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This index refers to the 541,114 individual tune titles (1,615,171 total entries) included in over 246,676 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of August, 2020.

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Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual tunes. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific tunes. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual tunes.


Page N19 - No 394a to No fools no swing

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Tune nameSessions
No 394a1
No 394b1
No 394c1
No 395a1
No 395b1
No 417
No 4 All is loneliness1
No 4 Alto & bass1
No 4 Carolina canto1
No 4 Illusive lineage1
No 4 major1
No 4 Meditation au nid dans les marais1
No 4 Piazza di luna1
No 4 Waltzing the splendour1
No 401
No 449 Station double reception I1
No 450 Station impulse to clean up your game1
No 451 Station purification1
No 4521
No 452 Station double reception II1
No 453 Station of inspiration and impulses1
No 454 Station of the old song1
No 455 Station of the new horn1
No 4761
No 48 Living in harmony1
No 4811
No 516
No 5 Danse rituelle au crepuscule1
No 5 major1
No 5 My tiny butterfly1
No 5 no flats no sharps blues1
No 5 Piazza di luna1
No 5 There is no there there1
No 51 Rest departed hero1
NO 551
No 571
No 616
No 6 Arrival No 58 Orange alert1
No 6 major1
No 6 PHS piano1
No 6 Piazzi di luna1
No 6 Rock Embankment1
No 6 Why spend a dark night with me1
No 60 NY 29771 161
No 69B1
No 77
No 7 Coffee beans1
No 7 Epilogue1
No 7 major1
No 7 Piazzi di luna1
No 701
No 74 NY 29771 151
No 7491
No 810
No 8 Down is up1
No 8 major1
No 8 Piazza di luna1
No 8 Tenor & drums1
No 82 NY 29771 141
No 83 NY 29771 141
No 84 NY 29771 141
No 85 NY 29771 161
No 86 NY 29771 151
No 87 NY 29771 171
No 88 26871 02 NY part 11
No 88 26871 02 NY part 21
No 98
No 9 Be a hobo1
No 9 major1
No 9 Piazza di luna1
No 90 26871 02 NY1
NO 921
No 92 26871 02 NY1
No 961
No a shark1
No abhor1
No abismo1
No absolute time2
No achievement showing1
No additional love1
No additives no preservatives1
No admittance for fear1
No adults1
No after taste1
No agenda3
No aggression1
No agreement1
No air4
No airbag1
No alarm clocks in heaven1
No alf measures2
No ambition1
No amore1
No amount of loving1
No analices1
No angels of mercy1
No animals allowed1
No ano que vem2
No answer9
No answer came1
No answers3
No anything1
No aphrodisiac1
No apples fell1
No argument3
No arguments please1
No arm can ever hold you1
No arrival1
No arrows1
No artificial flavor1
No assembly required1
No baby16
No baby no2
No baby nobody but you5
No baby yes baby1
No backstage pass1
No bai1
No balanco de vovo1
No balanco do jequiban1
No balanco do Jequibau1
No balanco do vovo1
No ball1
No ballad1
No banks river2
No bar code1
No bar do souza1
No barriers1
No bars1
No basis1
No bass1
No bass trio1
No bassics1
No beards in Albania2
No bears are out tonight1
No bebop Daddy1
No becomes yes1
No bedroom1
No beeffree soup1
No before like more1
No beginning no end2
No beguis mai got1
No bells please1
No belonging1
No better2
No better blues1
No better days than these1
No better for me1
No better for ya3
No better for you3
No better love1
No better time than now1
No big deal2
No big deal Mr Important1
No big thing1
No bird beyond the cage1
No birds1
No biz1
No bizz2
No blanco do jequibau1
No blood relation2
No blooz1
No blues59
No blues allowed1
No blues at all1
No blues at Islandia1
No blues but blues1
No blues for Jimmy Wells1
No blues for Lou1
No blues for my lady1
No blues for no one1
No blues in Bethlehem1
No blues is good blues1
No blues no jazz1
No blues no more1
No blues no really no blues1
No blues today2
No boat2
No boat will ever come1
no body1
No body language1
No bones4
No bones about it3
No bones at all1
No bonus blues1
No booze blooze2
No bop hop scop blues1
No borderlines1
No borders4
No bossanova1
No bother1
No bottom no top1
No boundaries3
No boundary1
No boundries1
No bounds2
No boxes1
No boy1
No brain no pain2
No brainer3
No brass blues1
No bread for Miss Helene1
No bridge1
No bridge in sight1
No broken hearts1
No brother around1
No brother was I1
No bull2
No business like show business1
No busy1
No but I wish1
No but still yes1
No but the color is red1
No buts no maybes1
No bwana to ask1
No caipira1
No caipira expresso 2221
No cal1
No calling card1
No calypso tonight1
No can do16
No Canada1
No candy for the wagon full of devils1
No care1
No cares1
No carnaval1
No carnavalVento1
No cash1
