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This index refers to the 513,784 individual tune titles (1,547,601 total entries) included in over 238,908 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of November, 2018.

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Page O10 - Old kingdom to Old woman who dances with the sea

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Tune nameSessions
Old kingdom1
Old kings1
Old Kings road1
old kitchen kettle3
Old klezmer dance1
Old Lace1
Old laces1
Old ladies1
Old lads1
Old lady2
old lady of Thread Needle Street1
Old lady Sally wants to jump1
Old lady walk a mile and a half1
old lamplighter9
Old landmark1
Old landscape1
Old latitudes1
Old leprechaun2
Old Leroy1
Old light is gone1
Old locks and irregular verbs1
Old Louis1
Old Louisiana blues1
Old love5
Old love never dies1
Old love never rusts1
Old love new love2
Old lovers song2
Old lozenge1
Old MacDonald3
Old MacDonald did the twist1
Old MacDonald had a farm9
Old MacDonald on a trip1
Old Madeira waltz1
old Madera waltz1
old maestro1
Old maid blues3
Old maid boogie10
Old maid got married1
Old maid in a drawing room1
old maids ball1
Old maids boogie2
Old man22
old man and the child1
old man and the photographer1
old man and the sea1
old man and the seal1
Old man Ben1
Old man blooz1
Old man Bluebeard1
Old man blues43
Old man boogie1
Old man Bowers1
Old man Charleston1
Old man Fluss1
Old man from the mountain1
Old man from the old country1
Old man funk1
Old man Harlem26
Old man in Kalinka1
Old man Jack1
Old man Jazz4
Old man John1
Old man kangaroo1
Old man mambo1
Old man Mazurka2
Old man moon8
Old man Mose64
Old man Mose is dead2
Old man Moses5
old man moves a mountain1
Old man new tricks1
Old man Newman1
old man of the mountain18
Old man of the mountain )1
Old man of the mountains1
Old man on platform1
Old man on the farm2
Old man piano1
Old man rebop2
Old man rhythm2
Old man river59
Old man river & me1
Old man river cha cha1
old man river in the Georgia of my mind1
Old man river rock1
Old man rivers house1
Old man robbing a baker2
Old man Roker1
Old man says1
Old man shuffle1
Old man speaks1
Old man sunshine12
Old man sunshine little boy bluebird1
Old man tellin a story1
old man tells his story1
Old man time8
Old man trouble1
Old man with young ideas1
Old man youve been gone too long1
Old Manhattan tango2
Old manold country1
Old mans beard3
Old mans boogie1
Old mans charleston2
Old mans darlin1
Old mans fight1
Old mans song1
Old mans tear1
old mans touch1
Old maps new routes1
Old market1
Old marsh pals1
old master painter2
Old masters1
Old matters1
Old may become new1
Old McBhugaloo1
Old McDonald2
Old McDonald had a farm7
Old melodie1
Old memories2
Old memory1
Old men in flairs1
Old men sing the blues1
Old men talking1
old mendicant1
Old mens home1
Old mens pleasure1
Old merry song1
Old Mexico1
Old Miami sax1
Old Milestones2
old mill2
Old mill blues1
old mill stream4
Old mill town1
Old miners refrain1
Old mirkbo reach1
Old Miss3
Old Miss rag4
Old Missouri1
Old model A1
Old Moers almanac1
Old money1
old Mongolian beggar1
old mongoose1
Old monks dream1
Old Montmartre1
Old moon1
old moon in the midnight sea1
Old Moores1
Old mortality4
Old Moscow1
Old mother funkin Hubbard1
Old Mother Hubbard13
Old Mother Nature calls1
old motiv1
Old mountain1
Old movement1
Old movies1
Old Mr Bad Luck1
Old Mr Rhodes1
old mug n jug1
old museum1
old music master19
Old Nancock1
Old Nassau1
old neighborhood2
Old Nelly Gray1
Old new & used testaments1
Old new borrowed and blue1
Old new city1
Old New England ball1
Old New England moon1
old new land1
Old New Orleans3
Old New Orleans blues5
Old New Orleans funeral procession1
Old new song1
old new waltz4
old new way1
Old new year1
Old news5
Old Nick1
old night owl1
Old nine two six four two dies1
Old nog says goodbye1
old North State1
Old North State blues1
Old Novgorod song1
Old number nine1
old oak2
Old oak tree up the hill1
Old oak trees2
Old oaken bucket7
Old object new game1
Old octopus1
Old office1
Old old castle in Scotland2
Old old friends4
Old old old1
old one2
Old one knows1
old one two1
Old organ blues1
Old original Kokomo blues1
Old Orleans1
Old Orleans New Orleans1
old owls dream1
old ox road1
old pail1
Old pain1
Old paint1
Old pals2
Old pantomimes1
Old papas blues2
Old paradigm1
old paradise1
Old Paree1
old park1
Old Park Avenue1
Old party at night1
Old pecorino1
Old people old folks1
old people speak of death1
old philosopher1
Old photograph3
old photos2
old piano1
Old piano plays the blues3
Old piano roll1
old piano roll blues20
old piano tuner1
