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This index refers to the 502,533 individual tune titles (1,518,720 total entries) included in over 235,156 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of January, 2018.

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Page L32 - Life is round to light of smile

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Tune nameSessions
Life is round1
Life is sheep2
Life is short5
Life is sick1
Life is so beautiful1
Life is so beautiful when you fall out of bed in the morning1
Life is so good1
Life is so peculiar11
Life is spendid1
Life is splendid3
Life is suicide3
Life is sweet1
Life is the fountain1
Life is the song we sing1
Life is too short2
Life is tough1
Life is truly1
Life is waiting1
Life is what you make it5
Life is worth living1
Life isnt everything1
Life isnt ordinary1
Life itself2
Life less1
Life lesson no 81
Life lessons3
Life liberty and the prosciutto happiness1
life lie1
Life light4
Life like3
Life like that1
Life line2
Life lite1
Life long dream1
Life long journey1
Life love and death in Varanasi1
Life love and light1
Life love life1
Life made me beautiful at forty2
Life mask1
Life mask interlude1
Life modes1
Life moves forward1
Life moves on2
Life music1
Life my love1
Life of a cactus1
Life of a cipher1
Life of a dreamer1
Life of a petal1
Life of a slave1
life of a song1
life of a trio1
Life of colours1
Life of crime3
Life of ease1
Life of grime1
life of its own1
life of love1
Life of Mr Jazz Matazz1
life of my baby1
life of my little baby1
life of our own1
Life of Riley4
Life of Ryles1
life of service1
Life of the music2
life of the party8
life of the piano player in the south during the late thirties1
Life on a 3way street1
Life on a square1
Life on cloud 81
Life on earth3
Life on its way10
Life on Mars15
Life on Pluto1
Life on the Chesapeake1
Life on the edge1
Life on the farm1
Life on the Ganges1
Life on the ocean waves1
Life on the road1
Life on the wicked stage1
Life on the wire1
Life phases1
Life plans1
Life property1
Life raver1
Life rays1
Life reassurance1
Life returns to normal1
Life road1
Life saver1
Life saver blues1
Life sequence I1
Life signs1
Life size1
Life so far1
Life somewhere before the exit signs1
Life song4
Life spears a jitterbug1
life sprinter1
Life starts at twenty1
Life station1
Life still1
Life still cherished1
Life still goes on1
Life stories2
Life story of wind1
Life stuff1
Life styles1
Life suite2
Life talks1
Life that ends too soon1
life that I lead1
life that you live may not be your own1
Life through your eyes1
Life tied1
Life time of happiness1
Life to live2
Life today1
Life tomorrow1
life too light1
Life too short1
Life took over1
Life trip2
life unfolds2
Life upon the wicked stage3
Life wants you to love1
Life was good what went wrong1
Life was transient1
Life water1
Life waves1
life we chose1
Life will be sweeter someday2
Life wish3
Life with Billy1
Life with Fatha1
Life with Feather1
Life with Thilo2
Life with you1
Life within1
Life without1
Life without it1
Life without love1
life without lychees1
Life without principle1
Life without windows1
Life without you2
Life worth living1
life worth remembering1
Life would be a cakewalk with you1
Life X 21
Life yourself1
Lifea blinec1
Lifeboat serenade1
Lifefime visions for the magnificent humans1
Lifeless stars1
Lifeline part A1
Lifeline part B1
lifeline suite1
Lifelong dream2
Lifelong dreams1
Lifelong endeavor1
Lifelong friend1
lifelong moment1
Liferaft earth1
Lifes a blues1
Lifes a funny proposition1
Lifes a funny thing1
Lifes a lesson2
Lifes a little blue1
Lifes a mockingbird1
Lifes a movie 4 cues in search of a film1
Lifes a one way ticket2
Lifes a photograph1
Lifes a ride1
Lifes a roller coaster1
Lifes a take7
Lifes about longing1
Lifes backward glance5
Lifes bits1
Lifes but an accident1
Lifes carousel1
lifes celebration1
Lifes colours2
Lifes dance2
lifes dream1
Lifes dreams2
Lifes Ellsions1
Lifes fair1
Lifes for living1
Lifes force1
Lifes full of consequences1
Lifes full of surprises1
Lifes full on consequences1
Lifes great treasure1
Lifes highway1
Lifes hurtling passage onward1
Lifes journey2
Lifes little highway1
Lifes little luxuries1
Lifes loves1
Lifes mosaic4
Lifes never gonna be the same1
Lifes never gonna be the same without you1
Lifes other mystery3
Lifes poem1
Lifes railway to heaven1
Lifes so complete1
Lifes source1
Lifes suite1
Lifes too long1
Lifes too short2
Lifes too short to be unhappy without you1
Lifes tough1
Lifes truth1
Lifes walk1
Lifes what you make it3
Lifes whisper1
LifeSound text1
lifestyle you ordered1
lifetime between us1
Lifetime dreaming1
Lifetime heroes1
Lifetime like brothers1
Lifetime machine1
