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This index refers to the 535,170 individual tune titles (1,600,370 total entries) included in over 244,847 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2020.

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Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual tunes. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific tunes. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual tunes.


Page M13 - Maratona to Marcia Lee

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Tune nameSessions
Marauding toxic fungus1
Marble arch2
Marble Canyon1
Marble dance1
Marble day dream1
Marble dust1
Marble faces1
Marble faun1
Marble halls2
Marble hill2
Marble island1
Marble maker1
Marble race1
Marble room1
marble sea1
Marble sky1
Marble stone blues2
Marblecone fire1
Marc and Gene1
Marc and Stef1
Marc Anton1
Marc Antonys funeral oration1
Marc Burns and the giant hand1
Marc Chagall1
Marc et Michele1
Marc M2
Marc Moulin on the beach1
Marc one1
Marc Rothko goes to bath1
Marc V1
Marc XIX1
Marca de fabrica1
Marcal boogie woogie1
Marcassin en mocassins1
Marcel and Alissa1
Marcel Cazes nationalite musicien1
Marcel Duchamp1
Marcel le fourreur2
Marcel Marceau1
Marcel Proust vignet1
Marcel tango1
Marcel the drummer2
Marcel the furrier4
Marcel waves1
Marcella bienvenue1
Marcella variations 11
Marcellas dream1
Marcellas mocha1
Marcelles granddaughter1
Marcello Bello the mellow fellow2
Marcello Mastroianni1
Marcellus III1
Marcels hat1
Marceneiro Paulo1
March & epilogue1
March & sax solo with vacuum cleaner1
March 11th1
March 12th on the books1
March 14th1
March 171
March 1741 Cape Horn1
March 19th1
March 19th blues1
March 19th improvisations1
March 22
March 20 19801
March 20 lullabye1
March 20041
March 2nd1
March 311
March 3rd1
March 411
March 5th 20042
March a suivre1
March along1
March along Joe Soldier4
March and April1
March and combat2
March and murmur1
march and ragtime1
March and trio1
March at the end of the world1
March away1
March blues1
March boogie1
March brown1
march burst to open blue1
March Cantalini1
March charm1
March children1
March clown1
March dance for the Glorm people1
March der three quarks1
March down the field1
March fantastique1
March for a lost cause1
march for Albert Ayler1
March for freedom1
March for Igor1
March for independence1
March for Mingus2
March for my friend Blam1
March for nature1
March for ORT in C1
March for the cocoon shredders1
March for the messengers1
March from 19411
March from Carmen1
March from Love of three oranges1
March from Niemandsland1
March from Rices ragtime opera1
March from The love for three oranges1
March from The Nutcracker suite1
March hair1
March hare8
March hare dance1
March heir1
March ides1
March impro and coda1
March in 681
March in D major1
March in Ostinato1
March in the desert1
March into ovlivion1
march is an introduction1
March jazz & fugue1
March Johnny march1
March lightly1
March macabre1
March madness2
March majestic6
March mellow1
March militaire1
March mist1
March moon1
March nineteen1
March noreaster1
March Oblique1
march of 18481
March of April1
march of Captain Vanstone1
March of destiny1
March of dimes1
March of honor1
March of Ides1
March of Ids1
March of sorrow1
March of the 80 foot Phils1
march of the alien cows1
March of the aliens1
March of the alpha males1
March of the angels1
March of the animals3
March of the archetypes1
March of the bandicoots2
March of the barbarians1
March of the Belgian paratroops1
March of the bob cats8
March of the Bob Kats1
March of the bobcats38
March of the booboisie1
March of the boogieman1
March of the Boyds7
March of the carpenter ants1
March of the cartoon carnival mice1
March of the cellulite goddesses1
March of the charcoal grays3
march of the charcoal greys2
March of the commanders2
March of the comodos1
March of the conditioned souls1
March of the cosmetic surgeons1
March of the cue balls5
March of the dalecarlian grooms1
March of the Dalis1
March of the delusional dysfunctional demagogues1
March of the diddles1
March of the dolls1
March of the dunces1
March of the dwarfs1
March of the elephants1
March of the elves1
March of the faithful1
March of the fishman2
March of the floties1
March of the ghouls1
March of the gladiators1
March of the grey flannel suits1
March of the heralds1
March of the hipsters1
March of the hobbits2
March of the hoodlums10
March of the hypocrites1
March of the Indians14
March of the infidels1
March of the inland sea1
March of the innocent1
March of the jazz angels2
March of the jazz experts1
March of the jazz guerrillas1
March of the jazz police1
March of the jazzmen2
March of the jitterbugs1
March of the jubilating dixieland footstompers1
March of the last children1
March of the lazy prognosticators1
March of the little people1
March of the lost children1
March of the lost illusion1
March of the malcontents1
March of the mandolas1
March of the mannikins2
March of the Mardi Gras1
March of the marines2
March of the Martians1
