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This index refers to the 541,114 individual tune titles (1,615,171 total entries) included in over 246,676 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of August, 2020.

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Page M49 - Mood blue to Moon over Paris

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Tune nameSessions
Mood blue1
Mood blues1
Mood change1
Mood change maestros1
Mood duke1
Mood elation1
Mood Ellington1
Mood fantasie1
Mood for a day1
Mood for a nanny goat1
mood for a quick Hello1
Mood for a time1
Mood for Coot2
Mood for crow1
Mood for cryin1
Mood for Eric1
Mood for Joao & Oscar1
Mood for John1
Mood for Lighthouse1
Mood for love2
Mood for Maude4
Mood for Max1
Mood for McCann1
Mood for Mendes3
Mood for Miles1
Mood for Milt3
Mood for Mitch1
Mood for Moody1
Mood for Mr Moody1
Mood for sale1
Mood for teachers1
Mood for the blues1
Mood for thought1
Mood for trumpet2
Mood for Wood1
Mood for you2
Mood Hollywood11
Mood hunter1
mood Im in8
Mood improvisation1
Mood in abstract1
Mood in blue1
Mood in da groove2
Mood in minor1
Mood in question4
Mood in scarlet1
Mood indigo1353
Mood infrared1
Mood intro1
mood is good3
mood is mellow3
Mood island2
Mood limbo1
Mood magenta1
Mood malody2
Mood manor1
Mood Marlene1
Mood midnight1
Mood mode1
Mood nocturnal1
Mood one1
Mood piece4
Mood pieces1
Mood point1
Mood prayer1
Mood report1
Mood returns1
Mood river1
mood rocks1
Mood rodeo1
Mood seekers1
Mood sketch1
Mood supplies1
Mood swing14
Mood swinger1
Mood swings15
mood that Im in11
mood thing1
Mood to be stewed1
Mood to be wooded1
mood to be wooed27
Mood to mood1
Mood tune1
Mood turns1
Mood walker1
mood was there1
mood were in3
Mood zinoiko1
Moodmixes indigo1
Moods & WIMS1
Moods and lights1
Moods at dusk1
Moods for Dewey3
Moods for Horn1
Moods for leaving1
Moods for ragnhild1
Moods impromptu1
Moods in blue and red1
Moods in free time3
Moods in mambo2
Moods in motion2
Moods mode1
Moods modes and manners IV1
Moods mood1
Moods of a cat1
moods of modesty1
Moods of Parker1
Moods of the wanderer1
Moods suite3
Moods without filter1
Moodschliche on pancake1
Moodtime swing1
Moodus blues1
Moodus bootus1
Moody and soul1
Moody baby1
Moody blue3
moody blues2
Moody boy1
Moody chant1
Moody dance1
Moody Flooty1
Moody frog1
Moody funk1
Moody line with squeaks and foot work in two parts1
Moody magic1
Moody man1
Moody Maria1
Moody McDuff1
Moody melody3
Moody modes1
Moody mood1
Moody moonlight1
Moody music1
Moody on garnet2
Moody on my mind1
moody one1
moody ones1
Moody piano2
Moody river1
Moody speaks1
Moody Street3
moody time3
Moody too1
Moody tune1
Moodys all frantic1
Moodys blue again2
Moodys blues1
Moodys boogie1
Moodys bounce1
Moodys groove3
Moodys home1
Moodys mode1
Moodys mood19
Moodys mood 781
Moodys mood for cha cha1
Moodys mood for love77
Moodys samba1
Moodys theme2
Moody’s mood for love1
Moofs blues1
moog and me1
Moog indigo1
Moog march1
Moog solo2
Moog town1
Moogie boogie1
Moogie woogie2
Moogin on1
Moogs blues1
Moogs mood1
Moohah Joe Dukes1
Mooi Holland2
Mooing around1
Mook rides again1
Mookie goes home1
Mookies arrival1
Mookies den1
Mookies secret revenge1
Mookin and cookin1
Mooko no ohkami1
Mooks reflection1
Mooks theme1
Mooks time1
Moolah fer sugnim1
Moom lit si1
Moom song1
Moomba jazz bird 761
Moon & earth1
Moon & silhouette1
moon & six pence1
Moon & stars1
Moon 441
Moon 881
moon a star and a little red car1
moon above Koscielisko1
moon above the ruined castle1
Moon after moon1
moon aint made of green cheese1
Moon alley12
moon also rises1
Moon and back1
Moon and cypresses1
Moon and flag polka1
moon and I2
Moon and mind3
Moon and sand151
Moon and shadow1
Moon and star1
Moon and stars4
Moon and sun2
moon and the cat1
moon and the elephant1
moon and the lady dancing1
moon and the rabbit1
moon and the sea1
Moon and the stars1
moon and the sun1
Moon and the willow tree3
Moon and turtle1
Moon and twentyfive1
moon and you4
moon appears1
moon arising1
Moon at noon4
Moon at sea1
Moon at sunrise1
Moon at the window5
Moon bag1
Moon beam1
Moon beams1
Moon beauty1
Moon bees1
Moon bells1
moon belongs to everyone1
moon belongs to you1
moon beneath the clouds1
