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This index refers to the 535,170 individual tune titles (1,600,370 total entries) included in over 244,847 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2020.

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Page L28 - Les vieux allemands to Let me give you lovin

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Tune nameSessions
Les vieux allemands1
Les vieux amants1
Les vieux chapeaux1
Les vieux croutons nont pas damis1
Les vieux royaumes du soleil1
Les vignes1
Les vignes en danger1
Les vilains1
Les villes enlouties1
Les vingt dieux1
Les visages1
Les vives massues1
Les voiles1
Les voiles catalanes1
Les voiliers1
Les volcans1
Les voleurs1
Les voleurs dame1
Les voleurs dames1
Les voyages de Gilles1
Les voyages dIbn Khalsoun1
Les Yancey beat1
Les yeux1
Les yeux dalsey1
Les yeux de labeille1
Les yeux de loiseau de la guerre1
Les yeux de ma mere1
Les yeux de mon fils1
Les yeux de N1
Les yeux de Tangati1
Les yeux des tamashek1
Les yeux du dimanche1
Les yeux du saule pleureur1
Les yeux fermés3
Les yeux grands fermes1
Les yeux noir1
Les yeux noires2
Les yeux noirs37
Les yeux ouverts3
Les yeux prasins 11
Les yeux prasins 21
Les yeux qui brillent1
Les yeux roses1
Les yeux videos1
Lescalier B1
Leschenaulia lilt1
Leschenaultia lilt1
Lese pale1
Lesercito del surf1
Lesistenza intermedia1
Leskas evening delight1
Leskas morning delight1
Leskovacka cetvorka1
Lesley Ann1
Lesley cake1
Leslie blues1
Leslie Briggs1
Leslie leaps in1
Leslie Salt1
Leslies end1
Leslies gauge1
Leslies plumbing1
Leslies song1
Lesny ksiaze1
Leso vario tika1
Lespace bleu entre les nuages1
Lespace qui nous separe1
Lespace sonore1
Lesperance en lhomme1
Lespetites choses positives1
Lespoir de ne pas perdue espoir1
Lesprit de leau1
Lesprit des couleurs1
Lesprit descalier1
Lesprit Django1
Lesprit Roumain1
Lesquelles il1
Less & less1
Less 4 name 31
Less a question of evolution1
Less and less1
Less band and more cement1
Less boss1
Less Brown more blues1
Less dense1
Less fear more hope1
Less free will1
less I know the better1
Less is best2
Less is little1
Less is more9
Less is more only in horseshoes1
Less Mingus1
Less painful less remembered1
less real of the two1
Less resistance1
Less said1
Less sand and more cement1
Less sphere1
Less stable elements1
Less talk1
Less tension please1
Less than1
Less than a second1
Less than a wind1
Less than blue1
Less than lovers1
Less than obvious1
Less than one1
Less than that1
Less than wonderful1
Less than zero1
Less time2
less you do1
lesser degree of light1
Lesser than1
Lesser than MacBeth and Greater1
Lesser trocanter1
Lesson 111
Lesson 41
Lesson 451
Lesson 511
Lesson choir1
lesson earned1
Lesson five1
lesson for baby1
lesson for later works1
Lesson I1
Lesson II1
Lesson III1
lesson in bop1
lesson in Bopology2
lesson in C1
Lesson in love3
Lesson IV1
Lesson learned3
Lesson no 11
Lesson of a downpour1
lesson of conflict1
Lesson time1
Lesson V1
Lesson VI1
Lesson VII1
Lesson VIII1
Lesson zero1
Lessons from my dad1
Lessons in love3
Lessons in morals values and mutual respect through free music1
Lessons learned2
Lessons learned from seafaring tales1
Lessons of history1
Lessons of the elders1
Lessons of the past1
Lest blanc1
lest de New York City1
lest des dents1
lest dHaden1
lest du Bic1
Lest we forget1
Lest we forget bop is a business1
Lestate concerto no 2 in G minor1
Lestate di San Martino1
Lestate giocosa a piacere1
Lestate I allegro non motto1
Lestate II Adagio1
Lestate III Presto1
Lestats lamento1
Lester and Herschel1
Lester B1
Lester be good4
Lester blows again2
Lester Bowies gumbo stew1
Lester falls down1
Lester gambols1
Lester Gibson blues1
Lester Grant1
Lester jumps1
Lester jumps in1
Lester jumps out1
Lester leaps2
Lester leaps again3
Lester leaps in324
Lester leaps in Ding Dong leaps out1
Lester leaps out4
Lester leaps sideways1
Lester leeps in1
Lester left town60
Lester lips1
Lester lips in1
Lester lopes in1
Lester lost in the woods polska1
Lester minor1
Lester peoples1
Lester rides again1
Lester smoothes1
Lester smooths it out1
Lester swings1
Lester talk1
Lester warms up1
Lester Y1
Lester Young1
Lester Young samba2
Lester Youngs clarinet solo on Countless blues1
Lester Youngs misheberakh1
Lester Youngs solos on Shoe Shine Boy1
Lesters be bop boogie2
Lesters blue1
Lesters blues3
Lesters blues no 11
Lesters bounce7
Lesters Broadway1
Lesters dream1
Lesters European blues1
Lesters happy1
Lesters line1
Lesters minor1
Lesters minor blues1
Lesters mop mop blues5
Lesters Square2
Lesters thing1
Lesters trip to the moon3
Lester’s blues1
Lestin mikla1
