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This index refers to the 538,711 individual tune titles (1,609,441 total entries) included in over 245,980 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of July, 2020.

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Page L56 - Love from the heart to Love joy peace

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Tune nameSessions
Love from the heart2
Love from the sun4
Love gamble1
Love game3
Love games1
Love garage1
Love garden1
Love gasoline1
Love gave me you2
Love gets better1
Love gets in the way1
Love girl1
Love gloom cash love6
Love go round2
Love God1
love goddess4
Love Gods1
Love goes fourth1
Love goes marching on2
Love goes on1
Love goes on and on1
Love goes out the window1
Love gone1
Love gone bad1
Love got me1
Love grows deep1
Love grows on the white oak tree6
Love handle1
Love handles3
Love hangover2
Love happened to me1
Love happy1
Love has a thousand eyes1
Love has a way2
Love has come around1
Love has come love has gone1
Love has come my way1
Love has come to stay1
Love has gone1
Love has gone away5
Love has got a sting in its tail1
Love has joined us together1
Love has made me a dreamer1
Love has many faces1
Love has me by the hand1
Love has no boundaries1
Love has no pride2
Love has passed me by again3
Love has pitched her palace in the place of1
Love has two faces1
Love hate2
Love hate sun rain you1
Love hates me1
Love having you around2
Love heals1
Love held lightly1
Love Henry2
Love her1
Love her with a feelin2
Love hesitation1
Love hold lightly1
Love hotel2
Love hungry1
Love hunt1
Love hunters1
Love hurts8
Love hymn1
love I cant forget1
Love I cant seem to find it1
Love I do1
love I feel for you1
love I feel for you is more real than ever1
Love I found you1
love I give to you1
love I have for you5
Love I hear4
Love I know your name1
love I live1
love I long for14
Love I never had it so good2
Love I once knew1
love I see in your eyes1
Love Ianzado1
Love Id give my life for you3
Love ignites1
Love im love im love im1
Love in1
Love in 51
Love in a blue time1
Love in a home2
Love in a mist1
Love in a village1
Love in action1
Love in autumn1
Love in barrenness1
Love in bloom27
Love in bloomOn the sunny side of the street1
Love in blues1
Love in Brazil1
Love in Davos1
Love in Davos No 3291
Love in der ubahn1
Love in dreamtime1
Love in e minor1
Love in eight colors1
Love in exile1
Love in five1
Love in green fields1
Love in heart and mind1
Love in Hell1
love in her eyes1
love in his infant eyes1
Love in idleness1
Love in its proper place1
Love in LA1
Love in my hands1
Love in my heart10
Love in New Orleans7
Love in outer space52
Love in outerspace2
Love in peace9
Love in Portofino2
Love in Provence1
Love in resort1
Love in silent amber4
Love in song2
Love in space1
Love in spring1
Love in summer2
Love in swingtime3
Love in the afternoon3
Love in the age of mechanical reproduction1
Love in the air1
Love in the asylum1
Love in the catacombs1
Love in the cemetary1
Love in the city1
Love in the cloisters1
Love in the darkness1
Love in the fall1
Love in the first degree2
Love in the galaxies1
Love in the garden3
Love in the guise of friendship1
Love in the jungle1
Love in the middle of the air2
Love in the mist1
Love in the modern world1
Love in the morning1
Love in the open4
Love in the redwoods1
Love in the shadows1
Love in the sun2
Love in the time of AIDS1
Love in them there hills2
Love in there1
Love in this world1
Love in time1
Love in train1
Love in transit1
Love in tune1
Love in unlikely places1
Love in vain10
Love in white1
Love in your eyes2
Love insane1
Love inside1
love inside the wind1
Love into Earths shadowliquid1
Love Irgendwie1
Love Irgwendie1
Love is31
Love is 50501
Love is a ball1
Love is a battle1
Love is a beautiful song1
Love is a beautiful thing1
Love is a bore2
Love is a bridge1
Love is a bug2
Love is a careless sea1
Love is a cigarette1
Love is a cold shot1
Love is a crazy thing1
Love is a crime1
Love is a crime scene1
Love is a dancer1
Love is a dancing thing1
Love is a dangerous necessity2
Love is a dangerous thing2
Love is a dog that bites1
Love is a dream1
Love is a dreamer2
Love is a fairy tale1
Love is a feeling2
Love is a feeling thing1
Love is a five letter word3
Love is a flame1
Love is a fool1
Love is a fortune1
Love is a fourletter word1
Love is a funky thing1
Love is a funny thing2
Love is a gamble4
Love is a game1
Love is a great big nothin1
Love is a great big nothing1
Love is a happening thing1
Love is a happy thing1
Love is a hurtin thing6
Love is a hurting game1
Love is a hurting thing1
Love is a joy1
Love is a king1
Love is a little late1
Love is a losing game7
Love is a man1
Love is a many splender thing1
Love is a many splendored thing87
Love is a many splendorous thing1
Love is a many splendoured thing17
Love is a many splendoured things1
Love is a manysplendored thing16
Love is a matter of1
Love is a melody1
Love is a merrygoround5
Love is a mistake1
Love is a necessary evil11
Love is a necessary thing1
Love is a night time thing1
Love is a now and then thing2
Love is a oneway street1
Love is a pendulum2
Love is a place2
Love is a planchette2
Love is a pleasure2
Love is a pretty thing1
Love is a random thing2
Love is a rare beauty Movements 151
Love is a reflection in the mirrors behind your eyes1
Love is a rose2
Love is a rush1
Love is a serious thing2
Love is a simple thing22
Love is a song7
Love is a song anyone can sing1
Love is a state of mind1
Love is a story1
