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This index refers to the 526,481 individual tune titles (1,579,954 total entries) included in over 242,503 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of September, 2019.

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Page N11 - New Orleans The National Culture Park USA 1718 to New York conversations

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Tune nameSessions
New Orleans The National Culture Park USA 17181
New Orleans Tunes1
New Orleans twist3
New Orleans two groove1
New Orleans under water1
New Orleans voice6
New Orleans way1
New Orleans wiggle29
New Orleans wiggles1
New Orleans wobble1
New Orleans woman2
New Orleans workshop blues1
New Orleans Worlds Fair rag1
New Orleans yard sale1
New Orleans yea yea breakdown1
New Orlenas hop scop blues1
New orootie1
New orphans1
New outer hoof1
New outline1
New outlook2
New page2
new pair of shoes2
New pajamas1
New pants1
New paper1
New parasomnia1
New parchman1
New passage1
New passages1
new path1
new path to a waterfall1
new path to the waterfall1
New peace3
New peace old peace1
New pedal tune1
new people1
New perspective5
new pet1
New Pharoah1
New Philly dog1
new piano roll blues1
New picture5
New piece6
New pillars in the field of art1
New Pinnochio1
New place2
New place old place1
New places2
New places new faces2
New planet2
New plans1
New playground1
New please Mr Johnson1
New point of view1
New points1
new pollution1
New Pompei1
New pop1
New porch blues2
New port1
new portal1
New possibilities1
New potatoes1
New prayer2
New prayer for Jimbo III1
New prelude in D major1
new promise1
New promised land1
New prospective1
New pulse1
New pulse 11
New pulse 111
New quay news1
New quiet1
New rag9
new rag suite3
New rage1
New rags4
New rain2
New rap1
New recruit1
new redskin rhumba1
New reference2
new reflection1
new regalia1
new regime1
New rejoice1
New religion1
new resistance unveiled1
New resolution2
New resolutions2
New resurrection2
New Rhodes1
New rhumba23
New rhythm1
New rhythms1
New ridin1
New righteous blues1
New rituals2
New river blue1
New river new water1
new river train1
new road2
New roads1
New Rochelle3
New rock & roll1
New romance from Valse1
New romantic expectation1
New room5
New roots1
New rotative methods1
new round of rounds1
New routine1
New roz1
New rubbing on the darned old thing1
New rugs1
New rules1
New rumba2
new russian rag1
New sad1
new SadoMasochism tango1
New saint1
New SaintJames infirmary1
new saints1
New Salesburg1
New salty dog1
New samba8
new samba for Margo1
New San Antonio Rose1
New sanctuary movement1
New Sarabande1
New satellite blues1
New Saturday jump1
New Saturn1
New saw your face1
New scapa flow1
new scene2
New school1
New school days1
New schooled1
New scientists1
new Scotch tune1
New Sculptures1
New second line13
New second line 891
New secret1
New secrets1
new seers1
new sensation3
New senses1
new set of wings1
new shade of blue7
new shade of blues5
New shades of Babalu1
New shake coming1
New shave em dry1
New sheets1
new shift2
New shiftatelle1
new shim sham shimmy2
New shnu review1
New shoes15
New shoes blues4
New shoots1
New shores2
New short song1
New show at the jewel1
New Siam1
New sidewalks of New York1
New sights old sounds1
New sign1
New signal1
New signs1
New silver1
new simple polska or song of tribute to the beginners mind1
New skies1
New sky1
New sky blue1
New slang1
New slash blues1
New slow dance1
New smeseno1
New smiles1
New smoke house blues1
New snow1
New sobbin blues1
New socks2
New soft shoe2
New sol blues1
New solea1
new something1
New song36
New song 31
New song 71
new song and dance1
New song for an old friend1
New song no 31
New song of experience1
New song of India1
new song of many faces for in these times1
New song of the South1
New song old song1
New sonic dimension1
New Sonnys blues1
new soul1
New souls2
new sound2
new sound for the blues2
New sounds aplenty1
New sounds on an afternoon1
new South1
new South African blues1
New south wail2
New space new age1
New spaces1
New spaces and faces1
New Spanish boots2
New species1
New Species Inc1
New spectrum too new spectrum1
New speedway boogie1
New spice1
new spirit2
New spirits on the horizon1
New spring6
new St George1
New St Louis blues12
New stack a Lee1
New Stack OLee1
New stack oLee blues2
New stand1
New standard4
New star over Texas1
new star risin1
New start12
New steel rag1
New step with my step1
New stories3
New story1
New stream 61
New stream four1
