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This index refers to the 542,407 individual tune titles (1,618,141 total entries) included in over 247,010 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of September, 2020.

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Page L58 - Love passes by to Love will conquer all

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Tune nameSessions
Love passes by1
Love pastas1
Love peace and currywurst1
Love peace my brother1
Love Peg1
Love people1
Love percussion song1
Love persuasion1
Love Petals1
Love phases dimensions1
Love piano solo1
Love piece2
Love planet2
Love play4
Love played a game1
Love PM1
Love poem8
Love poem for Apollo1
Love poem for Donna2
Love Poem nr 11
Love Poem nr 101
Love Poem nr 111
Love Poem nr 121
Love Poem nr 131
Love Poem nr 141
Love Poem nr 151
Love Poem nr 161
Love Poem nr 171
Love Poem nr 181
Love Poem nr 191
Love Poem nr 21
Love Poem nr 201
Love Poem nr 211
Love Poem nr 221
Love Poem nr 231
Love Poem nr 241
Love Poem nr 31
Love Poem nr 41
Love Poem nr 51
Love Poem nr 61
Love Poem nr 72
Love Poem nr 81
Love Poem nr 91
Love poems2
Love point blank1
Love poisoned1
Love police1
Love portion 91
Love potion3
Love potion 97
Love potion no 911
Love potion number nine1
Love power5
Love power for Papa1
Love powerfor papa1
Love praeludium1
Love prayer2
Love preludeAfter love has gone1
Love prevails1
Love progression1
Love prose1
Love pure and simple1
Love put on your faces1
Love puts on a new face1
Love rain1
Love ran out of time1
Love rattle1
Love reborn9
Love rejoice1
Love remains4
Love remembered9
Love rememberedMinas photo1
Love remembers2
Love requiem1
Love retoined1
Love rhapsody1
Love rhythms heart songs1
Love roads1
Love robots1
Love robs your reason1
Love rock1
Love rock and thrill1
Love roller coaster1
Love rollercoaster1
Love rolls on1
love romance1
Love roots1
Love round1
Love rules tonight1
Love said goodbye1
Love samba7
Love satellite1
Love save the day1
Love saves the day1
Love saw it1
Love say hello to me1
Love scene18
Love scene from For Anne Frank1
Love scene no 11
Love scenefarewell1
Love season1
Love secret1
love seed1
Love seems to find1
Love segments1
Love sends a little gift of roses3
love serene1
Love shall be eternal1
Love shall prevail in the world1
Love ship5
Love should be1
Love should not be so cold1
Love shouldnt cost a mind1
Love shows weakness2
Love sick4
Love sick feeling1
Love sick gal1
Love sick soul1
Love signs2
Love slipped out the door1
Love so dear1
Love so deep1
Love so fine4
Love so long denied1
love so strong2
Love solace1
Love somebody4
Love someone you like5
Love son1
Love song125
Love song & Oro1
Love song & orodance2
Love song 11
Love song 1101
Love song 17001
Love song 23
Love song 31
Love song 41
Love song 864735161
Love song and dances no 21
Love song ballad1
Love song blues1
Love song for a baby1
Love song for a dead Che1
Love song for a mountain1
Love song for a rainy Monday1
Love song for a slob1
Love song for a vampire2
Love song for a Virgo lady1
Love song for Africa1
Love song for an echo1
Love song for Bea1
Love song for Jelly and Sis1
Love song for Kate1
Love song for Kirsi2
Love song for LembergLvov1
love song for Midori2
Love song for Nikolyan1
Love song for Patricia1
Love song for Suzie Wong1
love song for the Earth1
Love song for Y1
Love song from a movie never made2
Love song from an imaginary musical2
Love song from Apache1
Love song from Brazilian suite1
Love song from Houseboat1
Love song from Mutiny on the Bounty3
Love song from Threepenny Opera1
love song hasnt been sung6
Love song I1
Love song II1
Love song III1
Love song in 32 bars1
Love song medley1
Love song of a halfwit1
love song of an El Cerito bank teller1
love song of long ago4
love song of Milton Abernethy1
Love song of Tahiti1
Love song of the Nile52
Love song of the plain1
love song of the water fall1
love song of Tom Jones1
Love song on the Nile1
Love song to a baby6
Love song to a country1
Love song to a dog2
Love song to a genie1
Love song to baby1
Love song to Katherine1
Love songs1
Love songs for Lemberg1
Love songs of long ago3
Love songs of the Nile46
Love sonnet to a magenta maiden1
Love sound1
Love sounds2
Love soundsreaffirmation1
Love span2
Love speaks louder than words1
Love speaks without a sound1
Love spell1
LOVE spells fool1
Love spirit1
Love spook2
Love spring1
Love squall1
Love stain1
Love stayed1
Love stealing aint worth the feeling1
Love steams1
Love steps1
Love stings1
Love stone2
Love stories1
Love storm1
Love story56
Love story blues1
Love story theme2
Love stream1
Love streams1
Love street1
Love struck3
Love sublime4
Love sucks1
Love suite2
Love suite first movement1
Love suite second movement1
love supreme45
Love supreme 981
love supreme acknowledgement2
love supreme part 1 Acknowledgement1
love supreme part 2 Resolution1
love supreme part 3 Pursuance1
love supreme part 4 Psalm1
love supreme Psalm1
love supreme Pursuance1
love supreme Resolution1
love supreme suite1
Love surrounds us1
Love surrounds us everywhere1
Love survival1
Love survives1
Love sweet love2
Love swim1
Love syndrome1
Love taken1
Love takes a walk1
Love takes chances1
Love takes money Mister A1
Love takes time3
love tale of AlsaceLorraine1
Love tales9
Love talk5
Love talkin4
Love tango2
Love tap1
Love tastes like strawberries2
Love tears2
Love telepathy1
Love text1
Love that boy1
love that cannot speak its name2
Love that gal1
love that I give1
