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This index refers to the 523,727 individual tune titles (1,572,664 total entries) included in over 241,692 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of July, 2019.

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Page M66 - My little yellow dress to My only love

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Tune nameSessions
My little yellow dress1
My little yellow flower1
My live is like red red rose Somerville1
My Liza Jane1
My lonely angel1
My lonely cabin1
My lonely heart3
My lonely one1
My lonely place1
My lonely room4
My lonely sad eyes1
My lonesome days are gone1
My lonesome heart2
My long1
My longest dream1
My Lord5
My Lord and I1
My Lord and master6
My Lord my Lord1
My Lord what a beautiful morning1
My Lord what a mornin1
My lord what a morning4
My lord What a mournin1
My Lord what a mourning2
My Lords gonna move that wicked race1
My lost city2
My lost dog1
My lost hand crumbles1
My lost love2
My lost pierce1
My Louisiana2
My love89
My love an my mule1
My love and devotion1
My love and I12
My love behind the golden door1
My love can do no wrong1
My love cant wait1
My love comes tumblin down1
My love dirge1
My love dont belong to you1
My love effendi2
My love for Carla1
My love for Carmen2
My love for Karen1
My love for you26
My love for you comes and goes1
My love for you lingers on1
My love forgive me4
My love forgives me1
My love from Asia1
My love from Toby1
My love goes through time2
My love grows stronger1
My love has butterfly wings2
My love has gone1
My love has gone away1
My love how I love you1
My love is11
My love is a fountain1
My love is a lily1
My love is a wanderer6
My love is an April song2
My love is as a fever2
My love is as a fever Sonnet No 1471
My love is blind1
My love is but a lassie yet1
My love is cold1
My love is coming down1
My love is down2
My love is draggin1
My love is getting stronger1
My love is gone1
My love is growing today1
My love is here to stay2
My love is like a red red rose2
my love is like electric water1
My love is love your love is hate1
My love is my master1
My love is only you1
My love is real1
My love is showing1
My love is so free1
My love is so strong for you1
My love is true2
My love is with me1
My love is you5
My love is your love1
My love is yours3
My love life1
My love loves me1
My love my desire1
My love my life my love1
My love my love5
My love one1
My love parade4
My love so long1
My love so sweet2
My love song4
My love supreme1
My love to you1
My love waits5
My love went to London3
My love will die1
My love will last2
My love will lead you home1
My love will never die2
My love you1
My love youre free1
My lovely assistant2
My lovely Celia1
My lovely Faith1
My lovely Lee1
My lovely one1
My lover3
My lover has gone1
My lover is as a fever1
My lover is leaving me1
My lover Mr Moon1
My lovers coat2
My lovers heart1
My lovers prayer1
My loves a monster1
My lovie Lee1
My lovin eskimo1
My lovin gal Lucille1
My lovin Imogene5
My lovin papa1
My lovin Sam1
My loving baby1
My low C1
My Lucia1
My luck is gonna change1
My lucky day7
My lucky love1
My lucky rag2
My lucky star7
My lullaby1
My luminous limbs smolder1
My lunch wth Arvin Sparkles1
My lurve1
My luv is like a red red rose1
My lyrics1
My machine2
My machines came from too far away1
My mad boogie1
My mad moment2
My magic heart2
My magic pencil1
My magic ring1
My magic tower1
My magnum my mistress1
My Mahi1
My Maia2
My main man2
My main men1
My mama1
My mama done tol me1
My mama never taught me how to cook1
My mama pinned a rose on me3
My mama rocks me7
My mama socks me2
My mama told me1
My mama told me so3
My mama treats me like a dog1
My mamas bad luck child1
My mamas call1
My mamas here to guide me1
My mamas in town9
My mamma1
My mammas in town4
My mammy11
My mammy knows5
My mammys blues4
My mammys tears1
My man171
My man agogo1
My man aint good for nothin but love1
My man aint good for nothing but love2
My man aint yo man1
My man and I1
My man Benny11
My man Bill2
My man blues5
My man boogie1
My man Ed1
My man from Caroline5
My man Harris1
My man has gone1
My man has quit me1
My man he thrills me evry day1
My man Hes a lovin man1
My man Hubbard2
My man in Sydney1
My man is a handy man1
My man is gone7
My man is gone now5
My man is good for nothing but love1
My man is on the make4
My man is together1
My man Jean1
My man jumped salty on me1
My man just wont dont2
My man Kenny1
My man Louis1
My man Mansour1
My man o war5
My man on the Bowery1
My man owar1
My man Phil1
My man Quincy1
My man rocks me5
My man s gone now1
My man Sandy1
My man sends me1
My man Stan1
My man stands out2
My man string1
My man Sustain1
My man Titine1
My man Tom2
My man Willie1
My Manne Shelly6
My mans a devil1
My mans an undertaker2
My mans done done me dirty1
My mans gone8
My mans gone now223
My mans in trouble2
My Manuela1
My many moods1
My man’s gone now2
My march1
My Margarita1
My Margie1