New stream three1
New street1
New Street boogie1
new street in old city2
New Street swing2
New strings attached1
New stuff2
New style2
New style baby1
New suit4
new summer1
New Summit Ridge Drive1
New sun2
New sun in the sky13
New Sunday2
New sunglasses1
New Suntory 5 blues1
New Super Mario1
new superhero1
New surprise2
New swing3
new swing waves1
new swingers gang bounce1
new Symphony Sid3
new system1
new talkin about you1
New tango3
New teles1
New temple1
New tennis outfit1
new tenor tune1
New tension1
New terms1
New testament1
New text part 11
New text part 21
New text part 31
New thang1
New thank you1
New that aint right1
new theme5
new thing11
New thing on Jupiter1
New things2
New things and that3
New thought life1
New three and one boogie1
New tiare1
New tides of freedom1
New ties1
New tiger rag6
new time4
new time A new time vocalese1
new time piece1
New time religion1
New time shuffle5
New times6
New times are coming1
New times new tools I II III1
New tin roof blues1
New tink1
New to me1
New tomorrow1
New tone barn1
New tongues1
New toots1
New touch1
New town4
new town is a blue town12
New town suite1
new toy8
New track2
New traditional1
new train2
New travelling tune1
new trip1
New trouble in mind1
New true illusion2
New truths not vicious pleasures1
new Tulsa blues6
New tuna1
New tune12
New tune blue1
New tune blues2
New twist3
new twister5
new two2
New two oclock jump3
New US Moon1
New valley3
New variations on an earlier theme1
New Vicksburg blues4
New Vienna2
New Vienna wood1
new view3
New view of the horse1
new village1
new village caller1
New Vine Street blues3
New violin1
New viper dance2
New vision3
New vista1
New voice1
new voice from the sky1
New voices1
New volume1
New Wabash1
New wages1
New waif blues1
New walkway1
New walls1
new waltz21
New waltz for Nina1
New waltz for Susan1
New waltzo1
New wang wang blues5
new war1
New warmth1
New warrior1
New Washington and Lee swing1
New water2
New wave blues1
New wave gnomus1
New waves2
New waves 20041
new way8
New way blues1
new way of living1
New way of loving1
New way to love1
New ways at 2nd Avenue1
New ways to say nothing1
New weather2
New west4
New west Helena blues1
New wheels3
new wilderness1
New wind3
New wine5
New wings1
new winner1
New winter1
New woman3
New wonder1
New wonderland1
New work1
New world31
New world a comin1
New world acomin28
New world acoming1
New world aint a symphony1
New world cocek1
new world disorder1
New world I1
New world II1
New world III1
new world in our hearts1
New world in the morning2
new world is ordered2
New world IV1
New world jump6
New world Nov920161
new world odor1
New world order5
new world playing jazz1
New world pygmies2
New world raga1
New world spirit1
New world street samba1
New world symphony5
New world V1
New world VI1
New world VII1
New worlda comin1
New worlds4
New worlds for old1
New worried life blues1
New Year14
New Year 95 blues1
new year after1
New Year blues2
New year new job1
New years2
New Years blues1
New years boogie1
New Years day2
New Years day in Los Angeles 19681
New Years dream1
New Years eve5
New Years Eve 80811
New Years Eve at the hospice1
New Years Eve in a haunted house4
New Years Eve song1
New years letter1
New Years morning1
New years of soul1
New Years resolution2
New Years song1
New Years vacation1
New yemenite1
New Yemenite song1
New York51
New York 100121
New York 195
New York 19102
New York 20071
New York 3 AM1
New York 3 AM 2020 bonus1
New York 5 am1
New York 541
New York 5502
New York 781
New York 90s1
New York after dark2
New York afternoon10
New York again1
New York aint so bad1
New York angels1
New York at midnight1
New York at night1
New York attitude4
New York baca2
New York batsa1
New York beat1
New York blizzard blues1
New York blues6
New York blues & the samba1
New York bossa8
New York breakfast1
New York bum1
New York buzz1
New York by night1
New York calling1
New York calling & rhythm Burrage1
New York candombe1
New York Chicago and LA1
New York child1
New York citric1
New York City29
New York City 6 AM1
New York City blue1
New York City blues18
New York City bossa1
New York City drag2
New York City ghost3
New York City in the blue hour1
New York City mood1
New York City rap1
New York City samba1
New York City stompers1
New York City suite in four parts1
New York City wildlife1
New York coloring book1
New York comes to Groningen1
New York concerto1
New York connection6
New York conversations1

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