love that I have for you1
Love that jazzy music1
Love that man2
Love that man of mine1
love that never dies1
Love that never ends1
Love that once was1
Love that stumbles across the earth in ecstasy1
Love that swing1
love that walked by1
love that will last1
Love that woman1
love that woman should give to a man1
Love thats real2
Love the difference1
Love the drums1
Love the feelin2
Love the girl1
Love the intruder1
Love the life1
Love the life I live1
Love the life you live1
Love the Lord1
Love the moment1
Love the mystery1
Love the mystery of1
Love the mystery of love1
Love the one2
Love the one youre with11
Love the stuff1
Love the stuff Aint no mountain high enough1
Love the way1
Love the way you make me feel1
Love them1
Love Theme33
Love theme 21
Love theme 2nd movement1
Love theme bittersweet1
Love theme for a very special friend1
Love theme for ElDi1
Love theme for Jo1
Love theme for Johnnie Stecchino1
Love theme for Laura1
Love theme for my family1
Love theme for Nata1
Love theme from a movie1
Love theme from A star is born1
Love theme from Blade Runner1
Love theme from Blowout1
Love theme from California suite1
Love theme from Chinatown2
Love theme from Cinema Paradise3
Love theme from Cinema Paradiso1
Love theme from Cousins1
Love theme from David and Lisa1
Love theme from El Cid1
Love theme from Farewell to Maria1
Love theme from Fuzz1
Love theme from Godfather1
Love theme from Hair2
Love theme from Havana1
Love theme from In harms way2
Love theme from invasion of the body snatchers1
Love theme from La Strada4
Love theme from Lady sings the blues1
Love theme from Lolita4
Love theme from London and Davis in New York1
Love theme from Madame X2
Love theme from Nata1
Love theme from Phaedra2
Love theme from PicnicMoonglow1
Love theme from Pictures of the sea1
Love theme from Pretty Woman1
Love theme from Quebecite1
Love theme from Romeo and Juliet12
Love theme from Sharkeys Machine2
Love theme from Spartacus31
Love theme from Sparticus1
Love theme from Sunflower1
Love theme from Sunflowers1
Love theme from Superman4
Love theme from The Adventurers1
Love theme from The Brothers Karamazov1
Love theme from The Carpet Baggers1
Love theme from the flight of the Phoenix1
Love theme from The getaway2
Love theme from The Godfather4
Love theme from the invasion of the body snatchers2
Love theme from The Mole People1
Love theme from the outer limits2
Love theme from The Rat Race1
Love theme from The robe1
Love theme from The Sandpiper5
Love theme from The tenth victim1
Love theme from The Umbrellas of Cherbourg1
Love theme from the Valachi Papers1
love theme from The VIPs1
Love theme from the winds of war1
Love theme from War lover1
Love theme from Where the spies are2
Love theme from Willard1
Love theme no11
Love theme of Tom Jones1
Love themes from Spartacus1
Love thief1
love thing2
Love thinking of U1
Love thinks1
Love this business1
Love this is love1
Love this way again1
Love those shoes1
Love thoughts1
Love thy father2
Love thy neighbor18
Love thy neighbour3
Love till the end of time1
Love time2
Love time and divination1
Love TKO1
Love to3
Love to be loved1
Love to burn2
Love to Chick1
Love to Davos1
Love to Erroll2
Love to hate1
Love to hear my baby call my name2
Love to lose1
Love to love1
Love to love you1
Love to love you baby1
Love to one1
Love to one is one to love3
Love to see you smile1
Love to spare2
Love to the destroyer1
Love to the people1
Love to the sun1
Love to you1
Love together1
Love tone poem1
Love tones2
love too good to last1
love too late2
Love took the 710 tonight1
Love touches all1
Love touches your heart1
Love train10
Love transforms1
Love trauma1
Love triangle1
Love trip2
love tune1
Love turned the light out6
Love turned the lights out1
Love turns winter into spring1
Love turns winter to spring10
Love turns your work into play1
Love U day1
Love under water1
Love underlined1
Love understanding1
Love unit1
Love unknown1
Love unplugged1
love unspoken1
Love until the end1
Love untold1
love untrue1
Love uprising2
Love upside down1
Love us1
Love variation I1
Love variation II1
Love vendetta1
Love vibration3
Love vibrations16
Love waiting endlessly1
Love waits2
Love walk2
Love walked in369
Love walked in Lambeths walk1
Love walked right in3
Love walking1
Love walks in2
Love waltz7
Love wants to dance1
Love warrior part IIV1
Love warriors1
Love was born1
Love was everything when love was you and me1
Love was for us1
Love was here before the stars3
Love was here with you1
Love was just an interlude1
Love was made for you and me2
Love was made just for1
Love was meant for you and me2
Love was money1
Love was never1
Love was right for us1
Love was so nice1
Love was the cause1
Love was the cause for all good things1
Love was there all the time1
Love waves1
love we had stays on my mind1
love we had yesterday3
love we know is like flowers grow1
Love wears no disguise1
Love Websters definition1
Love well1
Love well knows1
Love went ariding1
Love what is mortal1
Love what you are doing to my heart1
Love what you create1
Love what you doin1
Love when Im in your arms1
Love where are you2
Love where are you now1
Love which to no loved one permits excuse for loving1
Love whispers1
Love will1
Love will bloom1
Love will bloom in Paris2
Love will break your heart for you1
Love will bring us back together2
Love will bring us together3
Love will come again2
Love will come someday2
Love will conquer all2

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