lifetime or two2
Lifetime relationship1
Lifetime to lifetime1
Lifetime to surrender1
Lifetime treasure1
Lifetime visions for the magnificent human1
Lifey deathy Sewer and tree1
Lift & poise1
Lift boy1
Lift cover pull cord1
Lift em high1
Lift every voice17
Lift every voice and sing38
Lift evry voice2
Lift evry voice and sing8
Lift evry voice and swing1
Lift High The Flag of Ghana1
Lift Him up2
Lift i ja1
Lift in1
Lift it1
Lift it up1
Lift life1
Lift me up4
Lift off26
Lift off and journey home1
Lift off from World Trade Center1
Lift the lid2
Lift thyself up1
Lift ticket1
lift to the sky1
Lift up1
Lift up my finger and say tweet tweet1
Lift up the lid1
Lift up your eyes2
Lift Up Your Hands to the Lord1
Lift up your heads1
Lift valley1
Lift wind1
Lift your feet1
Lift your head from the sand and face reality1
Lift your spirit high1
Lifted land1
Lifting alligator1
Lifting belly1
Lifting concrete lightly1
Lifting leeks1
Lifting power1
Lifting spiritsbells1
Lifting the millstone1
Lifting the sanctions1
Lifting weights1
Lig niet te zeuren1
Lige nu1
Ligeias alabaster azelea1
Ligeti eats spaghetti1
Ligeti split1
Ligeti western1
Ligeuyou ndeye dom1
Ligg dar och glo1
Ligge i en lomme1
Liggins on LSD1
Light & fire1
Light & sound1
Light 31
Light a candle2
Light a candle in a chapel1
Light a candle in the chapel2
Light a fire fight a liar1
Light a light1
Light a the end of the tunnel1
light a tone poem1
Light above the trees1
Light after darkness1
Light after the dark1
Light airy valse1
Light along the path1
Light amidst darkness1
Light and bitter2
light and bubbly waltz1
Light and careless1
Light and dark2
Light and darkness4
Light and darkness theme for Sunny Ray1
Light and easy1
Light and life1
Light and lively1
Light and love1
Light and lovely10
Light and shade3
Light and shadow1
Light and shadows2
Light and sweet1
light and the dark1
Light and variable sins1
Light appearance1
Light as a feather10
Light as a star1
Light at night1
Light at North Truro1
Light at the beginning of the tunnel1
Light at the crossroads1
light at the edge of the world2
Light at the end1
light at the end of the cave1
Light at the end of the tunnel4
light at the end of the underground railroad1
Light beam1
Light bearer1
light between your knees1
Light black birds1
Light black from pole to pole1
Light blue115
light blue above1
Light blue and purple1
Light blue frolic1
Light blue Pannonica1
Light blues3
Light born in darkness1
Light breeze1
Light bright1
Light brown & stone1
Light bubble1
Light bulb1
light calvary overture1
Light cavalry1
Light cavalry overture1
Light cavery overture1
Light changes1
Light chasers1
Light chromatics2
Light cloud dark cloud1
Light comes1
Light comes from the front1
light comes home1
Light compulsion1
Light cuts shadow1
Light dark3
Light earth and blue1
Light echoDolores1
Light elements1
Light expression in minor1
Light eyed1
Light fades lower1
Light fantastic2
Light favourites1
Light faxe blues2
Light fear1
Light flight5
Light flight a birds eye view1
Light flowers dark flowers1
Light foot4
Light footwork song1
Light forged1
Light forms1
Light fragment1
Light from a hidden sun1
Light from another light1
light from the clouds1
light from the deep dark1
Light from the lighthouse9
light from you1
Light ginger olives and musk1
Light gray1
Light green3
light groove1
Light heart1
Light hearted banjo strings1
Light hope1
light house3
Light I1
Light II1
Light in ascension1
Light in August1
light in between1
light in Bolgolia1
Light in darkness1
Light in green2
Light in pull1
light in the dark5
Light in the darkness3
Light in the lighthouse1
Light in the morning1
Light in the rain1
Light in the sadness2
Light in the sky3
Light in the west where it will always be morning1
light in the wilderness1
Light in the window1
Light in your eye1
Light in your eyes4
Light in your window1
light inside1
Light is light1
Light is right1
Light is wisdom1
light is with me2
Light is your shadow1
Light it up1
Light it up watch it burn1
Light jazz1
Light leaving the spirit bridge2
light left on1
Light life love2
Light light1
Light light light1
Light like that1
Light lines1
Light listen1
light loves made1
Light made lighter1
Light matter1
Light me up1
Light music1
Light my fire63
Light n polite2
light never leaves your eyes1
Light night2
Light night prayer meeting1
light northern night1
light of ancient mistakes1
light of autumn leaves1
light of Christmas1
Light of darkness1
Light of dawn2
Light of day1
Light of foot1
light of God1
light of KidaLaris1
Light of love4
light of mankind1
Light of my life1
light of night1
light of our love1
light of Seville2
light of smile1

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