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This index refers to the 541,114 individual tune titles (1,615,171 total entries) included in over 246,676 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of August, 2020.

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Page O15 - On the Sonny side of the street to Once was true

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Tune nameSessions
On the Sonny side of the street1
On the south side1
On the south side of Chicago10
On the southside of Chicago1
On the spot24
On the spring board1
On the spur of the moment1
On the square4
On the stage2
On the stage in cages1
On the stairs10
On the star ferry to Kowloon1
On the steel1
On the steppes of Central Asia1
On the steps1
On the strand1
On the street1
On the street of Antibes1
On the street of Cairo1
On the street of dreams5
On the street of regret3
On the street where I live2
On the street where we live1
On the street where you live283
On the streets2
On the streets of Antibes1
On the streets of Cairo1
On the strings of my heart1
On the strip1
On the subway1
On the sun1
On the sunny side2
On the sunny side of the blues2
On the sunny side of the Nevsky1
On the sunny side of the street1188
On the sunny side of the Sturlasgade1
On the sunnyside of the street3
On the surface in the core suite1
On the swing1
On the swing of a prayer1
On the swing shift3
On the T1
On the table1
On the take1
On the tarka trail1
On the ten o ten1
On the third day1
On the threshold1
On the threshold of liberty1
On the tiles2
On the TL1
On the top2
On the top of the melting iceberg1
On the top of the mountain1
On the top of the prud1
On the town6
On the town square1
On the tracks1
On the trade wind1
On the trail158
On the trail again1
On the trail from the Grand Canyon suite1
On the trail of Shirvans gazelles1
On the trail to home sweet home3
On the trail to Kozatke1
On the train3
On the train to Huddersfield1
On the trapeze of minds ferns1
On the treadmill1
On the turf at Saratoga1
On the turning away1
On the underground road1
On the up3
On the up and up3
On the up beat1
On the up side2
On the upbeat2
On the upplatform at Morpeth Station1
On the upside looking down1
On the upswing2
On the vagabond trail1
On the vee bee1
On the verge16
On the waay hometown1
On the wagon2
On the waiting list1
On the waking edge1
On the walk1
On the wall7
On the water2
on the waterfall1
On the waterfront2
On the wave1
On the waves2
On the way26
On the way back1
On the way home8
On the way home to earth3
On the way of my life1
On the way out2
On the way to Barnards star1
On the way to behind1
On the way to Cape May2
On the way to church1
On the way to El Paso1
On the way to elsewhere and here1
On the way to find out1
On the way to freedom1
On the way to home sweet home1
On the way to language1
On the way to love1
On the way to San Mateo1
On the way to school1
On the way to Valencia1
On the way to you1
On the way up3
On the wee bee1
On the Wes side1
On the West Coast2
On the wild side1
On the wild sidewalk1
On the wind2
On the wind and under the weather1
On the window side1
On the wing5
On the wing again1
On the wings1
On the wings of a dove2
On the wings of a prayer1
On the wings of an albatrocity1
On the wings of love1
On the wings of panair1
On the wire1
On the woodpile1
On the wrong side of the fence1
On the wrong side of the rail road tracks1
On the wrong side of the railroad tracks1
On the yacht1
On the zavalinka1
On the ZR 32
On their own1
On thin ice3
On thinking it over2
On third thought1
On this1
On this and that1
On this day7
On this lean mean street1
On this lonely road1
On this night2
On this night of a thousand stars1
On this site shall be erected1
On this special day1
On this street1
On this train1
On those eyes1
On three3
On three legs1
On ti berceuse1
On time19
On time again1
On times edge1
On tippy top1
On tiptoes1
On to apotomax1
On to Babylon1
On to Galilee1
On to Guadalupe1
On tone yet1
On tone yet part I2
On tone yet part II1
On tone yet part III1
On too long1
On too long reprise1
On top3
On top of casino stairs1
On top of mount tipsey1
On top of Mt Tipsy1
On top of old mountie1
On top of Old Smokey10
On top of old smoky1
On top of spaghetti2
On top of the mountain2
On top of the rain1
On top of the roof1
On top of the world6
On top of the world alone1
On top of your head2
On tour2
On tour 11
On tour 21
On tour 31
On tourne1
On track6
On train1
On treasure island64
On trowel shop pond1
On tue bien les chevaux que faire des banjos1
On Tuesday2
On tumma yo1
On turning ten1
On two separate occasions1
On unsafe roads1
On va en manger une belle autaussi)1
On va faire plaisir au patron1
On va marcher1
On va voir ce quon va voir1
On va vous dire au revoir1
On verra3
On verra bien1
On verra demain1
On walked Beep1
On walking1
On Wells Street1
On West 4th Street suite1
On what a beautiful mornin1
On whatever day of the week Saturday happens to fall1
On which grounds1
On whispering1
On white piano1
On wings1
On wings of song3
On wings of the spirit1
On Wisconsin10
On with a dance4
On with Charlie Christian1
On with the dance6
On with the Don3
On with the show2
On with their heads1
On word1
On WT1
On y va4
On ya arse1
On yedi2
On you it looks good1
On you way to the barbershop1
On your blocks1
On your daddys knee1
On your fathers arm1
On your feet1
On your feet boy1
On your good side1
