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This index refers to the 543,401 individual tune titles (1,620,534 total entries) included in over 247,300 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of October, 2020.

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Page L43 - Little marimba to little somethin

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Tune nameSessions
Little marimba1
Little marionette1
Little Marty2
Little Mary6
Little Mary Brown4
Little Mary sunshine1
Little match girl1
Little mathletes1
Little Matthew1
little Max8
Little Maximus1
Little Maya1
Little Mayu1
Little me3
Little Melanie1
little melody3
Little melody in F1
Little Melonae52
Little melonae again1
Little Melonee1
little men2
Little men of war2
little mermaid1
Little mess1
little message for Bu1
Little messenger2
Little Michael1
Little Miles1
Little military march1
Little Millies hat1
Little minor booze24
little minor groove1
Little minor love song2
Little Minu1
Little miracle2
Little miracles1
Little miss2
Little miss B1
Little miss big kiss1
Little Miss Blue1
Little Miss blues2
Little Miss Dee2
Little Miss Echo1
Little miss fidget1
Little Miss Freckles1
Little Miss Gail1
Little Miss Grace1
Little Miss Gravity Center1
Little miss half steps1
Little Miss Irish1
Little Miss Jump Up1
Little miss know it all1
Little miss lady3
Little Miss Laurie8
Little Miss Leffler1
Little miss love1
Little miss lover2
Little Miss Match1
Little Miss Maudlin3
Little miss missy1
Little Miss Muffet1
Little Miss Muffett1
Little miss Muffit1
Little miss no nose1
Little Miss Olivia Ray1
Little Miss P1
Little Miss Piggy1
Little Miss Reenie1
Little Miss Sadly1
Little miss sweetness1
Little Miss Tigerfish1
Little Miss Valley3
Little missy1
Little Mo1
Little mom1
Little momma1
Little Monica1
Little monkey2
Little monkey smokes a pipe1
little Monkish music please1
Little monster3
Little monster boogie1
Little monsters1
Little moon4
Little mooncrow1
Little more1
little more each day2
little more jazz for Ivan1
little more love1
little more of you1
little more oil in your lamp1
little more tenderness2
little more than music1
little more than the blues1
little more to love1
Little mortise1
Little Moscow garden1
Little motet1
Little mother1
Little mother of my dreams1
Little motif1
Little motor people1
Little mountain1
Little mouse jumps1
little mouse music1
little movement1
Little movements2
Little moves1
Little Ms1
Little Ms lady1
Little mummy1
Little murders1
Little muse1
little music box1
Little music for old lovers1
little music in the moonlight1
Little mysteries1
Little mystery1
Little N1
Little nabils march1
little naive2
little nap1
little nap in between1
Little Natalie1
Little naughty1
Little Neeley1
little negro2
Little Nell6
Little Nemo5
Little neon kid1
little nest1
little new old school1
little New York midtown music1
little New Yorker1
Little Nezumi blues1
Little Nick3
Little Nicole1
Little Nicols1
little night jazz music1
little night music5
little night waltz1
Little Niles86
Little ninja groove1
Little nita chacha1
Little Noah1
little noir sil vous plait1
Little Norma2
little north wind2
little nostalgic1
Little nova1
Little O in the sky1
Little oasis1
little odd1
Little Odessa3
little of what you fancy1
little of you1
little off beat1
Little ol lady1
Little ol tune4
Little ol wine drinker me1
Little old acoustic guitar 11
Little old acoustic guitar 21
Little old band of gold1
Little old car1
little old church in England1
Little old church in the valley2
little old clock on the mantel4
Little old fashioned karmaBlame it on the timesNobody slides my friend1
Little old groove maker1
Little old lady40
Little old lady from Baltimore1
Little old man2
little old mill2
Little old mongoose1
Little old New York2
Little old wine drinker me3
Little ole daddy blues1
Little ole softy1
Little ole wine drinker me1
little on the lonely side13
little on the side1
Little one64
little one for young guys1
Little one groove1
Little one Ill miss you2
Little one no 21
little ones8
little orange man1
Little orchads1
Little organpraludium and fugue nr 6 gmoll1
Little Orgg1
Little Orphan Annie16
Little orphunk Annie1
Little Os2
Little ostrich1
little out of control2
Little outsider1
Little overture1
Little owl2
Little own1
little pain8
Little pal10
little paler1
Little paper ball1
little parade2
Little paradise1
Little Paris melody2
little part of me1
Little passionate man1
Little passions1
Little past midnight1
Little Patricks tale1
little peace7
little peace and quiet1
Little peace in C for U6
Little peace in C for you2
Little peace lullaby no 101
Little peace lullaby no 121
Little peace lullaby no 21
Little peace lullaby no 31
Little peace lullaby no 41
Little peace lullaby no 61
Little peace lullaby no 71
Little peace of mind1
Little peace song1
Little peace waltz1
Little peach3
Little peach from East Orange2
Little peach from East Orange New Jersey1
Little peanut3
Little pear1
Little pearl1
Little Pearls tune2
Little Peas blues1
Little Pee blues1
Little penn3
Little Penny2
Little people9
Little perisher1
Little perishers tantrum1
little perplexing1
Little person7