Lestofunk suite1
Lestorian mode2
Lestrade of the yard1
Lestrella pregunta1
Lesung ohne musik1
Leszek a szerelmes orok rabod1
Leszek I Ludwig1
Let a country bird fly wild1
Let a little pleasure interfere with business1
Let a little pleasure interfere with your business1
Let a man come in and do the popcorn1
Let a smile be your umbrella18
Let a thousand parks bloom1
Let a woman be a woman let a man be a man1
Let all married women alone1
Let all moral flesh keep silence1
Let all mortal flesh keep silence1
Let all notes ring1
Let all the mortal flesh keep silence1
Let all the voices sing1
Let alone left you1
Let be1
Let beauty blossom1
Let bygones be1
Let bygones be bygones3
Let cammello fly1
Let down your hair1
Let downhypnagong1
Let em in2
Let em jump1
Let em jump for joy1
Let em ring1
Let em roll3
Let em roll blues1
Let em swing1
Let er go11
Let er rip1
Let every day be mothers day2
Let every day be sweethearts day1
Let every soul say amen1
Let evry day be mothers day1
Let fire burn me1
Let free1
Let freedom reign1
Let freedom ring4
Let freedom swing1
Let fresh air in1
Let go34
Let go and let God shine1
Let go de pressure1
Let go my hand1
Let go now1
Let go of your mind1
Let go reach out1
Let go rise atone1
Let go sloopy1
Let God abide1
Let God come first1
Let her1
Let her believe it1
Let her cry1
Let her dance1
Let her go6
Let her go let her go1
Let her roll1
Let her shine1
Let her wonder1
Let him beat me1
Let him go2
Let him go let him tarry12
Let him go let him terry1
Let him in1
Let him live4
Let him out1
Let him think that1
Let his love take me higher1
Let is slide down easy1
Let is snow2
Let is snow let it snow let it snow1
Let it1
Let it all go1
Let it all hang out3
Let it all slide1
Let it alone1
Let it be53
Let it be bop2
Let it be heard1
Let it be known3
Let it be me39
Let it be said1
Let it be soon1
Let it be you1
Let it be you and me1
Let it begin1
Let it bother me1
Let it bounce1
Let it come back1
Let it come down3
Let it come to you2
Let it cut more deep1
Let it die2
Let it down1
Let it drop1
Let it end like that1
Let it fall1
Let it find U1
Let it find you1
Let it float1
Let it flow6
Let it fly1
Let it go33
Let it go it was never yours to begin with1
Let it go ro1
Let it groove you1
Let it grow2
Let it happen5
Let it happen again1
Let it in2
Let it jump1
Let it lay1
Let it leave let it go1
Let it like this1
Let it live1
Let it never go1
Let it out2
Let it rain15
Let it rain let it pour5
Let it ride8
Let it ring4
Let it rip Albert1
Let it rock1
Let it roll7
Let it roll again1
Let it shine5
Let it show2
Let it simmer1
Let it slide2
Let it snow78
Let it snow let it snow8
Let it snow let it snow let is snow1
Let it snow let it snow let it snow125
Let it stand1
Let it stay2
Let it swing1
Let it take your mind1
Let its know how1
Let Jesus fix it for you2
Let joy and innocents prevail1
Let life seduce you1
Let live1
Let live and die1
Let loose4
Let loose the wolves1
Let love be your magic carpet1
Let love begin1
Let love die1
Let love find you1
Let love flourish1
Let love fly1
Let love go by1
Let love lead the way1
Let love rule2
Let malog erosa1
Let mama know1
Let me19
Let me arrive1
Let me ask you something2
Let me ask you this1
Let me be3
Let me be a winner1
Let me be alone with you1
Let me be free1
Let me be good to you1
Let me be loved2
Let me be me2
Let me be myself1
Let me be somebody for you1
Let me be the 11
Let me be the first to kiss you good morning2
Let me be the first to kiss you good morning and the last to kiss you goodnight1
Let me be the first to kiss you in the morning1
Let me be the first to know4
Let me be the one14
Let me be there2
Let me be what you be to me1
Let me be your Bo Weevil1
Let me be your dog1
Let me be your honey bee1
Let me be your love2
Let me be your mirror2
Let me be your saxophone1
Let me begin again1
Let me believe in a different ending1
Let me belong to you1
Let me breathe1
Let me bring you down1
Let me call you a sweetheart1
Let me call you mine1
Let me call you sweetheart112
Let me carry your books Jean1
Let me come1
Let me come home2
Let me come in1
Let me come on home1
Let me count the ways8
Let me cry1
Let me dance1
Let me dance for you1
Let me daydream3
Let me demonstrate1
Let me die a youngsters death1
Let me die with my boots on1
Let me do it1
Let me doubt1
Let me down easy8
Let me dream18
Let me entertain you6
Let me explain1
Let me feel it1
Let me fly1
Let me forget1
Let me get back to you on that1
Let me get out here1
Let me give my happiness to you3
Let me give you all my love1
Let me give you lovin1

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