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This index refers to the 491,948 individual tune titles (1,483,810 total entries) included in over 231,004 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2017.

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Page J17 - Jumpin at Julius to Jungle moon in June

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Tune nameSessions
Jumpin at Julius4
Jumpin at la visite1
Jumpin at Mesners1
Jumpin at Sesjun2
Jumpin at shadows1
Jumpin at Smalls1
Jumpin at Sugar Hill1
Jumpin at the border1
Jumpin at the Deuces1
Jumpin at the flagships1
Jumpin at the jazz club1
Jumpin at the Jubilee5
Jumpin at the juke box2
Jumpin at the keyboard1
Jumpin at the Lakeside1
Jumpin at the Left Bank1
Jumpin at the Lochness1
Jumpin at the Mardi Gras1
Jumpin at the Pleyel1
Jumpin at the record shop1
Jumpin at the rocks1
Jumpin at the Rosengarten1
Jumpin at the Savoy2
Jumpin at the spring side1
Jumpin at the sunset1
Jumpin at the track1
Jumpin at the waterhole1
Jumpin at the Westside1
Jumpin at the Woodside333
Jumpin at the WoodsideThe theme1
Jumpin at the Zanzibar2
Jumpin back1
Jumpin beans4
Jumpin blue2
jumpin blues25
jumpin blues wave1
Jumpin cat1
Jumpin cats1
Jumpin de broom ceremony1
Jumpin dolphin1
Jumpin down blues1
Jumpin duck1
jumpin five1
Jumpin for Charles1
Jumpin for Jane6
Jumpin for Joe1
Jumpin for joy3
Jumpin for Julie1
Jumpin for Maria3
Jumpin for Oscar1
Jumpin for Pete1
Jumpin for Savoy1
Jumpin for the boys1
Jumpin for you1
Jumpin frog jump1
Jumpin gemini3
Jumpin green ones1
Jumpin high2
Jumpin in6
Jumpin in a julep joint2
Jumpin in C1
Jumpin in Etretat1
Jumpin in France1
Jumpin in Jacks house2
Jumpin in obscure mind1
Jumpin in spring1
Jumpin in the future1
Jumpin in the mornin1
Jumpin in the morning1
Jumpin in the numbers1
Jumpin in the pump room2
Jumpin in the rain1
Jumpin jack17
Jumpin Jack boogie1
Jumpin Jack Flash4
Jumpin Jack special1
Jumpin Jackie1
Jumpin Jacque1
Jumpin Jacques1
Jumpin Jacquet2
Jumpin jammies1
Jumpin Jane1
Jumpin Janie1
Jumpin Jaque2
Jumpin jax1
Jumpin Jehosephat6
Jumpin Jehoshaphat1
Jumpin jelly beans2
Jumpin Jenny1
Jumpin Jim2
Jumpin jiminy5
Jumpin Jimmy1
Jumpin Jimmy Christmas1
jumpin jive34
Jumpin Joe2
Jumpin John1
Jumpin journey1
Jumpin jubilee1
Jumpin Julia1
Jumpin Jupiter2
Jumpin kalushary2
Jumpin Leo3
Jumpin like mad1
Jumpin little woman2
Jumpin off4
Jumpin off a clef3
Jumpin on 57th1
Jumpin on Main and Mercer1
Jumpin on Sugar Hill1
Jumpin on The A train1
Jumpin on the blacks and whites1
Jumpin on the merrygoround3
Jumpin out1
Jumpin Pete1
Jumpin pumpkins1
Jumpin punkins25
Jumpin room only1
Jumpin salty2
Jumpin Sambo1
jumpin something1
Jumpin stock1
Jumpin the beat1
Jumpin the blues36
Jumpin the blues away1
Jumpin the boogie2
Jumpin the fast track1
Jumpin the freight1
Jumpin the joint1
Jumpin the jubilee1
Jumpin the line2
Jumpin the ruback1
Jumpin the shark1
Jumpin the stormy Monday1