My Marie2
My Marilyn1
My Marion1
My Mariuccia take a steamboat1
My marvellous man1
My Mary2
My Mary my Mary1
My Maryland6
My master1
My master my slave1
My May1
My mean man1
My mean man blues1
My Mel1
My melancholy baby376
My mellow man4
My melody1
My memoirs1
My memories3
My memories of you1
My memory2
My memory book1
My memory had magnified1
My memory sir is like a garbage heap1
My Memphis baby41
My merry way1
My mess with Jess1
My Miami moon1
My Michele1
My mind1
My mind I find in time1
My mind is free2
My mind is hazy1
My mind is on the run1
My mind is ramblin1
My mind is still on you1
My mind is working1
My mind on Jesus1
My mind questions me1
My mind wanders1
My mind was messed up at the time1
My minds made up1
My minds made up on you1
My Mingus soul1
My minuet2
My mirror2
My Miss Mary1
My Missouri home3
My mistake1
My mistakes1
My mistress eyes4
My mistress eyes sonnet 1301
My moderns world1
My mojo=my dojo1
My mom4
My mom Bill1
My momma couldnt care less1
My momma rocks me1
My momma told me so3
My mommas in town1
My mommie sent me to the store1
My Monday date92
My Monday dte1
My money1
My money left me1
My money never runs out1
My moneys green1
My moneys long this morning baby1
My mood4
My mood is you6
My moonlight Madonna1
My most favorite thing1
My mother3
My mother forgot to tie my shoes this morning1
My mother Louise1
My mother my father12
My mother sings1
My Mother song1
My mother the car1
My mother told me3
My mother told me so1
My mother turned fifty1
My mother would love you1
My motherinlaw3
My mothers belly1
My mothers Bflat blues1
My mothers eye1
My mothers eyes85
My mothers eyes II1
My mothers eys1
My mothers house1
My mothers love4
My mothers mexican hat1
My mothers pearls1
My mothers prayer1
My mothers prayers1
My mothers Rosary2
My mothers soninlaw2
My mothers tears1
My mothers waltz1
My mountain home1
My mountains1
My move1
My moyo1
My Mrs1
My mummy1
My muse5
My museum2
My music emission1
My music is for you2
My music reaches to the sky1
My music starts my life begins1
My musical landscape1
My my17
My my aint that something1
My my baby1
My my how the time goes by1
My my my6
My myself and I1
My myth of perfection1
My name2
My name aint Annie1
My name is4
My name is Burns1
My name is carnival1
My name is Curtis Dubois Fuller1
My name is Hula Lou1
My name is Jim1
My name is love1
My name is Marlowe1
My name is Morgan1
My name is on the doorbell1
My name is Oscar1
My name is peace1
My name is Rose1
My name will always be chickie1
My Nancy1
My nasty blues1
My Natasha1
My natchl man1
My neck of the woods2
My neenyah1
My neighborhood2
My neighbourhood2
My nemesis1
My nephew and I1
My nephew Bent1
My nerves1
My new attitude1
My new baby1
My new celebrity is you5
My new chick1
My new day3
My new excitement1
My new flame2
My new friend3
My new gate1
My new gown1
My new hat1
My new jet plane2
My new love1
My new lovers all seem so tame1
My new mambo1
My new me1
My new old tune1
My New Orleans lover1
My new papa got to have everything1
My new puppy1
My new song1
My new ten gallon hat1
My new thing1
My new way1
My New Years resolution1
My New York2
My New York sweet1
My newest old waltz1
My next and only love4
My next door neighbor1
My next door neighbour1
My next wife1
My night1
My night my day1
My nightingale1
My nightmare jockey1
My no good man1
My nocturne1
My November guest1
My number1
My number one dream came true5
My obsession1
My ocean1
My ocean is blue in white1
My ocean of dreams1
My odarlin my olovely my OBrien1
My ODarling my OLovely My OBrien1
My offering1
My oh my6
My Ohio home14
My ol ten gallon hat1
My old bean1
My old book1
My old cat Felix1
My old country2
My old cowhand1
My old daddys got a brand new way to love2
My old daddys got a brandnew way to love3
My old Dixie flame1
My old dog1
My old dream1
My old dreams1
My old dutch2
My old engine1
My old flame399
My old friend6
My old friend Billie1
My old friends1
My old gal3
My old girls my new girl now5
My old home1
My old Kentucky home127
My old Kentucky home good night2
My old Kentucky home goodnight2
My old lady blues2
My old life2
My old love1
My old man26
My old man said follow the van2
My old mans a dustman1
My old piano1
My old ramshackle shack1
My old room1
My old school3
My old sidekick1
My old sign1
My old swing blues1
My old tennis shoes1
My old time sweetheart1
My old town1
My old true love1
My old walking stick1
My one & only love2
My one ambition is you1
My one and olhy love1
My one and only29
My one and only heart1
My one and only highland fling3
My one and only Lord1
My one and only love817
My one and only one1
My one and only thrill2
My one and only vice1
My one bad habbit is falling in love1
My one bad habit5
My one desire1
My one sin1
My one true love1
My only and only love1
My only crime1
My only friend3
My only friends are the pigeons1
My only heaven1
My only home1
My only Jovana1
My only joy1
My only love2

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