Love is a temporary madness1
Love is a tender trap1
Love is a wonderful thing6
Love is a word for the blues4
Love is all9
Love is all around2
Love is all I know1
Love is all that bothers me1
Love is all that matters1
Love is all there is3
Love is all we need4
Love is always1
Love is always sentimental1
Love is always worth fighting for1
Love is an elusive celebration1
Love is an old maids dream1
Love is an ugly dog1
Love is back6
Love is beautiful1
Love is being loved1
Love is better1
Love is blind6
Love is blindness3
Love is blue30
Love is blues1
Love is born2
Love is bustin out all over1
Love is calling2
Love is coming back1
Love is coming easier1
Love is crazy1
Love is Cynthia1
Love is dead2
Love is deaf1
Love is dream1
Love is easy1
Love is ending1
Love is enlightenment1
Love is enough3
Love is eternal3
Love is everlasting face1
Love is everything1
Love is everywhere4
Love is fair1
Love is fickle1
Love is flying high1
Love is for always1
Love is for losers2
Love is for real1
Love is for strangers1
Love is for the birds1
Love is for the two of us1
Love is for the very young14
Love is forever3
Love is freedom1
Love is friends1
Love is fun1
Love is funny1
Love is God1
Love is gone3
Love is gonna getcha2
Love is good for anything that ails you12
Love is good for everyone1
Love is greater than all changes1
Love is green1
Love is happiness1
Love is hard work1
Love is here8
Love is here for you1
Love is here is there everywhere1
Love is here to stay876
Love is here tonight1
Love is hip1
Love is how1
Love is in bloom1
Love is in flight1
Love is in my heart1
Love is in the air9
Love is in the air tonight1
Love is in the feel1
Love is in your own backyard1
Love is inconvenient1
Love is just a1
Love is just a bug1
Love is just a flower2
Love is just a funny habit3
Love is just a gamble1
Love is just a game1
Love is just a plaything1
Love is just a wish for you3
Love is just a word1
Love is just around me1
Love is just around the corner227
Love is just for fools1
Love is just wish for you1
Love is kind2
Love is laughing at me2
Love is letting go2
Love is life1
Love is life life is love1
Love is like a child2
Love is like a cigarette5
Love is like a faucet1
Love is like a mountain1
Love is like a newborn child4
Love is like a song1
Love is like a turtle1
Love is like a violin1
Love is like an old old man4
Love is like rain1
Love is like that4
Love is like washing a potato1
Love is like whiskey1
love is lost1
Love is love3
Love is love anywhere1
Love is luv1
Love is made1
Love is magic1
Love is many splendored thing1
Love is mission impossible1
Love is more thicker than forget1
Love is my alibi1
Love is my Judas1
Love is my life1
Love is near1
Love is never deaf1
Love is never out of season6
Love is no dream1
Love is not a dream1
Love is not a game1
Love is not all1
Love is not blind1
Love is not enough1
Love is not for fools like me1
Love is not generous sex belongs to woman1
Love is not only for the young1
Love is nothin but a racket1
Love is nothin but blues1
Love is on a merrygoround1
Love is on my mind4
Love is on our way1
Love is on the air tonight3
Love is on the line1
Love is on the way3
Love is on your side1
Love is only love1
Love is perpetual motion1
Love is proven over time1
Love is proximity2
Love is psychedelic1
Love is real10
love is reborn1
Love is Royal Street1
Love is said in many ways1
Love is simple1
Love is simply grand1
Love is so beautiful1
Love is so lowdown1
Love is so terrific3
Love is so unkind1
Love is somethin else1
Love is strange3
Love is strong1
Love is stronger1
Love is stronger far than we8
Love is stronger than death1
Love is stronger than pride2
Love is stronger than us1
Love is stronger than we2
Love is such a cheat2
Love is such a funny thing1
Love is such a mistery1
Love is supreme1
Love is surrender1
Love is sweepin the country1
Love is sweeping the country12
Love is the answer14
Love is the blood1
Love is the cure1
Love is the dardest thing1
Love is the darndest thing2
Love is the drug1
Love is the fire1
Love is the gift I offer you1
Love is the healing1
Love is the key6
Love is the meaning of Christmas1
Love is the message2
Love is the mood1
Love is the name of the game1
Love is the only thing2
Love is the power2
Love is the reason2
Love is the reflection in the mirrors behind your eyes1
Love is the seventh wave1
Love is the strangest game1
Love is the sweetest1
Love is the sweetest thing39
Love is the thing31
Love is the thing so they say1
Love is the tide1
Love is the way2
Love is the way I live1
Love is thicker1
Love is this thing called what1
Love is together1
Love is too much to touch1
Love is touching1
Love is trivial1
Love is unconditional1
Love is uneven1
Love is waiting2
Love is were you find it1
Love is what1
Love is what I find in you1
Love is what makes us all one1
Love is what stays1
Love is what you make it3
Love is what you need1
Love is when2
Love is when you let it be1
Love is where1
Love is where the spirit lies1
Love is where you are3
Love is where you find it6
Love is whistlin1
Love is who we are1
Love is wonderful1
Love is worth the pain1
Love is you2
Love is young2
Love is your name1
Love island2
Love isnt born6
Love isnt easy1
Love isnt everything4
Love isnt true1
Love it2
Love it change it or leave1
Love it change it or leave it1
Love it is1
Love it or leave it alone1
love Ive been looking for1
Love Ive found you7
Love J AM1
love jam2
Love jazz1
Love Joe1
Love Jones1
Love journey1
Love joy peace1

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