Jumpin the third heaven1
Jumpin there1
Jumpin to the boogie1
Jumpin trumpets3
Jumpin Uhuru1
Jumpin up and down2
Jumpin with Bill1
Jumpin with Bob1
Jumpin with GH1
Jumpin with Jay1
Jumpin with Jeep2
Jumpin with Jess1
Jumpin with Jo1
Jumpin with Joe1
Jumpin with Jonah1
Jumpin with Judy2
Jumpin with Lloyd1
Jumpin with Louis1
Jumpin with MaxieWaxie1
Jumpin with McShann3
Jumpin with Mr C1
Jumpin with Oscar1
Jumpin with Pete1
Jumpin with Pio2
Jumpin with Sam1
Jumpin with Sass1
Jumpin with Symphony Sid183
Jumpin with Symphony Sid)1
Jumpin with Teddy1
Jumpin with the Badewanne1
Jumpin with the blues1
Jumpin with the cats1
Jumpin with the jeep1
Jumpin with the mop1
Jumpin with the mountain king1
Jumpin with the stars1
Jumpin with the symphony side1
Jumpin with Zig1
Jumping and jiving1
Jumping at Julius1
Jumping at shadows1
Jumping at ten1
Jumping at the billow1
Jumping at the dew drop1
Jumping at the Elcino1
Jumping at the jubilee2
Jumping bean3
Jumping beans1
jumping blue jay1
jumping blues1
Jumping board1
Jumping boogie woogie1
Jumping creek road1
Jumping cripple1
Jumping deer1
Jumping dog1
Jumping east of java1
Jumping Emil1
jumping fad1
Jumping Feedees coloured illusion1
Jumping fives1
Jumping for Johansson1
Jumping for joy1
Jumping for Julia1
Jumping fox1
Jumping Hans1
Jumping in1
Jumping in New Orleans1
Jumping in the sugar bowl1
Jumping in the water1
Jumping into spring1
jumping jack1
Jumping Jack Sax1
Jumping jacks3
Jumping Jimmy1
jumping jive5
Jumping Joe1
Jumping Jonah1
Jumping Julian1
Jumping jumper1
Jumping Jupiter1
Jumping Matilda1
Jumping Michael1
Jumping monkey1
Jumping mouse1
Jumping nude1
Jumping off the bridge1
Jumping off the deep end1
Jumping off the sun1
Jumping on the drums1
Jumping on the moon1
Jumping on the rebound1
Jumping over your shadow1
Jumping Paiazzo2
Jumping palazzo1
Jumping rope2
Jumping shark1
jumping snow cat1
Jumping soul1
Jumping spiders1
Jumping the blues6
Jumping the creek1
Jumping the gun1
Jumping the gun on the sun1
Jumping to conclusions1
Jumping to the void2
Jumping tonight2
Jumping trout rag1
Jumping up the ladder1
Jumping with Mr T1
Jumping with Nat1
Jumping with Queen Anne1
Jumping with Symphony Sid14
Jumping with the bongos1
Jumping with the rhumba1
Jumping with the shuffle boogie1
Jumping with the Symphony Sid1
Jumping woods1
Jumpin’ at the Riverside1
Jumpin’ with Symphony Sid1
Jumpn shoutn dance1
Jumps in the snow1
Jumpy blues2
Jumpy dance1
Jumpy integrity1
Jumpy jitters1
Jumpy Juke1
Jumpy man1
Jumpy nerves2
Jumpy rhythm jive1
Jumpy stumpy1
Jumpy the snail1
Jun 21
Juna the last1
Junco partner14
Junco partners1
Junction 661
Junction blues2
Junction City blues1
Junction drive1
Junction function1
Junction III1
June 052
June 131
June 13th1
June 141
June 14 20081
June 151
June 15 19951
June 15th1
June 15th 19951
June 16th1
June 19991
June 19th1
June 211
June 261
June 26th 071
June 282
June 2th1
June air1
June Barcarolle9
