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This index refers to the 526,481 individual tune titles (1,579,954 total entries) included in over 242,503 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of September, 2019.

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Page O13 - On a windy day to On the brink

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Tune nameSessions
On a windy day1
On a windy night1
On a wing and a prayer3
On a winter night1
On a winters day3
On a winters night1
On a wire2
On a wonderful day like today8
On account of a hat1
On accounta I love you1
On acheve bien les cygnes1
On African land1
On again1
On again off again4
On air5
On alto on tenor1
On an azure plane1
On an island with you2
On an ordinary morning1
On and off6
On and off the beaten track1
On and on20
On and on and1
On and on and on2
On animal locomotion1
On another day1
On another shore1
On anothers sorrow1
On anyones1
On April1
On arrival1
On arriving at the gates to the city1
On at KLON1
On bare feet1
On barren earth1
On Bashamichi Avenue1
On Basie street1
On bass1
On bear hill4
On beauty1
On becoming a square1
On becoming ethereal1
On bed1
On behalf of my benefactors1
On behalf of the visiting firemen2
On being2
On being 521
On being a woman1
On being grand1
On Bellagio1
On bended knee1
On berrow sands1
On black ice1
On black mountain1
On Bleeker Street1
On bloodway1
On Blueberry Hill1
On board1
On bon joune1
On borrowed time2
On both sides of the fence1
On Bourbon St1
On Bourbon Street1
On BR centre1
On brave old Army team12
On breathing down the spine1
On brewed condiment1
On Broadway73
On Buddy Bolden1
On by one1
On call2
On call from the other1
On Central Avenue1
On certainty1
On change1
On Chanos track1
On chante dans mon quartier2
On Chapel Hill2
On Charles Lloyd1
On children1
On chor1
On Christmas day3
On clapping1
On cloud nine1
On cloud nine duet1
On cloud ten1
On clouds danced1
On Coconut Island1
On common ground1
On core en cours1
On course1
On cracked stairs3
On croit on croit1
On croyait pouvoir sen tirer1
On crutches1
On cue4
On da floor1
On Danish shore3
On danse a la Villette1
On dark matter1
On dawning1
On day one2
On days like these1
On decoration day1
On defeating death1
On devils playground1
On distant moons are kindling1
On dit2
On dit on dit1
On dit que la plus belle1
On dog1
On dominant3
On don den1
On dot swing1
On down the line1
On down the road1
On duende1
On Dukes birthday1
On eagles wings2
On earth2
On Earth together1
On eastern path1
On Easy Street2
On echo hill2
On edge2
On Elf bird1
On embers1
On episode1
On equilibrium2
On est pas la pour se faire engueuler1
On ett tag far vi ro1
On Europa1
On every corner1
On every life1
On eyed Jack1
On fait la taille1
On false guidance in things past1
On feet of clay1
On fem ce on fem1
On fire14
On firm ground1
On for three1
On for two and in for one1
On freedom2
On Freedom Street1
On friendship1
On Frith Street1
On Georgian Bay1
On German soil1
On giant steps2
On glass1
On going2
On going home2
On golden beams1
On golden flague1
On Golden Pond3
On good evenings1
On gossamer wings1
On Green3
On Green Dolphin Street995
On green mountain1
On Green Pepper Street1
On Green Street1
On Greenwich Avenue corner1
On grief1
On guard1
On Haast Beach1
On happy day1
On hearing the first cuckoo in spring3
On her doorstep1
On her majestys secret service2
On Her Majesty’s secret service1
On her way1
On her wings1
On her wrists she wore her interest1
On hetki1
On higher ground11
On his bones1
On his own1
On his way1
On his word1
On hold1
On holiday2
On horseback1
On horseback together1
On how high the moon1
On Huayna Oicchu1
On Hubbards hill1
On Ilkla Moor baht at1
On Ilkla Moor BahtAt2
On Impulse2
On in Onondaga1
On it4
On itsuki lullaby1
On jacation2
On jazz1
On Jersey shore1
On Jimmy Yancey1
On Johnny oh Johnny1
On Johns guitar3
On jou maten1
On joy and sorrow1
On judgement day1
On Jupiter4
On Jupiter the skies are always blue1
On ka ave piano1
On kevad tulnud taas1
On kiva soitaa orkesterissa1
On kprye bopoh1
On laaja sun rantasi autius1
On Lake Argyle1
On land1
On late nights1
On laterite1
On Lias island in Rosas boat1
On Liberty Road1
On line4
On linger longer island1
On loan with gratitude1
On looking back1
On losing a home1
On love1
On love street1
On Lucille Street1
On luck1
On m suit1
On ma dit bonjour jai repondu de meme1
On ma oublie1
On ma pique mes bas1
On magic carpet ride1
On magic moment1
On Manhasset Avenue1
On marche ensemble1
On Mardi Gras day2
On Mars1
On mattend en bas1
On meaning1
On meditation1
On metal1
On Miami shore1
On Miami shores3
On mike1
On mind all day1
On Mo2
On Mobile Bay1
On Montego Bay1
On moonlight bay8
On Moonstone Beach1
On Morgan Street1
On Mother Kellys doorstep1
On Mothers Day1
On museralp1
On music1
On my appointed time1
On my browser1
On my doorstep1
On my feet1
On my God its full of stars1
On my good days1