Moon bird2
Moon black1
Moon blue7
Moon blue boogie1
Moon blues4
Moon boots2
Moon bow1
moon breatheed twice1
Moon cage1
Moon cake2
Moon came up with a great idea last night1
Moon cat1
Moon chant2
Moon child3
Moon chile1
Moon closure1
Moon cloud1
Moon clouds1
Moon coin1
Moon cookies1
Moon country35
Moon crater1
Moon cup1
Moon cycle3
Moon dance14
Moon dance suite1
Moon dancer2
Moon dear1
Moon deer4
Moon dial1
Moon dil dey ander tu1
Moon dissolves into a spring dawn1
moon doesnt care1
Moon dog6
Moon dog boogie1
Moon dont come up tonight2
Moon dream shore1
Moon dreams29
Moon dripping1
moon drives me loon3
Moon drops2
Moon ducks1
Moon ears1
moon escorts us on our way1
Moon exposure1
Moon eyes2
Moon face2
Moon face again1
Moon faced starry eyed11
moon fell in the river2
Moon fire3
Moon fish 11
Moon fish 21
Moon fish 31
Moon flight2
Moon flirt1
Moon flower2
Moon flowers3
moon follows us wherever we go1
Moon for Glauco2
moon for her4
Moon from the east1
Moon full1
Moon gals1
Moon gazing1
Moon gem1
Moon gems2
Moon germs10
moon gets dark1
Moon girl1
Moon glasses1
Moon glaze1
Moon glide1
Moon glow1
Moon goin down1
Moon gone1
moon got broken1
moon got in my eyes17
moon has flown1
moon has made other plans2
moon her majesty1
Moon high1
Moon hustler1
Moon hymn1
Moon illusion1
moon in a bottle1
Moon in Aquarius3
moon in August1
Moon in June10
Moon in me1
Moon in my window1
Moon in pisces3
moon in Rio2
Moon in the dark2
moon in the labyrinth1
Moon in the night1
Moon in the sky2
Moon in the water1
Moon in winter I1
Moon in winter II1
Moon in winter III1
Moon in winter IV1
Moon in winter V1
Moon inhabitants4
Moon intro1
moon is a harsh mistress15
moon is a silver dollar4
moon is a sky thing1
moon is blue11
moon is cryin for me2
moon is down1
moon is down intro1
moon is flying too low1
moon is full tonight1
moon is grinning at me5
Moon is here1
moon is hiding1
moon is hiding in her hair2
moon is high and the night is on1
moon is in the cold stream like a mirror1
moon is low37
moon is made of gold3
Moon is mine1
moon is new1
moon is not green2
Moon is on my side1
moon is over my window2
moon is rising1
moon is setting on the whore eye zone1
moon is too hot1
moon is waiting1
moon is watching1
Moon is watching your home1
moon is your moon1
Moon island1
Moon jogger1
Moon jooiia1
Moon journey1
moon keeps telling me things1
moon kissed the Mississippi2
moon knows1
Moon lake3
Moon line no trespassing1
moon lis low1
Moon lite1
Moon liver1
Moon looks at you1
moon looks down and laughs9
moon looks with a watery eye1
Moon love35
Moon lovers2
Moon lute1
Moon machines1
Moon mad woman1
moon made me do it1
Moon madness1
Moon magic2
Moon maiden4
Moon man1
Moon mare1
Moon mask1
Moon medley1
moon might know1
Moon mist53
Moon mode1
Moon mood2
Moon moth1
Moon music1
Moon mystique1
Moon neptune1
Moon night sorrow1
Moon nocturne19
Moon noom1
Moon oer the castle1
Moon of Alabama1
Moon of blue2
Moon of Chattanooga1
Moon of deception2
Moon of Ensor1
Moon of Japan1
moon of June1
Moon of Jupiter1
Moon of Magno1
moon of Manakoora29
Moon of Manana1
moon of Oduglin1
Moon of purple1
Moon of red1
moon of roses1
Moon of the falling leaves1
Moon of the mountain edge1
Moon of the west1
Moon of tulum1
Moon of yellow1
Moon on my pillow2
Moon on my shoulder1
moon on the 13th day of the ninth month1
moon on the ground1
moon on the ruined castle1
Moon on the sky1
moon on the water1
Moon or no moon1
Moon over 331
Moon over 5th Avenue1
Moon over Ahlainen1
Moon over Alabama1
Moon over Albert1
Moon over all1
Moon over asti3
Moon over Bahia1
Moon over BCN1
Moon over Bourbon1
Moon over Bourbon Street13
Moon over Brixton1
Moon over Burma4
Moon over Calcutta1
Moon over Couronneau1
Moon over Cuba4
Moon over destroyed castle1
Moon over Dixie1
Moon over Finland and you in my arms1
Moon over Florida1
moon over his crazy rock garden1
Moon over Ireland1
Moon over madness1
Moon over Malecon1
Moon over manakoora1
moon over Medellin1
Moon over Memphis1
Moon over Miami43
Moon over Mt Sumeru2
moon over Mtatsminda1
Moon over my ami1
Moon over my Annie1
Moon over New Kent1
Moon over Palmilla1
Moon over Paris1

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