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This index refers to the 530,380 individual tune titles (1,589,338 total entries) included in over 243,576 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of December, 2019.

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Page L14 - last fandango to Last tune of the year

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Tune nameSessions
last fandango1
Last fanfare1
Last farewell4
Last fatigue1
Last first4
Last first kiss2
Last five minutes1
Last flight3
Last flight from Twinwood1
Last flight home1
Last flight of the nez perce1
Last flight out3
Last fling1
last flower1
Last flowers to the hospital1
last forest1
Last Friday1
Last friends1
Last frog1
Last frontier2
last gasp1
Last gasp extraction of the world1
last generation1
Last glance2
Last glimpse of Gotham1
last go pepper blues1
Last go round3
Last go round blues8
Last go rund1
last good kiss1
last goodbye17
Last goodbye blues2
last goodbye Mr Mags1
last goodun1
Last goround1
Last great Georgia extravaganza1
Last half hour1
last hero1
last hit1
last holiday1
Last home1
Last hope5
Last hope bar1
Last hope sound2
Last hopes gone1
last hotel and some of Dharma1
Last hour1
Last hour blues1
last idealists dance1
Last illusion1
last image from Humahuaca1
Last impressions1
Last in line1
Last inferno1
last innovator1
last interlude Doina In Bukovac1
last interview with Richard Segan one world radio WHUS June 13 20061
last island3
last jam2
last jam session1
last janitsar1
Last journey4
Last journey blues2
last judge1
last judgement1
last jump4
last Kabbalist of Lisbon1
Last kind word blues1
Last kind words1
last king of Poland1
last kiss9
last kiss you gave me1
last knight1
last knock1
Last landing1
Last landscape1
Last lap3
Last last night1
last laugh5
Last laugh blues1
last laughs on you1
Last layer1
last leaf1
last leg1
Last leg for Greg1
Last legacy1
Last legs blues1
Last letter3
Last letter from Cairo1
Last letter from Lithuania1
Last leviathan1
Last light5
last light of evening2
last line2
last lions suite1
last living descendant of the Mona Lisa1
Last load1
Last lonely train1
Last look2
Last look home1
Last lost1
Last lost love2
Last love last kiss goodbye1
Last love song4
Last lover1
last luff1
last lullaby1
last man1
Last man down1
last man standing2
Last march3
Last match1
Last May1
last meal2
last mehari1
Last menuet1
last message1
last mile8
Last mile blues6
last mile home1
last mile of my way1
Last mile of the way22
Last minute29
Last minute blues10
Last minute bossa nova1
Last minute calypso1
Last minute club1
Last minute consolation1
Last minute jingle1
Last minute man1
Last minute trip1
Last minute trip part one1
Last minute trip part two1
last minute waltz2
Last minutes1
last moment5
Last moments1
last moments after death1
last moments of a nice day1
last moments of Atahualpa1
last monkey on Earth1
last month1
Last mountain1
Last mourning1
last myth of the given1
Last nerve1
Last news1
Last night57
Last night 11
Last night 21
Last night 2 am in the middle of the street1
Last night a miracle happened2
Last night at Danceland3
Last night at the back porch1
Last night at the Hacienda Club1
Last night at the Mannenberg1
Last night blues3
Last night by the water1
Last night gardenias1
Last night I barked1
Last night I didnt get to sleep1
Last night I dreamed1
Last night I dreamed of bats with wings1
Last night I dreamed you kissed me5
Last night I had a dream3
Last night I had the strangest dream1
Last night I heard1
Last night I met an angel1
Last night I said a prayer4
Last night I saw you2
Last night I was dreaming1
Last night I was in heaven1
Last night in Manhattan2
Last night in New York1
Last night in Paris1
Last night in Rio1
Last night in the back porch1
last night in the world1
Last night in town3
Last night Marion had a real good dream1
Last night night before1
Last night of the prawns1
Last night of the world3
Last night of the year1
Last night on the back porch70
Last night on the backporch2
Last night on the black porch1
Last night on the Neva1
Last night on the porch1
Last night out1
Last night the moon came1
Last night the moon turned green1
Last night the nightingale woke me1
Last night the wind1
Last night was a bad night1
Last night was for sure1
Last night was the first time1
Last night when we were young142
Last night when were young1
Last night while you slept1
Last nights comfort1
Last nights dream2
Last nights gardenias2
Last nights of Paris1
Last nights party1
Last nights samba1
Last nights vacation1
Last nite4
last Norwegian troll1
Last not first1
Last not least2
Last note2
last note has yet to be spoken1
Last November1
last objection1
Last October1
last of its kind1
last of Moe Hegan1
last of sadness1
Last of the Aztecs1
last of the beboppers3
Last of the BIS1
Last of the chicken wings1
Last of the day1
last of the fat pants1
last of the few2
Last of the golden days1
Last of the great fun wars1
Last of the hipman1
Last of the hipmen2
last of the human dragons1
Last of the leaves2
Last of the low country1
Last of the MoRicans1
last of the past1
