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This index refers to the 469,438 individual tune titles (1,419,316 total entries) included in over 222,884 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of August, 2015.

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Page L38 - Littlebird lied to Livingstone I presume

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Tune nameSessions
Littlebird lied1
Littlest one of all3
Littleton CO 0420991
littly fly1
Litton on the keys1
Litty city slickers1
Liturgia di cristallo1
Liturgies of this day1
Liturgy of sound2
Litvak square dance1
LIU house blues2
Liv og sjel1
Livarot respiration1
Live & Dyrek1
Live & learn1
Live & remix 11
Live & remix 21
Live & remix 31
Live & remix 41
Live & remix 51
Live 11
Live 111
Live 121
Live 131
Live 141
Live 151
Live 22
Live 4 quickstep1
Live @ ABC No Rio1
Live @ The Hook ion storm1
Live a little3
Live a wishper1
Live Africa1
Live again1
Live and awake1
Live and die for you1
Live and experience1
Live and learn6
Live and let die8
Live and let live5
Live and let live and love as much as you can1
Live and love1
Live and love today2
Live and love tonight6
Live and well1
Live and yearn1
Live and youll learn1
Live at Bla1
Live at Champlong1
Live at Dunois1
Live at Jazz Baltica Festival 1994 Salzau and Husum1
Live at Los Quinze1
Live at Mac Alester1
Live at Moritzbasteu1
Live at Scampi Fritti1
Live at the cafe exchange1
Live at the children of the corn festival1
Live at the Coco Club1
Live at the Dead Sea1
Live at the Ebony Club1
Live at the Knitting Factory1
Live at the Limping Whippet1
Live at the livingroom1
Live at the LU1
Live at the Public Theater1
Live at the Red Rose1
Live at the Royal College of Art1
Live at the Shepherds Bush Empire1
Live at the Spitz1
Live at the Stadtgarten1
Live at the timber yard1
Live at the Tremont Theatre1
Live at the Village Vanguard1
Live at the Windmill1
Live at Tonne1
Live at Turning Sounds1
Live bait1
Live be where you are2
Live birth1
Live blues1
Live cant grow where the rain wont fall1
Live DJ1
Live duet 11
Live duet 21
Live embers I1
Live embers II1
Live every day like Christmas1
Live evil1
Live excerpt1
live experience1
Live fast die young1
Live feedback1
Live for life17
Live for love1
Live for now1
Live for sale1
Live for the day1
Live for tomorrow1
Live for your love1
Live force1
Live forever1
Live free or die2
Live free or die delphi21
Live from Baileys clay pit1
Live from the last row1
Live hard live free1
Live humble2
Live II1
Live im Gotheinstitut1
Live im Schlosshof Schlettau1
Live improvisation2
Live in a magic forest2
Live in Amiens1
Live in Cologne1
Live in Gisenyi1
Live in Hadano1
Live in Iseo1
Live in Jerusalem1
Live in Kalavinka1
Live in Leningrad1
Live in Middleheim1
Live in Moscow Suite for murderers and drinkers1
Live in Nagoya1
Live in Seattle1
Live in Sendai1
Live in TelAviv1
Live in the light1
Live in the middle of somewhere1
Live in the world today1
Live in Woodstock1
Live in Yokohama1
Live interview with Roy Burrowes1
Live interviews with Kenton2
Live is a sweet thing1
Live is better1
Live is blue1
Live is easier than you think1
Live is happiness1
Live is here again1
Live is love and love is you1
Live is not a video1
Live it up4
Live it uplive it down1
Live jump1
Live laugh and love1
Live laugh love1
Live legend1
Live life1
Live lines1
Live lit up1
Live live live2
Live love and learn1
Live love or die1
Live my life for you1
Live my own life1
Live n give theory1
Live no 31
Live oak2
Live oak tree1
Live on1
Live on Lester Young1
Live on Mars1
live one1
Live or die1
Live part 11
Live part 21
live people1
Live performance1
Live performance video clip1
Live right now4
Live rite2
Live rock1
Live score2
Live so easy1
Live spiral1
Live sports1
Live the future1
Live the life2
Live the life I love4
Live time1
Live to give heartlove1
Live to know1
Live to love3
Live to tell5
Live today1
Live today like the day before1
Live together love together1
live trace1
Live wire2
Live wire 11
Live wire 21
Live wire 31
Live wire 41
Live wired electro1
Live wires2
Live with me and be my love1
Live without lives1
Live without love1
Live your dream1
Live your dreams1
Live your fantasy2
Live your life2
Lively blues1
lively ghost1
Lively one1
lively ones1
lively Polk Street bar1
Lively up yourself6
Liven up1
Liver & lings1
Liver bird1
Liver er kort1
Liver friction1
liver is the cocks comb1
Liver lip jones1
Liver of life1
Liver song1
Livercolored dew1
Liverpool 1a1
Liverpool 1b1
Liverpool 21
Liverpool walk1
Livery stable blues93
Lives of dialogue1
lives of many others1
lives of me1
Lives of quiet desperation1
Livet ar nan annan stans1
Livet er fedt1
Livet er smukt1
Livets bitre pille1
Livets dans1
Livets trae1
Livia Ussaro1
Livias birthday1
Livid lizard1
Livida luce1
Livin alone1
Livin for the city2
Livin for your love2
