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This index refers to the 530,380 individual tune titles (1,589,338 total entries) included in over 243,576 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of December, 2019.

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Page K9 - Kimse bilmez to King strut

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Tune nameSessions
Kimse bilmez1
Kimseye etmem sikayet1
Kimsin sen1
Kin ahau1
Kin dza dza1
Kin folks3
Kin Portes stompa1
Kin tama1
Kin to Kant blues1
Kinagrill min Kinagrill1
Kinai szerelem1
Kind a sweet1
Kind Bud1
Kind bug2
Kind daddy1
Kind dein mund ist musik1
Kind eyes1
Kind folk11
Kind folk tell me a bedtime story1
Kind folks1
Kind hearted daddy1
Kind hearted woman2
Kind im einschlummern2
Kind lovin blues4
Kind loving daddy1
Kind mind1
Kind o mean1
Kind of a ballad1
kind of a hush2
Kind of All blues1
Kind of askew1
Kind of autumn1
kind of beauty that moves1
Kind of Bill6
Kind of Bird1
kind of birth1
Kind of blue2
Kind of blue note1
Kind of blue period1
Kind of blues12
Kind of but not really1
kind of Christmas song1
Kind of compromise1
kind of cry blues1
Kind of dead1
kind of devotion1
kind of Dukes blue1
Kind of flirtation1
Kind of Freddie1
Kind of Garnerish1
Kind of gentle1
kind of girl she is1
Kind of green2
Kind of grey2
Kind of her1
kind of hoe down1
Kind of in between1
Kind of in love1
Kind of like talking1
Kind of love3
kind of love in1
kind of man a woman needs5
Kind of moody3
Kind of new1
Kind of nine2
Kind of now1
Kind of off1
Kind of rain1
Kind of red3
Kind of requiem1
kind of resigned indignation1
Kind of silence3
Kind of sketchy1
Kind of sleepy1
Kind of so what1
kind of song1
kind of space1
Kind of Spain1
Kind of sunshine1
kind of thoughts1
Kind of time1
Kind of true1
Kind of what1
Kind of zebehikos1
Kind way to be cruel1
Kind woman blues1
kind word2
Kind words1
kind you cant afford1
Kinda 2 kinda 32
Kinda bear1
Kinda blue1
Kinda blue and low2
Kinda blues3
Kinda Braud1
Kinda caravan1
Kinda careless3
Kinda cool2
Kinda cute1
Kinda Dukish30
Kinda Dukish & Rockin1
Kinda Dukish & Rockin in rhythm52
Kinda Garnerish1
Kinda gentle1
Kinda groovy1
Kinda Gruntzy1
Kinda half1
Kinda happy1
Kinda Harlem1
Kinda hoagish1
Kinda kanonic1
Kinda Lafitte1
Kinda like1
Kinda like the blues2
Kinda lonesome9
kinda love song1
Kinda low1
Kinda out1
Kinda perdido1
Kinda prelude1
Kinda scary1
Kinda slick1
Kinda small talk1
Kinda solitude1
Kinda sorta1
Kinda sweet3
Kinda up2
Kinda vague1
Kinder heute Abend such ich mir was aus1
Kinder waffen funk1
kinder way1
Kindergarten flower pageant1
Kindergarten homage to Benny Golson1
Kinderjazz was here1
Kinderleider boogie1
Kinderlied 11
Kinderlied no 11
Kinderlied nr 21
Kinderlieder nach A Wolfli1
Kinders van die wind1
Kinderszenen 11
Kinderszenen 21
Kinderszenen Opus 151
Kinderszenen Von fremden landern und menschen1
Kindest soul1
Kindlich hieter1
Kindly leave the stage2
Kindly love song1
kindness of strangers4
Kindred minds1
Kindred spirit9
Kindred spirits17
Kindred spirits we1
Kindred vision1
Kinds of1
Kinds of weirdness1
Kindur jarma i kofunum1
Kindur Jarma I Kofunum brger i hytterne)1
Kine le1
Kinetic dance1
Kinetic disturbance1
Kinetic energy2
Kinetic Kingston piano1
Kinetic noise1
Kinetic oracle1
Kinetic path1
Kinetic pimp1
Kinetic soca1
Kinetic threadness1
Kinetics 11
Kinetics 21
Kinetics 31
Kinetics 41
Kinetics 51
Kinetics 61
Kinetics 71
Kinetics 81
Kinfolks corner1
king & I1
King Alcohol2
King Alfred plan1
King Alok1
king among men1
king and I3
king and James1
king and me4
King and queen2
King and queen blues1
king and the haircut1
King apple1
King Arthur4
King Arthur meets Hanns Eisler in Hollywood1
King Arthur stomp1
King Arthurs escapades1
King B2
King baby1
King Barolo1
King Bassie1
King Bee4
king behind the mask1
King Bermans stomp1
King Bert1
King Bill1
King Bolden on parade2
King Boldens song1
King Boldens tune1
King boogie part 11
King boogie part 21
King Bors and Ban1
King Bostic1
King calypso2
King Chantecleer5
King Chanticleer51
King Chanticler1
King Chanticlere1
King Chantileer2
King Charles shuffle1
King Charticleer1
King Choidora1
King City stomp2
King cobra11
King Cockroach1