last of the ragtime pioneers1
Last of the red hot mamas2
last of the red note riders1
last of the season1
Last of the soul brothers1
last of the summer days1
last of the Texas Rangers1
Last of the wild1
Last of the wine2
Last of who you are1
last oilpainting1
Last on the left1
last one11
Last one after six1
Last one down1
Last one in first one out1
last one out2
last one to be loved1
last one was what the first one should be1
Last option1
Last oracle1
Last order1
Last order blues1
Last orders3
last outpost rag1
last over before tea1
Last overture1
last page8
Last pain1
Last pair of shoes blues1
last parade of Minishtov1
Last part to Dudu1
last payday1
Last peace1
Last picture of solaris1
Last piece1
last pint1
Last place there1
last place you look1
Last pleasure1
last poker game1
last port1
Last port of call2
Last portrait2
last post1
last postman1
Last prance1
Last privilege1
last profet1
last profit1
last prophet3
Last quarter moon1
Last quarters1
last question1
Last race1
Last rag3
Last raindrops1
Last ray2
last reader1
last regent1
Last request3
Last resort15
last retreat1
last return1
last revolutionary1
last rhapsody5
last ride2
Last right2
Last rite1
Last rites for the promised land3
Last rites of rock n roll1
last romance1
last romantic2
last romantics2
Last room1
Last rose2
Last rose of summer9
Last rose of the summer1
last roses of summer1
Last round1
last roundup3
Last rubber1
Last run2
last running jump1
Last Saturday night1
Last sax1
Last say1
last score1
last season4
Last seasons sorrow1
Last seasonWidow walk1
last second line1
Last section first set1
last seduction1
Last seen headed I1
Last seen headed II1
Last seen headed III1
Last seen headed IV1
Last seen headed V1
Last seen headed VI1
Last seen headed VII1
Last September2
last sermon1
Last seven2
last shall be first1
last shall be first the first last1
last shall be the last at last1
last shepherdess1
Last shift1
last shot2
Last show on Praxis1
last sigh1
last silk hat1
Last sip1
Last smile blues3
last smoker2
Last snow4
Last soldier1
Last solstice part I1
Last solstice part II1
Last song24
Last song for EJ1
Last song for Gates1
Last song for Shelby Jean1
last song for you1
Last song of the day1
last song on the album1
Last songo in Paris1
Last soup1
Last sparrow1
Last spleen1
Last spring2
Last stable orbit1
last stage of a long journey3
Last stand2
Last stand at Fisher farm1
Last stand Final approach1
Last station2
Last steps2
last steps of the way1
Last stolen word1
Last stop9
Last stop before Anchorage1
Last stop Cuernavaca1
Last stop Grand Central2
Last stop LA1
Last storm burns times1
last story1
last straw4
Last stroke1
last stroke of midnight1
last suit1
last suite mesa1
Last summer17
Last summer maybe1
Last summer night1
Last summer song1
Last summer Sunday1
Last summers spell3
last Sunday1
Last Sunday morning1
last supper6
Last supper and gethsemane1
Last take1
last tangle of Lord Boogie1
Last tango11
Last tango ballroom1
Last tango final1
Last tango for Astor1
Last tango in Brooklyn1
Last tango in Brussels1
Last tango in Gotham1
Last tango in NYC1
Last tango in Paris44
Last tango in Paris Final1
Last tango in Paris main theme2
Last tango in Paris Tango and jazz1
Last tango jazz1
Last tango runaway1
last tarantella1
Last taste1
last taxi1
last temptation of David Letterman1
Last temptation of Lady L1
Last theme1
last theme song1
Last thing blues1
last thing I needed1
last thing I want is your pity2
last thing Ill do1
Last thing to get moist1
Last things1
Last things last1
last thought of the day1
last three cookies1
last three notes1
Last thyme1
last time64
Last time around4
Last time blues2
Last time for lonely1
Last time for love3
Last time I checked I wasnt a sea horse1
Last time I felt the sun1
last time I said goodbye1
Last time I saw Chicago3
last time I saw Henry1
Last time I saw her1
last time I saw Lincoln1
last time I saw Paris51
Last time I saw Sonny1
last time I saw you10
last time I walked away1
Last time one more time1
Last time out1
last time this happened1
Last time through1
Last time to dance1
Last time together3
Last title1
last to know5
Last to love you1
Last to next1
Last to understand1
last toast1
Last touch1
Last town mil1
Last track1
Last train16
Last train from Leibnitz1
Last train from Overbrook15
Last train home10
Last train out2
Last train out of Tangier1
Last train outta Flagstaff1
Last train to Aalter1
Last train to Auschwitz1
Last train to Barksville1
Last train to Brooklyn1
Last train to Clarksville3
Last train to Georgia1
last train to Gila Bend1
Last train to Hauteville1
Last train to Mercerville1
Last train to Overbrook1
Last train to paradise1
Last train to paradiso1
Last train to Paris1
Last train to Pougskeepsie1
Last train to San Fernando4
Last train to San Francisco1
Last train to sanity1
Last trams2
last trance1
Last Trane3
Last trane from el daoud1
Last Trane to clover five1
Last Trane To Georgia1
last tree1
Last trip2
last trip down from Hannibal1
Last trip to Jackson1
Last trumpet of the underground1
Last tune3
Last tune of the year1

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