No cause1
No cause for concern1
No caviar1
No certain terms1
No chance2
No chance blues2
No chance but take it1
No change2
No change is strange1
No change please1
No charge1
No cheap thrill1
No cherries for Henry1
No child denied1
No child no more1
No children1
No choice3
No choice at all1
No chops2
No chord left behind1
No Christmas song1
No church but songs1
No cigar2
No Cinderella1
No cippo no1
No circle1
No class1
No clouds2
No clue1
No clue boogaloo1
No clues minor blues1
No coast3
No coast at all1
No code1
No coffee nothing1
No coincidence1
No college1
No color of its own1
No colors of green fields1
No coming no going1
No comment9
No comment 11
No comment 21
No comment 31
No comment 41
No comment 51
No comment 61
No comment 71
No comment 81
No comment 91
No comments4
No commercial value1
No compensation1
No complaints4
No complication1
No comprendo1
No compris3
No compromise1
No concentration1
No concession2
No conditions no exceptions1
No conscience1
No consideration1
No contact1
No contesto1
No context1
No contract1
No convenient time1
No coracao dos homens1
No cordao da saldeira1
No coreto1
No corpo feminino1
No corrida1
No count3
No Count blues2
No count woman1
No cover2
No cover before nine1
No cover no minimum4
No cracklin no bread1
No crazy woman1
No critiques2
No crooks1
No crosstalk1
No cry no end1
No crying blues1
No cuentes2
No culture1
No cure2
No cure no pay1
No D3
No dance2
No dancer1
No dancin1
No dancing allowed1
No dancing on Saturday night1
No dark1
No darkness without light1
No dates1
No day after no2
No de Bo for Monique1
No deal3
No decision2
No decision is final1
No dedication1
No dejes que te olvide1
No delay2
No delivery1
No denial blues1
No denying1
No deposit love1
No deposit no return5
No desafio do mar1
No desert1
No destination1
no details2
No detour ahead1
No devils1
No dice2
No dice na1
No diesel1
No difference3
No difference at all1
No diffrence at all1
No dinner1
No direction1
No discount1
No discrimination1
No discussion1
No disguise1
No dispareu contra el baixista1
No divaguen1
No diving1
No dog no bike1
No dog no more1
No dogs1
No dogs land1
No dogs please1
No dollars no cents1
No Dolly no1
No dont stop2
No doubt15
No doubt about doubt1
No doubt about it6
No doubt the beginning1
No dough no kicks1
No doughnuts in hand 11
No doughnuts in hand 101
No doughnuts in hand 111
No doughnuts in hand 121
No doughnuts in hand 131
No doughnuts in hand 141
No doughnuts in hand 151
No doughnuts in hand 161
No doughnuts in hand 171
No doughnuts in hand 181
No doughnuts in hand 191
No doughnuts in hand 21
No doughnuts in hand 201
No doughnuts in hand 211
No doughnuts in hand 221
No doughnuts in hand 31
No doughnuts in hand 41
No doughnuts in hand 51
No doughnuts in hand 61
No doughnuts in hand 71
No doughnuts in hand 81
No doughnuts in hand 91
No down no feathers1
No drama1
No dream2
No driver four drunks1
No drone rising1
No drones1
No drum boogie1
No drums no song1
No due blues1
No dues1
No dues blues1
No duos1
No dust1
No dynamite in Prague1
No earthly idea1
No east1
No easy1
No easy bread1
No easy rider blues1
No easy way2
No easy way down2
No easy way to say goodbye1
No ecliptical strainers1
No effort2
No efforts1
No electricity2
No electricity in Harare1
No elegy1
No encore1
No end9
No end to love1
No end to the sun2
No ending theme1
No enemy1
No enough2
No entry1
No entry for ugly faces and1
No equality1
No es la misma milonga1
No es para tanto1
No es un truco1
No es vida1
No escape4
No escape from the blues1
No escaping it1
No esta complicado1
No eto no toe1
No everybody1
No evidence1
No exchanges1
No excitement please1
No exclusion1
No excuse4
No excuses3
No exercise1
No exit10
No expectations5
No explanation for once1
No extravaganza1
No eye has seen1
No eye riptus1
No eyes1
No eyes blues3
No F1
No face no name2
No face no name and no number1
No fadeout1
No fair lady1
No faith1
No false idols1
No family planning2
No fantaisy island1
No farewell2
No fault1
No fault at all1
No fear7
No fear full of love1
No fear my dear1
No fear no misery1
No fear of death in Janitzio1
No feathers on this frog1
No feelings1
No fewer no less1
No Fi1
No figs5
No fills1
No filters2
No fine weather1
No finesse1
No fires1
No fish1
No fits please1
No flags1
No flight tonight1
No flowers1
No flowers by request2
No flowers for my lady1
No flowers please2
No flugel blues1
No fly zone3
No food to eat1
No fool1
No fool like an old fool2
No foolin12
No fools no swing1

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