On your leaving1
On your lips1
On your mark2
On your mark get set blues2
On your marks1
On your mind3
On your own2
On your toes8
On your way1
On your way blues1
On your way down4
On your wing1
On youth1
ona tanczy1
Onajes rage1
onanistic side of Crisco 31
Onans psychedelic breakdown1
Once 4U1
Once a blue planet1
Once a dancer1
Once a gaucho1
Once a jolly jobsworth1
Once a penguin always a penguin1
Once a Saturday night1
Once a thief1
Once a thought1
Once a week1
Once a year miracle1
Once aboard the lugger2
Once again40
Once again & far away1
Once again Dad1
Once again for the first time1
Once again in love2
Once again love1
Once again milonga1
Once again sun1
Once again thank you1
Once again the mind1
Once again the season of the sacred lecher1
Once again upon a summertime1
Once again weve begun to love1
Once againfor the first time1
Once againmilonga1
Once and for all4
Once and for always4
Once and forever2
Once and future1
once and future groove1
Once and only once1
Once around8
Once around the block2
Once around the corner1
Once around the earth1
Once around the grave1
Once around the moon2
Once around the park9
Once around the sun2
Once at a time1
Once before2
Once before goodbyeConsolation no 31
Once bitten1
Once but again1
Once by the Pacific1
Once faded now focused1
Once for the birth2
Once for the death2
Once for the last time1
Once forever2
Once forgotten3
Once gravity strikes for real1
Once held a lighter high in the sky1
Once I believed1
Once I dreamt1
Once I dreamt a tree upside down1
Once I had a dream1
Once I had a little duck1
Once I had a love1
Once I had a secret love9
Once I had a secret meditation1
Once I had a sweetheart1
Once I have loved1
Once I hesitate1
Once I knew3
Once I knew now I know1
Once I lived1
Once I love8
Once I loved264
Once I loved you1
Once I loved you dear1
Once I met a day1
Once I ran away1
Once I talked1
Once I walked in the sun1
Once I was1
Once I was a gambler1
Once I was in love2
Once I was in Stockholm4
Once I was like you1
Once I was loved1
Once I was loved by a woman from Vranje1
Once I was young and wise now I am old and stupid1
Once I wished a tree upside down1
Once in1
Once in a awhile1
Once in a blue mood2
Once in a blue moon16
Once in a blue moon a decent wolf comes along3
Once in a dream3
Once in a garden3
Once in a great while1
Once in a lifetime47
Once in a lovetime4
Once in a mile1
Once in a million2
Once in a rented room1
Once in a secret garden1
Once in a smile1
Once in a time1
Once in a while465
Once in a whileI dream1
Once in an eternity world1
Once in awhile12
Once in everyones life2
Once in Evora1
Once in lifetime1
Once in love blues1
Once in love with Amy17
Once in my life2
Once in my lifetime1
Once in Paris2
Once in Royal Davids City2
Once in the AM1
Once in the morning once in the evening2
Once in while2
Once in your life2
Once ina while1
Once is enough2
Once is enough for me3
Once is never enough2
Once is not enough5
Once is twice1
Once it was alright now1
Once it was the colour of saying1
Once its gotcha1
Once Ive been there1
Once knew a fella2
Once like a spark1
Once lost1
Once more13
Once more After youve gone1
Once more around the rotunda1
Once more for Johnny1
Once more twice1
Once more with feeling4
Once nightly1
Once not once1
Once oclock jump1
Once of twice1
Once on a Saturday night1
Once on earth1
Once only1
Once or twice17
once over2
Once over easy1
Once over lightly4
Once pasos1
Once remembered1
Once removed2
Once round1
Once running free1
Once she said1
Once sprung1
Once the door opens1
Once there1
Once there lived a fool13
Once there was4
Once there was a moon1
Once there was a time2
Once there was a way1
Once there was Bird1
Once there was something1
Once there was you3
Once they notice you they never completely close the file1
Once through1
Once to every heart2
Once to evry girl1
Once too often7
Once twice thrice1
Once upon3
Once upon a babysitter1
Once upon a blues1
Once upon a chance encounter1
Once upon a Christmas song1
Once upon a cool time1
Once upon a country1
Once upon a day1
Once upon a dervish1
Once upon a dream9
Once upon a full moon night1
Once upon a groove1
Once upon a happy time2
Once upon a keyboard2
Once upon a long ago4
Once upon a love1
Once upon a love time2
Once upon a lover1
Once upon a midnight1
Once upon a moon5
Once upon a remark1
Once upon a samba1
Once upon a Saturday evening1
Once upon a summer day1
Once upon a summertime146
Once upon a Sunday evening1
Once upon a tempo1
Once upon a time125
Once upon a time a bear1
Once upon a time called now1
Once upon a time impossible1
Once upon a time in1
Once upon a time in a dream1
Once upon a time in a wee green house1
Once upon a time in America7
Once upon a time in Argentina1
Once upon a time in Detroit1
Once upon a time in Patmos1
Once upon a time in the east1
Once upon a time in the west7
Once upon a time long ago1
Once upon a time long ago last night1
Once upon a time on my way to the studio1
Once upon a time there was a holding corporation called old America1
Once upon a timeless now1
Once upon a town1
Once upon a train1
Once upon a tune1
Once upon a wintertime2
Once upon an island1
Once upon and again1
Once upon another time4
Once upon summertime1
Once upon the Volga1
Once upon whatever1
Once varas1
Once was4
Once was a time I thought1
Once was not enough1
Once was true1

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