Little Pete1
Little Petes diner3
Little Petherick2
little pianissimo1
little pickmeup1
Little picture1
Little pictures2
Little piece5
Little piece for Chick Corea1
little piece for children in six parts1
little piece for dance1
little piece for dance Mother earth1
little piece for in between1
Little piece for Justin1
Little piece in C for U3
Little piece in C for you2
Little piece in fugue1
little piece of heaven4
little piece of winter1
little piece of you1
little pieces3
Little pieces 11
Little pieces 21
Little pieces 31
Little pieces 41
Little pieces 51
little piggie went to market1
Little pigmeat1
Little pigs1
Little pink elephants1
Little pink missile1
Little pink song1
little pixie16
Little pixie II2
Little plains1
Little plant1
Little player1
little pleasure1
Little pleasures1
little plunge1
Little pocket size demons2
Little pocketsEverybody pays taxes1
Little poem3
little poetry1
little poison1
Little pony24
Little pony blues1
Little pony soldier1
Little Poolie1
Little Poppy2
Little posey4
Little prayer8
little prayer for mom1
Little prelude1
Little prelude and fugue1
Little prelude no 41
Little Pres1
little present1
Little pretty1
Little pretty missy1
little priest1
Little prince11
little prince II1
Little princess6
Little problems1
Little proxy1
Little Puerto Rico1
Little puggie1
Little pumpkin3
Little purple flower3
little puzzle1
Little Q1
Little quail2
Little quartet1
Little queen2
Little queen of spades2
Little question2
little quiet1
little R & R1
little R and R1
Little R from little r1
Little Rabbit blues2
Little rag for 4 blowers banjo and percussion1
Little rag get away1
Little rain2
little rain must fall2
Little rainbow1
little Rainey1
little ramblers1
little rascal2
Little rascal on a rock7
Little rascals1
little rascals bulgar1
Little rascals theme1
little rasti1
Little rebel1
Little Red4
Little red address book1
Little red apple1
Little red book1
Little red brewster1
Little red Corvette2
Little red devil1
Little red fish1
little red fox3
Little red gown1
Little red head1
little red hen1
little red house4
Little red man1
little red monkey3
Little red moon1
Little red ribbon3
Little Red Ride Em Good1
Little Red Riding Hood6
Little Red Riding Hood hit the road3
Little Red Riding Hood hits the road2
Little Red Riding woods1
Little Red Robin Hood hit the road2
Little Red Robin Hood hits the road1
Little Red Rod1
Little red rooster12
Little red rose1
Little red shoes2
Little red spots1
Little red top1
Little red wagon2
Little red wing1
Little redhaired girl1
Little Reds fantasy4
Little relief1
Little reminders1
little rendezvous in Honolulu3
Little requiem2
Little requiem for a Polish girl Tranquillo1
Little rere1
little rest1
Little Rey1
little rhumba1
little rhythm1
Little Richards blues1
Little Richards new wave1
Little Ricky1
Little Ricos theme1
Little right foot3
Little ring to change1
Little Rio3
Little rip1
Little Robert1
little Robin told me so1
Little Rock6
Little Rock Ark1
Little rock getaway120
Little rock gettaway1
Little Rock nine A force for desegregation in education 19571
Little Rock prophet1
Little Rock strollaway1
Little rockin chair1
Little rockin deacon1
Little rocks1
Little Rocks blues1
Little Rocks lament1
Little rocks of Aruanda1
Little Rocky1
Little romance1
Little romping girl1
Little Ronnies here1
Little room3
Little root1
Little rootie tootie85
Little rootitootie1
Little Rosa1
Little Rose1
Little rose covered shack1
Little rover1
Little royal suite2
little rubber arrow and elephant sandwich1
Little Rudys theme1
Little runover rabbit1
Little S1
Little sad story1
Little Saint Nick1
Little saints happing1
Little Sally Walker3
Little Sally Water1
Little Sally Waters1
Little Sam2
Little samba6
little samba for you1
Little samba serenade1
Little Sams blues1
little sandman2
Little sandwich wagon1
little sanity1
Little Sarah1
Little scarlet1
Little scene for Beckett1
Little school girl2
Little scorpio1
Little scorpion1
Little screw1
Little seahorse1
Little secret1
Little secrets3
Little seed1
Little serenade1
Little serets1
Little shadow3
Little Shannon2
little shanty in old shanty town1
Little shape1
Little sharks and baby dolphins1
Little shaver2
little shawnuff1
Little Shebear1
Little sheep1
Little sheep in Kil1
Little shepherd4
little shepherd from childrens corner1
little shepherds girlfriend1
Little Sheri5
Little Sherri6
Little Sherry2
Little shimmy1
Little shiva2
little shoemaker2
Little shoes2
little shop1
Little shrimp1
Little shy1
Little Sid1
Little side car1
little silver in my pocket1
Little sir echo13
Little sister7
Little sister dance1
Little sister loves a hard working man1
Little sisters1
Little sketch1
Little skipper2
Little Slam2
Little sleepy head1
Little slide funk1
little slow fox with Mary1
Little slow poke1
little small talk1
Little small town girl3
Little smegma son of Toecheese1
little smile1
Little smile her way1
Little smiles1
Little smoke summers day1
little snake music2
Little snitches like you end up in dumpsters all across town1
little snowball1
Little snowman1
Little soldiers for science1
little somethin2

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