Livin free1
Livin high14
Livin high sometimes1
Livin humble1
Livin in a great big way6
Livin in a hotel1
Livin in a world of darkness1
Livin in a world of peace1
Livin in harmony1
Livin in heat1
Livin in LA2
Livin in livin out1
Livin in misery4
Livin in style1
Livin in the jungle1
Livin in the shadows3
Livin in the streets1
Livin in the sunlight4
Livin in the sunlight lovin in the moonlight8
Livin in the sunlight loving in the moonlight1
Livin it up6
Livin la vida loca1
Livin large2
Livin livin livin1
Livin lovin laughin1
Livin my life2
Livin my life my way1
Livin on borrowed time1
Livin on love2
Livin out of a suitcase1
Livin room1
Livin the blues2
Livin the life of freedom1
Livin the live of love1
Livin together1
Livin track1
Livin with love1
Livin with the blues1
Livin with Vivian1
Livin without a heart1
Living a lie2
Living a life of dreams1
Living a ragtime life3
Living again1
Living alone2
Living alone and liking it1
Living among them cause1
Living and life1
Living and loving you1
Living apart together1
Living arts1
Living at all1
Living at random1
Living back street for you1
Living bicycles1
Living bicyclesJersey devil1
Living candles1
Living close to the knives1
Living colors1
Living dangerously1
living daylight1
Living dedicated to Julian Beck1
living desert2
Living doll1
Living double1
Living dream1
Living easy2
living end1
living fire1
Living for love1
Living for the city23
Living for the love of you1
Living for the music1
Living for tomorrow1
Living for you2
Living from day to day2
Living fully1
Living geometry1
Living geometry 31
Living geometry 41
living groove1
Living hand to mouth1
Living here on earth1
Living high in Manhattan1
living hope2
Living in a box1
Living in a city1
Living in a daydream1
Living in a different world1
Living in a dream4
Living in a dream world1
Living in a dumb world1
Living in a fools paradise1
Living in a glass house1
Living in a great big way1
Living in a world of gloom1
Living in Chelsea1
Living in clover1
Living in different lives1
Living in Disneyland1
Living in doubt1
Living in dread1
Living in dreams4
Living in harmony1
Living in heat1
Living in high definition1
Living in jazzland2
Living in limbo1
Living in love1
Living in misery1
Living in my neighbourhood1
Living in our dreams1
Living in overdrive2
Living in seclusion1
Living in tense1
Living in the bass trap1
Living in the city1
Living in the crest of a wave1
Living in the fast lane2
Living in the heart of the beast1
Living in the lap of luxury1
Living in the light1
Living in the moment1
Living in the past7
Living in the right direction1
Living in the weeds1
Living in Tokyo1
Living in your absence1
Living in your eyes2
Living inside a daydream2
Living inside of my mind1
Living inside of you1
Living inside of your love1
Living inside your love3
Living is A1
Living is dying without you1
Living is easy2
Living it up1
Living it up in Rio1
Living jelly1
Living kills1
Living large2
Living legend1
Living life blues1
Living like a gypsy1
Living like a king1
Living loving wreck1
Living loving you1
Living magic1
Living metal1
Living mine1
living music1
Living my dream2
Living my life3
Living my life for you1
Living now1
living ocean1
Living on a dream1
Living on Avenue F1
Living on borrowed love1
Living on borrowed time2
Living on breath1
Living on credit1
Living on dreams2
Living on my own1
Living on sand1
Living on stoat1
Living on the Avenue1
Living on the edge3
Living on the edge of love1
Living on the fringe of the blues1
Living on the highway1
Living on the hill2
Living on the inside1
Living on the minimum1
Living on the moon1
Living on the run1
Living on your love1
Living organsParallel planes1
Living out loud1
Living out of a suitcase1
Living peace1
Living proof2
Living pulse2
Living reason1
Living right on Central Park1
Living room19
Living room condition1
Living room romp1
Living soul3
Living space10
Living streams3
Living T blues1
Living the blues1
Living the dream2
Living the life3
Living the life I love1
Living these times2
Living things1
Living thistle fossil1
Living through it all1
Living time2
Living time event I1
Living time event II1
Living time event III1
Living time event IV1
Living time event V3
Living time event VI1
Living time event VII1
Living time event VIII1
Living tomb1
Living town1
Living transition2
Living under the road to paradise2
Living up to life3
Living values1
Living water3
Living waters1
Living well2
Living with a heart of glass1
Living with Chernobyl and loving it1
Living with Muppets1
Living with the guiltIf I could1
Living with the H tune1
Living with the law1
Living with weirdness1
Living within the ocean1
Living without Friday3
Living without you8
Living without your love1
Living world1
Living yet1
Living your dream1
Livingston blues1
Livingstone I presume1

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