old pianola rag1
old pianoroll blues1
Old pidgeon toed joad1
Old pidgeontoed Joad1
Old pigeontoed joad3
Old Piney Brown is gone1
Old places2
Old places old faces1
Old planation blues1
Old planets1
old plantation2
Old playmate2
Old plum drink1
Old plunks new coon medley1
old poacher1
Old point groove1
Old poison1
Old polska1
Old porch swing1
Old portrait4
Old potch road1
Old prayer2
old pretender2
Old pretty Marys bobo1
Old princess1
old pro1
old professor1
Old prospector1
Old pull n push1
old push rocks1
Old putt1
Old Quaker blues1
old queens rag1
Old rag1
Old recipe1
Old red barn1
Old redeye1
old refrain3
Old reliable5
Old rev1
Old Riley2
Old rims1
Old river2
Old road1
Old roads1
Old roads new days1
Old Rob Roy2
Old rockin chair16
Old rockin chairs got me1
Old rocking chair9
Old romance1
Old rose1
Old roses neuroses1
Old rugged cross329
old rugged stomp1
old Russian1
Old Russian pictures1
Old rustic bridge by the mill1
Old Sam Jones1
Old San Juan7
Old school25
Old school feeling1
Old school friend1
old school house1
Old school jam1
Old school metronome1
Old school ties1
Old schoolin1
Old science1
Old self1
Old seven1
old shade tree1
Old shanks mare2
Old shanty town1
Old Shep2
Old ship2
Old ship of Zion2
Old shoe blues1
Old shoes5
Old silhouette1
Old silver1
Old sister club1
Old sketch1
Old skipper1
Old skool flava1
Old sleepy head1
Old slippers2
Old slow melody1
Old smokey1
Old Smoky Mary1
Old smuggla1
Old soldiers never die5
Old song8
Old song blues1
Old song for a new day1
Old song no 41
old songs2
Old songs bring memories1
Old songs of lost love1
Old soul3
old soul of the modern day wayfarer1
Old souls9
old South wails1
Old southern boogaloo1
Old Southern favorites1
Old sow rooted em up1
Old Spanish forteissimo1
Old Spanish fortissimo1
old spanoletta1
Old Sparky1
Old spice5
Old spices1
Old spinnin wheel1
old spinning wheel61
old spinning wheel in the corner1
Old spinning wheel in the parlor3
old spinning wheel in the parlour7
Old spinsters1
Old spirits1
Old sport1
old St Louis blues1
Old St Peter1
Old stack olee2
Old stack olee blues11
Old Stackalee blues2
Old stackoLee1
Old Stackolee blues1
old stamping ground6
Old standard1
Old steady roll1
Old steamer2
old stetl1
Old stinkin blues3
Old stinky butt1
old stockrider1
Old Stoffi1
Old stones1
Old stories1
Old story2
Old Street1
Old street blues1
Old streets2
Old streetsweeper1
Old stuff9
Old stuff still does the trick1
Old style5
Old style party1
Old style religion1
Old sugar bear1
Old summer1
Old swan song2
Old Swanee1
Old sweet memories1
Old swinger1
Old swingers never die1
Old Tabor House1
Old tales & new songs1
Old tamalee man1
old taxicab rainboogie1
Old Taylor2
Old tea1
Old teachers1
Old tears2
old technology1
Old temple of Ante1
Old tennis shoes1
Old testament readingpsalm 421
Old things2
Old thoughts1
Old thoughts for a new day1
Old thumper1
Old time6
Old time baby1
old time blues13
Old time daddy blues1
Old time fast blues1
Old time folk music from Oxford1
Old time medley1
Old time modern1
Old time movies1
Old time musketry1
Old time new town up your avenue stomp1
Old time picking parlor1
Old time rag4
Old time religion48
Old time religionAmen1
Old time revival2
Old time shuffle6
Old time shuffle blues2
Old time south street dance2
Old time southside street dance2
Old time spiritual2
Old time stomp1
Old time talkin1
Old time ways1
Old timer2
Old timers1
Old Timers blues1
Old timers melody1
Old timers waltz medley1
Old times15
Old times good times1
Old times in Japan1
Old times rollnew times goal1
Old times sake5
Old timey2
Old tired and torn1
Old torero1
Old tough one1
old tower of Lobenicht1
Old town7
Old town blues3
Old town coffee house1
old town pump2
Old town wrapup1
Old toy trains1
Old toys1
Old tracks1
Old tradition1
Old trail2
old train1
Old train 291
Old tree3
Old trombone man blues1
Old troubles got me1
old trumpet players1
Old trusty1
Old tune2
Old tunes No 11
Old tunes no 21
Old tunes number two1
Old tyme religion1
Old typewriter1
Old uncle Bud1
Old uncle Fud1
Old vidando1
Old Vienna9
Old Vienna roll1
Old Vienna serenade1
Old Viennas in the groove1
old viking3
Old vinyl1
Old Virginia2
Old Virginia blues1
Old Virginny rock1
Old vodka1
old volunteer1
Old wash world1
Old watchmakers shop2
Old water new waves1
old watermill1
old ways1
Old weather1
Old west4
Old western movies1
Old white town1
Old whites whiskers1
old wig1
Old wine3
Old wine new bottles4
old witch1
Old wives tales2
Old woman1
Old woman blues3
Old woman river1
Old woman who dances with the sea1

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