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This index refers to the 528,977 individual tune titles (1,586,191 total entries) included in over 243,222 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of November, 2019.

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Page M66 - My heroes to My machines came from too far away

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Tune nameSessions
My heroes1
My hidden world1
My hideho man1
My hill1
My hills1
My hobby1
My hoe down1
My holy1
My holy intended1
My home12
My home at thy sweet voice1
My home away from home1
My home down under1
My home is in a southern town17
My home is in my heart1
My home is no home without you1
My home lies quiet1
My home town5
My home town Chicago2
My hometown1
My honesty2
My honey1
My honey child1
My honeys lovin arms154
My honeys lovin eyes1
My honeys lovinarms1
My honeys loving arms5
My honey�s lovin� arms1
My hope1
My horizon1
My horny little seahorse1
My horoscope1
My horse is racing1
My horse knows the way1
My horses stand ready1
My hour of need1
My house2
My house is not a home1
My house my dog and you1
My how the time goes by11
My huckleberry friend1
My human condition1
My humble plea1
My humble tribute1
My idea2
My idea of fun1
My idea of good time1
My idea of heaven3
My ideal319
My ideal )1
My idol fell behind1
My Iguana1
My imaginary friend1
My imaginary love1
My imaginary sweetheart1
My imagination5
My impetuous heart1
My impression1
My inclination1
My independent man1
My indian red5
My indiscretion1
My injun from Brazil1
My inner circle1
My inner storage room1
My inspiration74
My inspiration is you6
My invention spent1
My invitation1
My IQ is one of the highest1
My Irish MollyO1
My Irish paradise1
My Irish soul1
My Isha2
My island1
My isle of golden dreams17
My Italian way1
My itchy beard1
My Jack of Diamonds1
My jazz hero1
My jelly roll1
My jelly roll goes to town1
My jelly roll soul9
My Jerevan1
My Jesus I love thee1
My JoAnn2
My Joesphine1
My John blues3
My Johnny is coming home1
My Josephine19
My journey1
My journey to the sky11
My joy3
My joy is you1
My joy op 74 no 122
My joy with you1
My Jug and I3
My Julian1
My June love1
My jungle baby1
My juvenile1
My Kay1
My Kaye1
My Kentucky baby1
My key1
My key dont fit1
My kids a crooner3
My kids singin swing songs1
My kind of baby1
My kind of beauty2
My kind of blues4
My kind of boy1
My kind of Christmas1
My kind of feeling1
My kind of gal1
My kind of girl15
My kind of gospel1
My kind of guy1
My kind of jazz1
My kind of love11
My kind of lover1
My kind of man2
My kind of march1
My kind of music1
My kind of people1
My kind of picture1
My kind of poetry1
My kind of rockin1
My kind of siesta1
My kind of sunshine1
My kind of time1
My kind of town37
My kind of town Chicago is1
My kind of trouble is you8
My kind of woman1
My kind of world7
My kinda beautiful1
My kinda blues1
My kinda love39
My kinda place1
My kinda world3
My king1
My kingdom for a country mile1
My kingdom for a kiss3
My kitchen man2
My Kokomo1
My Koln concert1
My LA years1
My laddie2
My ladies1
My lady28
My lady and me1
My lady blue1
My lady C1
My lady child1
My lady for real1
My lady gingersnap1
My lady in the night1
My lady jazz1
My lady Lodie1
My lady love1
My lady loves me in Eflat1
My lady my child1
My lady Nancys dompe1
My lady of the morning1
My ladys grave1
My ladys tears2
My ladys waltz1
My Lagan love4
My Lagan love in the chophouse1
My lai2
My lament7
My land2
My land of make believe1
My lane1
My last affair35
My last apology1
My last breath1
My last chance1
My last cigarette1
My last dance with you1
My last days on Earth1
My last dollar1
My last farewell1
My last fling1
My last goodbye9
My last goodbye to you1
My last lap dance1
My last love2
My last man1
My last meal2
My last millionaire1
My latin1
My latin brother7
My latin feeling1
My latin heart1
My latin lady1
My Latin love2
My latin New York1
My latin sky2
My laugh1
My Laurie5
My lazy goodheart1
My lean baby8
My left foot1
My leopard1
My letter to the world2
My letter to you1
My letters1
My life11
My life as a dog1
My life as a tango1
My life express1
My life is a boogie1
My life is a little better1
My life is a nostalgia1
My life is a tree1
My life is full of yearning1
My life is hell1
My life is in his hands1
My life is just a bowl of cherries1
My life is just around the corner1
My life is like a French movie1
My life is my life1
My life is so blue1
My life my taxi1
My life outside1
My life outside of power1
My life will be better someday1
My life will be better sometime1
My life will be sweeter3
My life will be sweeter some day17
My life will be sweeter someday35
My life with the wave1
My life with you2
My lifes a lonely place1
My lifes been a pleasure1
My lifetime1
My light1
My lil guy1
My Linda2
My Lindy Lou2
My line1
My lip remembers your kisses1
My lips are sealed2
My lips remember your kisses1
My lips want kisses2
My little ami1
My little angel4
My little angel child1
My little Anna10
My little baby4
My little bimbo59
My little bimbo down on the bamboo isle4
My little bird1
