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This index refers to the 535,170 individual tune titles (1,600,370 total entries) included in over 244,847 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2020.

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Page L43 - Little Puerto Rico to Little wonder

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Tune nameSessions
Little Puerto Rico1
Little puggie1
Little pumpkin3
Little purple flower3
little puzzle1
Little Q1
Little quail2
Little quartet1
Little queen2
Little queen of spades2
Little question2
little quiet1
little R & R1
little R and R1
Little R from little r1
Little Rabbit blues2
Little rag for 4 blowers banjo and percussion1
Little rag get away1
Little rain2
little rain must fall2
Little rainbow1
little Rainey1
little ramblers1
little rascal2
Little rascal on a rock6
Little rascals1
little rascals bulgar1
Little rascals theme1
little rasti1
Little rebel1
Little Red4
Little red address book1
Little red apple1
Little red book1
Little red brewster1
Little red Corvette2
Little red devil1
Little red fish1
little red fox3
Little red gown1
Little red head1
little red hen1
little red house4
Little red man1
little red monkey3
Little red moon1
Little red ribbon3
Little Red Ride Em Good1
Little Red Riding Hood6
Little Red Riding Hood hit the road3
Little Red Riding Hood hits the road2
Little Red Riding woods1
Little Red Robin Hood hit the road2
Little Red Robin Hood hits the road1
Little Red Rod1
Little red rooster12
Little red rose1
Little red shoes2
Little red spots1
Little red top1
Little red wagon2
Little red wing1
Little redhaired girl1
Little Reds fantasy4
Little relief1
Little reminders1
little rendezvous in Honolulu3
Little requiem2
Little requiem for a Polish girl Tranquillo1
Little rere1
little rest1
Little Rey1
little rhumba1
little rhythm1
Little Richards blues1
Little Richards new wave1
Little Ricky1
Little Ricos theme1
Little right foot3
Little ring to change1
Little Rio3
Little rip1
Little Robert1
little Robin told me so1
Little Rock6
Little Rock Ark1
Little rock getaway119
Little rock gettaway1
Little Rock nine A force for desegregation in education 19571
Little Rock prophet1
Little Rock strollaway1
Little rockin chair1
Little rockin deacon1
Little rocks1
Little Rocks blues1
Little Rocks lament1
Little rocks of Aruanda1
Little Rocky1
Little romance1
Little romping girl1
Little Ronnies here1
Little room3
Little root1
Little rootie tootie82
Little rootitootie1
Little Rosa1
Little Rose1
Little rose covered shack1
Little rover1
Little royal suite2
little rubber arrow and elephant sandwich1
Little Rudys theme1
Little runover rabbit1
Little S1
Little sad story1
Little Saint Nick1
Little saints happing1
Little Sally Walker3
Little Sally Water1
Little Sally Waters1
Little Sam2
Little samba6
little samba for you1
Little samba serenade1
Little Sams blues1
little sandman2
Little sandwich wagon1
little sanity1
Little Sarah1
Little scarlet1
Little scene for Beckett1
Little school girl2
Little scorpio1
Little scorpion1
Little screw1
Little seahorse1
Little secret1
Little secrets3
Little seed1
Little serenade1
Little serets1
Little shadow3
Little Shannon2
little shanty in old shanty town1
Little shape1
Little sharks and baby dolphins1
Little shaver2
little shawnuff1
Little Shebear1
Little sheep1
Little shepherd4
little shepherd from childrens corner1
little shepherds girlfriend1
Little Sheri5
Little Sherri6
Little Sherry2
Little shimmy1
Little shiva2
little shoemaker2
Little shoes2
little shop1
Little shrimp1
Little shy1
Little Sid1
Little side car1
little silver in my pocket1
Little sir echo13
Little sister7
Little sister dance1
Little sister loves a hard working man1
Little sisters1
Little sketch1
Little skipper2
Little Slam2
Little sleepy head1
Little slide funk1
little slow fox with Mary1
Little slow poke1
little small talk1
Little small town girl3
Little smegma son of Toecheese1
little smile1
Little smile her way1
Little smiles1
Little smoke summers day1
little snake music2
Little snitches like you end up in dumpsters all across town1
little snowball1
Little snowman1
Little soldiers for science1
little somethin2
little somethin somethin1
little something8
little something in seven1
Little sonate for el mundo1
Little song29
little song for Carlitos1
Little song for Elaine1
little song for Ian1
Little song for mankind1
little song for Mex1
little song for my big brother1
Little song for my father1
Little song for my mother1
little song for you2
Little song on the myth of the eternal recurrence1
Little song revisited1
Little Sonny1
Little Sonnys tune1
Little Sophia1
Little soul1
little soul food3
Little soul sister1
Little soul song1
Little Sound on Schiller Street1
little southside soul1
Little space I need to fill1
Little Spain2
Little Spanish love song1
little Spanish town2
Little sparrow4
little spice1
Little spider1
Little spiders1
Little spirit2
Little spirit be free1
Little spots1
Little spring1
little St Vrain1
Little star15
Little star bossa1
Little star on Heaven1
Little stars3
Little stars dancing and jumping1
Little Steddy1
Little step3
Little stepdance1
Little steps9
Little Steven1
Little Stevie1
Little stick of blackpool rock2
