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This index refers to the 502,533 individual tune titles (1,518,720 total entries) included in over 235,156 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of January, 2018.

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Page N9 - New awlins to new kind of love

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Tune nameSessions
New awlins2
New B1
New B & O blues1
New baby4
New baby Joelle1
New Babylonians2
New bad luck blues1
new bad penny blues1
New bag blues1
New bag exporations1
New balance1
new ballad4
New balls2
New bamboo1
New band theme1
New Basie blues6
New batteries1
New beachfront1
New Beale Street blues1
New beat1
New bebop1
New Bedford blues1
New beginning32
New beginning and poem1
new beginning myth1
New beginnings28
New beginnings part 11
New beginnings part 21
New beginnings part 31
New beginnings part I1
New beginnings part II1
New beings1
New bell1
New belly1
new big bang1
New bird blues1
new Birmingham breakdown1
New birth1
New births1
New birthsspring1
new bison1
new black2
new black and tan fantasy2
new black eagle buck1
new black eagle rag1
New black snake blues2
New black swing1
New block and tackle1
New block and tackle blues1
New block for the kids1
New blood1
New blood drive1
New blooded1
New bloom1
New blowtop1
New blowtop blues2
New blue11
New blue song1
New blues73
New blues for old1
New blues for Thelonius1
New blues march1
New blues old blues1
New blues old bruise3
New blues on the dark side1
New blues same blues1
New blues up and down3
new Bo Diddley1
New Bob1
new body and soul1
New bolero1
New Bond Street1
New bones1
new boogaloo1
New boogie1
New boots4
New boots and hippos1
New boots for Bigfoot1
New boots for Brooks1
New bop3
New bop new bop1
New bop theme1
New born10
New born dance1
new born hippopotamus1
New borns1
new boss1
New bossa11
New boundary1
New boweavil blues1
New box5
New brass miasma1
New bread1
New break1
New breed8
New breed breakdown1
New breed leader1
New bridge2
New Brighton1
New broom1
New Burgundy Street blues1
New burn lads1
New burying ground4
New Caldonia jump1
New call2
New call of the Delta1
New call of the freaks7
New calm1
New calypso2
New calypson1
New Cambridge blues1
New canaan con man2
new Canterbury Tale1
New caprica1
New car1
New Carnegie blues1
New Carolina1
New castles in the west1
New cats meow1
New Central Avenue breakdown2
New century1
New cha cha1
new chance2
New chances1
New chapter2
New charges1
New Charleston1
new chatter box1
New Chautauqua2
new chicaboo1
New Chicago1
new Chicago blues1
new chick1
New childs Christmas lullaby1
New chimes blues1
New church1
New cinema paradise1
New cinema paradise love theme1
new circumstance1
New cities1
New City ditty1
New city jump1
New City stomp1
New classics suite1
New clear fleas1
New cliches1
new clock1
New clothes old shoes1
New club on the block1
New coat1
New coat of paint8
New code1
New coke1
new colossus1
New composition for Gaetano1
New comrades1
New conception1
New conception for Bill1
New conception for Scott1
New conception of jazz2
New concepts1
New concerto for Cootie14
New condition1
New confessin the blues1
New congregation1
new constitution1
new cool1
New cos city1
New cost of paint1
New country6
New Cow Cow blues1
New Crakow1
New Crawley blues1
New crazy blues2
New creation1
New creation feat Bajka1
new Creole love call2
new Cuba1
New Cuban express1
New cumber slumber1
new cycle1
New cycle mood1
New dance9
New danzon2
New darlin1
new date2
New Dawgs Rag1
New dawn13
New dawn coming1
New day62
new day A Jazz Suite for big band1
new day a new age1
new day a new life1
new day a new life a new love1
new day comes1
New day dawning2
New day dawns1
new day emerging1
New day march2
New day new dreams1
New day new groove1
New days3
New days ahead1
New DB blues3
New deal11
New deal blues1
New deal in love2
New deal rhythm1
new decree1
New deep1
New Dehli2
New delay1
New Delhi10
New Delhi deli1
New Delhi freight train1
New delighter1
New delit1
new denizens1
New derivations1
New destiny1
New diet revolution1
New dimension1
New direction3
New directions6
New dirt4
new disguise1
New Ditty1
New dixie1
new dixieland parade3
new doctrine1
New dog2
New dog blues1
New dogold tricks1
New Donna1
New down home blues4