My little bird has taken wing1
My little boat23
My little Bodhisattva1
My little bossa1
My little boy3
My little brother1
My little brown book85
My little brown book 21
My little buckaroo4
My little bunch of happiness1
My little butterfly1
My little carbon unit1
My little cello5
My little child1
My little Chinese love1
My little Christine1
My little cousin6
My little cousins1
My little dear Ling1
My little dixie home5
My little dog got kittens1
My little doggies stocking1
My little dream1
My little dream boat1
My little dream girl1
My little drum2
My little drummer boy1
My little fella and me1
My little flea1
My little folly1
My little friend1
My little frog1
My little gasshack in Kealakekua1
My little Gina1
My little girl62
My little grass shack6
My little grass shack in Kealakekua1
My little grass shack in Kealakekua Hawaii5
My little guy1
My little helper1
My little honey and me1
My little honeybun1
My little honeydripper1
My little houseboat1
My little Isabel2
My little Isabelle1
My little jewel1
My little joke1
My little kitten Susie1
My little lady1
My little lass1
My little lovelies1
My little Maggie1
My little maid and I1
My little man1
My little Monica1
My little nest1
My little nest of heavenly blue1
My little old home down in New Orleans1
My little one5
My little one from faraway1
My little ones2
My little package1
My little plankton1
My little plants1
My little pony1
My little pride and joy10
My little radio1
My little ragtime baby2
My little rainbow1
My little red book2
My little red car1
My little red hat1
My little red head1
My little red nose1
My little red top2
My little red wagon2
My little Rolly1
My little Rosebud1
My little RoseMarie1
My little sad Lucie1
My little Sharif1
My little Sherri1
My little Sherry1
My little shy sparrow1
My little speed shoes2
My little star2
My little stick of Blackpool Rock1
My little Strayhorn1
My little suede Schubert1
My little suede shoes145
My little sunflower1
My little sweet heart1
My little town1
My little town Belz1
My little tune1
My little West Indian girl1
My little word1
My little world1
My little writeoff1
My little yellow dress1
My little yellow flower1
My live is like red red rose Somerville1
My Liza Jane1
My lonely angel1
My lonely cabin1
My lonely heart3
My lonely one1
My lonely place1
My lonely room4
My lonely sad eyes1
My lonesome days are gone1
My lonesome heart2
My long1
My longest dream1
My Lord5
My Lord and I1
My Lord and master6
My Lord my Lord1
My Lord what a beautiful morning1
My Lord what a mornin2
My lord what a morning4
My lord What a mournin1
My Lord what a mourning2
My Lords gonna move that wicked race1
My lost city2
My lost dog1
My lost hand crumbles1
My lost love2
My lost pierce1
My Louisiana2
My love89
My love an my mule1
My love and devotion1
My love and I12
My love behind the golden door1
My love can do no wrong1
My love cant wait1
My love comes tumblin down1
My love dirge1
My love dont belong to you1
My love effendi2
My love for Carla1
My love for Carmen2
My love for Karen1
My love for you26
My love for you comes and goes1
My love for you lingers on1
My love forgive me4
My love forgives me1
My love from Asia1
My love from Toby1
My love goes through time2
My love grows stronger1
My love has butterfly wings2
My love has gone1
My love has gone away1
My love how I love you1
My love is11
My love is a fountain1
My love is a lily1
My love is a wanderer7
My love is an April song2
My love is as a fever2
My love is as a fever Sonnet No 1471
My love is blind1
My love is but a lassie yet1
My love is cold1
My love is coming down1
My love is down2
My love is draggin1
My love is getting stronger1
My love is gone1
My love is growing today1
My love is here to stay2
My love is like a red red rose2
my love is like electric water1
My love is love your love is hate1
My love is my master1
My love is only you1
My love is real1
My love is showing1
My love is so free1
My love is so strong for you1
My love is true2
My love is with me1
My love is you5
My love is your love1
My love is yours3
My love life1
My love loves me1
My love my desire1
My love my life my love1
My love my love5
My love one1
My love parade4
My love so long1
My love so sweet2
My love song4
My love supreme1
My love to you1
My love waits5
My love went to London3
My love will die1
My love will last2
My love will lead you home1
My love will never die2
My love you1
My love youre free1
My lovely assistant2
My lovely Celia1
My lovely Faith1
My lovely Lee1
My lovely one1
My lover3
My lover has gone1
My lover is as a fever1
My lover is leaving me1
My lover Mr Moon1
My lovers coat2
My lovers heart1
My lovers prayer1
My loves a monster1
My lovie Lee1
My lovin eskimo1
My lovin gal Lucille1
My lovin Imogene5
My lovin papa1
My lovin Sam1
My loving baby1
My low C1
My Lucia1
My luck is gonna change1
My lucky day7
My lucky love1
My lucky rag2
My lucky star7
My lullaby1
My luminous limbs smolder1
My lunch wth Arvin Sparkles1
My lurve1
My luv is like a red red rose1
My lyrics1
My machine2
My machines came from too far away1

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