Little stick western bullship1
Little stinker1
Little stitches1
Little stone1
Little stones2
little storm1
Little story6
little story about an ancient Chinese emperor1
little story in the music1
Little stream1
Little streams1
little street in Copenhagen1
Little street in Singapore1
little street of Anton Pann1
Little street samba1
little street where old friends meet5
Little stride2
Little stride for Big Ben2
Little string quartet 11
little stroke of light1
Little struggle2
little study in jazz1
Little stuff3
Little stupid1
little sucking goes a long long way1
Little Sue2
Little suede shoes15
Little sugar baby1
little sugar in my bowl1
little sugar samba2
Little suite10
Little suite allegro moderato1
Little suite from Lerum1
Little suite largo1
Little suite presto andante presto1
little sumpin sumpin1
little sun shower1
Little sunflower126
Little Sunny2
Little sunprayer1
Little sunshine3
Little sunshower1
Little surprise1
little surprise for the lady1
Little surprises1
Little Susan6
little Susi2
Little Susie25
Little Susie 651
little suspicious1
little Susy1
Little Suzie3
Little Suzies humming2
Little swallow1
little swamp music1
little sweet1
Little sweet one2
Little sweet weak bitter2
little sweeter3
little sweetin for Sweden1
little sweetness4
Little swing1
little swing means a lot1
Little symphony7
little syncopated drummer boy1
little syncopation please1
Little T8
Little talk1
Little talk with Jesus1
little talk with thee1
Little Tangi1
Little tango5
little tango rag1
Little tarantella2
Little tars1
little taste28
little taste of honey1
little tear16
Little tears1
little tempo please8
Little tenants1
Little tenderfoot2
Little Teo1
Little Thea1
Little theater1
Little Theo1
Little thing5
little thing called gin1
Little thing called love2
little thing I wrote1
Little things17
little things in life9
Little things mean a lot14
Little things mean so much1
Little things run the world1
Little things that count4
little things that make us happy1
little things that mean so much14
Little things we do1
little things we do together1
little things you do1
little things you do together2
little things you used to do1
Little thirds1
Little thirteen1
little this a little that1
Little Thomas1
Little thought1
Little three1
little three four1
little three quarter1
Little thumb1
little tidyness1
Little tiger5
Little time2
little time alone1
little time for me1
little time to dream1
Little tin1
Little tin box3
Little tin god1
Little ting1
Little tiny feets1
Little tipsy1
Little Titan1
Little toe1
little Tom is a dangerous thing1
Little Tommy lost concentration for a while1
little too much1
little too shy1
Little Toot1
little touch of soul1
little tower on the hill1
Little town3
Little town gal2
little town in old county down1
Little town in ould county down1
Little town of Bethlehem2
Little town people1
Little toy trains1
Little Tracy5
Little tragedies1
Little train18
Little train of iron1
little train of the Caipira1
little train that shonuff could1
little Trane2
Little transgressions1
little travelin music1
little traveling music please1
Little treasures4
Little treat1
Little tree5
Little trip to heaven1
Little triple one shot1
little troubles2
Little trumpet1
Little trumpet man1
Little tulip1
little tune8
Little tune for Karin1
Little tune for Lefty1
little tune for you1
little tune of spring1
Little tunk1
little tutu2
little twist1
Little twister1
Little two1
Little ugly one1
Little umbrellas4
Little understanding3
Little unhappy boy4
Little unknown one1
Little vacationing in Chechnaya1
Little valentine1
Little valse1
Little vamp1
Little Vanessas day1
Little Vanninas multicolored painting1
Little Vera1
Little vexations1
little vibe1
Little Victor1
Little victories1
Little Vikings1
Little village3
Little Vina1
Little virgo1
Little voice2
Little void1
Little Wabash special4
Little Wahids day1
Little walk3
little walk on Jane Street1
little walk to relax1
little walking music1
Little Walter3
Little Walter rides again1
Little waltz62
Little waltz for a little boy1
Little waltz for M1
little waltz for Mischa1
Little waltz for my baby1
Little waltz for sister Ingrid1
Little waltz to say goodbye1
Little waltz wunderlich1
little warm1
little warm death1
Little warrior3
Little wars2
Little Watergate1
Little ways to perceive the invisible1
Little weed1
little weenie from Toscanini1
little Wes2
Little Westside waltz2
Little wheels1
little while4
little while a little while1
little while in Chicago1
little while to stay here1
little while were here1
Little white1
Little white berry1
Little white cloud that cried5
little white duck1
Little white funk1
little white gardenia7
little white house3
Little white lie1
Little white lies132
little white lighthouse3
Little white samba1
little white ship1
little white soul1
Little white suit1
Little wife1
Little wig1
Little wild beasts1
Little Will1
Little William Street1
Little Willie2
Little Willie blues16
Little Willie Green1
Little Willie leaps60
Little Willie weeps1
Little Willies boogie3
Little Willy C1
Little wind2
Little window2
Little wing66
Little winged one2
Little wishes2
Little wolf1
Little woman2
Little woman blues1
Little woman lonely wing1
Little wonder10

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