June bob2
June brought the roses1
June bug12
June bug June bug where you fly1
June bug reprise1
June Christy1
June comes around every year8
June days2
June diva1
June humidity1
June in Bombay1
June in January26
June in memory1
June in Paris1
June in Prague2
June is bustin out all over17
June is jumping1
June jump1
June moon3
June night137
June night love1
June nightIda1
June nights1
June of long ago1
June Promenade1
June rain1
June rose1
June seventh1
June smiles1
June song5
June space1
June special1
June spleen1
June Street1
June summer rose1
June teen1
June tenth blues1
June tenth jamboree1
June the 15th 19673
June time4
June time is love time1
June tune4
June walk1
June with John1
Juneboys frismas1
Junebug jump1
Junebug waltz1
Junes a word1
Junes blues2
Junes jumpin2
Juneteenth jamboree1
Juneteenth recollections1
Jung 11
Jung 21
Jung 31
Jung 41
Jung and the restless1
Jung in Africa1
Jung parade2
Junga junga1
Junge wenn du weinst1
Junger Mann aus gutem Haus3
Junger Mann im Fruhling1
Junger mann jetzt bist du dran1
Jungfrau gar i ringen1
Jungfru Maria3
Jungfrun Gick at Killan1
Jungfrun under Lind2
Jungle 19901
Jungle adagio1
Jungle animals1
Jungle authority1
Jungle bait1
Jungle bath erotica1
Jungle beast1
Jungle beat1
Jungle beat 1111
Jungle beats dedicated to DC1
Jungle beats II1
Jungle bells4
Jungle bike1
Jungle bird1
jungle bit1
Jungle bite1
Jungle blue1
Jungle blue song1
Jungle blues77
Jungle boat2
Jungle bolero1
Jungle boogie6
Jungle book8
Jungle book overture1
jungle boss1
Jungle box1
Jungle bunnies are go1
Jungle cake1
Jungle call1
Jungle canopy1
Jungle cat2
Jungle chase1
jungle child1
Jungle city2
Jungle City New York1
Jungle cock blues1
Jungle cowboy1
Jungle crawl10
Jungle critters1
Jungle cruise1
Jungle cry2
Jungle dance2
Jungle de Pierre1
Jungle deal1
Jungle design1
Jungle dream1
Jungle dream ritual1
Jungle dreams4
Jungle drum1
Jungle drums38
Jungle drums fantasy 11
Jungle drums fantasy 21
Jungle eyes1
Jungle fantasy9
Jungle feet1
Jungle fever5
Jungle fiction1
Jungle fire dance1
Jungle flower1
Jungle food1
Jungle forest1
Jungle freak1
Jungle funk3
Jungle garden1
Jungle glide1
Jungle gospel1
Jungle groove2
Jungle grove1
Jungle gym jam1
Jungle gymnastics2
Jungle hop1
Jungle hurricane1
Jungle in my livingroom1
jungle is a skyscraper2
Jungle is not so virgin as people said1
Jungle jalopy1
Jungle jam1
Jungle jamboree21
Jungle jangle1
Jungle jay1
Jungle jazz2
Jungle jig1
Jungle jig part I1
Jungle jig part II1
Jungle Jim4
Jungle jingle1
Jungle jitters1
Jungle jive5
Jungle journey1
Jungle jubilee1
Jungle juice8
Jungle jump1
Jungle kids1
Jungle king4
Jungle kitten1
Jungle kitty4
Jungle kitty)1
Jungle lady1
Jungle lament2
Jungle life3
Jungle like1
jungle line1
Jungle log1
Jungle love3
Jungle lullaby1
Jungle madness3
Jungle magic1
Jungle mama2
Jungle man2
Jungle meditation1
Jungle moon2
Jungle moon in June1

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