calf1
Oneeyed Jack5
Oneeyed monster1
Oneeyed pessary1
Oneeyed theater1
Onefinger symphony1
Onegin line1
Onehanded bandit1
Onehanded coda1
Onehanded woman1
oneman band4
Oneman Mexico City1
Oneminute ballad1
Onen one1
oneness of two1
Onenigheid 21
Onenight samba1
Onenight stand1
Onenote samba1
Onenote trumpet player3

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