New down home rag2
new dream3
New dreams4
New dress1
New drinking my blues away1
new duality1
new duck5
New dues1
New Dupree blues1
New Dutch anthem1
New dwelling1
New ear1
New earth5
New earth dreams1
New East1
new East St Louis toodleoo2
New eastern chimes1
New edition1
New eflat1
New Egypt1
New eight beat1
new electric1
new electric chair1
New electric India1
New elephant1
New endings2
New England2
New England blues1
New England chronicles1
New England cowboy1
New England impression1
New England mood2
New England skylight1
New England suite1
New England theatre1
New England woods1
New entanglements1
New era3
New era ballad1
New era blues1
New era rag7
New esthetic1
New Europa1
New every morning1
New evry morning1
New excercise in swing1
New expensive head1
new experience1
New experiments1
new explanation1
New eye3
New eyes2
New eyes are opening1
New eyes opening1
new face4
new fact2
New fall1
new fallin rain blues1
New falling rain blues2
New fantasy1
New fashioned waltz2
New fast2
New fathers bop1
new fawndo1
New feats of horsemanship1
New feel1
New feelings2
New feet2
new Figaro1
New fire2
New fires ignites worlds1
New flakes on dirty snow1
New flame2
New Flamenco Sound suite1
New flat1
New flavor1
New flesh1
New Flora1
New flying home1
New focus1
New folk song3
New folks3
New for me1
New for now2
New for you1
new Ford1
New forest3
New Fork1
new forwards1
New found beat1
New found innocence1
New found land1
New found love1
new four1
new fragrance1
New frame1
new Frankie and Johnnie song1
new frankiphone blues1
New friend1
New froggy bottom1
New frontier7
New frontiers1
new frontrier1
New fruits1
new funeral march1
New funk3
New furniture1
New G22
new galaxy1
New games2
New generation4
new Georgia grind1
new ghost1
New ghosts2
New ghosts New message1
New gin mill special1
New girl5
new girl in town1
New Glarus1
New glasses new life1
New glory1
New Gnawa1
New gods2
New goes for the new millenium1
New goin away blues1
New golden wedding5
New goods1
New goofy dust rag1
new goose and gander1
New gospel5
New grand slam1
New grass2
New green onions1
new groove2
New groove blues2
New groove mode1
New grooves for autumn1
New ground5
New group1
New Guinean dentist1
New guitar boogie2
New gulf coast blues1
New guy1
New gyil1
New gypsy ballads1
New H G1
New Hadji Husrev1
New halling1
New Hampshire1
New Hamshire hornpipe1
New hands2
new hang1
New happy birthday1
New Harlem shout1
New harmonica boogie1
New harmonica breakdown1
new harmonica shuffle1
New harmony1
New haven1
New HCF boogie1
New heart1
new heartbreak blues1
New heaven1
New hemiola1
new hero1
New hideaway1
New hieroglyphics1
New high1
New history1
New hit1
New home6
New home row1
New honky tonk train2
New hootie blues1
New hope14
New hope blues1
New Hope PA1
New hopes1
New hopes angel1
New horizions1
New horizon9
New horizon dedicated to a changing Europe1
New horizons21
New horizons 11
New horizons 21
New hot nuts1
new hot one1
New house3
New how long blues2
New how long how long blues pt 21
New Hungarian folksong1
new hymn2
new hymn for freedom1
New Iberia blues4
New Iberia rag1
New ID1
New idea1
new ideal1
New idiom now mov I1
New idiom now mov II1
New idiom now mov III1
New images1
new imperial1
New impressionist1
New impressions5
New improved egg1
New improved funk1
New improved Mr Fennell1
New in London3
New in New York once again1
New in the neighborhood1
New in town1
New incentive2
New influences1
New Information Order1
New insight1
New instincts1
New intent2
new intermission riff1
New Introduction1
New invention no 151
New invention no 211
New island midnight1
New jack2
New jack bounce1
New Jack Saturday1
New jade1
New jailhouse blues1
New jass1
new jazz scene1
New jazz swing1
new jazz thang1
New jazz world order1
New JB6
New Jersey2
New Jersey ballad1
New Jersey blues1
New Jersey scum swamp2
New Jersey sunset1
New Jersey waltz1
new Jerusalem2
New Jerusalem way1
New jig1
new job3
New jockey blues1
new journey5
new joy4
New juice1
new JuJu man1
New jump1
new junction1
New jungle1
New keep1
New key to the highway1
New keys1
New kid in town1
new killer Joe1
new killer Joe rap1
new kind2
new kind of blue1
new kind of blues1
new kind of country1
new kind of dance1
New kind of feelin1
new kind of love4

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