King Cole blues2
King Cole reflections1
King combo1
King commie1
King Conga1
King Conlon1
King cool1
King Corona blues1
King Cotton8
King cotton march1
King crap1
King Creole1
King Cross climax1
King David6
King David swing1
King Davids blues1
King dear1
king devours his sons1
King dog1
king dreams of flying1
King Drive 86 Cutlass no plates1
King Duke2
King Edward the flatted fifth1
King Edwards mambo1
King exit stage left1
King Falafel1
King Finns a ball1
King fish4
King fit the battle of Alabam2
King Font3
King for a day18
King for a day blues1
King Frank1
King Freddie of Hubbard1
King Fredriks blues1
King George1
King glockchen king1
King Gong2
King Greed1
King gypsy1
King harvest2
King Hassan1
King Henry2
King Henry the 8th2
King Herods song1
King heroin1
King Hip1
King Hoopers odyssey1
king in the pallenquin1
king in yellow1
king is blind1
King is blue1
King is dead1
king is gone2
King is in the town1
king is in town1
king is the man who can1
King Jacob1
King Jacquet1
King Jaffe Joffer1
King Jaffe Jufer1
King James2
King Jesus has a garden1
King Jesus will roll all of my burdens away1
King Joe20
King John1
King Jones1
King Judas1
King Kamehameha2
King Kan1
King Kent1
King killer blues1
King Knud1
King Knut1
King Kobra1
King Kolax4
King Kong39
King Kong ha gli occhi lucidi1
King Kong passes through the gates of Shaolin Temple and contemplates life1
King Kong reggae1
King Kong stomp2
King Kong versus Godzilla1
King Kongs Glocken1
King Kongs honkey blues and space tango1
King Kongs mouchoir1
King korn27
King Krad1
King Lear2
King Lears cardboard crown1
King Louisian1
King lounge1
King Luis song1
King Michael1
King Midas1
king must die1
king must go1
King Neptune3
King Neptunes fortune1
King Neptunes guitar1
King nicotine1
King Normanns stomp1
King of a one man planet1
King of Aberdeen1
King of all evil1
king of appearance1
King of beggars1
King of Belgium1
King of bones1
King of Bongo Bong2
King of Boston1
king of Buinia1
King of Cancun2
king of carrot flowers pt 11
King of Cathay1
King of comedy1
King of cool1
King of crumble1
king of cryptology1
King of curry farsee1
king of Denmark1
King of Denmark I1
King of Denmark II1
King of Denmark III1
King of diamonds1
king of Dingwalls1
King of Egypt1
King of fools1
King of France1
King of Harlem1
King of Harts2
King of hearts7
King of jazz1
King of Kansas1
King of kings3
King of Leonne1
King of love1
King of love is dead1
King of my heart1
King of nothing1
king of Oklahoma1
King of onions1
King of pain12
King of pleasure1
King of Prussia1
king of rags2
king of rock n roll1
King of Saxony1
King of silence1
King of sorrow1
King of straw2
King of swing1
King of Tandoor1
King of the blues1
King of the bongo bong1
King of the bungaloos2
King of the castle1
King of the free1
King of the ghetto1
King of the gypsies2
King of the hill3
King of the Holy Grail1
King of the Kutiriba1
King of the lobby1
King of the Magi2
King of the Mardi Gras2
King of the mountain3
King of the nervous2
King of the night1
King of the pipers1
King of the rags1
King of the road30
king of the saxophones2
King of the second line1
King of the sun3
King of the swingers2
King of the tribe1
King of the Tumbas1
King of the white cloth1
King of the wild frontier1
King of the world2
King of the Zulus56
King of trash1
king of Treme1
King of two fives1
king of Weasle is called Easle1
King of Xhosa1
King Oliver1
King Oliver appears on the scenewith Louis1
King Oliver blues1
King Oliver in Savannah1
King Oliver meets Monk1
King Otto1
King P waltz1
King Perry blues1
King Pete1
King Petes heart1
King Philip stomp2
King Pong1
King Porter special1
King Porter stomp468
King Porter stompThat saxophone man1
King Porters stomp2
King precious1
King queen1
King rat1
king returns1
King Revel Selection1
King Richard1
King rig1
King Salmon1
King Salmon blues1
King Salsa theme1
King Seth1
King size7
King Size Davy1
King size Jerry1
King size man1
King size papa5
King size skins1
King smoking1
king so far1
King Solomans blue1
King Solomon3
King Solomon and Princess Isabella1
King Solomons marbles2
King spot1
King Street1
King Street special1
King Street tango1
King strut1

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