On my Jack2
On my journey now1
On my knees1
On my line1
On my mind8
On my own20
On my own again1
On my return1
On my side3
On my sleeve1
On my way15
On my way back1
On my way back home2
On my way home10
On my way home to you1
On my way in LA1
On my way now1
On my way out4
On my way to central station1
On my way to Chicago1
On my way to Denver blues1
On my way to Harlem1
On my way to HarlemWhats going on1
On my way to heaven1
On my way to LA1
On my way to love1
On my way to paradise1
On my way to school2
On my way to the liquor store1
On my way to you16
On my youth1
On n on1
On Namah Shivaya1
On ne dit pas regarder la lune on dit luner1
On ne fait que rever1
On ne lutte pas contre lamour1
On ne montre pas du Doigt1
On ne peut pas danser ladessus1
On ne sais jamais1
On ne sait jamais5
On ne sait pas ou Aller1
On neidolla punapaula2
On nest pas chez les colonels2
On nest pas la pour se faire engueuler2
On nest pas la pour sengueuler1
on New York City everything is everything1
On newski prospect1
On Nicollet Avenue2
On note samba2
On noublie rien1
On ny pense jamais1
On of those love songs1
On old Cape Cod1
On on it must be so1
On one of foggy mornings1
On one side the one becomes too many1
On or in the wing1
On or off the road1
On orbit1
On our hands1
On our own2
On our way1
On our way home1
On our way up2
On our wayminor intrusion1
On out1
On overgrown paths1
On parade march1
On patrol in nomansland1
On patterned time1
On Peanuts playground1
On Pebble Street1
On Pedro1
On Perry St1
On Perry Street1
On peut parler1
On plonge1
On Pluto1
On point2
On politic & economy1
On promillade1
On purple porpoise highway1
On Purple Purpoise Parkway1
On purpose2
On Putnam Street1
On radio 51
On Raglan Road1
On rainy afternoons1
On reading An anthology of 1000 poets1
On reading Anthology of 1000 poets1
On reading anthology of a thousand poets1
On reading the seven pillars of wisdom1
On reflection6
On request2
On return2
On returning1
On returns1
On reve1
On revival day63
On riemu kun saan tulla1
On rising spirits1
On Rivock edge1
On rocking rocks1
On rolling hills1
On Rosh Hashanah1
On Rue Clark1
On sadism1
On San Francisco Bay3
On Saturday1
On Saturday afternoon in 19631
On Saturday afternoons in 19631
On Saturday night1
On se reunira le 6 octobre1
On se reveillera1
On Second and Fifth1
On second line2
On second thought25
On second thought Ill take the cherries jubilee1
On second thoughts2
On see side1
On seeing Barry Guy at Sainsburys1
On seeing JP1
On sen balance1
On sen fout2
On sent la terre tourner1
On sentend cest curieux1
On serait des chats1
On shine forth1
On short notice1
On silent ways1
On simple terms1
On sles gele1
On solid ground3
On sombre boat he road1
On some old raft floating in Hamburg Harbour1
On Sonnys side2
On sound infinity spheres1
On Staddon Heights1
On stage11
On standby1
On still waters1
On stream1
On such a night1
On such short notice1
On suicide6
On Sunday2
On Sunday after church1
On Sunday I go sailing1
On Sundays1
On sunny day1
On sydan hella1
On tamakki sano1
On target4
On Temple Street1
On that day1
On that hill1
On that rainy afternoon1
On that score2
On the 13th the ladder brushed the firmament1
On the 19th1
On the 4th of July2
On the 5452
On the 6th1
On the A train1
On the Absheron hook1
On the Acheron1
On the Achison Topeka and Sante Fe1
On the acomazuni trail1
On the ahavah rabba1
On the air5
On the air 11
On the airport line1
On the Alama1
On the Alamo218
On the Alamo boogie1
On the Amazon1
On the ancient road1
On the Atchison Topeka and the Santa Fe61
On the autobahn1
On the Avenue6
On the avenue blues1
On the back of a tiger1
On the back seat1
On the backside2
On the balance1
On the bank1
On the bank of the Maros1
On the bank of the Wabash1
On the banks of Allen Waters1
On the banks of the Ganges1
On the banks of the old Choctaw1
On the banks of the old Raritan1
On the banks of the Quadalquivir1
On the banks of the Seine1
On the banks of the Wabash9
On the banks of Wabash1
On the bats back1
On the battle field1
On the bay of Napoli1
On the bay of old Bombay1
On the Bayou6
On the Bayou)1
On the beach12
On the beach at Bali Bali1
On the beach at BaliBali11
On the beach at Waikiki11
On the beach of Waikiki1
On the beach with Pablo1
On the beach with you4
On the beam5
On the Bean1
On the beat8
On the beat part IIII1
On the big sea1
On the big wulk1
On the blanket1
On the blue1
On the blue side1
On the blueway1
On the boardwalk1
On the boat1
On the bones of the homegoing thunder1
On the bongo beat1
On the border2
On the border part 11
On the border part 21
On the border part 31
On the boulevard3
On the boulevard of dreams1
On the boulevard of memories1
On the bound1
On the boundary1
On the branches1
On the brane1
On the breeze1
On the breeze of a shadow1
On the bridge3
On the bridge at night1
On the bridges1
On the bright side4
On the brink11

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