March of the mods1
March of the movies1
March of the munchums1
March of the muskateers1
March of the mustangs2
March of the nada babas1
March of the ninelegged spider1
March of the Oilsheiks1
March of the owl and the bat1
March of the panther2
March of the pariahs1
March of the peace corps1
March of the pentarian triclops1
March of the piano police1
March of the pink wallflowers1
March of the plague locusts1
March of the pomegranates1
March of the pony girls1
March of the psychlos1
March of the roaches1
March of the royal Siamese children1
March of the Russian children1
March of the sad1
March of the sandpipers1
March of the Scnatskis1
March of the Siamese children23
March of the Siamese twins1
March of the slide trombones1
March of the smallest feet1
march of the solid rocket boosters1
March of the sugar cured hams1
March of the supermoon1
March of the swing parade1
March of the Swiss soldiers1
March of the sycophants1
March of the tadpoles5
march of the termites1
March of the tom cats1
March of the toreadors1
March of the toys25
March of the transients1
March of the trees1
March of the triumphant delusionists1
March of the uncle bubbies1
March of the Uncle Bubbys1
March of the undead1
March of the video reptiles1
March of the vipers1
march of the weasels2
March of the whales1
March of the wild turkey hens1
March of the wind potatoes1
March of the winkies1
march of the women1
March of the wooden soldiers1
March of those about to leave1
march of time1
March on6
March on Cumberland Street1
March on June2
March on march on3
March on Selma1
March on Swan Lake1
march or Ornette went to Miles house and they didnt get along1
March past5
March past 29 145 749 B1
March pathetique1
March pour la paix1
March questions1
March rain1
March shack1
March sky1
March slav1
March song1
March Song of the lark1
March sublime1
March sun2
March tamba1
march that stopped the band1
March that thang1
March The Skomorokhs1
March through the streets1
March to Castile1
March to death1
March to epiphany1
March to freedom1
March to happiness1
March to march1
March to oblivion1
March to Paris1
March to peace1
March to Peruna1
March to Polaris1
March wind3
March winds1
March winds and April showers2
Marcha da quarta feira de cinzas1
Marcha das mumias loucas gelati blues1
Marcha de marginales1
Marcha escocesa1
Marcha funebre1
Marcha para Oeste1
Marcha rancho in 341
Marcha re1
Marcha sobre a cidade1
Marchan Zeb1
Marchand de paroles1
Marchand de poisson3
Marchand de poissons5
Marchand de sable1
Marchand doubli1
Marchant le chemin1
Marchants cha cha1
Marche a la rock1
Marche a laube1
Marche a plusieurs plumes1
Marche a Sandro1
Marche antique1
Marche aux puces2
Marche B21
Marche brute1
Marche dans lautre sens1
Marche de Breughel1
Marche de la tristesse1
Marche de larmee panameenne1
Marche de Mai1
Marche de Montbliart1
Marche de noce1
Marche dElectre1
Marche des Germanopratins1
Marche des gibar1
Marche des hommes bleus1
Marche des nuages1
Marche des parachutistes1
Marche dheresie1
Marche dun jour1
Marche et menuet en Re1
Marche exotique1
Marche finale1
Marche funebre3
Marche funebre dune marionnette1
Marche funebre from De vuyle wasch1
Marche funebre op 35 No 21
Marche loin1
Marche manouche1
Marche militaire4
Marche noire1
Marche nuptiale2
Marche pour la ceremonie des Turcs1
Marche pour la paix1
Marche pour lenfer1
Marche Slav5
Marche touche1
Marche turque4
Marched upward1
Marchelles granddaughter1
Marchen aus 1001 Nacht1
Marchen aus fernen Landern1
Marcher sur des braises1
Marcher sur la lune1
Marchin again1
Marchin along2
Marchin and swingin15
Marchin band1
Marchin blues1
Marchin home1
Marchin in1
Marchin the blues1
Marchin Through Georgia1
Marchin to Riverside1
Marchin with the saints1
Marchin with Zig1
Marchina pra ele1
Marching along together4
Marching along with time1
Marching and swinging1
marching bands1
Marching blues1
Marching Cara Cara1
Marching dixielanders1
Marching forest1
Marching heart of love1
Marching home1
Marching in his band1
Marching in magical madness1
Marching in the street1
Marching into gloryland1
Marching into hell1
Marching man2
Marching on1
Marching orders2
Marching out and dancing in1
Marching pipe blues1
Marching right along1
marching rock1
Marching round the mountain1
Marching saints1
Marching slowly the blues1
marching song4
marching song 21
Marching strings1
Marching through America1
Marching through Georgia34
Marching through the lions gate1
Marching thru Madrid1
Marching to a different drummer1
Marching to a love song1
Marching to battle1
Marching to Cretonia1
Marching to Heaven2
Marching to Richmond2
Marching to the barracudas1
Marching with Benny G1
Marching with honor2
Marchita ardiente1
Marchons Les enfants1
Marcia con doloroso1
Marcia dei gladiatori1
Marcia dei Mamelucchi1
Marcia del potere marcio1
Marcia dell uomo1
Marcia di Esculapio1
Marcia di Pagliaccio1
Marcia di saturno1
Marcia di un cammello stanco1
Marcia eu te amo1
Marcia funebre4
Marcia in fa1
Marcia Lee1

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